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    charmed"Charmed" is a witch-centric television series that solidified itself in the late '90s and early 2000s, alongside other supernatural shows like "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."

    "Charmed" has hosted a slew of emerging and established actors over the years.

    In honor of the show's reboot, here's a list of celebrities that you probably forgot appeared on "Charmed." 

    Finola Hughes made sporadic appearances as the witches' deceased mother.

    A huge plotline in "Charmed" was the fact that the three sisters come from a long line of witches. This is where "General Hospital" star Finola Hughes comes in as the Charmed Ones' mother, Patty, who was murdered by a demon 20 years before the series opener.

    Since she played a ghost, Hughes was able to make sporadic appearances throughout the season, including the season finale.

    James Read played the sisters' perpetually absent father, Victor.

    Opposite Hughes was James Read as Piper, Phoebe, and Prue's absent father, Victor Bennett, who divorced Patty due to the complications of a magical life.

    Outside of "Charmed," Reed might be widely recognized as Elle Woods' father in the Legally Blonde movies. He's also made his mark in soap operas like "Days Of Our Lives" and "General Hospital."

    John Cho wooed Holly Marie Combs as a spirit stuck in limbo.

    In one of the very first episodes of the series, a young John Cho played murdered innocent Mark Chao. He one of the sisters' first innocents they were bound to protect, and he also served as one of the shows first love interests. He had a special connection to middle sister Piper Halliwell, played by Holly Marie Combs.

    He went on the star in "Harold & Kumar,""Star Trek," and the short-lived show "Selfie."

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    first date couple

    When it comes to online dating, it can be tough to decide who to meet in person. Luckily, when you go beyond the profile, there are plenty of indicators that you're online match might have potential. 

    Here are some signs your online match could turn into a great partner.

    You're passionate about the same things.

    Whether it's your love of animals or your want to travel, having similar passions can create a bond between the two of you.

    "A shared passion is a great indicator that conversation will flow,"Meredith Golden, a dating app ghostwriter and dating coach, told Bustle. "For example, if two singles are both avid readers, it's easy to talk about what each is currently reading, favorite books, favorite childhood books, and trade book suggestions. Easy conversation is always preferred over awkward silences."


    They listen and remember things you tell them.

    It seems like a basic requirement, but it's an important one, especially when you're talking online and most of the initial conversations come through on text. 

    "One of the signs that your date is likely to make a good mate is that he or she shows genuine interest in your life and listens attentively when you are speaking. They also remember things that you have told them about yourself,"Elinor Greenberg, psychologist and author of "Borderline, Narcissistic, and Schizoid Adaptations: The Pursuit of Love, Admiration, and Safety" told Business Insider.

    You feel at ease when talking to your online match.

    Talking to someone online is never going to be natural, but if you feel an instant sense of comfort in a text chat, you'll likely feel the same in real life. 

    "For reasons you may not be able to articulate, you feel a strong sense of ease. Something in their vibe, demeanor, and attitude allows you to take a breath and present the best version of yourself," relationship expert Susan Winter told Elite Daily. "Feeling relaxed in your first conversation means a natural flow exists between you and your date. This is a good marker for future romantic success." 

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    Melania Trump

    Some speculate that First Lady Melania Trump uses her outfits to make subtle (or not so subtle) statements about her husband's administration. Omarosa Manigault Newman wrote in "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House," that she believes Melania Trump uses style to "punish" her husband.

    But others simply admire her "streamlined glamour," as designer Michael Kors described her style.

    First ladies' outfits are not paid for by taxpayers, and designers often offer to dress them for free. Still, some pieces  she has worn are available to buy, even if they're not exactly affordable.

    Here are 15 of the first lady's most expensive looks.

    SEE ALSO: The cost difference between Melania Trump's and Michelle Obama's outfits reveals the truth about America's criticisms of them

    Bottega Veneta coat — $3,950

    Trump gave out candy to young trick-or-treaters, many of whom are from military families, in a plaid brushed-wool coat by Bottega Veneta. It retails on Net-A-Porter for $3,950.

    Manolo Blahnik heels — $625

    The First Lady was criticized for seeming out of touch by wearing expensive designer heels to visit the site of a natural disaster. The Manolo Blahnik pumps retail for $625 at Neiman Marcus, but are currently sold out.

