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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best smoke detector

    • High-quality smoke detectors can sense both smoldering and flaming fires, don’t disturb you unless there are dangerous conditions, and are interconnected so when one goes off, they all go off.

    • The First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is our top pick because it detects both smoke and carbon monoxide, features voice and beeping alerts, and First Alert offers excellent customer service.

    Half of all fire deaths happen between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. when most people are asleep. One way to increase your chances of surviving a fire in your home is to have smoke alarms, but these devices don’t last forever. In fact, the United States Fire Administration (USFA) recommends replacing your smoke detectors 10 years after the date of manufacture, which is usually found on the back of the alarm.

    It’s a good idea to replace all of your smoke alarms at the same time and to use units that are made by the same manufacturer. Fortunately, this is fairly easy to do these days. Due to mergers and acquisitions, there are only two big players in the smoke detector industry: First Alert and Kidde. Though, Nest is growing in popularity due to its superb smart smoke detector.

    When shopping for smoke alarms, you need to know what kind of sensors the detectors have: photoelectric or ionization. Photoelectric sensors do a great job of detecting slow-burning, smoky, smoldering fires. Ionization sensors are better at detecting fast-burning, flaming fires. Ionization sensors are more popular and less expensive but less effective. If possible, try to install at least one of each type of alarm.

    How many smoke alarms should your home have? This is a tricky question because codes vary from one municipality to another. You can find your city’s code by simply searching “<your city> smoke detector code” online. Most require an alarm in each room where people sleep, an alarm in hallways outside of bedrooms, and at least one on each level, including the basement.  

    Lastly, don’t stop at smoke alarms. Carbon monoxide detectors are also a must. The requirements are also governed by local code, and generally, you want a CO detector on each floor. A fire extinguisher can also be a lifesaver. Not only can a fire extinguisher put out small fires, but it can also be used to open up a path of escape in the event of a raging fire. Again, place one on each floor.

    While you are improving your family’s fire safety, take a moment to draw up an escape plan for family members. For information on how to create a plan, visit the website for the National Fire Protection Association.

    While researching the best smoke detectors, we looked at countless ratings and reviews from buyers and experts. Our guide features detectors that will last you for at least five years, are easy to install, and, most importantly, they will alert your family when hazardous smoke is present.

    Here are the best smoke detectors you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best smoke detector overall

    Why you'll love it: Installing the First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm in your home will decrease your family’s chance of falling victim to the “silent killer.”

    The First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a terrific solution because it has an electrochemical CO sensor and is interconnected so it alerts the other connected alarms when there are dangerous conditions.

    The smoke sensor is photoelectric, which is better for detecting slow, smoldering fires. You can program up to 11 locations into the connected alarms, and the voice will tell you where hazards exist. Each unit is operated using two AA batteries, which are included. And, it tells you when the battery is low with a beep every minute. First Alert backs the quality of this detector with a seven-year limited warranty.

    The First Alert Battery Operated Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm is one of two smoke detectors recommended by The Wirecutter. The reviewer chose another First Alert detector as the top pick because it’s more affordable, but if you want coverage against carbon monoxide, he suggests throwing a few of these detectors in the mix.

    Consumer Reports recommends this model because it did an excellent job of detecting high and low CO levels in its tests, and the device clearly conveys unsafe environments. Consumer Search and The Spruce also recommend this detector.

    About 77% of the buyers who reviewed the First Alert detector on Amazon gave it a positive rating. One parent appreciated this device because it was able to wake up the children. The family's previous smoke alarm would do nothing, but the combination of the beeping and the voice caused the kids to stir after 10 seconds.

    Another buyer was unable to connect his units so he contacted the manufacturer and received two replacement devices in a couple of days. He appreciated the excellent customer service. There are some complaints of false alarms, even when there are no clear causes.

    Pros: Also detects CO, interconnected, combination voice and beeping, excellent customer service

    Cons: Expensive, complaints of false alarms

    Buy the First Alert SCO501CN-3ST Battery Operated Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm on Amazon for $47.33 (originally $54.97)

    The best hardwired smoke detector

    Why you'll love it: The Kidde Smoke Alarm Dual Sensor Detector has both photoelectric and ionization sensors to protect you from smoldering and flaming fires.

    There are two main features that make the Kidde Smoke Alarm Dual Sensor Detectorgreat. First of all, it has both of the sensors recommended by countless fire safety associations: photoelectric (for smoldering fires) and ionization (for flaming fires).

    Also, this unit can be hardwired into your home’s electrical system so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. However, there’s also a 9V battery backup that covers you in case of a power outage. Kidde backs the quality of this device with a 10-year limited warranty.

    We should also note that the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for some of these Kiddie devices. In the manufacturing process, a yellow cap was left on the units that blocked one of the smoke sensors. It’s unlikely you will find one of these, but if you do see the yellow cap on your detector, contact Kidde, and the company will replace it immediately.

    The Kidde detector is one of two smoke detectors recommended by Consumer Reports. In the reviewers' tests, the unit responded quickly to paper fires with little smokes but lots of flames. It also had a fast response time for smoldering, smoky fires.

    The Reviews recommends this detector because of the dual sensors and the excellent alarm intensity, which the reviewer measured to be 85 decibels (dB). However, he didn’t like that there were relatively few features, and once the low-battery alarm starts chirping, there’s no way to silence it.

    Approximately 69% of the reviewers of the Kidde Smoke Alarm Dual Sensor Detectoron Amazon gave it four or five stars. The most helpful reviewer appreciated how easy it is to replace the battery and that the alarms are interconnected. However, he points out that all of the smoke alarms must be the same to use the interconnected feature.

    As with many detectors, there are several complaints of false alarms. Unfortunately, to silence the alarms, buyers had to disconnect the hardwiring and the backup battery.

    Pros: Does a great job of detecting flaming and smoldering fires, interconnected, battery backup

    Cons: Recall notice, hard to silence, sensitive sensors

    Buy the Kidde 21007915 PI2010 Smoke Alarm Dual Sensor on Amazon for $39.13 (originally $43.35)

    The best dual-sensor smoke detector

    Why you'll love it: The First Alert Hardwire Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm is an excellent detector that relies on hardwiring and can detect the two main types of fires.

    The First Alert Hardwire Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarmfeatures the patented “OptiPath 360 Technology,” which is designed to give 360-degree access to the smoke sensor, which can detect smoldering and flaming. This is a wire-in unit with a two-AA-battery backup so you are protected even if the power goes out.  

    First Alert states that the horn is 85 dB, which is similar to loud traffic or a garbage disposal. First Alert backs this alarm with a 10-year limited warranty.

