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    Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

    Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have spent the last several weeks promoting their highly anticipated film "A Star Is Born."

    Throughout their press tour, the duo consistently praised each other and spoke of their instant chemistry

    The chemistry was clear on-screen and the film even received an eight-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival.

    Read more: Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's chemistry in 'A Star Is Born' is as strong as they say it is

    While you wait to watch the film yourself, take a look at all the best moments between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper while on the press tour for "A Star Is Born."

    Cooper said they bonded over their shared Italian roots.

    During the movie's press conference at the Venice Film Festival, Cooper and Gaga talked about how they bonded over the fact that they both grew up in Italian families.

    Cooper said, "I remember when we first met, after 10 minutes we were eating homemade food that she cooked — I love to eat — and that was actually a huge bond that we both came from East Coast Italian-American families. So we had a real synchronicity on that level from our upbringing."

    Gaga said Cooper wanted her to wipe all of her makeup off before her audition.

    In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Gaga talked about how Cooper wanted her to be fresh-faced for her audition. He handed her a makeup wipe and said, "Completely open. No artifice."

    Gaga explained how it boosted her confidence, saying, "It put me right in the place I needed to be, because when my character talks about how ugly she feels — that was real. I'm so insecure. I like to preach, but I don't always practice what I preach."

    Cooper and Gaga revealed they had developed a sort of shorthand while working together on set.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, Cooper used to whisper "Tony" at Gaga if he wanted to "evoke a feeling of warmth" because he knows that Gaga and Tony Bennett have such a close relationship. He also reportedly said things like "ninja" or "assassin" if he wanted her to focus.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Halloween trick or treat costumes dinosaur

    Whether you partake in the spooky celebrations or not, Halloween is a fascinating time of year — and much of its most iconic traditions are deeply rooted in history, dating all the way back to ancient Ireland.

    Ever wondered why Jack o' lanterns exist? Or why people eat (and bob for) apples in October? Why black cats are so mysterious? 

    Keep scrolling to learn 16 unusual things you probably didn't know about Halloween.

    The name "Halloween" is an ultra-condensed version of "All Hallow's Eve."

    According to Merriam-Webster, the name "Halloween" originally comes from All Hallow's Eve— the second night of a festival called Samhain, dating back to the pagans in Ireland. 

    "Hallow" comes from an Old English adjective that means "holy," and "eve" refers to the nighttime setting. All Hallow's Eve was also referred to as All Hallow's Even — which was shortened to "Hallow-e'en" by the 16th century. 

    We eventually dropped the apostrophe and dash in the 18th century, and the rest is history.

    A 2,000-year-old Celtic festival — called Samhain — is the origin of Halloween, and Wiccans still celebrate it today.

    The Celts were pagans who lived in what is now Ireland, and they celebrated the new year on November 1. Their festival, Samhain (pronounced "sow-in"), marked the end of fall's harvest and ushered in winter — a season that signified death and darkness for the Celts.

    They believed that on the night before the shift, October 31 — called All Hallow's Eve — the worlds of the living and the dead intersected. The ghosts roaming Earth were thought to help predict the future, so the Celts welcomed them with sacrificial bonfires and by dressing in costumes of animal heads and skins. 

    Modern-day Wiccans and neopagans celebrate a similar form of Samhain, and it is considered their most important festival of the year.


    If it weren’t for the wave of immigrants fleeing the Irish Potato Famine, we probably wouldn’t have Halloween in America.

    By the middle of the 19th century, some pockets in America celebrated a mild form of Halloween— including telling ghost stories, causing mischief, and just generally acknowledging autumn.

    But Ireland's devastating Potato Famine that started in 1845 caused mass immigration — more than 1.5 million Irish people fled to America during that time. With them, they brought their long-held Halloween traditions, and the soon-to-be holiday caught on quickly, spreading nation-wide.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    taco bell vegan 1259

    • Fast-food menus tend to have pretty limited options for people who follow vegan diets.
    • But veganism is a rapidly growing trend — Nielsen data shows that nearly 40% of Americans are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.
    • Though there still isn't a ton to choose from, major chains are slowly starting to add more vegan options to their menus.
    • Of every major fast-food chain, Taco Bell is likely the best for those on a vegan diet. Here's how some of the most popular vegan items from the chain rank. 
    Vegan fast food — free from meat, dairy, egg, or other animal products and byproducts — is not easy to come by.

    The population of vegans, vegetarians, and people who are simply trying to eat less meat is growing rapidly. Restaurant consultancy group Baum+Whiteman expects plant-based foods to be the top trend of 2018. A study by the Plant Based Foods Association from September 2016 found that the plant-based food industry — which includes meat, dairy, and egg alternatives — generates over $13 billion in sales annually throughout the US economy.

    Currently, Nielsen data shows that nearly 40% of Americans are trying to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets. According to Baum+Whiteman, 58% of adults choose to drink non-dairy milk instead of dairy milk, yet most fast-food chains don't carry any alternatives to dairy milk. In the past year alone, Google has seen a 90% increase in vegan-related searches.

    Many major chains are slowly starting to catch on to the trend. White Castle now serves the plant-based Impossible Burger, and Costco and Ikea both recently added vegan items to their food-court menus.

    But out of every fast-food chain, Taco Bell is likely the most vegan-friendly there is. On its website, it has instructions for ordering vegan at the chain along with a list of all of its American Vegetarian Association-certified vegan ingredients. As it turns out, almost anything on the Taco Bell menu can be made vegan with a few substitutions. 

    We tried some of the most popular vegan meals from Taco Bell. Here's how we ranked them:

    SEE ALSO: We compared the best vegan options from 7 fast-food chains — and the winner was clear

    6. Bean Burrito: To make the bean burrito vegan, Taco Bell recommends on its website to order it Fresco, which replaces all dairy with pico de gallo.

    The burrito was underwhelming. It had refried beans and a tiny bit of pico, and it was falling apart because of how little was in it. It was definitely not substantial enough to be a meal, and the texture wasn't very good.

