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    Paul Allen

    Paul Allen, the cofounder of Microsoft and billionaire philanthropist, died Monday afternoon after battling non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

    The 65-year-old Seattle native is best-known for having launched Microsoft with Bill Gates, but he also operated the venture-capital firm Vulcan Ventures, and staked his claim on sports franchises as the owner of the Seattle Seahawks and Portland Trail Blazers.

    Allen previously overcame a bout of Hodgkin's lymphoma in the 1980s, but he was later diagnosed with cancer in 2009, which returned after a period of remission.

    As a titan in the tech industry and the world of sports, Allen influenced his colleagues to inspire millions of others through their work.

    Here's how Allen's friends and associates are responding to his death.

    SEE ALSO: Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen dies at 65 after battle with cancer

    Bill Gates, Microsoft founder and philanthropist

    "I am heartbroken by the passing of one of my oldest and dearest friends,"Gates said in a statement to The Wall Street Journal on Monday. "Paul was a true partner and dear friend."

    Gates and and Allen were high-school friends; they founded Microsoft in 1975.

    "Personal computing would not have existed without him," Gates said.

    Tim Cook, Apple CEO

    "Our industry has lost a pioneer and our world has lost a force for good,"Cook said in a tweet on Monday. "We send our deepest condolences to Paul’s friends, the Allen family and everyone at Microsoft.

    Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

    "We lost a great technology pioneer today - thank you Paul Allen for your immense contributions to the world through your work and your philanthropy,"Pichai said Monday. "Thoughts are with his family and the entire Microsoft community."

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    shop rite 1215

    • ShopRite and Stop & Shop are two grocery chains with a large presence on the East Coast. 
    • ShopRite has just under 300 stores and is owned by a private company, Wakefern Food Corp. 
    • Stop & Shop has more than 400 stores and is owned by Ahold Delhaize, which also operates Giant, Hannaford, and Food Lion. 
    • Both stores offer online ordering and grocery delivery services. But after shopping at both stores, we found that one offers much better deals than the other. 

    ShopRite and Stop & Shop are two grocery chains with a large presence on the East Coast. 

    ShopRite, with just under 300 stores in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, is owned by Wakefern Food Corp. According to Wakefern, which is a privately owned company that doesn't release sales information, most ShopRite stores are family-operated stores. 

    Stop & Shop operates more than 400 stores throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England, and it is owned by Ahold Delhaize, the Dutch company that also operates Giant, Hannaford, and Food Lion. In its second-quarter earnings release, Ahold Delhaize CEO Frans Muller said, "In the United States, comparable sales growth excluding gasoline was -0.1%, or 1.0% adjusted for the timing of Easter. Volumes at Hannaford and Food Lion remained positive but were challenged at the other US brands." 

    ShopRite and Stop & Shop both offer online ordering and grocery delivery, through the ShopRite from Home and Peapod delivery programs, respectively. 

    When we visited both stores, we found that although one was more difficult to shop at, it actually offered better deals.

    See which grocery store we thought was better: 

    SEE ALSO: We visited Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Joann to see which was a better arts-and-crafts store, and there was a clear winner

    The first store I visited was a ShopRite location in Scarsdale, New York.

    Produce was at the front of the store.

    There were apples for $1.29 ...

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    You May Put Yourself at Risk for Pre-Diabetes

    If you don't have it, you may be confused about what exactly diabetes is and what can cause it. Generally, diabetes is a condition where the body has chronically high levels of sugar in the blood.

    There are two types of diabetes: type 1, which is an immune disease diagnosed earlier in life, and type 2, which develops in adults and is usually a result of modifiable risk factors.

    But what exactly increases your chances of developing type 2 diabetes? Here are 10 things you might not know can increase your risk.

    Smoking can increase your chances of developing diabetes.

    Add this to Healthline's list of adverse effects of smoking: smoking can make your body more resistant to insulin (the hormone which keeps blood sugar levels normal), according to studies by Ronnemaa and Gunton and colleagues. Even if you don't have diabetes already, smoking can reduce blood sugar control.

    For helpful resources and information on quitting smoking, check out the National Institutes of Health SmokeFree website.

    Chronic use of some recreational drugs can increase diabetes risk.

    The Global Diabetes Community notes that certain stimulant drugs can increase your blood sugar. If these drugs are consumed on a regular basis, the resulting high blood sugar levels can lead to insulin resistance and the development of type 2 diabetes.

    Amphetamines ("speed"/amphetamine, meth/methamphetamine), MDxx compounds (ecstasy/molly/MDMA), and ADHD drugs used as concentration aids (Adderal/"Addy"/Vyvanse) can all increase blood sugar levels and put you at risk.

    Some medications can affect your risk.

    Steroids, anti-ADHD medications, anti-psychotics, some asthma medications, and other drugs may increase blood sugar, according to GlobalRPH. Generally, the benefits of these medications to treat health conditions outweigh their effects on blood sugar, so speak with your doctor and pharmacist for more information.

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    Google Pixel 3

    If you wanted, the Pixel 3 could be the last phone you ever buy. 