    The Spruce tested the First Alert detector and rated it the best smoke detector. The reviewer notes that the interconnected units all go off when one goes off, and the sensors quickly detected both types of fires. Consumer Reports also tested this model and gave it top marks for how it responded to smoldering and flaming fires. recommends the 3120B because the units have flashing LED lights to denote which one initiated a low battery alert or alarm, and there are silencing buttons for low-battery chirping and false alarms.

    Around 74% of the buyers who reviewed the First Alert Hardwire Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm gave it five stars. The most helpful reviewer installed nine of these devices with lithium batteries in the hopes there will be no need to replace the batteries during the alarm’s life. He was impressed with how well the interconnection worked when he triggered one unit.

    Other buyers appreciate that the First Alert mounting bracket has remained the same over the years so it’s easy to switch out alarms.

    Pros: Photoelectric and ionization sensors, battery backup, interconnected, 10-year warranty

    Cons: Not all homes will have the needed wiring

    Buy the First Alert 3120B Hardwire Photoelectric and Ionization Smoke Alarm on Amazon for $27.18 (originally $31.98)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    lady gaga transformation

    Everyone's gotta start somewhere. 

    From a young Justin Bieber singing his heart out on Youtube, to Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera honing their talents on "The Mickey Mouse Club,"the world's most famous musicians were once just like everyone else in the business: trying to make it big.

    We took a look back at 20 famous musicians at the dawn of their careers, and compared their humble beginnings to where they are now

    Keep scrolling to see your favorite artists before they climbed the charts.

    Before she was a certified diva, Mariah Carey was just trying to promote her new record.

    It's hard to believe that Mariah Carey was once unknown, but in the early 1990s, her career was just getting started. 

    She made her national television debut on "The Arsenio Hall Show" in 1991, shortly after releasing her first single, "Vision of Love." Hall introduced her as a "very impressive young talent," and Carey's performance earned thunderous applause. She's since won five Grammys and 32 Billboard Music Awards — and broken multiple chart records.

    Britney Spears was on "Star Search" in 1984, before becoming the "Princess of Pop."

    Britney Spears got her start young. She first appeared on Star Search in 1992, at age 11, singing a strong rendition of "Love Can Build A Bridge." Her stage charisma was undeniable, but Spears only made it to round two of the competition. She later joined "The Mickey Mouse Club," and, after scoring a smash with 1999's "Baby One More Time," quickly became known as the "Princess of Pop." 

    She's one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

    Like Spears, Christina Aguilera got her start on "Star Search."

    Another pop diva, Christina Aguilera got her start even younger. The fledgling musician appeared on Star Search at the age of 9 in 1989, singing Etta James' "Sunday Kind of Love." Like Spears, Aguilera was eliminated early on — but she soon joined "The Mickey Mouse Club" and saw a meteoric rise to success after her song "Genie in a Bottle" was released in 1999.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    willie grac"Will & Grace" initially aired in 1998. The show ended in 2006 but was revived in 2017. Now, the hit sitcom is airing its 10th season. 

    In honor of the newest season, here are some surprising things you probably didn't know about "Will & Grace."

    The show gets its name from a Jewish philosophy book.

    The show is named "Will & Grace" after a concept from the Jewish philosophy book "I and Thou" by Martin Buber. 

    "Buber talks about how in order to have an ‘I-Thou’ relationship in the presence of the Eternal … one needs the 'will' to go after it and the 'grace' to receive it," David Kohan, the show's co-creator and producer told Jewish Journal. 

    Debra Messing wouldn't take the role of Grace until she met the actor who was playing Will.

    Eric McCormack had already been cast as Will on the series when Debra Messing was offered the role. 

    "I met with executive producers, and I was told that they had already cast Will," Messing told CNN. "And I said, 'I can't sign on until I meet him,' because this a show about, you know, friendship, and soul mates, and you can't fake that."

    Everyone in the show's main cast won an Emmy Award.

    The sitcom made history by being one of three shows whose entire main cast was nominated for Emmys. Plus, each cast member also won the award.

    The show also won the award for Best Comedy in 2000.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    BestVacation2018 Cyprus (6 of 29)

    • Traveling to most Mediterranean destinations can be expensive, busy, and crowded.
    • When looking for a cheap vacation in the Mediterranean this past summer, I stumbled upon the island of Cyprus. Even during the peak of summer, I was able to get a cheap flight and reasonable hotel with little notice.
    • The island nation has the many charms that Mediterranean tourists are looking for, such as fresh, local seafood, pristine beaches, and ancient ruins, though few Americans visit. 
    • After spending a week there in July, I'm convinced it could be the best vacation hotspot Americans aren't visiting yet. 

    Most Americans heading to the Mediterranean to vacation usually end up in the same places: Greek islands like Mykonos or Santorini, Italy, Croatia, or, more recently, Portugal

    While all those destinations have their charms — who doesn't want to go on a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik? — they've undoubtedly become tourist traps, with overbooked hotels, overpriced restaurants, and beaches and sights packed with cruise-shippers and holiday-makers in the summer months.

    This past summer, as I was looking for a cheap flight in Europe, I stumbled on the island of Cyprus. The flight there was a fraction of a similar flight to Mykonos and I had no trouble booking a reasonably priced hotel even a week before the trip in the middle of summer.

    The country is a well-known vacation destination for British and Russian tourists, but few Americans visit the island. To be honest, I can't figure why.

    Cyprus offers many of the Mediterranean charms that makes places like Mykonos or Croatia attractive — fresh, local fish, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins — at a fraction of the price. And that's before you get into the breathtaking natural landscape that spans from lush mountains to a salt lake.

    For those looking for a taste of classic Mediterranean life with a Middle Eastern flair, Cyprus is the place to go. I went on an impulsive decision, and I'm so glad I did.

    Here's what it's like:

    SEE ALSO: Forget Mykonos and Santorini. I found a little-known island in Greece that's twice as beautiful and half the price.

    DON'T MISS: I visited Ibiza, home of legendary 24-hour clubs — but the island's hidden gems are far away from the glitz and glam

    For the last 50 years, Cyprus has been split between the internationally recognized Republic of Cyprus in the south and the self-declared Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which covers about 36% of the north. While the conflict has made the island tense at times, reunification talks have been ongoing in recent years. While you can easily visit either side, I flew into Larnaca in the south.

    Source: Politico

    The flight to Cyprus from Israel was a fraction of the cost to Greek islands like Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete. I rented a car. The island isn't huge, but it's about the size of Puerto Rico with well-maintained roads so driving is the best way to get around.

    The island is full of little surprises. Only five minutes from the airport is the Larnaca Salt Lake. The gorgeous lake is the site of Hala Sultan Tekke, an important Muslim shrine, and the home of about 2,000 flamingos during winter months.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    black friday

    • Black Friday falls on November 23 this year.
    • The day is becoming increasingly less important to the retail industry, thanks to the rise of e-commerce and frequent discounting.
    • In-store shoppers can still take advantage of certain deals.