    By the time she disembarked in Texas, she had changed into sneakers.

    Balmain button-down shirt — $690

    Trump welcomed the Boys and Girls Club of Washington into the White House Kitchen Garden in a tartan cotton button-down shirt. It's available on Net-A-Porter for $690

    Her outfit garnered comparisons to Michelle Obama's less expensive J. Crew-based gardening outfits that included a $29.50 shirt and a $228 jacket.

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    bundled up cold weather clothing

    Taking care of your skin is a year-round necessity, not just something that's important during the warmer weather months. It turns out, your skin’s needs are different in the middle of the winter than they are during the hottest parts of the summer.

    Generally speaking, you likely need to prioritize moisture and hydration when it gets chillier outside. INSIDER spoke to experts to find out how you should change your skin care this winter. 

    Swap out your light and breezy moisturizer for something a little richer, thicker, and more emollient.

    Cold weather, harsh winds, and dry indoor air can really dry out your skin and take a toll on its texture. Consider using a moisturizer that's richer during the winter.

    "It is important to adjust your skincare routine as the seasons change because environmental conditions are a key contributor to overall skin health," said Heather Wilson, a licensed esthetician and brand development professional at InstaNatural. "During the winter months it is common to experience skin that feels more dry or dehydrated but the intensity that it is felt can vary based on skin type and specific climates.

    "As the weather turns cooler, it is recommended to implement more emollient and moisturizing products, such as layering an organic oil like argan oil underneath your moisturizer or leveraging a nourishing facial serum that supports the skin barrier — making it more resistant to drier conditions."

    You might need to do some exfoliating, but you have to be careful about how much.

    Though you need to be careful not to over-exfoliate in the winter, you might see some signs that you need to do a bit of gentle exfoliating. "Listen to your skin! If you're getting flakier in the colder months, that's a sure sign that your skincare routine needs an update," Semra Tanrikulu, the head esthetician and owner of Semra Skin Care, told INSIDER.

    "In addition to a heavier moisturizer, your skin may also be asking for more exfoliation. Light acids are a gentle way to exfoliate. It's easy to go overboard on scrubs, but if it's your only option, use a very light pressure in circular motions to loosen the top layer of skin before adding your serums and moisturizer."

    Just be careful with what exfoliator you're choosing and make sure that you're not overdoing it.

    If you don't usually use a facial toner, think about adding one into your routine.

    Winter weather can take a toll on the hydration of your skin. Wilson recommended adding a facial toner to help. "Facial toners are an easy way to balance the skin, strengthen the skin's barrier, and provide hydration," Wilson explained.

    "Applying a toner before your moisturizing products will also improve absorption – keeping your skin comfortable and healthy throughout the colder months," she added. 

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    driver 2


    One of the world's most ubiquitous beverage companies is powered by people like Miguel Santiago, a 66-year-old from the Bronx. Santiago has worked for Coca-Cola for 20 years.

    Every weekday, Santiago drives a truck full of Coca-Cola products to New York City's Penn Station. Along with his helper Louis Gonzales, who has worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years, he unloads the truck and stocks shelves.

    As a Liberty Coca-Cola spokesperson told Business Insider, each truck can hold up to 600 cases, and a case contains 24 bottles. That means that on any given day, they could be handling up to as many as 14,400 bottles.

    I followed the two around for a day to see what a day in their lives is like.

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    DON'T MISS: Outrageous photos show how the 'Rich Kids of Instagram' spend their parents' fortunes

    My day started at 3:15 a.m., when I took a Lyft from my apartment in Brooklyn all the way up to the Liberty Coca-Cola distribution center in the Bronx.

    New York is a bit eerie at 3:30 a.m. on a Tuesday. For the city that never sleeps, my neighborhood was surprisingly desolate. 

    The trip from my apartment near Prospect Park to the Bronx took 30 minutes by car, but by public transit at that hour it would have taken more than an hour and a half. 

    I arrived at 4 a.m. to meet Santiago outside of his truck. He has a car and it only takes him about five minutes to drive to work.

    My first question for Santiago: Aren't you tired?