    Is that dramatic? Maybe so. After all, we've been conditioned to upgrade our phones every two years now — or, for some people, every year. 

    At this point, though, I have to assume that we've gotten about as far as we will for the foreseeable future in terms of technological advancements. Future smartphones might be slightly faster, might have slightly longer battery life, or maybe they'll have slightly improved cameras. The design might change a bit — see: the notch — and tech companies might remove features you thought were a given, like the headphone jack. 

    But will the smartphone really be revolutionized anytime in the next few years? Or will we just keep seeing similar iterations on the same idea until the smartphone is replaced altogether? If you ask me, it's the latter. 

    Which is why you could buy the Pixel 3 today and tune out for the next two years, or the next five years. This phone is about as good as it's going to get. 

    SEE ALSO: Here's how Google's new $800 Pixel 3 compares to the $750 iPhone XR

    Let's start with the design, which is probably the least exciting thing about the Pixel 3.

    Design-wise, the Pixel 3 is just about the same song-and-dance as the Pixel 2, and the Pixel 1 before it — with a few notable exceptions. 

    The most immediately obvious design change is the coating on the back, which has a softer feel this year. I don't know any other way to describe it other than silky, and sort of pleasing. It was the first thing I noticed when I took it out of the box, and I'm still loving it. 

    Otherwise, the rest of the design alterations are less thrilling. This year's model has a shiny finish along the outer edges, and it comes in slightly different colors: all black, white with an aqua power button, and a pale pink that Google is calling, for whatever reason, "Not Pink" (for what it's worth, Not Pink is easily the best color and the one I would choose).

    The overall size of the Pixel 3 isn't much different from the Pixel 2, and for that, I am grateful — it's the perfect size for my hand.

    There are two other new aspects of the Pixel 3 that are worth mentioning: wireless charging and USB-C earbuds.

    Google added wireless charging to the Pixel 3, and it feels like the final necessary change to make the device your long-term phone. 

    Google built its own wireless charging stand for the Pixel, but it's an extra $80 and, to be honest, feels like an extravagance. It's nice-looking, it works well, and it enables some nifty Google Assistant features, but you can also just ... use a phone charger? Still, I appreciate that Google is being forward-thinking here, and if you're passionate about wireless charging, you'll be pleased with the Pixel 3 and the Pixel Stand. 

    The second change — or, should I say, addition — is USB-C earbuds. Google now includes them in the box when you buy a Pixel 3. They look great, and they fit significantly better than the Pixel Buds — in fact, they're actually pretty similar to the wired EarPods that come with an iPhone. They don't sound particularly amazing, but they don't need to — they're the perfect earbuds for taking a phone call or just walking around. And not for nothing, but they really stay in your ears.

    The Pixel 3 has a gorgeous OLED display that perfectly showcases Android 9.0.

    Like the Pixels before it, the standard-size Pixel 3 has a bright, beautiful (notch-less) OLED display — the better to showcase Google's Android 9.0 "Pie" operating system. 

    I know that hardcore Android fans will probably disagree with me, but I loved the fact that the changes to Android make the Pixel feel more iPhone-adjacent.

    I know, I know — classic iPhone user wanting everything to be more like an iPhone. But there's a reason iPhones are so popular: they're incredibly easy and intuitive to use. The changes to Android make the Pixel feel more approachable, and may even encourage more iPhone users to make the switch. Now, learning a new operating system doesn't feel like such an intimidating proposition. Plus, the version of Android running on the Pixel 3 (which is stock Android and therefore, the best Android) is just plain better-looking than ever before. 

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


    There's a lot to love about designer goods. The luxurious materials, quality craftsmanship, classic styles and one-0f-a-kind designs — the list could go on and on. But there's one thing I am confident in saying I hate about designer goods: the prices. Yes, I'm all for a splurge in the name of fashion every once in a while, but I'm not sure that my bank account feels the same.

    Let's face it, no matter how much you're willing to spend on your wardrobe, you probably would not be opposed to spending less. Everyone loves a good deal, whatever their shopping budget may be. The good news is you don't need to have an unlimited budget (or only eat cereal for a month) to afford the luxury pieces of your dreams.

    Nowadays, there are so many online businesses dedicated to selling designer goods at more affordable prices. From resale options to luxury brands warehouses, there are plenty of ways to find luxury items, both new and used, at prices that won't make you cringe when you enter your credit card information.

    We rounded up some of the best sites out there for finding good deals on designer clothes, shoes, and bags, which you can find below.

    Rent the Runway

    Shop designer discounts at Rent the Runway

    How it works: Rent the Runway is known for their unique clothing rental service, which allows you to rent dresses for short periods of time instead of buying them, or subscribe to a rotation of items every month. This ultimately allows you to wear designer clothes at a fraction of the cost.  A lesser known asset of Rent the Runway though is their clearance section, where you can purchase designer goods that are finished with their rental rotation. The sale styles are gently used, but you can snag them at up to 75% off the retail price. Not only do they have dresses, but you can buy clothing, jewelry, and other accessories on sale.