    5. Crunchy Taco: I ordered the Crunchy Taco Fresco, and replaced the seasoned beef with black beans. It looked really promising.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • 71% of Americans were thinking about or actively looking for a new job, according to a 2017 survey.
    • There are many reasons people quit their jobs — lack of upward mobility, a bad boss, and low pay are some of the most common.
    • Author Jessica Thiefels details here how she knew it was time to leave five of the jobs she’s had in the last seven years.


    I've had six jobs in the last seven years — all of which led me to where I am now: Running my own business.

    Of those six jobs, I chose to leave five, and I'm not alone in my decision to move on relatively frequently. In fact, in a 2017 survey, 71% of Americans surveyed said they were thinking about or actively looking for a new job.

    If you're thinking about switching jobs, but aren't sure if you should, here are some of the signs that told me it was time to move on.

    SEE ALSO: 5 things you can learn in a day that will make your life better

    I was ready to move up — and I couldn't do it in my current role

    A recent Glassdoor report examined 5,000 resumes of transitioning employees to find out why employees left their previous roles. One common reason was “job title stagnation.” This led to more employee turnover than issues with work-life balance, leadership, or a company’s compensation and benefits policies, the study found.

    In almost every position, I left for this exact reason as well. I knew I was ready to take a larger role but couldn’t do it with the current company. Promotions were put off, raises were off the table, and it was clear that the business was at a stand-still — along with my career arc.

    You can see the effort I was making to always move up from one job to the next when you look at my job trajectory. I started out with a marketing copywriter job, which led to several editor positions and managerial jobs. Today, I own my own business.  

    While there were plenty of other reasons why I left each job, my desire to do more and get better was at the center of it all.

    I wasn't getting support when I needed it most

    I remember sitting in meetings at my very first job and thinking, “How am I ever going to contribute to these conversations?” I felt like the idiot in the room, with no big ideas, feedback or suggestions. Worse, I wasn’t getting any support. Tasks were put on my plate, and I was expected to read between the lines or understand something that was never explained.

    I was as green as they come. It was my first professional job as a writer, so I had a lot of learning to do — but no one to teach me. When that company let my entire team go except for me, I ended up with a job in social media, something I’d never managed before. But because of that opportunity, I started down the digital marketing path, and I’m now a social media coach.

    At the time, however, it was both fun and frustrating. It was fun to dictate my own rules for testing, posting, and planning. It was frustrating, however, when I needed the support of my boss, who would simply not show up for a meeting or send a one-sentence response to a long, in-depth email.

    I had a string of bad bosses

    Unsurprisingly, a 2017 survey from BambooHR found that 44% of employees left a job because of a bad boss at some point during their careers.

    I’m no stranger to this challenge, and it was one of the most significant reasons for leaving my first job, where I had not one but three bad bosses. One boss was too busy, another didn’t know how to manage people, and another had no interest in what our team was doing or in making sure we were successful.

    When I get asked the question, “What was your favorite job in the past and why?” in a job interview, my answer reflects the value of good bosses. My answer, for many years, was McDonalds, which is where I worked in high school. This always earns an interesting facial expression from the interviewer, followed by, “Why?”

    My response is simple: I had great bosses. It made the job more fun and interesting and I felt supported and valued.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    A Star is Born 1954

    I loved Bradley Cooper's "A Star is Born" and honestly can't stop talking about it.

    I am also obsessed with all things entertainment (maybe this is why I am an entertainment reporter?) and love to watch things that make me cry, which makes the movie's tragic tale of fame, love, and addiction feel like it was made for people like me.

    The main story of "A Star is Born" is the same in each iteration: A famous, alcoholic man's career goes into decline right as the career of the woman he loves blossoms. It is Hollywood's "Romeo and Juliet," except Juliet doesn't die. The only thing that changes is the industry: the first films are about actors, and the most recent versions are about musicians.

    After seeing Cooper's 2018 version of the movie, I watched all three previous "A Star is Born" movies and decided which ones are the best and why people keep retelling this story every few decades. 

    On this pop culture journey I learned that Gary Busey is in one of them and that in the 1930s, adults who were famous movie stars drank huge glasses of milk with dinner.

    Here are all of the "A Star is Born" movies, ranked from worst to best (and where you can stream them):

    Note: Although it tells a similar story, we did not include 1932's "What Price Hollywood?" 

    SEE ALSO: Bradley Cooper says he was influenced by Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder for 'A Star Is Born' — and it makes total sense

    4. "A Star is Born" (1976), starring Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson (and Gary Busey)

    Not even the legendary Barbra Streisand saves this movie. It’s terrible, and feels like it was made just to hype people (in Hollywood) up. It has no real purpose beyond obsessing over itself, and doesn’t say anything new about the entertainment industry or Hollywood or culture, despite its focus on musicians instead of actors.

    The only thing indicating it exists in its own decade are the costumes and hairstyles. Streisand and Kris Kristofferson do what they can with the lazy script, but this attempt at a modern interpretation of Hollywood’s favorite tragedy took way too many creative liberties that take away from necessary character development. You can skip it, or just watch Streisand’s final song.

    This version of "A Star is Born" is available to rent on Amazon.

    3. "A Star is Born" (1937), starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March

    1937’s “A Star is Born” is the one that started all of this, and is the only one without any songs. Its trailer, which you can watch on YouTube, labels it “Hollywood’s first true story.” It is not based on a true story.

    The movie, carried by its endearing lead, Janet Gaynor  who was in a way being born as a star herself in this transition from silent film  is just fine. What is most fascinating eight decades later is its staggering separation from life and the entertainment industry in 2018. In one scene, a woman at a studio tells Gaynor’s character, Esther, an aspiring actress, that her chances of making it in the industry are “one in one hundred thousand.” Today, that’s a pretty good shot. Also, famous adult human beings in this movie drink full glasses of milk with their dinner.

    The awful, and very dim lighting throughout is a victim of its time: in the 1930s, lighting wasn’t necessarily considered an art form that could be played with yet. All that really mattered was whether or not you could see anything, so it's almost unfair to compare it to Cooper’s, which uses lighting and thoughtful camera placement to highlight important things about the characters.