    Turns out, he loves the morning shift because it lets him spend time with his family after work. 

    He's on the quiet side, but he was keen to talk about his granddaughter, who just celebrated her 16th birthday. 

    "She never misses a day of school, even when she's sick she goes to school," Santiago said. "We want her to go to college. I know she has to take some tests."

    There's only one problem with his schedule: He has to go to bed at 8 p.m. and misses watching sports. His favorite sport is baseball and follows the Mets. "They stink," Santiago admitted. 

    Santiago's truck changes every day, and his vehicle is already loaded by the time he gets in at 4 a.m. He just needs to load carts in the truck and do some final checks.

    By 4:30 a.m., Santiago had received his truck assignment and was checking that all of the stock was there, in addition to checking the engine and loading the truck with carts.

    The whole process took under an hour.

    He sees a different set of customers every day. Mondays and Tuesdays are the busiest as customers are stocking up for the week. Fridays are busy too, because they're stocking up for the weekend.

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    Google Pixel 3

    After using Google's new Pixel 3 for the last several weeks, it's hard not to want one of my own. The camera is sensational, I like the size and the design, and the newest Android 9.0 operating system feels intuitive and fast. 

    There's only one problem: I'm having a really hard time giving up my iPhone. 

    Listen, I'm not an Apple superfan. I like Apple products a lot, and I use them in several different areas of my life. But I currently use an iPhone 6S, not the latest iPhone you can buy, and it's only the second iPhone I've ever owned — before that, I used Android phones. 

    So it's not an Apple obsession that keeps me loyal, and it's not because I think iPhones are superior to their competitors in every single way. In fact, there are other phones on the market that do some things better than an iPhone. 

    But there are a few key reasons I've stuck with Apple the last few years...reasons that are making it quite difficult to make the switch. 

    Here are the four factors making it tough to give up my iPhone for a Pixel 3:

    SEE ALSO: Google's Pixel 3 could be the last smartphone you ever need to buy

    1. The Pixel 3 charges over USB-C. That's great, but it still hasn't become standard.

    While USB-C is steadily gaining in popularity, it's not ubiquitous yet — and that makes it harder to choose the Pixel 3. 

    USB-C is generally considered superior to other connection methods, including Apple's Lightning port, because it's sort of a jack-of-all-trades: Not only can a USB-C cable charge supported smartphones, tablets, and laptops alike, but it's also a standard connector for a new breed of accessories like monitors and headphones. 

    Smartphone makers are beginning to adopt USB-C, but it's been a slow process, and it can make things tricky if you have a phone with a USB-C port. For example: say you're at a friend's house for a party and you need to charge your phone. It's almost guaranteed that among a group of people, someone will have an iPhone charger. But try asking for a USB-C charger, and you're likely to be met with blank stares. 

    This can be an issue in public spaces, too. Thankfully, in the case of the Pixel 3, it now supports wireless charging, and you can increasingly find supported charging pads in spaces like airports and Starbucks. 

    It's hard to find a USB-C port, too

    There's one more issue that I've found with USB-C charging: in the case of Apple's Lightning charging cables, the end that connects to the charging brick is the old-school USB-A connector. At this point, USB-A is everywhere, like most laptops and even your car; if you need to charge your phone in a hurry, you have options. 

    But the cable included with the Pixel 3 is USB-C on both ends, which means if you don't have access to a wall outlet connector, you need to find a USB-C port to plug the cable into.

    For me personally, this means I can't charge the Pixel 3 using my MacBook Air, or using the USB-A ports that are built into my desk at work. It's a super-specific problem, to be sure, but a problem for me nonetheless. 

    2. I love using Apple's iMessage too much to give it up.

    If you ask any iPhone user what's keeping them on iPhone, a lot of them will tell you that it's iMessage. 

    What makes iMessage so special for me is two-fold. For one, I love that it works even when I'm out of the country. I don't travel internationally often, but having the option to message, uninterrupted, with friends and family — the majority of whom are iPhone users — is a huge perk. I don't need to download a second app or force all of my friends to switch over to Facebook Messenger while I'm in Canada or Europe.