    Why you’ll love it: The site does a great job of helping you find what you’re looking for. They have advanced filters like weather, event formality, age, and more that help you find the right outfit for your needs. You can even put in the range of clothing sizes you usually wear, so you will only see products available in those sizes. You can also sort by price range, from under $50 to “splurge-worthy” where you can find deals on high-end designer dresses from the likes of Derek Lam and Nina Ricci.

    Barney’s Warehouse

    Shop deals on luxury brands at Barneys Warehouse

    How it works: The Barney’s Warehouse Sale used to be a semi-annual event in a brick-and-mortar store where New Yorkers would line up to snatch deep discounts on Barney’s luxury goods. Gone are the days of playing tug-of-war for Gucci belts, because Barney’s has taken their whole warehouse sale concept online. Find discounts of up to 75% on the same luxury brands you would find at Barney’s.

    Why you’ll love it: Complimentary shipping on all orders, plus a great selection of brands like Rag & Bone, Alexander Wang, and Maison Margiela. With offerings for women, men, children, and home, you really can find a designer deal for anyone.

    The Outnet

    Find high-end fashion at The Outnet

    How it works: The Outnet is a go-to for fashion-forward shoppers on the hunt for discounted designer brands. New arrivals are added to the site every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, so there is always a fresh crop of great finds. The Outnet carries a wide array of luxury, trendy brands as well as their own exclusive brand, Iris & Ink.

    Why you’ll love it: The Outnet has an amazing selection of trendy, new brands as well as classic, timeless staples. They offer styles that look like they’re straight from the runway and everyday, ready-to wear pieces as well. Discounts are up to 75% off, so you can score some serious deals on high-end pieces. Their “what to wear” section has curated collections that make it easy to peruse and shop by style, season, and occasion. Shipping is always free, too.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Naming a new pet is one of the best parts of gaining a new addition to the family. If you're sick of Spot, Fluffy, and Rover, try drawing from pop culture to name your new best friend.

    Here are some of the best pop culture references for pet names.

    J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series reigns supreme for pet name inspiration.

    Luna was the top pet name for cats and dogs in 2017. Though many of these Lunas might be inspired by the goddess of the moon, many pet owners have also been inspired by the spacey Ravenclaw from the books, Luna "Loony" Lovegood.

    Most of the names of the characters in the Harry Potter series are derived from Latin origins of words relating to their characters. If your dog resembles a wolf, you could name him after the werewolf Remus Lupin. If you have a feisty pet who is only loyal to few, Draco Malfoy might the right name, which translates to "evil dragon."

    You could also go by aesthetics and name your identical tabby cats after the spunky twins, Fred and George Weasley. If you have a black dog, like Ariana Grande, you are nearly obligated to name him Sirius Black, after Harry's godfather/black dog, who is named for the dog-shaped star.

    You also could still get away with naming your dog Fluffy, like Hagrid did with his three-headed pup. The Harry Potter universe has endless names for inspiration.

    Children's cartoon characters often have silly names that are perfect for pets.

    "Adventure Time" has characters with long names and specific personalities like Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline the Vampire Queen, that would perfectly fit your chunky or standoffish cat.

    In "The Fairly Oddparents," the stars, Cosmo Julius Cosma and Wanda Venus Cosma née Fairywinkle make excellent pet names for a male and a female pet adopted together. Cosmo is a strong Greek name, meaning "the universe" and Wanda should be used for a stately heroic lady. Any children's cartoon will often have silly and heightened names.

    If you like human names, turn to fictional human characters.

    Pet Sitters International claims that 47% of pet owners choose human names like "Molly, Sam, Annie, or Max." You could follow their advice and consult a book of baby names for your new furry friend, or turn to your favorite human characters.

    Taylor Swift's two Scottish folds are named Olivia and Meredith, after Olivia Benson from "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" and Meredith Grey from "Grey's Anatomy."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    job interview woman talk boss

    • Interviews can be nerve-racking.
    • Luckily, there are signs that the hiring manager wants you on his or her team.
    • Look out for questions about your personal life or long-term goals, and especially friendly body language.


    Nobody wants to wait days, or sometimes even weeks, to find out if the hiring manager was impressed by them in the interview.

    So, here's some good news: You don't have to.

    You just need to be observant of the hiring manger's body language and a few other dead giveaways, said Lynn Taylor, a national workplace expert and the author of "Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behavior and Thrive in Your Job."

    Here are 13 signs your interview may end with a job offer.

    SEE ALSO: 17 signs someone might be about to quit their job

    DON'T MISS: Here's how to win the lottery, according to a Romanian-born mathematician who hacked the system, won 14 times, and retired on a remote, tropical island

    The interviewer uses positive body language

    "Look for strong, consistent eye contact, and whether they lean forward while speaking to you,," Taylor said. "A good sign is if they're smiling, laughing, and generally upbeat."

    For indicators that someone dislikes you, look for basically the opposite— avoiding eye contact, tensing their mouth and jaw, or looking generally uncomfortable. If their feet are pointing away from you even though their body is positioned towards you, that's a bad sign. 