    But the first version of this story still has one major thing in common with Cooper's 2018 version: the skepticism surrounding fame and Hollywood which, ironically, might be ingrained into the industry and our culture because of this story that Hollywood can’t stop telling.

    This version of "A Star is Born" is available to watch with no additional charges on Amazon Prime.

    2. "A Star is Born" (1954), starring Judy Garland and James Mason

    This movie is three hours long. It literally has an intermission. It’s good, but perhaps a little too obsessed with itself. Like the 1937 and 1976 “A Star is Born” films,  it lacks a strong sense of character in its male lead, Norman Maine. But Judy Garland brings her otherwise undeveloped character to life in the greatest performance of her career, and one of the greatest performances in film history.

    Garland’s presence keeps you watching, even when you know exactly what will happen; even as she belts her way through boring songs that still take you on her character’s tumultuous journey. But ultimately, the screenplay clings a little too desperately to the original, which defeats the purpose of a remake, which is a bit of a disappointment. Hollywood certainly changed significantly in the 17 years in between these movies were made, but this one doesn’t feel much different, besides its transformation into a musical and the addition of palm trees at the Academy Awards ceremony.

    This version of "A Star is Born" is available to rent on Amazon.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best cheap projector

    • It might seem hard to believe, but you really can get a good digital projector for less than a hundred bucks.

    • In fact, you can get some pretty great affordable projectors, such as the Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector, which is our top pick thanks to its compact size and amazing ease of use.

    The projector is hardly a cutting-edge piece of hardware. In fact, human beings have been using some variety of projecting technology for hundreds if not thousands of years.

    By the middle years of the Renaissance, the properties of the camera obscura (AKA the pinhole projector) were well understood by many scientists and artists. When bright light passes through a small hole and enters a darkened space, if the light's angles are properly aligned, it will created a projected — though inverted — image of the well-lit scene outside on a flat surface across from the hole.

    It's entirely possible that such pinhole projection was known long before the Renaissance years, though. Perhaps an animal hide covering the entrance to a Paleolithic dwelling created just such a projection long before our early modern forebears mastered the use of the camera obscura?

    The first effective movie projector was created by a British gentleman named Eadweard Muybridge in the year 1879, though more reliable and versatile projectors were not in use for more than a decade yet. Muybridge's first projector relied on a series of glass discs rapidly passed through the device, whereas later film projectors could handle long reels of movie film.

    Flash forward a few generations, and we find digital movie projectors steadily replacing the last theater film projectors. And these days, digital projectors are also more and more common in homes, classrooms, and in offices, too. While digital projection technology is now so well refined as to make these devices seem absolutely ordinary to the modern shopper, many people still think of price as a barrier to buying a digital projector.

    The fact is, getting a great digital projector need not cost you more than a hundred dollars. And as long as you have some free wall space that means you can effectively get an HD TV that can be as large as 170 inches for less than a hundred bucks. Eadweard Muybridge would be happy for you.

    Here are the best cheap projectors you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best cheap projector overall

    Why you'll love it: The easy to use plug-and-play Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector can create an image as small as 32-inches or as large as 170-inches.

    I own and use a Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector, and I love it. Why? Because while I use all sorts of gadgets and tech and gear and such in the course of my days, I'm not a preternaturally gifted tech guy, and this projector seems to have been made for people of my ilk. Which is a longwinded way of saying it's very easy to use.

    You connect a device to the Leisure 3 via USB, HDMI, VGA, or AV cable, select that input using the menu displayed on the projection screen and ... that's it.

    The easy setup and use of the Vankyo Leisure 3 is this $90 projector's main selling point for me, but for other people it might be the fact that it can create a high definition projection as small as 32-inches or as large as 170-inches, provided you have the space to set the projector 16 feet back and have rather low light conditions for that largest screen setup.

    Focusing the image is simple thanks to a large focus ring, while a manual keystone adjustment dial helps project an evenly rectangular image even when the projector is aiming slightly up or down relative to the surface receiving the light.

    With more than 460 reviews posted on Amazon at the time of this writing, the Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector has a fine 4.4-star average rating. A reviewer named Lily says she "couldn't have been more pleased with the picture quality," while a gentleman who bought the projector speaks for many when he calls it a "great little projector for the money."

    A writer from MakeTechEasier concurred with the Amazon consensus, calling this projector "very easy to use" and more than capable of creating a "clear image on the screen" even at large screen sizes.

    Pros: Easy to use, large screen size range, carrying case and accessories included

    Cons: Fan gets noisy

    Buy the Vankyo Leisure 3 LED Projector on Amazon for $90

    The best cheap mini projector

    Why you'll love it: The Miroir Micro Projector M45 is about the same size as a standard bi-fold wallet, yet unlike most wallets, it can project a bright, clear 50-inch video or still images.

    OK, let's just deal with the few little drawbacks there are with this little projector at the start. Its speakers? They're not very powerful. And the largest clear images it can predict approximate a 50-inch flatscreen TV, whereas some of the projectors on our list can create projection areas more than triple that size. But guess what those other projectors can't do? They can't fit in your back pocket. And they can't run for up to two hours off their own built-in rechargeable battery.

    And seriously, folks, can you expect much more than a 50-inch projection from a projector that weighs half a pound? Given its diminutive size, the Miroir Micro Projector M45 is really quite impressive. Its projector uses a digital light processing (often abbreviated to DLP) technology developed by Texas Instruments, and the pint-sized projector can be easily connected to all sorts of devices, from a camera to a computer to a game console, creating big, bright still or moving images just about anywhere.

    If you're trying to save space in a cramped dorm room or small apartment, if you're looking to enjoy movies while camping, or of you want to be able to give impromptu business demonstrations while traveling, the Miroir Micro Projector M45 is a great little gizmo to have on hand.

    An Amazon reviewer named Ronnie calls this projector "light weight and portable" while a Miroir Micro Projector M45 named Daniel says "this product is amazing," though he does go on to echo a common sentiment that it "needs more batter life."