    Black Friday is swiftly approaching.

    The holiday season in the United States spans from the day after Thanksgiving through December. That kick-off day is known as Black Friday, and it's traditionally marked by massive crowds rushing into stores in order to take advantage of slashed prices on high-ticket items. However, in the retail sphere, the rise of e-commerce and discounts are steadily eclipsing Black Friday.

    Whether you're planning on venturing out into the fray or surfing the web for the best deals, it helps to arm yourself with information about this year's discounts.

    Here's what you need to know about Black Friday this year:

    When is Black Friday?

    Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. This year, Black Friday falls on November 23. Cyber Monday will take place on November 26.

    That being said, some stores will likely seek to court early-bird deal-seekers. Chains haven't yet announced any early deals, but keep your eyes peeled.

    Is everything open on Black Friday?

    Some retailers prefer to keep their doors shut on Black Friday.

    REI is one of those brands. Black Friday just doesn't fit in with its mission. REI CEO Jerry Stritzke told Business Insider's Kate Taylor, "You don't win in the long-term by pushing ... what I call rampant consumerism."

    Other employers give their whole workforce the day off on Thanksgiving.

    According to, Costco, H&M, The Home Depot, IKEA, Lowe's, Nordstrom, Publix, REI, and Sam's Club will not open on Thanksgiving this year.

    Why is the day called Black Friday?

    Business Insider's Dennis Green reported that the term "Black Friday" originated with Philadelphia police officers, who gave the day its gloomy name in reference to the 12-hour shifts they had to pull in order to "mitigate the madness."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    melissa mccarthy

    Melissa McCarthy is living the life — beginning at 4:30 a.m every day.

    That's what time McCarthy, who made $12 million in 2018, wakes up every day to begin her "carefully curated" routine, according to a recent New York Times profile by Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

    As a celebrity and one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood, McCarthy's daily routine doesn't look like the everyday person's, but it's actually more normal than one might expect. Although she's often on-the-go and on set, she begins her day with TV reruns and ends it with a nightly bath. On the weekends, she spends time with her husband, Ben Falcone.

    One thing McCarthy doesn't have a lot of time for? Technology. While she indulges in some reading and browsing on her iPad, she often disconnects from her phone and never makes time for emails. 

    From reading the newspaper to working out, see how the 47-year-old fits it all in.

    SEE ALSO: Melissa McCarthy makes $12 million a year, wakes up at 4:30 a.m., and doesn't use her phone on the weekends

    DON'T MISS: A day in the life of billionaire Richard Branson, who wakes up at 5 a.m., despises ties, and drinks up to 20 cups of tea a day

    McCarthy's days are "carefully curated," as well as "carefully organized" so she can take her children to school and gymnastics.

    Source:New York TimesGood Housekeeping

    Whether she's in her Los Angeles or Atlanta home, McCarthy rises at 4:30 a.m. That may be early, but she eases into her mornings.

    Source:New York Times

    If she wakes up too early, she'll watch HGTV, which she calls "mind-blowingly relaxing."

    Source:Good Housekeeping

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    prince harry meghan markle royal wedding


    Aside from wondering what's really in Meghan Markle's banana bread recipe, there's one other question everyone is asking about the Duchess of Sussex these days: How can I get the Markle Sparkle?

    Similar to the "Kate Effect"— a term spawned by Kate Middleton's ability to make a product sell out as soon as she's endorsed or worn it — the "Markle Sparkle" is the allure felt by most after catching a glimpse of Markle's perfect, glowing skin and overall radiance, from her bright smile to her calming demeanor. It immediately triggers the kind of questions we'd only be able to answer if we were a fly on the wall of her cottage.

    That glowing complexion, sure, is only one piece to the obsession with the latest addition to the Mountbatten-Windsor family, but it's certainly created a ripple effect throughout the world. Not only did we wake up at 4 o'clock in the morning to finally find out who was behind her wedding makeup (Daniel Martin), but one popular salon in London created an entire package of treatments inspired by the former actress, including a facial and manicure.

    Luckily, we're big enough (stans) sleuths that we tracked down the products she's talked about in past interviews to fully curate a "Markle Sparkle" skin-care routine. What's more, we added up exactly how much it would cost you to get the look. Turns out, the price tag is as humble as Markle.

    All the products to try, ahead.


    Bioré Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths

    Before she was the Duchess of Sussex, she was an actress on Suits who had to film in HD with way more makeup on than she was used to. That means on her laziest nights after work, Markle would often rely on these cleansing cloths for the removal process. In 2016, she told Beauty Banter that she keeps these wipes in her car or on her nightstand for whenever the "thought of getting up to actually wash [my] face seems unbearable."

    Our only thought now: If she did bring these with her to the Windsor Castle grounds, then does that mean Prince Harry uses them on his lazy nights, too?

    Biore Bioré Daily Deep Pore Cleansing Cloths, $7.99, available at Amazon.

    Tatcha The Rice Polish Classic

    Even without Markle's stamp of approval — which it has – this product is loved by all. It's just icing on the rice cake that she's a fan of the gentle exfoliant.

    Tatcha Classic Rice Enzyme Powder,$65.00, available at Sephora.

    Jan Marini Bioglycolic Bioclear Lotion

    Although Markle told Allure in 2014 that she played around with skin-care products, she did mention that, at that moment, she was a fan of indie brand Jan Marini. She specifically called out one serum that featured glycolic acid that left her face balanced and glowing.

    Jan Marini Bioglycolic Bioclear Lotion, $72.00, available at Dermstore.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    depressed sad looking out window

    There is no shortage of myths about eating disorders out there that continue to prevail — but the truth is that people of all ages, genders, and body types can develop an eating disorder.

    With recent research showing that a third of adults are unable to recognize common eating disorder symptoms, as well as our cultural fixation with disordered habits like fad diets, weight loss transformations, and beauty treatments designed to fix perceived "flaws," it can be alarmingly easy to develop an eating disorder without even realizing it.

    INSIDER spoke with three mental health experts who told us how seemingly harmless (or healthy) habits can turn into a full-blown eating disorder.

    Exercise becomes rigid, regimented, or punishing.

    Exercising can certainly be a healthy habit that benefits both your body and brain, helping you feel stronger both physically and mentally, and even better able to tackle stress in your daily life. But plenty of seemingly harmless exercise habits can be missed signs of an eating disorder, especially in an era where gym selfies and fitness goals are lauded by friends, family, and even doctors.

    "It gets tricky to know when you might be developing an eating disorder because we live in a culture where discipline with food and exercise are applauded, and it can seem like there's a fine line between what's considered normal and what's actually disordered," explains Carla Korn, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist.