    Crossing your arms actually isn't a negative sign, despite popular belief. So don't fret if you're interviewer has their arms crossed. 

    The discussion extends beyond what you had anticipated

    If you're there longer than the usual 30 to 60 minutes, that's a very good sign. 

    "Often hiring managers budget in extra time in case the candidate excels, and they need to extend questioning or introduce you to other managers," Taylor said.

    Your interviewer is chatty

    "If they seem to want to spend extra time to get to know you, or start opening up about themselves, you're getting a subtle thumbs up," Taylor said.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    derek meredith grey's anatomyOver the last 15 seasons of "Grey’s Anatomy," fans have seen a lot of couples begin and end — many of them had fans swooning while others were frustrating to watch.

    It’s impossible to keep track of all of the relationships that have happened in the nearly two decades since the show premiered, but there have definitely been many that have impacted the show and its characters more than others — and not always in a good way.

    Here are some of the major "Grey’s Anatomy" couples, ranked. 

    Warning: Major spoilers ahead.

    Callie and George’s relationship never should have happened.

    At first, when Callie and George started dating, their relationship was kind of cute. But, when George's dad suddenly passed away, he and Callie began moving way too fast. 

    It didn’t take long after they tied the knot in Vegas for George to start cheating with Izzie. And not long after that, the relationship ended. 

    Derek and Addison were always meant to split up.

    When Addison cheated on Derek with Mark Sloan, Derek and Addison's marriage crumbled. But judging by the aftermath, it seemed like they were never going to stay happy together, even in the best of circumstances.

    Both of them seemed much better off once they finally decided to call it quits and stop trying to put their marriage back together.

    George and Izzie had no romantic chemistry.

    In theory, the idea of George and Izzie getting together was kind of adorable. But, in practice, it backfired. They had no romantic chemistry together, and the fact that their relationship was a result of George's cheating on Callie wasn't great. Fortunately, they stayed friends when it was all over.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    new grad investment main

    When you were still in school, you were probably able to get by with cheap products that did their job but didn't always last for more than a year. Whether you had more pressing financial concerns like rent, textbooks, and tuition, or you couldn't put in the time to shop more consciously when you were so busy living the life of a college student, you probably weren't married to your belongings, and that's completely understandable. 

    Now that you've graduated, however, it's a good time to take a step back and reevaluate the way you shop and live. You likely have more time and more disposable income, meaning you have the opportunity to make changes to your quality of life. They don't have to be monumental — we're not asking you to buy a car or home — but they can help you approach your post-grad life with renewed gusto by improving how you cook, sleep, dress, manage your personal finances, and otherwise take care of yourself. 

    The shift to higher-quality brands and products doesn't only improve your life in the short-term. Because they're made with better materials and processes, they'll last for years (yup, in the plural) and will stick with you even through other major life transitions.

    As a recent grad myself, I know it can be difficult to stomach a purchase over $100 and break the habit of only buying the cheapest option available. However, having tried many of the products below, I now understand the value, both financial and emotional, of investing in long-term solutions rather than wasteful and unsustainable quick fixes. 

    If you're a new college graduate, you should invest in these 18 things. 

    A nonstick frying pan

    10" Nonstick Frying Pan, $79, available at Made In

    I can't fathom how I ever put up with cheap nonstick pans after using this premium, under-$100 version. Tricky foods that love sticking to the pan (eggs, bacon, pancakes, fish, potatoes) are no match for Made In's PFOA-free, five-ply stainless steel-and-aluminum nonstick pan. Cleanup takes less than a minute — yes, really. 


    Three other essential pans

    The Skillet, $70, available at Brigade Kitchen

    The Sauté Pan, $75, available at Brigade Kitchen

    The Sauce Pan, $70, available at Brigade Kitchen

    *Put all three together in your cart to receive a 10% discount ($193.50, originally $215) 

    You can cook nearly everything else with these three pans of varying capacities. Also boasting a five-ply stainless steel and aluminum construction, they're durable and distribute heat quickly and evenly. The skillet sears meats beautifully, the sauté pan is perfect for stir-fry meals, and the sauce pan lets you make sauces, soups, and pasta. 

    A set of fundamental cooking tools, including a knife and spatula

    The Fundamentals, $175, available at Material

    The everyday cook's arsenal of must-have kitchen tools consists of a sharp 8" chef's knife, a 3.5" paring knife, tongs, a wood spoon, a metal spoon, and a slotted spatula. They're tastefully designed and versatile, making simple look good and allowing you to leave behind your drawer of garish, unnecessary, and mismatched kitchen accessories for good. These tools sit in an angular, wooden base you'll love to show off on your countertop. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    worrying thinking stress

    • Procrastinating on difficult tasks and missing out on collaboration are some of the ways you may be making your life harder at work.
    • Here are four ways you're making your job harder than it needs to be, and how to fix them.


    If going into work feels like slogging through mud, you may be making your job (and your life) harder than it needs to be.

    When you're struggling with your career, everything in life can feel out of whack, and your feelings can snowball until you really hate work. Such a situation can lead to burnout, weak job performance, and eventually, getting fired or needing to quit.