    Of course, when you're not on the go, you can solve that little problem easily by plugging the projector into a wall socket.

    Pros: Amazingly small size, can run off battery, plug-and-play use

    Cons: Weak speakers

    Buy the Miroir Micro Projector M45 at Walmart for $123.70

    The best cheap projector for $60

    Why you'll love it: Sure, the 120-inch screen size of the DBPOWER GP15 Projector is worth noting, as is its broad device compatibility, but let's be honest, it's that $60 price that caught your attention.

    The DBPOWER GP15 Projector is not the most capable piece of hardware on our list. It has a native resolution of 800 by 400 pixels, which is a step down from what most people consider high definition. Its image isn't that great unless viewed in an environment that's at least semi dark. But for a projector that not only costs less than a hundred dollars, but in fact costs less than sixty bucks, it's more than a good deal, it's almost a must have.

    The DBPOWER GP15 Projector can project a screen size as small as 32-inches or as large as 120-inches, so it can be used to create an intimate TV watching experience or for true home cinema. And thanks to the noise reduction design of the cooling fan, it won't disturb the viewing experience even when you're using the projector in a smaller, quieter room.

    The DBPOWER GP15 Projector easily connects to many devices, such as laptops, DVD players, gaming consoles, and flash drives, and with a separate Wi-Fi dongle, it can connect to phones, tablets, and other hardware as well.

    If you want the very best image clarity around, look elsewhere. If you want just about the best deal around, consider this projector, people.

    Of the dozens of people who have considered, purchases, and commented on the DBPOWER GP15 Projector on Amazon, most love the low priced unit. It has a 4.3-star average rating, with an owner named Gerald speaking for the masses when he calls it a "good value for the money" and says that if you use it "in a darkened room you'll be satisfied."

    In their write up, the product testers from Blogkens called the DBPOWER GP15 Projector "the best cheap projector" around, but they did note that it works well "in the dark only."

    Pros: Great low price, easy to use, quiet operation

    Cons: Only creates decent image in darkness

    Buy the DBPOWER GP15 Projector on Amazon for $60

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Toyota Camry 2018

    • With more than 71 million people, millennials are an increasingly important age demographic in the U.S.  
    •, a digital insurance comparison platform, used consumer data from over two million millennials to determine the most popular car models among that particular demographic. 
    • Sedans are surprisingly popular with millennials, as eight of the 10 cars listed are of that classification. 
    • According to QuoteWizard's data, the Honda Accord is the most popular model among millennials. 

    With more than 71 million members recorded in their demographic, millennials are certainly a generation to be reckoned with. With their growing influence and increased ability to determine consumer trends, millennials are becoming of more interest to automakers as they seek to determine which car models will hold the most appeal. 

    Enter, the digital insurance comparison platform that focuses on auto, home, renter's, health and life insurance. Founded in 2006, QuoteWizard has had over 50 million customers fill out insurance forms over 12 years, according to a company spokesperson. 

    To get an accurate ranking of the top cars driven by millennials, QuoteWizard took insurance data from over two million customers between the ages of 22 and 37 who compared auto insurance data on their website over the last 12 months.  They then looked at the types of cars these consumers drove to get their total numbers, ranking them one through 10 based on quantity.  

    According to a spokesperson, the data collected by QuoteWizard is proprietary and from a self-reported insurance form that is free to be used as stated in the agreement. 

    As for the results, the list is rather interesting as it contains only one SUV and one pickup truck, two models that dominate the domestic market right now. Eight of the 10 cars listed or either sedans or compact cars, data which suggests that while most consumers are moving away from the family sedan, that particular car still holds an appeal for the millennial generation

    Let's take a look at the top-10 cars driven by millennials below.  

    SEE ALSO: These are the 20 best-selling cars and trucks in America in 2018

    FOLLOW US: on Facebook for more car and transportation content!

    10. Jeep Grand Cherokee

    9. Ford Focus

    8. Toyota Corolla

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    2015 Buick LaCrosse

    • J.D. Power released its 2018 US Vehicle Dependability Study in February.
    • The study measures car reliability by surveying respondents who have owned 2015 model-year vehicles for three years.
    • Toyota won six categories, the most of any automaker, while General Motors came in second by winning five categories.

    The used car market can be difficult to navigate. Sometimes, it's tough to tell if a seller is unloading a car because it's time for an upgrade, or because there's something wrong with it.

    J.D. Power helps consumers get a sense of which cars are most likely to retain their value with its annual vehicle dependability study, which measures how much customers like their cars over time. This year's survey, which was released in February, collected feedback from 38,896 respondents who had owned a 2015 model-year vehicle for three years and determined the most reliable cars in 19 categories. The resulting data was used to determine the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles. The lower the score, the more reliable the car is.

    Toyota won six categories, the most of any automaker, while General Motors came in second by winning five categories.

    These are the winners in each of the 19 categories.

    SEE ALSO: I took a $163,000 Tesla Model X SUV on a road trip and discovered Tesla's greatest weapon isn't its cars

    Small car: 2015 Kia Rio

    Small premium car: 2015 Lexus CT

    Compact car: 2015 Toyota Prius

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


    If you've been procrastinating on shopping for fall clothing, time is of the essence. You're probably going to want to pick up some new threads, but it'd be nice to do it without the hassle of going to a bunch of different stores or waiting on end for items to arrive in the mail. 

    Although Amazon might not be the first place you'd think to shop for clothes, it's actually a great place to find unique pieces from the brands you love as well as basics from Amazon Essentials— especially if you're a Prime member. 

    With free two-day shipping and many items eligible for "try before you buy" through Prime Wardrobe, you can fill your closet with the items you need in no time.

    To help you shop for fall in a hurry, we rounded up 30 of our favorite menswear essentials that are eligible for Prime. Whether you're shopping for one or two things or you're working on revamping your entire wardrobe, everything you need for the season is right here.