    The other reason I love iMessage is because of how it seamlessly integrates with my other devices, like my laptop and iPad. I can get my messages on my laptop at work, or enable them on my iPad at home. This can be overkill sometimes, no doubt, but it's a great backup in case anything happens to your iPhone (trust me, I know this from experience). 

    It's worth noting that Google created something called "Messages for web," which lets you send and receive text messages from any web browser. It's not quite the same as what Apple has, but it's a start. 

    3. Apple products work so well together, and I'm pretty embedded in the Apple ecosystem.

    The incredible thing, the thing that no other company has really mastered yet, is how well Apple products work together. 

    I don't even own that many Apple products, but I test and use a lot of them, and it's easy to be seduced by how seamlessly everything works. Setting up a new iPhone using your old iPhone only takes a minute, connecting AirPods or a HomePod to your iOS device is quick and easy, and Apple Watch and the iPhone work together beautifully. I don't want to be impressed by it, but I am. 

    That same smooth, seamless transition between products doesn't work quite as well when it comes to other hardware companies. While Google's software works beautifully across every app, its hardware products don't always work perfectly together. I have four Google Home devices in my house, and it can be a struggle to get them to work together as a family. 

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    starbucks americano coffee

    Whether it's your first cup of the day or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, coffee can not only makes you feel good but also give you the jolt you need to carry out the day.

    But if you're a habitual java drinker, you may have realized that after a while, this love of coffee certainly adds up. In the interest of saving you time and money on your coffee addiction, INSIDER asked several coffee experts to share their favorite hacks.

    Invest in some gadgets.

    A major money-saver is in learning how to make your own gourmet beverages at home without all of the expensive equipment.

    A French press can do wonders beyond making you a fresh pot of coffee, including making an espresso shot. All you have to do is grind up your beans super fine andpour in just enough hot water to submerge the grounds.

    If you get a milk frother, which isn't very costly, you'll be able to whip up a latte or a cappuccino from the comfort of your own home saving you a ton of money, according to Eugene Khayman, founder ofeparé.

    Subscribe to a coffee subscription box.

    Depending on your tastes, there aremany coffee subscriptions available to choose from. These services allow you to order your favorite beans, grounds, or even pre-made lattes to conveniently be sent straight to your home.

    Typically boxes are sent out on a monthly basis, but the frequency can be adjusted depending on your needs.

    Make bulletproof coffee at home.

    Bulletproof coffee is made from a drink made up of different oils and coffee, according to Brian Abernathy, founder and master roaster atGrumpy Goat. It is currently trending in the coffee world for its supposed physical and mental health benefits so you can likely find it at a local coffee shop.

    But for extra savings, there are several ways of making it yourself at home, which may include coconut oil, butter, MCT oil, or ghee.

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    Along with cooler temperatures, pumpkin-spice everything, the arrival of autumn also means new flavor profiles for your drinking repertoire. The sangrias, margarita pitchers, and endless Aperol Spritzes of summer give way to ciders, Oktoberfest beers, and — best of all — brown spirits taking their rightful place in your liquor cabinet.

    To really optimize the rich, smoky possibilities of your fall cocktail game, you'll want to focus on one spirit in particular: bourbon whiskey. Here, we're bringing you a beginner's guide to bourbon; what it is, when it's good, how to mix it, and how to pair it. And to help guide you on the right path, we enlisted Trey Zoeller, founder and CEO of Jefferson's Bourbon, to provide some valuable words of bourbon wisdom.

    What is bourbon?

    In the simplest terms, "bourbon" refers to whiskey distilled in the United States that's made from at least 51% corn. While bourbon can be made anywhere on American soil, the vast majority (and, certainly, the most renowned version) comes from the state of Kentucky.

    According to Zoeller, properly-made bourbon needs to a specific type of aging: "You need new charred white oak to age [bourbon] in, and once you put spirits in wood, there are a lot of different things that happen. And bourbon has to be in the wood for a long time — at least four years."

    What's the difference between bourbon and other types of whiskey?

    The charred oak barrel-aging used for bourbon imparts very specific flavors to the finished product, which set this spirit apart from other varieties of whiskey.