    But almost any situation on the job can be improved if you just get out of your own way.

    Here are four ways you're making your job harder than it needs to be, and how to fix them:

    SEE ALSO: 11 career experts share the best job advice they've ever received

    You're putting off tackling difficult tasks

    As best-selling author and time management expert Brian Tracy wrote, "Start with the biggest, hardest, and most important task first."

    The concept, also known as "eating a frog," is said to have come from Mark Twain. If you eat a frog first thing in the morning, you can generally be sure that it’s the worst thing you’ll have to do all day. Once you have accomplished this, the other tasks won’t seem as difficult, and it should be smooth sailing for the rest of the day.

    Look at your to-do list every day and figure out the most difficult things on the list. Get them done and out of the way right off the bat. Don’t procrastinate — that will just prolong your suffering, reduce your productivity, and get in your way until you have finished it.

    You isolate yourself instead of reaching out for help

    You can't do it all yourself, and you will get more done if you trust your colleagues and direct reports to take on some of the work.

    Inga Beale, chief executive at Lloyd's of London, told the New York Times in 2017 that her secret to success is to "surround yourself with the best people you can find and empower them."

    You may feel that you can do everything better than anyone else, but let go of some of your perfectionism to allow someone else's way to be good enough. And if they fail — that's the best way to learn, right? Find a way to work with the people around you, rather than feeling threatened by them.

    According to a study from Stanford University, just the feeling of working together with others can increase motivation when working alone and help turn "work into play."

    Working together not only increases the enjoyment of work, but it can also improve workplace relationships, which in turn can improve trust, foster greater creativity, and even improve your health.

    You struggle with indecision

    If you have decisions to make at work, and you spend time agonizing over finding the very best choice in a situation, you can drive yourself crazy. You could also be setting yourself up for more misery later.

    As Tim Herrera, the founding editor of Smarter Living, wrote in the New York Times, trying to find the absolute best choice may lead to "indecision, regret and even lower levels of happiness." People who insist on finding the absolute best solution to a problem tend to be less satisfied with their choices than people who make quicker decisions.

    Try to make a good decision, one where you will be fine with the outcome. Then move on to other tasks. You’ll waste less time and feel better, too.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    royals national garb

    Members of the British royal family travel all over the world in order to promote their various charities, meet with world leaders, and connect with ordinary people who live in the Commonwealth and beyond.

    One way that communities have helped Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry feel welcome over the years is by dressing them in traditional garments. On other occasions, royals themselves will adapt their style of dress in order to respect the local culture.

    Here are 12 times royals have dressed in beautiful traditional garments around the world.

    Prince William wore a happi coat while taking part in a celebratory sake barrel breaking ceremony in Japan.

    Happi coats are festive Japanese garments, and a sake barrel breaking ceremony is performed at celebratory events. The barrel is opened with a wooden mallet in order to serve the sake inside to those present. 

    In this case, Prince William joined Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi and Andy Palmer, CEO of Aston Martin, in breaking open a barrel of sake at an "Innovation is Great" event at Roppongi Hills in Tokyo, Japan, in 2015. All the men wore the happi coats.

    He also wore a yukata, a casual summer kimono, to dinner with the Japanese Prime Minister.

    Japanese ryokan inns often offer guests a yukata, a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton, during their stay.

    When Prince William met Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for dinner at a ryokan in Koriyama, Japan, in 2015, they both wore matching yukatas.

    Prince Harry visited a school in Lesotho dressed in a traditional tribal blanket.

    Prince Harry, dressed in a traditional tribal Basotho blanket, rode into the remote village of Semongkong, Lesotho, in 2010 to visit a school for local herd boys opened by Sentebale, a charity he co-founded.

    Basotho blankets resist the wind and rain of the high altitudes of the region and are unique to Lesotho in that they are worn in everyday life. The blankets are traditionally worn with the pinstripe facing vertically to symbolize growth.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    airplane plane sunset

    Air travel is a necessary part of modern life, but it's not always a smooth ride. With so many strangers crammed into a confined space for extended periods of time, is it any wonder that things can get a bit unpleasant?

    Well, if you think you've had some terrible experiences on airplanes — think again. These gross stories from 21 Reddit users show that things could always be worse. Keep in mind, these stories are just for fun as INSIDER cannot independently authenticate them. 

    "A grown man biting his toenails."

    "I saw a grown man with his shoes off biting his toenails."– Reddit user YoloSwag69bruh

    "The puke rolled and splashed down the aisle."

    "We had a school group of young children sitting in the front of the plane. On takeoff, one little boy leaned over into the aisle and threw up. The puke rolled and splashed down the aisle almost all the way to the back galley."– Reddit user runLikeYerBeingChasd

    "The man beside me had really, really bad gas."

    "On a 14 (ish) hour flight from Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai, China. The old man beside me had really, really bad gas the whole way through. Things got really bad when he curled up in his seat to sleep,but pointed towards me so he could face his wife. … I swallowed my pride and a whole lot of gas that day."– Reddit user philipjeremypatrick

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Nurse flu shot

    The United States lags far behind the 10 healthiest countries in the world.