    Shop for men's clothing on Amazon

    Learn more about Prime Wardrobe

    The North Face Gordon Lyons Quarter Zip

    The North Face Gordon Lyons Quarter Zip, $79.95

    Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Down Jacket

    Amazon Essentials Lightweight Water-Resistant Packable Down Jacket, available in six colors, $41.85 to $49

    Calvin Klein Prosper Slim Fit Single Breasted Top Coat

    Calvin Klein Prosper Slim Fit Single Breasted Top Coat, $159.99

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Carson Wentz

    Gambling is never easy.

    Not only because of the emotional and financial stress it can cause, but also because there is always more information to know. Any time you think you have a great read on a game, it's likely best to go the other way. If a bet is too good to be true, it probably is, and there is someone is Las Vegas eager to take your money if you don't realize it quick enough.

    Sadly, to my knowledge, it is impossible to predict the future. We analyze trends and make our best guesses, but one guarantee about football is that you can't know how a game is going to end until the final whistle blows.

    All of that to say — this is an extremely tough week to bet on football.

    But while other bettors might want to use this week to play it slow, that's not an option in our quest to win $1 million in the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest.

    Through four weeks our picks are sitting at an admirable 11-9, but in order to take home the top prize, we need to keep grinding out winners week after week.

    This weekend, I'd be fine with going 3-2. It's dangerous out there.

    Below are our best bets for Week 5 of the NFL season.

    SuperContest Pick 1: Philadelphia Eagles (-3) over Minnesota Vikings

    This is a tough spot for the Eagles, as Minnesota is riding two straight losses and rather desperate for a win, but Philadelphia tends to rise to the occasion at home.

    While the team had to scramble to beat the Colts during their last home stand, the 16 points they ceded to Indianapolis was the most they had given up in Philadelphia since Week 9 of last season.

    Further, the Eagles offense, despite not being able to seal the deal against Tennessee, feels like its finding its groove. Expect tight ends Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert to both be heavily involved in the passing game, and with Alshon Jeffrey back in the fold, hopefully the Philadelphia attack can get back to looking like Super Bowl champions.

    SuperContest Pick 2: Oakland Raiders (+4.5) over Los Angeles Chargers

    The Oakland Raiders win over the Browns last weekend might not have been wholly convincing, but it was enough to give bettors faith that Derek Carr and company can at least get points on the board.

    Meanwhile, the Chargers had to pull off a late comeback to beat the C.J. Beathard-led 49ers in a game that was much more grueling than it should have been.

    But the main reason we're backing the Raiders in this spot is their home-field advantage. While this game is technically being played in Los Angeles, the Chargers have a habit of letting opposing fans invade their territory, as has happened time and time again over the past two seasons.

    With Oakland just a drive away, and with Los Angeles already full of citizens of Raider Nation, the Black Hole should be in full force on Sunday. The Chargers apparently know what's coming, even prepping for crowd noise to be a factor despite playing what is supposed to be a home game.

    The Raiders should at least be able to keep this one close.

    SuperContest Pick 3: Buffalo Bills (+3.5) over Tennessee Titans

    Betting on the Buffalo Bills can feel a lot like jumping through a flaming table: you know it's going to hurt, but given the circumstances (an especially animated Bills tailgate, in this case) it feels like the right thing to do.

    First and foremost, you always want to lean in the direction of the home underdog. While the Bills are considered by many to be the worst team in football so far this season, their defense is not bad, and if Josh Allen can reel in his cannon of an arm to make just one or two accurate throws, Buffalo can get on the board.

    Further, the Titans are coming off of wins over the Eagles and Jaguars — two of the final four teams playing postseason football last year. If there was ever a spot for a let-down game, it's here.

    And even if Tennessee does prevail in the game, there's still hope for our bet. The Titans are 3-1 on the season, but all three of their wins have come by exactly three points — if the trend continues, the half-point hook will be enough to swing our bet to victory.

    It's a plan so crazy it just might work.

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    • Zara is one of the best-known global fashion brands, with more than 2,000 stores around the world. 
    • The chain is owned by Inditex, a Spanish retail conglomerate that operates seven other brands. 
    • Find out more about these trendy brands below. 

    Zara has become one of the best-known and most successful fashion brands in the world. However, US consumers tend to know little about not only the parent company driving its success, but also its sister brands around the world. 

    Since Zara's billionaire founder Amancio Ortega opened the first Zara store in northern Spain in 1975, it has grown to become an enormous, 2,000-store chain, with a presence in 96 countries around the world. 

    In that time, Ortega has also grown his business by acquiring and launching other fashion brands, which now fall under the umbrella of Inditex. Inditex is considered the largest fashion retailer on the planet, turning out more than $30 billion in sales in 2017.

    While many of these other Inditex brands do not currently have a presence in the United States, they are found in hundreds of countries around the world and make up a mammoth combined store count of 7,422 locations. 

    Find about more about these brands below:

    SEE ALSO: Zara has a fleet of secret stores where it masters its shop design and plots how to get you to spend money


    Bershka is the second-largest chain by store count in Inditex's entire operation. It has over 1,000 stores in 70 markets, and its sales represent 9% of the total revenue for the whole group.

    This low-cost brand is targeted at younger male and female shoppers. Girls' T-shirts start at $7.90, and jeans start at $29.90. 

    In October 2017, it opened its first store in the US, a pop-up in New York's Soho neighborhood. 

    Massimo Dutti

    Massimo Dutti was originally a men's fashion label that was acquired by Inditex in 1991. Several years later, it added women's wear to its offering, and in 2003, kids also joined. 

    This is Inditex's higher-end label, and it's targeted at an older customer. Prices are higher than at Zara, and the focus here is less on staying on trend but rather on creating more classic, timeless styles. 

    It currently has 764 stores around the world. 


    Oysho doesn't currently have a store presence in the US, and much to the annoyance of some shoppers here, you are unable to order items online and have them delivered to a US address. 

    Founded in 2001, Oysho specializes in women's wear, including lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and athletics wear. 

    It has 667 stores in 65 markets around the world. 