    Licensed psychologist Dr. Ashley Hampton agreed, adding that each person's relationship to exercise will vary and that while having a workout routine in and of itself isn't disordered, "an individual exercising for multiple hours in the morning, again at lunch, and then again at night would be problematic."

    Any sort of extremes around exercise can be a "sign" of disordered habits, with Dr. Hampton adding that "another possibility could be someone with bulimia bingeing on food and then using exercise to try to 'work off' the binge."

    Not listening to one's body and working out through fatigue, illness, or past the point of injury is another signal. "The important thing to consider here is the rigidness of the exercise," Dr. Neeru Bakshi, the medical director of Eating Recovery Center Washington told INSIDER. "The person is engaging in exercise at the expense of all other things, including their own health. The need to exercise is so great, that the person is unwilling to let injuries heal, thereby further injuring themselves."

    Researching fad diets or new ways to lose weight becomes more common.

    There are always trendy diets on the horizon — from "clean eating" to the keto diet— that most people won't bat an eye at someone trying them. But aside from avoiding certain foods due to allergy or intolerance, these diets often become a slippery slope to an eating disorder.

    "For many people who are developing an eating disorder, they might find themselves constantly researching the next fad diet and trying new ways to lose weight," explains Korn.

    If you're becoming preoccupied with weight loss treatments, products, or regimens, you might be verging into disordered territory.

    You're experimenting with diet pills, medications, laxatives, or weight loss supplements.

    If you're not simply researching new (and potentially dangerous) ways to lose weight but actually trying them, you might be delving into disordered patterns.

    As Dr. Hampton points out, "While this is typically an advanced technique that is indicative of an active eating disorder, one may be experimenting with diet pills or laxatives to attempt initial weight loss at the beginning."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best anti frizz products

    • It’s not just the summer heat and sky-high humidity that can wreak havoc on your hair — Rain and even damp weather can turn it from fabulous to frizzy in an instant.

    • It’s important to be prepared and have a good anti-frizz product in your beauty arsenal to stop yet another bad hair day.

    • We've rounded up the best anti-frizz products for every hair type, including curly, coarse, fine, damaged, and straight hair.

    Who hasn’t had a bad hair day thanks to the dreaded frizz? You step outside with a beautifully sleek and smooth mane of hair only for it to turn into a poofy, unruly mess within minutes, all thanks to the weather. It can strike anytime, come rain (and there’s been a lot of that where I live recently) or shine, no matter what your hair type.

    Frizz is caused by a lack of moisture in your hair, so to compensate your hair absorbs moisture from the environment and your strands swell. Trying to tame your tresses can be an expensive and never-ending battle.

    Although shelves are filled with serums, creams, sprays, and other products all claiming to help you maintain the smooth, sleek locks you desire, no matter what the weather, there are many products out there that quite frankly don’t cut it.

    To save you time and money on products that don’t work, as well as researching hundreds of expert and consumer reviews, our team of frizzy-headed testers has put the best anti-frizz products on the market to the test to come up with the best of the best for all hair types and budgets.

    Here are the best anti-frizz products you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best anti-frizz product for curly and wavy hair

    Why you'll love it: For a frizz-free, flexible hold with exceptional curl definition, Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel is our top pick.

    If you’re blessed with beautiful curls or beachy waves, you are probably also used to battling frizz. Enter Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel.

    Formulated with wheat protein and styling polymers, it is designed to hold curl definition without frizz to give you shiny, bouncing curls. Anti-frizz technology seals the hair cuticle to lock moisture in and keep humidity out. It also contains a UV filter to protect your hair from the sun.

    You can use it on damp hairor as a final coat after styling to humidity proof your luscious locks. Our tester was impressed with the results. It did a great job keeping the frizz away, leaving her with gorgeous waves and high shine.

    Not only do we rate Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel, it is popular with top hairstylists and is in “Top 10” lists on Health and Byrdie. It also gets an average of 4.2 out of 5 from almost 1,000 reviewers on Sephora.

    There are some other great frizz-fighting products in Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control line including the Defrizzing Shampoo, Defrizzing Conditioner, and Detangling Heat Spray.

    Pros: Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates; cruelty-free

    Cons: Quite pricey

    Buy Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat and Humidity Gel at Sephora for $26

    The best anti-frizz product for coarse hair

    Why you'll love it: For an effective frizz-fighting serum that works wonders on coarse hair, John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum is a winner. 

    Coarse or thick hair can be very susceptible to frizz. The Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum from John Frieda’s iconic Frizz-Ease range is ideal if this is your hair type.

    Designed specifically for coarse hair, this multi-purpose serum is formulated with silk proteins and seaweed extract, as well as frizz-fighting ingredients to tame unruly fly-aways, hydrate, smooth, repel humidity, and protect against heat damage.

    For the best results, you should apply a dime-sized amount to soaking wet hair, avoiding the roots, and then follow with your regular styling products. This serum can also be used on dry ends when they’re in need of a touch up.

    Our tester loved this drugstore serum. She found that her usually coarse, frizzy hair was smoother, shinier, and more manageable, even in humid weather.

    As well as the Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum, you can buy some other great products in John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range, including the Flawlessly Straight Shampoo and Conditioner, Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème, and Moisture Barrier Hair Spray.

    It’s not just us who love this serum. It is Refinery 29’s “top anti-frizz product” and features on Rank and Style’s“best anti-frizz products” list.

    Pros: Budget-friendly, protects against heat damage, suitable for most hair types

    Cons: Those with fine hair might find this serum too heavy

    Buy the John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects + Serum on Amazon for $8.18 (originally $11.99)

    The best anti-frizz product for fine hair

    Why you'll love it: The Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray is a lightweight spray that will beat frizz and tame your mane without weighing down fine hair.

    Even those with fine hair, like me, can be victims of frizz and I am no stranger to bad hair days. For me rain is a big culprit. Every day it rains (and it’s been the wettest summer on record here in New York), I look out the window and groan knowing that the minute I set foot out the door, my hair will go poof.

    If you have fine hair, you should avoid serums and oils. While they work wonders for coarse, curly hair, they can weigh down your mane, making it look greasy and lifeless — not the look you’re hoping for. Instead, it’s best to opt for a spray such as the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray.

    This multi-tasker is designed to fight frizz, provide incredible manageability, and protect against thermal damage. It can also be used as cutting lotion or for refreshing dull styles. The spray is enriched with gold particles said to add shine. Although it’s great for all hair types, it works wonders on fine hair.

    This is my go-to product for fighting frizz. Although the directions say to spray directly into hair, the liquid is very thick. Instead, I spray a couple of pumps into my palms and then spread it through the mid-lengths and down to the ends. It smells great, detangles my hair, and does a great job of smoothing my strands and taming fly-aways without making my hair go flat. It even holds up well on rainy days.