    Each year, the World Economic Forum releases its Global Competitiveness Report on the state of the world's economies. The WEF compares countries based on analyses of 12 factors, including infrastructure, innovations, and financial systems. 

    One of the factors the WEF considers in its assessment of a country's human capital is how healthy citizens are. To measure this, nations are compared based on estimates of how many years a person can expect to be in good health. The WEF calls this healthy life expectancy — a measure that combines mortality numbers with health status data.

    According to the 2018 report,which was released Tuesday, the US came in 47th place out of 140 entries when it comes to health. 

    Americans have a healthy life expectancy of 67.7 years, the report said. But many other nations do better than that. Below are the 16 countries at top of the health ranking.

    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk has tried to help fix these 7 humanitarian crises — here's how he's doing so far

    16. Malta has a long history of quality healthcare. The country, which has moved up in the health ranking since last year (when it came in 23rd), has a healthy life expectancy of 70.9 years.

    15. Austria spends about 7% of its GDP on healthcare, according to the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC. The healthy life expectancy there is 70.9 years.

    14. The wealthy nation of Luxembourg has fallen a few spots from last year's sixth-place ranking. Its healthy life expectancy is currently 71 years.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Finland Finnish flag

    • What determines the skill level of a particular country's workforce?
    • The World Economic Forum's 2018 global competitiveness report ranks the labor forces of different countries based on skills.
    • According to the World Economic Forum's report, education is a key part of producing and maintaining a highly skilled workforce. 

    Which country boasts the most highly skilled workers? 

    Well, according to the World Economic Forum's 2018 global competitiveness report, you should book a ticket to Finland if you want to meet some highly skilled employees. In the category of skills, the Scandinavian country's workforce received a score of 87.9 out of 100.

    According to the report, the skill score measured "the general level of skills of the workforce and the quantity and quality of education." 

    Specifically, a high quality education featured "developing digital literacy, interpersonal skills, and the ability to think critically and creatively." In addition, the report found highly-educated societies are more productive. This year's global competitiveness report took into account country-wide statistics, policies, and institutions.

    Here's a look at the countries with the most skilled employees:

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    25. Czech Republic

    Score: 73.7

    24. Malaysia

    Source: 74.2

    23. Latvia

    Source: 74.5

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    Jeff Bezos Amazon

    • The World Economic Forum ranked each country according to its business environment and innovation.
    • The United States took the No. 1 spot.
    • The ranking considered the cost and speed of starting a business in each country, as well as attitudes toward risk, and the willingness of companies to embrace disruptive ideas.

    If you're looking for the best place to build a business, you may not have to look far.

    The United States was ranked No. 1 in "business dynamism" in the World Economic Forum's 2018 global competitiveness report on Tuesday, scoring a global high of 86.5 points out of 100 in the category.

    The business dynamism ranking factored in several metrics, such as the cost and speed of starting a business in each country, the attitudes of entrepreneurs toward risk, and the willingness of companies to embrace disruptive ideas.

    "An agile and dynamic private sector increases productivity by taking business risks, testing new ideas, and creating innovative products and services," the report said.

    "In an environment characterized by frequent disruption and redefinition of businesses and sectors, successful economic systems are resilient to technological shocks and are able to constantly re-invent themselves."

    Take a look at the best places in the world for innovative businesses:

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    25. Czech Republic

    Score: 70.2

    24. Slovenia

    Score: 70.3

    23. Thailand

    Score: 71.0

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    Italian vs Italian American Pasta Side by Side

    • Not all Italian food served in America is authentic.
    • We spoke to Ali LaRaia, the co-founder of an Italian restaurant in NYC to hear what Americans get wrong about Italian cuisine.
    • In Italy, food isn't drenched in cheese and sauce.
    • Portions are more moderate in Italy.
    • In Italy, meatballs are not served on spaghetti, but more commonly served as a separate dish.

    Cease your search for a bathtub overflowing with fettuccine alfredo or even a massive platter of spaghetti and meatballs in Italy — the foods so iconic to Italian American cuisine are nowhere to be seen in pasta's homeland.

    Decades of immigrants from various regions of Italy, the proliferation of chain restaurants, and an American taste for quantity over quality has shaped the way Italian food is served in the United States.

    A new generation of stateside chefs are looking to return to the cuisine's origins, looking to modern day Italy for inspiration. Chef Ali LaRaia, of New York's The Sosta, a fast-casual Italian restaurant specializing in homemade pasta, sauces, and shareable antipasti boards, travels to Italy often to research the nation's rich dining and pasta culture and take some of that flavor back to the East Coast.

    Before you dig into a piece of chicken parm the size of your face, let LaRaia fill you in on a few major differences between Italian American food and legitimate Italian food.

    Italian food is seasonal.

    "In Italy, Italian food is heavily seasonal," LaRaia says. "Any restaurant serving regional cuisine will be serving the protein that you see on the side of the road. If you drive past chickens, expect to see chicken on the menu."