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    gap 2662

    • In September, President Donald Trumphit China with tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. This was the first time that consumer goods had been directly impacted by Trump's tariffs. China retaliated by announcing tariffs on $60 billion worth of US goods sent to China.
    • Trump imposed tariffs on manufacturing goods earlier in the year. He said import taxes are meant to help US manufacturers by making foreign products more expensive.
    • Several companies have either already raised their prices or say they plan to as a result of the tariffs.

    President Donald Trump's tariffs are leading to higher import costs for US-based companies, and it's American consumers who are likely to bear the burden.

    In September, Trump hit China with a 10% tax on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. This was the first time consumer goods had been directly impacted by Trump's tariffs

    While the White House has pointed to national security issues as justification for the tariffs, there's also a practical economic component to Trump's duties. The tariffs on foreign imports are designed to make foreign goods more expensive and therefore US manufacturers and products more appealing.

    The latest tariffs, along with previous rounds on $50 billion of Chinese goods and metal imports, will mean that more than half of all Chinese goods coming into the US will be subject to the import taxes.

    "The new tariffs are bad news for the retail sector, especially as the latest round seems to extend the tax to a vast array of consumer goods. Many retailers will now be faced with a difficult choice of whether to pass the cost increases across to consumers or to take a hit on their margins," Neil Saunders, managing director of GlobalData Retail, wrote in a comment emailed to Business Insider. 

    "Fortunately, the consumer is currently in a position to cope with some mild rises in retail prices. However, a rise in prices across the board will likely result in a decline in retail volumes over the longer term, which will be unhelpful to the sector," he added. 

    Since Trump's tariffs have been in place, several US companies including Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Winnebago have said they have been forced to raise prices on the consumer's side. Others are threatening to follow suit. 

    Here's a list of some of the best-known brands that have spoken out about Trump's tariffs and either raised prices already or say they plan to: 

    SEE ALSO: See all the products that will cost you more because of Trump's trade war


    In a call with investors in October, Costco CEO Richard Galanti said that the store is likely to raise prices in the future because of tariffs. However, he gave no specific timeline. 

    "We want to be the last to raise the price and we want to work with any supplier to figure out how to not do that. But ultimately, you can't eat all these," he said.

    "We'll keep doing what we do," he said, adding that Costco is usually the last to raise prices and the first to lower them.


    PepsiCo raised prices on beverages sold in North America by low single-digit percentages in September. CFO Hugh Johnston explained during a call with investors in October that these price hikes were put in place to cover the higher costs of aluminum and transportation. 

    The company also said it plans to increase the price of its snack products to cover higher transportation costs. 


    Walmart sent a letter to the Trump administration, urging it to reconsider the latest tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods. The retailer warned that tariffs will likely result in it having to raise prices for the consumer.

    "As the largest retailer in the United States and a major buyer of U.S. manufactured goods, we are very concerned about the impacts these tariffs would have on our business, our customers, our suppliers and the U.S. economy as a whole," Walmart wrote, according to Reuters.


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    the beach hotel then

    Even the most beautiful buildings don't always stand the test of time. Sometimes they're torn down due to mounting maintenance costs after falling into disrepair, and sometimes they'll fall prey to natural disasters. It is why the US has a list of historical places and landmarks that must be preserved no matter what.

    HomeAdvisor has chosen seven iconic US buildings and recreated them to show what they would look like today, as well as what's actually standing (or not standing) in their place now.

    Keep scrolling to see what some of these lost" buildings looked like.

    Penn Station in New York City is a staple of the city — 650,000 people go through it daily. The original Pennsylvania Station was built in 1910, and looked like it was straight out of Rome with its columns and stonework.

    Penn Station used to be a lot grander.

    Now, it's been moved entirely underground. The new Penn Station is a result of the astronomical costs of the original building's upkeep — it was demolished in 1963.

    It was such a travesty to New Yorkers to tear down Penn Station that it jump-started the historical preservation movement in the US. Just two years later, the Landmarks Preservation Commission was formed in New York City. And one year after that, the National Historic Preservation Act was signed into federal law.

    The present-day Penn Station is completely underground. It sits underneath two skyscrapers and Madison Square Garden.

    The Singer Building was built in 1908, and was at one point the tallest building in the world.

    The Singer Building was doomed by its own iconic design— the architect behind it believed that buildings higher than 10 to 15 stories should be set back from the sidewalk. Thus, he built the Singer Building to have its first 12 floors take up an entire city block, but had it become a narrow tower at the top.

    Once the Singer Manufacturing Company moved out in 1961, no one knew what was to become of the Singer Building. Its unusual floorplan made it unattractive to big companies.

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    new york comic con

    • New York Comic Con is a massive pop culture event, drawing thousands of people from all over the world. 
    • We talked to a vendor about what it's like to work a booth at the event.
    • He described a hectic 12-hour work day with no lunch break and barely any bathroom breaks — but he said it's all worth it. 


    One of New York City's largest pop culture events, Comic Con, is underway this week at Javits Center in Manhattan.

    Hundreds of vendors and exhibitors pay to set up booths at the convention each year, selling comics, artwork, costumes, collectible action figures, and much more.

    We talked to two vendors, Mervyn and Nicole McKoy, partners in both business and marriage, who run their commercial art and multimedia design studio, Paper Lab Studios, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They travel to conventions throughout the year, including Dallas Comic Con, Indiana Comic Con, MegaCon in Orlando, Florida Super Con, Raleigh Super Con, and Katsucon in Maryland, and others.

    Mervyn said New York Comic Con is definitely one of his favorites because of the diverse group of people who attend.

    In between conventions, the McKoys do commercial art, custom commissions, and design. Some of their past clients include Burger King and Filthy Food, which makes high-end drink garnishes. They also produce their own comic books in collaboration with various writers, which Mervyn illustrates and Nicole edits.

    Here's what their day looked like on the first day of New York Comic Con.

    SEE ALSO: We asked 15 people how much they spent on their Comic Con costumes — here's what they told us

    DON'T MISS: How New York Comic Con attendance has grown over the years

    Mervyn and Nicole woke up at 7 a.m. on Thursday, the first day of the convention, and took an Uber from the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn where they were staying with a friend.