    I’m not the only one who loves the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray. It is popular with top stylists and gets top marks on Glam Moments. It is also highly rated on Ulta with happy shoppers reporting silky, smooth, and frizz-free hair.

    Pros: Lightweight, multipurpose, suitable for all hair types including damaged hair

    Cons: It doesn’t spray well directly onto hair, quite expensive

    Buy the Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-in Miracle Spray at Ulta for $25

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    china internet cafe

    • China plans to rank all its citizens based on their "social credit" by 2020.
    • People can be rewarded or punished according to their scores.
    • Like private financial credit scores, a person's social scores can move up and down according to their behavior.
    • At the moment the system is piecemeal — some are run by city councils, while others are scored by private tech platforms that hold personal data.
    • Scroll down to see how you can be punished or rewarded.

    The Chinese state is setting up a vast ranking system system that will monitor the behavior of its enormous population, and rank them all based on their "social credit."

    The "social credit system," first announced in 2014, aims to reinforce the idea that "keeping trust is glorious and breaking trust is disgraceful," according to a government document.

    The program is due to be fully operational nationwide by 2020, but is being piloted for millions of people across the country already. The scheme will be mandatory.

    At the moment the system is piecemeal — some are run by city councils, others are scored by private tech platforms which hold personal data.

    Like private credit scores, a person's social score can move up and down depending on their behavior. The exact methodology is a secret — but examples of infractions include bad driving, smoking in non-smoking zones, buying too many video games and posting fake news online.

    1. Banning you from flying or getting the train.

    China has already started punishing people by restricting their travel.

    Nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights, Channel News Asia reported in March, citing official statistics.

    They can also clamp down on luxury options — three million people are barred from getting business-class train tickets.

    The eventual system will punish bad passengers specifically. Potential misdeeds include trying to ride with no ticket, loitering in front of boarding gates, or smoking in no-smoking areas.

    2. Throttling your internet speeds.

    This is according to Rachel Botsman, an author who published part of her book on tech security on Wired last year. The exact mechanics aren't clear yet.

    According to Foreign Policy, credit systems monitor whether people pay bills on time, much like financial credit trackers — but also ascribe a moral dimension.

    Other mooted punishable offences include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases and posting on social media.

    Spreading fake news, specifically about terrorist attacks or airport security, will also be punishable offences.

    3. Banning you — or your kids — from the best schools.

    17 people who refused to carry out military service last year were barred from enrolling in higher education, applying for high school, or continuing their studies, Beijing News reported.

    In July, a Chinese university denied an incoming student his spot because the student's father had a bad social credit score.

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    The new OnePlus 6T smartphone was announced by OnePlus on Monday, but I've had the device in-hand for a few days, so I can tell you about it.

    OnePlus had originally planned to announce the OnePlus 6T on Tuesday, but Apple's announcement of its October event on the same day led OnePlus to reschedule its event to Monday to prevent being overshadowed by Apple. It must have been a difficult decision for OnePlus, but the company did have some big announcements that would have likely played second fiddle to Apple's event had it kept its original Tuesday plans. 

    Apart from announcing the OnePlus 6T itself, OnePlus also announced that it's new device will be carried and sold by a US carrier for the first time in its history. That's a major deal for the company, as smartphone popularity in the US is often dictated by availability in carriers' stores. 

    That's not to say that OnePlus phones aren't popular — they're the most popular smartphones that a lot of Americans have likely never heard of. Release after release, crowds of people line up to buy the new OnePlus phone outside of temporary popup stores. I went to the OnePlus 6 popup store a few months ago, and while there was a line down the block, passersby didn't know about OnePlus. 

    The OnePlus 6T is also the first OnePlus phone to become compatible with the largest carrier in the US, Verizon. As usual, it's also compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile, too.

    The OnePlus 6T will start at $550 and will be available to buy from T-Mobile and from the online OnePlus store on November 1. For T-Mobile customers in New York City, the Times Square T-Mobile store will be selling the OnePlus 6T three days before it's official release starting at 5 p.m. on Monday.

    Check out what's new with the OnePlus 6T:

    SEE ALSO: Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone could be an impressive overhaul in design and features — here are 10 rumors about what it'll look like

    A new notch with a water-droplet design.

    The OnePlus 6T's notch is the smallest and most tasteful there is compared to other notched phones, like the iPhone XS and Google Pixel 3 XL.

    The screen itself is among the biggest on any smartphone.

    The OnePlus 6T has a 6.4-inch display, which is on the larger end compared to most smartphones you can buy. 

    With that said, the OnePlus 6T isn't as large a device overall as other phones with similar or smaller screens. As a result of its narrower bezels, it's actually slightly smaller than the Pixel 3 XL, which comes with a 6.3-inch display. 

    Compared to previous OnePlus devices, the OnePlus 6T is on the heavier side, which is a bit of shame, but it could come as a result of new features that I'll get into later.

    Underneath the display is a fingerprint sensor — the first of its kind for a smartphone available in the US.

    To accommodate narrower bezels, most smartphone makers moved the fingerprint sensor to the backs of their phones, including OnePlus with its previous devices. 

    The OnePlus 6T is the first smartphone that's widely available in the US that comes with an in-display fingerprint sensor that's hidden underneath the display. So far, it's worked surprisingly well, and there doesn't seem to be many compromises against a more traditional fingerprint sensor. 

    The only time it's posed a problem is in bright, direct sunlight, which affects the way the in-display fingerprint sensor works. But when the fingerprint sensor faces any issues, I could rely on the extremely quick facial recognition to unlock the phone. 

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    10 things I hate about you

    What's old somehow always manages to become new again, so it's not a surprise that '90s fashion has officially come back around. It may have been a time before social media and cell phones that could reasonably fit in our pockets, but so many style trends directly came from the best movies of the decade.

    Though most of us probably don't rock plaid mini skirts and over-the-knee socks these days, it's impossible to deny that '90s movie fashion was on point. Many of our favorite '90s stars— from Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler to Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp — donned some iconic outfits in '90s movies that will go down in both film and fashion history for decades to come.

    These are the best outfits from '90s movies, from "Clueless" to "Cruel Intentions."

    Cher and Dionne's coordinating plaid sets in "Clueless" defined a fashion era.

    It's impossible to talk about '90s movie style without mentioning "Clueless"— the colorful, happy fashion from the 1995 film served as the perfect antidote to the grunge of the earlier part of the decade, and somehow made Mary Janes effortlessly cool.

    The entire movie was a fun, fashion bonanza, but perhaps the most iconic outfits were Cher and Dionne's coordinating plaid suits in the early part of the film.