    "Bourbon, using new barrels, takes its flavor from the wood. The most dominant flavors are typically vanilla and caramel," Zoeller told INSIDER. Combined with the gentle smokiness that comes from the barrel char, these flavors lend themselves beautifully to seasonal fall cocktails.

    How can you tell if you're tasting a "good" bourbon?

    As with all boozy libations, "good" is in the eye (or rather, the taste buds) of the beholder. If you like the taste, then you've got a "good" bottle for you, regardless of external factors.

    But if you're looking for a "good" bourbon by expert standards, Zoeller advises paying attention to the following characteristics: "[The first is] is flavor, and [the second] is mouthfeel. I like it to have a lot of weight and viscosity on it so it kind of coats your tongue. Then, I look for an easy finish."

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    venice flood 1.JPG

    Three-quarters of Venice, Italy was underwater on Monday as a storm brought a historic flood to the city.

    Heavy winds raised the water levels by more than five feet, causing the worst flooding in a decade.

    Residents and tourists alike struggled to get around the city, even in tall rain boots, and several tourist attractions were shut down as locals dealt with the rising waters.

    Here are some of the most dramatic pictures from the overwhelming flood.

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    DON'T MISS: This $7 Billion System Might Be The Last Chance To Stop Venice From Sinking Into The Sea

    St. Mark's Square was closed to the public as water levels rose.

    Source: Reuters

    Residents and tourists alike struggled to get around the city in tall rain boots.

    Source: Reuters

    During times of flooding, the city erects elevated platforms to help people get around above the water. But they were later taken out when the water levels got too high and they risked being washed away.

    Source: Reuters

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    final page himym barney robin

    Considering recent news that millennials are changing marriage statistics nationwide — with people being more selective and waiting longer to marry — it should come as no surprise that young people are breaking with tradition in other ways, too, when it comes to tying the knot.

    Rather than spending $6,351 on average for a wedding ring, people in the US are opting for more modern, unique, and personalized options to symbolize their love and commitment.

    Here are 10 great options if engagement rings are not your style.

    Matching tattoos are definitely a commitment.

    You can still use your ring finger to signify your engagement even if you don’t get a ring. Some couples are getting matching tattoos on their ring fingers, according to the Independent. In fact, the #weddingtattoo already has over 6,000 posts on Instagram. 

    This is a typically cheaper route that is also much more permanent. 

    Invest the money.

    In 2014, Tara Siegel Bernard broke down for the New York Times what would happen if you invested the cost of a high-quality engagement ring. 

    She wrote:

    But let’s just pretend for a moment that you invested $12,700, or the current benchmark price for a high-quality one-carat diamond, according to the Rapaport Diamond Index, an industry benchmark for diamond prices. In a portfolio of 60 percent stock funds and 40 percent bonds with a real return of 4%, that $12,700 would rise to about $27,830 after 20 years, and nearly $41,200 after 30 years (that’s after inflation), according to calculations by Vanguard.

    Start a personal "honeyfund."

    According to Time magazine, today, nearly four in 10 brides have an online "honeymoon fund," where, in lieu of gifts, they ask friends and family to donate money for their honeymoon. This growing trend signifies an even bigger truth, people are beginning to put more emphasis on the importance of a honeymoon. 

     wrote on PsychCentral that honeymoons are important as they are a "celebration of their new identity as a married couple."


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    jennifer aniston

    Jennifer Aniston has been acting for three decades, and while her personal style has evolved over the years, she's always found ways to infuse her signature brand of California cool into all of her characters.

    She had plenty of great outfits during her ten-year run as Rachel Green on "Friends," and plenty of her best "Friends" outfits would still look just as great if given a 2018 update.

    But we've also gotta give props to her movie style — from early ‘90s looks like a polka dot dress in "Leprechaun" to her tank tops and skinny scarves from "Along Came Polly," she manages to make passing trends look timeless as ever on the big screen.

    Here are Jennifer Aniston's throwback outfits from roles that would still look great today.

    Tory's blue polka dot dress from "Leprechaun".

    Aniston probably wants to forget her role as Tory, a teenager that ends up mercilessly stalked by a killer leprechaun in this low-budget horror flick from 1993, but we still love Tory's Beverly Hills cool-girl style, especially this blue and white polka dot dress, which she paired with a white purse and matching blue strappy sandals.