    They got to the Javits Center at about 8:30 to beat the security checkpoint rush and do some light setup.

    They had already come in for a couple hours the day before the convention started, on Wednesday, to do some preliminary setup.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    target startups main

    Though a popular business strategy for new startups today is to sell direct-to-consumer through their own websites, the practice often serves as a springboard for other retail opportunities, not an outright boycott. Direct-to-consumer selling hasn't replaced brick-and-mortar stores; rather, it has helped redefine how to create brand experiences and nurture loyal customer followings. 

    In a similar fashion, many online startups eventually find their way into popular retail stores that you've been shopping at for years, whether for a limited run or a long-term residency — Leesa mattresses and The Bouqs Co. flowers at West Elm, or MVMT watches and Lively lingerie at Nordstrom, for example. It's just another way for these startups to get their products in front of more eyes, plus it's undeniably convenient to shop all your favorites at one site and enjoy free shipping and return perks. 

    Target is also home to many direct-to-consumer startups you might recognize. It's a diverse bunch of brands: personal care, bedding, food, pets, and more. If I'm remembering my tendency to meander the aisles of Target correctly, it's the perfect place to discover new and interesting brands, so it's no wonder the following 12 online companies have decided to sell through the company.


    Shop Bark dog treats and toys at Target here

    Bark, the company behind dog treat and toy subscription BarkBox, sells adorable individual pet products through Target. If you're not sure whether you want to commit to the subscription, you can get a preview here. Check back often for seasonal themed toys and creative treat flavors like Hawaii Luau Roast Pork and Chicago Hot Dog. Profits from its Snacks That Give Back collection support local animal rescues. 


    Shop Casper mattresses and bedding products at Target here

    You've heard all about Casper's comfortable memory foam mattress, and you can now easily throw it into your cart alongside your other Target purchases. The breathable percale weave Cool Sheets and soft, supportive pillow are also popular choices from the online sleep startup. 


    Shop Native natural deodorant at Target here

    Native is an aluminum- and paraben-free natural deodorant that's safer for your body and comes in a variety of nice scents. Unlike other deodorants, it doesn't leave sticky residue and for some users, it lasts even longer than traditional deodorant. 

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    Andrei Chikatilo

    Everyone in the US knows about Jeffrey DahmerTed Bundy, and Aileen Wuornos. But serial killers exist beyond the US.

    From the "Butcher of Rostov" to the "Little Old Lady Killer," these are nine of the most terrifying killers from around the world that Americans may never have heard of.

    Editor's note: A warning some of these accounts feature graphic depictions of violence, sexual abuse, and murder.

    Andrei Chikatilo killed 52 people in the USSR.

    Andrei Chikatilo, also known as "The Butcher of Rostov," was convicted of killing 52 people while terrorizing the Soviet Union from 1978 to 1990. Andrei Tkachenko, a psychiatrist from Moscow's Serbsky Institute, theorized to the Moscow Times that it was his impotence that lead him to kill

    The former teacher was found guilty of raping and murdering 21 boys aged 8 to 16, 14 girls aged 9 to 17, and 17 older women in Russia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

    It wasn't only the murders that were gruesome but how they were conducted. Police photographs showed that Chikatilo mutilated his victims and had their eyes gouged out.

    He was arrested in 1990 and executed in 1994, according to the New York Times.

    Luis Garavito was a serial killer in Colombia.

    Widely believed to be one of the worst killers in history, authorities said Luis Garavito aka "La Bestia" originally admitted to murdering around 140 children and teenagers in Colombia between 1992 and 1999, according to the BBC (the figure would later reach over 200). He consistently targeted boys between the ages of 8 to 16 years old.

    Utilizing disguises varying from priest to drug dealer, Garavito was said to have lured the boys into trusting him before he struck. He frequently left their bodies in mass graves that were later discovered by investigators.

    Since Colombia has no death penalty and Garavito helped the police find more victims' bodies, his sentence of 1,853 years and nine days was reduced from the maximum under the Colombian law of 60 years to just 22 years, according to Caracol Radio. 

    Pedro Rodrigues Filho was an infamous Brazilian serial killer.

    According to Rolling Stone, Pedro Rodrigues Filho, or "killer Petey," was responsible for the deaths of at least 70 people and killed his first victim when he was 14.

    Filho claimed to have killed over 100 people, including 47 people while in prison and even his own father. He was first arrested on May 24, 1973, but was released in 2007 after 34 years in prison. He was re-arrested (for unrelated crimes) in 2011 and according to recent reports, he's still in prison.

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    melania trump kenya 7

    • On the fourth day of her African tour, first lady Melania Trump bottle-fed elephant calves, went on a safari, visited an orphanage, and had tea with Kenya's first lady. 
    • She received some criticism on Twitter for wearing riding boots and a pith helmet that evoked the colonial era of Africa's history. 
    • Video also showed a Secret Service agent running to her aid when a baby elephant started charging toward her. 

    First lady Melania Trump had a dramatic fourth day on her African tour. 

    She touched down in Kenya on Thursday night for the third stop of her six-day visit, her first major solo international trip as first lady. 

    She spent her first full day in the country on Friday bottle-feeding elephants, going on safari, visiting orphans, having tea with the Kenyan first lady and taking in a performance at the Nairobi National Theatre. 

    The day was eventful in more ways than one. First, the first lady was nearly trampled by a baby elephant. Then she was ridiculed on Twitter for wearing a pith helmet, a look typical of turn-of-the-century imperialists, to go on safari. 

    First lady Melania Trump kicked off the fourth day of her African tour with a visit to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

    Source: AFP

    She was given the opportunity to bottle-feed and pet orphaned elephant calves during the visit.

    Source: AP

    At one point, one of the calves started charging the first lady, which caused her to lose her balance.

    Source: Pulse Live Kenya

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    jason schneidman haircuts homeless

    Over half a million people were experiencing homelessness in the US in 2017, according to a report from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development. That's 12% more people than the previous year.