    In 2018, costume designer Mona May told Interview Magazine how the plaid sets came to be, saying, "When we started working on 'Clueless' there was pretty much just grunge everywhere. We went to some high school in L.A. and it was all very Kurt Cobain, with flannel shirts and baggy jeans. For the movie, it was really to bring back the feminine in Cher and Dionne. To bring back the fun, the girly. It was the '90s so there was no internet and I had to research everything with books."

    Of Cher's Dolce and Gabbana suit, May said, "For the opening scene, we wanted Cher to stand out. ... I looked at red and it didn't seem right, blue was pretty, but not bold. And Cher is bold — she doesn't have any excuses, she just goes for it. When we finally found the yellow, that was it. Amy Heckerling, the director, and I just knew. And then I complemented Dionne with black and white and red on her shirt and hat."

    Romy and Michele hit their high school reunion in unforgettably fun frocks.

    While "Clueless" was very much a high school movie about life as the popular kids, "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" is about what happens after high school, and what it means for the less cool kids to go back to their old stomping grounds.

    May was also the costume designer for that film, and she told Harper's Bazaar in 2016 that it was "kind of the grownup version of 'Clueless' and I was able to do more racy stuff." The two titular characters eschewed "grown-up" fashion though, instead opting for neon crop tops and mini skirts, even at the gym, making for movie fashion history.

    Their best looks are at the end of the movie when they finally arrive at their reunion, and instead of conservative satin pastel suits that the popular girls wore, these high school misfits donned coordinating pink and blue latex baby-doll dresses, featuring plenty of shimmer and attitude … which is exactly how it should be.

    Josie Geller's "first day of school" white outfit with feather trim was perfectly misplaced.

    The '90s proved that going back to high school can be rough for any of us, but in "Never Been Kissed," Josie is a 25-year-old copy editor sent back to the hallowed halls of her high school for an undercover report.

    Instead of opting for a wardrobe of jeans and tees, Josie arrives for her first day back at school in an all-white sheer blouse with feather trim, paired with white jeans, pale lip gloss, and teased hair. It looks laughably out of place, but that's what makes it so perfect.

    Of course, she spills chocolate milk all over her white pants, but the whole look is so over-the-top and relatable that we can't help but love her for trying it.

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    Lion Air JT610 relatives

    A plane carrying 189 people between two Indonesian cities crashed Monday morning.

    Lion Air Flight JT 610 was traveling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang when the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into the sea at about 6:30 a.m. local time. Everyone on board is feared dead.

    The Reuters news agency said: "Yusuf Latief, spokesman of national search and rescue agency, said there were likely no survivors."

    Wreckage has been recovered from the crash site in the Java Sea, not far from where the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.

    Images show rescue workers carrying body bags.

    SEE ALSO: The pilot of the downed Lion Air flight asked to turn back shortly before it crashed into the sea off Indonesia

    SEE ALSO: A previous Lion Air flight crash-landed in the sea in 2013, but with far less deadly results

    Bhavye Suneja, the pilot

    Suneja had logged more than 6,000 flight hours, according to Lion Air.

    Indonesia's Indian Embassy said on Twitter that Suneja "lost his life."

    His co-pilot, whose name was Harvino

    Harvino had logged more than 5,000 flight hours, according to Lion Air, which named him alongside Suneja.

    It is common for Indonesians to use only one name.

    A 21-year-old, her father, 52, and brother, 13, who were traveling to a funeral

    The BBC reported that Michelle Vergina Bongkal, 21, was on the flight to attend her grandmother's funeral. She was traveling with her brother, Mathew, 13, and father Adonia, 52.

    Her sister Vina told the BBC that the family had already been grieving the death of the grandmother.

    She said the family regularly flew this route but normally used other airlines. She said they used Lion Air as they needed to take an early flight to attend the funeral.

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    mark & graham, $139

    Cooking meals for huge groups of people, traveling far and wide to spend time with family, searching for gifts for everyone on your list — as fun as they are, the holidays can get pretty stressful, too. There's a lot to think about, and some of the decisions are pretty high pressure — like figuring out what to get for your in-laws. Whether you're staying with them for a large chunk of the holidays or just stopping by for dinner, for the sake of you and your partner, you need to make a good impression. 

    You don't need to go overboard, but there are plenty of thoughtful gifts that show your in-laws you care. To ease your mind, we gathered some great gifts that cover a wide range of prices. Whether they're small gifts like candy or bigger ones like kitchen appliances, what these all have in common is that your in-laws will love them.

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here

    A coffee subscription box for trying new beans

    Whole Bean Subscription, from $24/month, available at Blue Bottle Coffee

    If they love coffee, they’ll love getting the chance to try a bunch of new brews (twice) every month. Blue Bottle’s beans are high quality, packaged at peak flavor, and come in a range of unique blends.

    An indoor garden for urban dwellers and herb lovers

    Click & Grow Smart Garden, $99.95, available at Amazon

    Anyone who spends time in the kitchen or garden knows how much fresh herbs can upgrade a dish. While not all climates or spaces can sustain a full herb garden, this little indoor gardening kit can, so they can top every last dish with their favorite fresh herbs.

    A statement print for major baseball fans

    Baseball Stadium Blueprints, $185, available at Uncommon Goods

    A little bit of history, a little bit of architecture, and a whole lot of team spirit — whether you support their favorite team or not, they’ll appreciate this thoughtful print that’ll quickly find a home on one of their walls.

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    After a 12-year hiatus, the Power of three is back. The CW dropped the pilot of its highly-anticipated "Charmed" reboot recently, welcoming an entirely new cast— and the all-female production team behind "Jane the Virgin." Although some fans are ecstatic to have a reimagining of the cult classic, complete with familiar relics like the Book of Shadows and sure-to-be-vanquished characters like The Source of All Evil, others are still true to the original.

    The original "Charmed" lasted eight seasons and made an impact on popular culture. In its honor, we have rounded up some surprising facts that casual viewers might not know about the ‘90s hit series.

    The Charmed Ones' powers came from their flaws.

    In an interview with InTouch Weekly, creator Constance M. Burge revealed that Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's magical gifts came from their real-life weaknesses as characters.

    "Prue, who is very in her mind, very smart, is someone who it seemed to make sense would have powers that would be mind-related, hence the power of telekinesis," she explained. "The middle sister always has trouble with time because she's people-pleasing… [freezing time] felt like a good power for her. And then, because the younger sibling was viewed as having no vision of the future… I thought it would be nice to give the power of premonition to her."

    In other words, Phoebe could see everyone's future except her own.

    Alyssa Milano said she especially loved filming with Julian McMahon.

    There's apparently a reason Phoebe and Cole had such intense chemistry on-screen.

    "He is so delicious," Milano said to E! In an interview. "There's something very brooding and sexy about him … and his body is just, like … please! I'm sweating just talking about Julian."