    We could totally see this dress on an Instagram influencer in 2018 paired with fresh white sneakers more than 25 years later.

    Kate's office looks from "Picture Perfect" remain classic.

    In the late ‘90s and 2000s, Aniston reigned as a rom-com queen, and while many looks from that time are already dated, she managed to make her character Kate look, well, picture perfect, alongside Jay Mohr in this 1997 film.

    Kate is a fledgling advertising worker who can't seem to impress her boss, and while her boss may have criticized this particular white tee with a black jumper over it, which Kate accessorized with pigtails, a backward baseball cap, tiny sunglasses, and black sandals, we think elements of this look would still be cool more than two decades later … save for the pigtails, of course.

    Polly's relaxed hippie style from "Along Came Polly" looks just as great today

    In "Along Came Polly,' Aniston plays the titular character who helps loosen up Ben Stiller's character, Reuben. She looked effortlessly cool in her wardrobe of tank tops, skinny scarves, and ripped jeans, topping it off with beachy boho waves and tons of mixed jewelry, all of which would still look perfect nearly 15 years after the movie's release.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    A member of the Libyan pro-government forces feeds a group of cats in Benghazi in March 2015.

    Whether as a mascot or pet or a stray in need of assistance, animals have always had a special place in the hearts of military troops.

    In honor of National Cat Day and inspired by the US Naval Institute's historical images of cats in the sea services, we assembled some of the most adorable photos of military personnel and their animals.

    HMS Vernon sailor holds ship's mascot in Portsmouth in September 1931.

    A cat balances on shoulder of Royal Air Force pilot circa 1944.

    Marine Cpl. Edward Burckhardt finds a new friend in Iwo Jima, Japan, in Feb 1945.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    game of thrones

    Fall marks the return of fan favorite shows, but sometimes old classics are still more popular. 

    INSIDER worked with Parrot Analytics, which compiles available global data on social media, blogging, pirating, and other factors to figure out the viewer demand for shows and came up with the most popular fall shows of the season so far. 

    Each series was marked with an "expressions" total that reflects average daily audience demand from the United States from September 1 to October 16, 2018.

    Continue reading to see the 20 most popular TV shows of the fall.

    20. "Adventure Time" (Cartoon Network)

    Average Demand Expressions: 34.48 million

    The cartoon came to an end in September 2018 following its 10th season, but that hasn't stopped people from talking about the show and reminiscing on the nearly 300 episodes that aired since 2010. 

    19. "Rick and Morty" (Adult Swim)

    Average Demand Expressions: 34.54 million

    "Rick and Morty" was picked up in May 2018 for 70 episodes to air over the course of an unspecified number of seasons, though at the end of three seasons, 31 episodes have aired.

    Fans of the animated series are deeply devoted to the show and even rioted when McDonald's ran out of Szechuan sauce, a limited-release sauce from the '90s that became famous again in the 2000s after the cartoon mentioned the sauce. Police even had to be called at various restaurants.

    18. "Stranger Things" (Netflix)

    Average Demand Expressions: 34.61 million

    Though the show isn't returning for its third season until 2019, "Stranger Things" is the perfect fall show. With supernatural elements and horrific creatures, fans seem to turn to the series in the weeks leading up to Halloween. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    kathy batesAccording to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one in eight women will develop breast cancer at some point in their life— and celebrities are no exception.

    Many celebrities have been open about their breast cancer diagnosis and battle. 

    Here are 12 celebrities who have faced a breast cancer diagnosis. 

    Christina Applegate was diagnosed at an early age.

    Breast cancer runs in the family for the "Married…With Children" star. After her mother was diagnosed twice, Applegate was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 30s.

    Due to the genetic nature of her specific cancer, she chose to undergo a double mastectomy and have both her breasts surgically removed in order to minimize the risk of her cancer returning.

    "TODAY Show" host Hota Kotb has detailed how her cancer has affected her body image.

    After undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, Kotb shared in an essay with TODAY that she originally struggled with accepting her new body post-operation.