    There are organizations such as shelters and soup kitchens to help homeless individuals get back on their feet, but sometimes a human connection sparks a viral moment that can change someone's life.

    Here are nine heartwarming stories of people who helped someone in need — and the chain reactions that their acts of kindness created.

    A Florida police officer helped a homeless man shave for a job interview.

    Tony Carlson, a police officer with the Tallahassee Police Department, pulled into a gas station and noticed a homeless man struggling with an electric razor, trying to shave for a job interview at McDonald's. Carlson tightened a screw on the razor and helped the man, named Phil, shave his beard.

    A patron at the gas station noticed their interaction and posted a video online, which was then shared by the police department's official Facebook page. Senator Marco Rubio's office then helped Phil acquire the necessary paperwork to complete his job application and get hired at McDonald's, according to CBS News.


    Lauren Puryear uses her extreme couponing skills to feed thousands of people.

    Lauren Puryear, a mental health clinician, set a goal of providing 30,000 meals to people in need by her 30th birthday. She founded an organization called For the Love of Others and uses her extreme couponing skills for charity.

    "There are coupons in the Sunday paper, or online that you can print... so I collect as many as I can, match them to the store, and that is how I am able to get the items for free," she told

    A woman donated all the food from her canceled $30,000 wedding to the homeless.

    Sarah Cummins of Carmel, Indiana, called off her wedding and couldn't refund what she'd spent to feed and entertain 170 guests. So she invited the residents of a local homeless shelter to partake in the bourbon-glazed meatballs, goat cheese and garlic bruschetta, chicken breast with artichokes, and wedding cake while wearing formal attire donated by local businesses and residents.

    "I will at least have some kind of happy memory to pull from," she told The Indy Star.

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    Grey's Anatomy

    With the arrival of season 15 of "Grey's Anatomy," you might be needing a season 14 refresher.

    This show has such a huge cast and so much drama that it's often hard to know who's who and what's what. That being said, before you dive in head-first to what our favorite surgeons are up to in Season 15, there are a few details you might want to brush up on first.

    Here are 10 things you should know before watching the new season of "Grey's Anatomy."

    April Kepner left the show.

    Season 14 of "Grey's Anatomy" saw the official end of April Kepner and Jackson Avery's relationship and the rekindling of April and her previous boyfriend, Matthew's. Toward the end of the season, April was in a car wreck with Matthew and almost died, but she woke up as soon as she heard Jackson praying for her.  

    The season ended with her and Matthew getting married at Alex and Jo's wedding.

    ABC announced that Sarah Drew, who plays April Kepner, would be leaving the series, which some thought to be the result of a scandal until co-star Ellen Pompeo said otherwise. 

    Read more: 'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo slams reports that she's behind the departures of fan-favorite cast members

    And so did Arizona.

    After realizing that Sophia, Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres' daughter, needed her moms in the same place, Arizona moved to New York. Fans believe the move might lead to a rekindled relationship between Arizona and Callie. 

    ABC, however, announced that Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona, will be leaving the show alongside Sarah Drew.

    "The characters of Arizona and April are permanently woven into the fabric of 'Grey’s Anatomy' thanks to the extraordinary work of Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew,"Krista Vernoff, co-showrunner, said. "As writers, our job is to follow the stories where they want to go and sometimes that means saying goodbye to characters we love. It has been a joy and a privilege to work with these phenomenally talented actresses."

    Meredith and Riggs ended their relationship.

    In season 14, Meredith's relationship with Riggs, a cardiothoracic surgeon who worked with April Kepner during her time in Jordan, ended after Riggs' ex-girlfriend and Owen's sister, Megan Hunt, was found alive. Meredith tried to resign from dating altogether, but at the same time, she realized that she had to find a way to move on from Derek.

    In a heartbreaking scene, Meredith put Derek's scrub cap and their framed marriage Post-It away in a drawer.

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    warren buffet

    Forbes Magazine just came out with it's list of the top billionaires in the U.S. 

    We narrowed the list down to look at the most successful people in finance, which includes investments, trading, hedge funds and money management. 

    Read on to see the 10 wealthiest people in finance. 


    10. Philip Anschutz

    Net worth: $11.3 billion 

    Age: 78

    Country: US

    Industry: Diversified investments

    Source of wealth: Self-made

    Reclusive billionaire Philip Anschutz has built a fortune across oil, railroads, real estate, sports and entertainment. 

    Anschutz also owns the NHL's King team and part of the Lakers' basketball franchise. 

    He's trying to build the world's biggest wind farm in Wyoming. 

    9. David Tepper

    Net worth: $11.6 billion 

    Age: 61

    Country: United States 

    Industry: Hedge funds 

    Source of wealth: Self-made; Appaloosa Management 

    Tepper founded his hedge fund, Appaloosa Management in 1993, and now manages $15 billion. 

    Tepper bought the NFL's Carolina Panthers professional football team for $2.3 billion earlier this year. 

    In September, Tepper said that his firm had reduced its holdings of US stocks.

    "If you ask me what inning we're in, I think it's a late-innings game," Tepper, who manages about $14 billion in assets, told CNBC of the nine-year bull market in stocks.

    Appaloosa in May disclosed it had sold its entire stake in Apple, which had previously made up more than 7% of its portfolio. 

    The fund is also pushing for change at pharma company Allergan. 

    8. Steve Cohen

    Net worth: $13 billion 

    Age: 62

    Country: US

    Industry: Hedge funds

    Source of wealth: Self-made; Point72 Asset Management 

    Steve Cohen for years ran SAC Capital, one of the most successful hedge funds ever. Cohen was forced to shut down SAC after the firm pleaded guilty to insider trading charges. He launched Point72 Asset Management and started taking outside capital in 2018 after running it previously as a family office. He now manages $13 billion.

    Earlier this year, a female employee, Lauren Bonner, filed a lawsuit alleging widespread gender discrimination at the fund, including stark wage discrepancies between men and women for the same work. Doug Haynes, the firm's former president and a former McKinsey executive who was named in the suit, left soon after. Bonner's lawsuit was dismissed in federal court last week, and will now be arbitrated. 

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