    "You can always tell when Julian and Alyssa have a scene together because she comes in in an even better mood," Doherty joked. "She runs around like ‘I get to kiss Julian!' We're like, okay!"

    The showrunner of "Charmed" got to keep the legendary Book of Shadows prop, but now the show's stars want it to be sold for charity.

    Brad Kern, the former showrunner of "Charmed," was fired by CBS in October for allegations of misconduct — and now Combs and Milano are speaking out and asking him to return the iconic prop. 

    "As many of you know Brad Kern took the original Book of Shadows saying that ‘he and I would share custody of it,'" Combs tweeted in December 2017, when investigations against Kern first went public. "Well, that never happened. So now I encourage Brad Kern to auction the Book and donate proceeds to a woman's charity."

    Milano seconded this notion. "The original Book of Shadows was promised to Holly,"she told the Cut."Brad is being investigated for sexual harassment, so if he's not giving it to Holly, he should auction the Book of Shadows off and give the proceeds to Tarana Burke's #MeToo Foundation."

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    Composting at home sounds intimidating. You have to figure out where to store your food scraps, what food scraps can go into the compost pile, how to contain any odors, and what to do with the final product. Composting is a scientific process, so there are certainly specific steps to take to make sure it is done correctly. But it’s also totally possible and important to do, especially with households in the US wasting up to 40% of their food.

    Here is how to start composting at home or in your apartment.

    SEE ALSO: 13 eco-friendly tips that can also save you money

    FOLLOW US: INSIDER is on Facebook

    Choose your compost space: indoors or out.

    Depending on where you live, it might be more feasible to compost inside, especially if you live in an apartment or in a colder climate. If you have a garden or space in the backyard, composting outside might be your best option.

    Either way, follow Safe Bee's instructions to avoid attracting pests.

    Set up a designated compost bin or pile.

    If you decide to compost outside, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends choosing a "dry, shady spot near a water source." You can start a pile inside a bin, or you can start the scrap pile on the ground. If you choose the latter, building a small fence around the space can help control the size of the pile and keep pests at bay.

    You'll definitely need a bin if you decide to compost indoors, but you can pick one up at a hardware store, order it online, or follow Apartment Therapy’s instructions and make one yourself with a container and a tray.

    Start your compost with earth or soil.

    If you are composting outside, you can go ahead and throw your scraps on the bare earth. This makes it easy for earthworms to access your pile to help break down the food. It is helpful to add a layer of twigs to aerate the food pile, too. If you are composting indoors, put a layer of shredded newspaper at the bottom of your bin, then per the EPA's instructions, add about a pound of soil.

    If you're up to it (and you're not squeamish), you can add worms to your indoor bin, so long as there are holes at the top of it for breathability.

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    Every year, the Siena International Photo Awards brings together the best photographers from around the world to share their images of some of the most beautiful, striking settings on Earth. The winner receives €1,500 (about $1,750) worth of photography equipment and the esteemed Pangea Prize.

    The images range from stunning landscapes to subtle portraits and dramatic encounters in the animal kingdom in categories such as "Splash of Colors,""Sports in Action," and "Fascinating Faces and Characters."

    The 2018 contest received 48,000 submissions from 156 countries. Here are 20 of the winners.

    Third place, Splash of Colors: "Playground" by Ugo Galassi

    "The art of regeneration is an urban renewal project through public art and design. 'Playground' is a public basketball court located in Alessandria (Italy) designed by the Italian artist GUE. Public art is a response to urban degeneration. It can contribute to civic identity, has educational value, promotes social change, and encourages economic development. It is a way to transform a space into a place."

    Second place, Splash of Colors: "Game of Colors" by Anurag Kumar

    "The Holi Festival is a yearly Indian celebration announcing the arrival of spring, with a colorful atmosphere that radiates love and happiness."

    First place, Splash of Colors: "Floating Market" by Sina Falker

    "Early in the morning before sunrise up to a hundred boats meet at the colorful Lok Baintan Floating Market in Indonesia. It is one of the oldest markets in Asia where the inhabitants still trade from traditional wooden boats."

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    jennifer lopez

    Ever since her breakout role playing the late Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in the biopic of the same name in 1997, Jennifer Lopez has had an illustrious career as a dancer, singer, and actor.

    She's also had quite the fashion evolution over the past two decades, influencing trends on and off the red carpet. After all, it was her daring outfit at the 2000 Grammys that propelled the creation of the Google Image Search, with people all over the world trying to catch a glimpse of that barely-there green Versace dress.

    And although she still kills it on the red carpet and on social media, we've got to give her props for some of the iconic outfits she's worn in character on the big screen.

    From rocking Selena's signature style to her all-black outfit in the final fight scenes in "Enough," Lopez has had many memorable movie looks over the years.

    Lopez paid tribute to Selena's fabulous fashions and made a name for herself in Hollywood.

    After the tragic death of Quintanilla-Pérez in 1995, Lopez had the difficult task of honoring the late singer in a respectful way, and she nailed it, winning over critics and fans alike. It also helped that Lopez looked the part, wearing Selena's glittery stage costumes, including beaded bras, newsboy caps, and awards show gowns.

    Of working with Lopez on the film, costume designer Elisabetta Beraldo told Billboard in 2017, "She had an incredible sense of who Selena was because she spent four months living with her family. If I presented her options, even if it was an everyday look, she would always choose the one that would be truer to Selena, and not simply her own style. … When her family saw Jennifer dressed as Selena the first time, it was really emotional."

    Beraldo admits that it was no easy task recreating all of the Tejano singer's famous looks, and she says, "It took about six weeks to create the looks. We had to consider being faithful to her look, what would look great on film, and what would work best for her body type. Most importantly was being faithful. For every piece, you had to consider which best reflected her image. If it was a beaded bra, it had to be the right one, and it had to fit Jennifer's body type perfectly. Her style was totally different than my own, but I loved it."

    "Gigli" was slammed by critics, but her cool brown leather jacket was so on-trend for the time

    It's true that "Gigli," the starring vehicle for Lopez and then-boyfriend Ben Affleck, is widely regarded as one of the worst movies of all time, with critics still arguing whether the film is really that bad 15 years after its release.

    We'll let you decide whether the movie deserves all the hate it's gotten over the years, but one thing it did give us was an iconic Lopez look. She played Ricki, a tough-talking contractor who gets involved in some, ahem, mob activity.

    The fashion largely evokes standard styles of 2003, but we've gotta give props to Ricki's amazing brown leather jacket, printed button-down, and flared jeans, which she accessorized with a Western-inspired belt buckle and loose waves. With so much nostalgia for ‘90s and 2000s fashions these days, we wouldn't be surprised to see these looks come back into style.