    "Everything is incredibly fresh and local and very simple," she says. "Even at the autogrills [Italian quick service restaurants, often attached to gas stations] you're getting very fresh food, it's very seasonal — you can get buffalo mozzarella and see the cows roaming in the back."

    Dishes aren't smothered in cheese.

    "Very few things are dredged in sauce or overloaded with cheese," LaRaia says. "Italian food is about portion control, whether it's the size or portion of the meal or garnish on a plate — everything has purpose and nothing is overly indulgent."

    That giant chicken parm you see on red-checkered-covered tables at red sauce joints across America? If that same dish surfaced in Italy, it'd be shared among multiple diners.

    There are no sauce baths.

    "When you have marinara covering eggplant or chicken you don't actually taste it [the dish]," LaRaia says. "The dish just becomes a vessel to eat sauce and cheese."

    Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, but Italians aren't drenching their food in sauce. "No one is overloading anything — there's an acceptance of moderation and it's definitely a cultural thing," LaRaia says.

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    Sabrina and Salem

    After much anticipation, the premiere of Netflix's "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is nearly upon us. Naturally, the "Sabrina" reboot is bringing up old memories of the '90s sitcom "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." 

    In honor of the new show, join us on a magical journey down memory lane as we relive the adventures of the OG TV Sabrina and learn interesting tidbits along the way.

    The show is based of the Archie Comic of the same name.

    Sticking to the plot of the comics almost perfectly, "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" was the live-action adaptation of a comic book. That's right, Sabrina, Salem, and Harvey were all comic book characters. 

    It began as a movie.

    The TV show actually started as a Showtime movie, which was created after Hart's mother, Paula Hart, sold a screenplay based on the comics to Viacom. 

    "My mom doesn't get nearly enough credit for her job as the woman spearheading the show," Melissa later told Marie Claire. "She is the one who was handed the Archie Comic book on a playground at my sister's school in Manhattan and sold it to Viacom as a Showtime movie. She always knew it would make an incredible series but no one would listen, until she cut together a trailer from the movie and pitched it to all four major networks at the time."

    She later said that she and her mother worked closely on the series together. 

    The show was a family affair.

    Melissa Joan Hart's younger sister, Emily Hart, made guest appearances as Sabrina's cousin Amanda and even appeared as a young Sabrina in one season.

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    black panther

    He may have been decimated by Thanos at the end of "Avengers: Infinity War," but King T'Challa will live to see another day.

    "Black Panther" shattered box office records following its February 2018 release, grossing $1.3 billion worldwide and $700 million domestically. For Marvel Studios, that's enough to warrant a sequel.

    The film follows the life of the titular character Black Panther, also known as King T'Challa, as he grapples with the responsibility of leading his technology-advanced African nation Wakanda following the sudden death of his father T'Chaka. An enigma to the outside world, Wakana boasts the world's most powerful element, vibranium. Despite his attempts to shield his country from participating in foreign affairs, T'Challa's estranged cousin, and the film's villain Erik Killmonger has other intentions.

    Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige already confirmed a follow-up to the film back in March, but now further details are emerging, building anticipation for its release. We rounded up everything we know so far. 

    Note: this post contains spoilers for the first "Black Panther" film, as well as the comic.

    Ryan Coogler is back.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ryan Coogler, who penned and directed the breakthrough flick, secretly closed a deal to return to the sequel in the same capacity. Coogler, who is a hot commodity in Hollywood, has kept himself pretty busy since the film's release.

    The Oakland native is set to premiere his second feature film of the year next month, "Creed 2," the follow-up to 2015's "Creed," starring frequent collaborator Michael B. Jordan (Erik Killmonger himself). In September, it was announced that Coogler would come on as producer of the long-awaited "Space Jam" sequel starring LeBron James.

    Given his aforementioned commitments, "Black Panther" fans will be waiting on bated breath for not only the plot of the forthcoming film, but also a definite release date. Word is Coogler will begin developing a storyline late next year, with production beginning in late 2019 or 2020.

    The all-star cast returns for another go.

    The original ensemble troupe was loaded with incredibly talented names, and thankfully fans will see many of those faces in the sequel.

    Chadwick Boseman, T'Challa himself, is expected to reprise his role as King of Wakanda, with Lupita Nyong'o returning to play his love interest Nakia. Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira will return as Shuri and Okoye, respectively. Winston Duke, leader of the opposing Jabari Tribe, will suit up again as M'Baku. Daniel Kaluuya, who plays T'Challa's best friend W'Kabi, is also slated to make a return.

    Erik Killmonger, who the Black Panther successfully defeated in the first film, could also return in some capacity. In May, Michael B. Jordan teased that fans hadn't seen the last of Killmonger, and despite his obvious death in the first film, to expect the unexpected.

    Donald Glover, also known professionally as Childish Gambino, has also been linked to a not-yet-announced new role in the sequel. According to Fader, Coogler has been in "informal talks" with the former "Community" star to bring his talents to Wakanda.

    Could a new love interest jeopardize T'Challa and Nakia's future?