    "Maid in Manhattan" gave us two iconic looks

    Lopez brought tons of heart to her role as a single mom and housekeeper that happens to fall in love with a high-profile politician.

    Of course, her character, Marisa, is quickly lifted from her low-paying job, but Lopez totally looked the part in Marisa's maid outfit. Of the look, costume designer Albert Wolsky told CNN that he designed two maid outfits and had plenty of input from Lopez herself. He said, "She knows what she likes, especially things that are closely fitted to the body. Nothing loose and drapey."

    The next iconic outfit comes at the very end of the movie, when Marisa has her "Cinderella moment" in a vintage pink chiffon gown by Bob Mackie, which was paired with an elegant updo and plenty of Harry Winston diamonds. The strapless gown still looks incredible and truly had that "wow" factor on-screen.

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    One of the biggest perks of the Digital Age is that you can get just about anything delivered to your door, and, in my opinion, clothing subscription services — if you really use them well — are among the most blessedly convenient. 

    Though sometimes requiring a commitment of checking in to confirm options or electing to skip a month, they wind up paying you back by removing far greater annoyances.

    If you need business-casual clothes for work but would prefer not to spend 40% of your paycheck on them, you can rent suitable clothes for a fraction of the cost. If you don't necessarily accept the blanket enthusiasm of the store clerk every time you try something on, you can rely instead on the expertise of dedicated personal stylists. If you don't want to drive to the mall to wait for a parking spot, wait for a changing room, and wait in line, then you can pick things out online, try them on at home, and schedule a UPS pickup to grab the prepaid envelope from your porch. And if you're already circumventing that annoyance with copious online shopping, you can almost always pay a low fee (which usually gets applied as a credit if you buy anything) and retain your money until you're absolutely sure you love something, rather than tying it up in a long returns process. 

    All in all, clothing subscriptions can be incredibly useful for anyone who wants the freedom to explore trends or even go-to styles without much commitment, financial burden, or closet space. If you like using them, chances are you're going to really like using them. If you don't, you can cancel and continue the search. 

    If you're interested in trying one out for yourself, below are 8 popular women's clothing subscription services to know about:

    Rent the Runway: 4 new upscale pieces or an unlimited rotation every month

    Rent the Runway Update membership, $89 per month

    Rent the Runway Unlimited membership, $159 per month

    Most people use Rent the Runway (or RTR) for singular rentals of the odd cocktail dress for functions — but there are a lot of people who don't know that the site also offers a monthly subscription membership. The membership comes in two tiers and with a personal stylist: Update ($89 per month, $69 for your first) and Unlimited ($159 per month, $99 for your first).

    RTR Update lets you refresh your wardrobe every month with 4 new piecesRTR Unlimited, on the other hand, gives members access to a constantly rotating wardrobe. You can rent unlimited pieces on rotation and swap anytime (no return dates). The prices cover clothes, shipping, dry cleaning, and insurance. They're a perfect option for women who want a rotation of high-end clothes without the bills or closet storage.

    If you want to learn more, you can read one reporter's personal experience here

    Frank and Oak: for three chic seasonal pieces per month that you can confirm, customize, or skip before they ship

    Frank and Oak, $25 styling fee per monthly box [this $25 is applied as credit to any purchase you make, plus up to 20% off regular prices]

    Frank and Oak is a Canadian company with a marketplace for one-time purchases as well as a monthly subscription service. The style aesthetic is clean, understated, and modern with a vintage twist. 

    You'll fill out a short survey and a Frank and Oak stylist will create a portfolio of items that reflect your preferences, all of which come from the company's latest seasonal pieces. Before your Style Box ships, you'll get an email prompting you to preview it two days before it ships in order to confirm, customize, or skip the month. Shipping is always free.

    You'll get to try on the three items at home for seven days, keep what you love, and send back what you don't. Skip a month or cancel anytime. 

    It's important to note that you'll be charged the full amount for your selected items once they're shipped. If you return everything, you'll get a full refund minus the $25 styling fee. If you keep one thing but send the rest back, you'll be refunded for everything but the item you wanted to purchase. 

    Le Tote: casual, everyday clothes you have the option to buy at 50% off retail prices

    Le Tote, 8-15 items, $69 - $119 per month

    *update: Le Tote is no longer offering unlimited boxes per month. Subscribers will receive one box per month.

    Le Tote is a monthly rental service that uses your preferences and the insight of a personal stylist to build your style profile and, from there, a box of clothes they think you'll like. Before the box is shipped, you can either keep the suggestions or swap them all out for alternatives on the site, which covers clothes and accessories from a mix of new or recognizable names like Nike, Free People Movement, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, French Connection, MPG, Vine Camuto, and Kate Spade among others

    You'll be charged the same flat fee ($69 - $119) per month depending on which option you choose (8-15 items in a box). To receive a new Tote the next month, though, you need to send back the rented items in their pre-paid return bag. If you love and want to keep an item, just send back the ones you don't want. Le Tote will charge your card for what you kept, and you can see what price it is on their site — which is up to 50% off retail prices.

    Le Tote also stands out for its maternity option — a convenient service for pregnant women who want comfortable, flattering clothes but don’t necessarily want to buy a whole new wardrobe for the duration of their pregnancy. Find more details here.

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    anna kendrick rami malek dakota fanning

    When the first "Twilight" film hit theaters on November 1, 2008, it led stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner to become widely recognized actors. The saga (based on novels written by Stephenie Meyer) featured already established stars like Billy Burke in addition to other rising talents. 

    Since the final film was released in 2012, some actors, like Anna Kendrick and Rami Malek, have turned into A-listers.

    In honor of "Twilight's 10-year-anniversary, here are 11 celebrities you probably forgot were part of the franchise. 

    Michael Sheen played Volturi leader Aro, who had the ability to read a person's thoughts and access their memories just by touching them.

    He was always trying to recruit vampires who could be assets to the Volturi, like Alice Cullen.  

    "I like the idea that Aro is someone that has sort of gone crazy through being immortal,"Sheen told The Hollywood Reporter in 2012. "He's just bored to death. He's seen everything, done everything, and that kind of boredom, the same old things, has kind of driven him a little bit mad."

    Garrett was played by "Guardians of the Galaxy" and "The Hobbit" actor Lee Pace.

    Unlike other vampires that stayed within one coven, Garrett preferred to be nomadic. He met Kate, a member of the Denali coven, in "Breaking Dawn: Part 2" and fell in love with her. 

    "Jurassic World" star Bryce Dallas Howard joined the franchise as Victoria in "Eclipse."

    In the first two films, the antagonist was played by Rachelle Lefevre. After Lefevre accepted a role in "Barney's Vision," whose filming schedule overlapped with plans for "Eclipse,"Summit Entertainment recast the role of Victoria

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