    Although the plot has not been revealed (let alone likely written), fans of the comic book series are well aware of the protagonist's love life.

    In the comics, King T'Challa and X-Men's Storm are married, and that union could pose some problems for him and Nakia.

    Storm is an African-born mutant raised in America, revered as one of the first major female characters of African descent in comic books. Notably played by Halle Berry in four blockbuster films, her powers include flight and the ability to control the weather.

    She is also an accomplished markswoman, thief and agile fighter. Storm and T'Challa (spoiler) eventually divorce in the comics, so her character in the follow-up could be left up to chance.

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    It's not uncommon for a celebrity to have an interesting hobby or talent that totally ups their cool factor and makes you admire them even more. David Arquette can knit like a pro and Susan Sarandon is tough to beat in a ping pong match. But a growing number of celebrities have taken their cool factor through the roof, and are behind the turntables as DJs when they're not in front of the camera.

    Despite the demands of their day jobs, these celebrities have managed to find time to make their fans dance to their music at night. Check out some of the celebs who may one day end up dropping beats at a club near you.

    Idris Elba made the royal family dance.

    Idris Elba is known for his iconic dramatic roles on "The Wire" and "Luther," but the British actor has another interesting job credit on his resume as well – DJ.

    Before Elba was known for his acting, he played the New York club scene to earn extra income in the early 2000s, according to Vulture. Today, Elba plays venues around the world. He even reportedly played a few tracks at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding reception.

    Jon Gosselin lets the crowd inspire his playlist.

    As the father of twins and sextuplets, Jon Gosselin first found fame as the star of the reality series, "Jon and Kate Plus Eight." But now that he's no longer up late changing diapers, Gosselin spends his nights out DJing in Pennsylvania-area clubs.

    And Gosselin said he loves the job. "I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear and have the day to myself,"he told People magazine.

    Rather than come to the gig with a playlist, Gosselin prefers to read the room and let the crowd inspire what he plays. He said he's likely to play everything from James Brown to Taylor Swift.

    Erykah Badu takes listeners on an eclectic mix of songs from across the ages.

    If you think Erykah Badu is cool, you have to meet her alter ego, DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown. Badu says her DJ name was inspired by a character in the 1970s cult classic film, "Cooley High."

    Her sets have a rich texture and showcase her knowledge of music, which spans decades. You're just as likely to hear her play classic Stevie Wonder track as you will the latest chart-topper by Drake.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    From chirps to meows to purrs, cats make an amazing range of noises.  

    For the most part, cats meow or growl as a way to communicate with other animals or humans. Whether there's a bird outside the window or a lack of food in the bowl, a cat will probably have something to say about it.

    On the other hand, cats make certain sounds for self-soothing purposes, or to provide comfort for other cats or humans. There's a whole range of reasons why cats purr or meow, and it's fascinating to learn more about this animal's wide range of sounds.

    For creatures without the ability to speak, cats are very talented at communicating their wants and needs. We rounded up some of their most common sounds and what they mean. 

    Meows are saved for humans.

    The most easily identifiable cat sound, meows can have a ton of different meanings.

    In the wild, kittens meow when they're cold or hungry to get the mother cat's attention, as explained by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Generally, though, adult cats don't meow much to one another.

    On the other hand, adult cats meow to communicate with humans pretty frequently. In fact, cats meow at people to say hello, ask for attention, or demand food, as further noted by the ASPCA.

    Chances are, cat guardians will learn to distinguish an individual cat's meows. There's a difference between the plaintive, high-pitched cry for food, and the bright, chirpy sound they make as a greeting.

    Cats purr for some good or bad reasons.

    Although it's another common cat noise, there's something mysterious about the purr. The low, rumbling sound so associated with happy cats has a variety of meanings and purposes, too.

    Mother cats purr to attract kittens, which are born blind and deaf, as noted in Cat Behavior Associates. The vibrations from this rumbly sound lead kittens to snuggle next to mom for warmth and food.

    Later on in life, cats may purr when they're happy, anxious, or sick, as further noted by Cat Behavior Associates. Cats have even been known to purr in an attempt to soothe themselves or someone else, including humans.

    But there is a communication angle to purring as well. In fact, a certain type of purr has similar frequency peaks to the cry of an infant, according to Karen McComb's study, "The cry embedded within the purr," in a 2009 issue of Current Biology. This may show that cats are purring in a very specific way to manipulate people, most likely for a can of cat food.

    A hiss is usually not a good thing.

    Like the sound of air escaping a tire, a cat's hiss is unmistakable. It is the cat's clear message to back off.

    For the most part, cats hiss when they are frightened or unhappy, and it's often the final warning sound before the claws and teeth come out, as explained in Animal Planet. A hissing cat is probably not far from striking out at whatever is upsetting it, whether that's a dog or the vacuum cleaner nozzle.

    Plus, some animal experts theorize that cats learned how to hiss by imitating snakes, as further explained in Animal Planet. A snake's hiss is a pretty universally scary noise in the animal kingdom, and it also means the reptile is feeling threatened and ready to fight. Maybe cats borrowed this noise for similar reasons.

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