    "Ultimately, I don't think there is an 'ah-ha' moment where you think, 'I'm back!'" wrote Kotb, who was diagnosed in 2007. "You gradually learn to accept your body after cancer. I have always been pretty happy inside. My outsides come and go, whether it's because of gray hairs or scars. All that stuff is going to be there, but I feel if I am comfortable with who I am on the inside, I will always be OK."

    Sheryl Crow says she's a "walking advertisement for early detection."

    After a routine mammogram, the country artist was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS), a non-invasive form of breast cancer, when she was 44 years old. She underwent radiation treatment and was later declared cancer-free.

    "I am a walking advertisement for early detection,"Crow said in a response to a CNN reader question. 


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    kid with golden retriever dogDogs can be a great addition to a family of any size. When it comes to choosing the perfect pup for your family, energy levels, personality, and temperament can all play a role. 

    Here are some of the best dog breeds for families with children. 

    Labrador Retrievers are popular for a reason.

    According to the American Kennel Club, "the Labrador is America’s most popular dog breed."

    Dogs of this breed are typically affectionate, energetic, and sociable. They make for excellent family dogs because of their affable personality and willingness to befriend just about any human or dog in the neighborhood.

    Newfoundlands are gentle giants.

    There's a reason the Newfoundland breed was immortalized in "Peter Pan" as the children’s beloved Nana. This giant breed of canine is docile and friendly.

    These gentle giants are easy to train and are known for their patient personality, especially with small children.

    Golden Retrievers are devoted work dogs.

    With that unmistakable yellow fur, the Golden Retriever is an excellent choice for a family with kids. These dogs typically have deeply loving personalities and a lot of loyalty to give. 

    According to the American Kennel Club, Golden Retrievers are "eager-to-please family dogs" and they are fairly easy to train. 


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    Lion Air JT610 relatives

    A plane carrying 189 people between two Indonesian cities crashed Monday morning.

    Lion Air Flight JT 610 was traveling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang when the Boeing 737 Max 8 crashed into the sea at about 6:30 a.m. local time. Everyone on board is presumed dead, and recovered remains have been brought to hospitals for identification.

    The Reuters news agency reported Monday that "Yusuf Latief, spokesman of the national search and rescue agency, said there were likely no survivors."

    Wreckage has also been recovered from the crash site in the Java Sea, not far from where the plane took off from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, the Indonesian capital.

    Deputy National Police Chief Ari Dono Sukmanto said at a press conference Tuesday that the identification will be difficult as so few bodies are intact.

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    SEE ALSO: A previous Lion Air flight crash-landed in the sea in 2013, but with far less deadly results

    Bhavye Suneja, the pilot

    Suneja had logged more than 6,000 flight hours, according to Lion Air.

    Indonesia's Indian Embassy said on Twitter that Suneja "lost his life."

    His co-pilot, whose name was Harvino

    Harvino had logged more than 5,000 flight hours, according to Lion Air, which named him alongside Suneja.

    It is common for Indonesians to use only one name.

    6 other crew members

    Lion Air named the six crew members:

    • Shintia Melina
    • Citra Noivita Anggelia
    • Alviani Hidayatul Solikha
    • Damayanti Simarmata
    • Mery Yulianda
    • Deny Maula.

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    Milk, cheese, and plain unflavored yogurt products definitely fit nicely inside any healthy diet plan, but it's important to acknowledge that some dairy products don't fit into many peoples' diets due to allergies or intolerances.

    Adopting a dairy-free lifestyle may seem challenging to some, but registered dietitian Marissa Meshulam, RD, explained that going dairy-free is not as hard as it used to be. "Alternatives to traditional milk products are popping up everywhere," Meshulam told INSIDER.

    To help you find some dairy-free alternatives to popular foods such as yogurt, ice cream, and milk, we spoke more to Meshulam and other expert dietitians about flavorful food choices to give a try if you are looking to part ways with dairy for good. Below are some options to totally jot down on your next shopping list.

    Try yogurt or kefir.

    "If someone is looking for a lower-lactose option to dairy, I recommend cultured foods like unsweetened yogurt or kefir," said registered dietitian nutritionist Kristin Koskinen, RDN, LD, CD. The probiotics in these products break down the lactose, making it easier to digest for those with lactose intolerance, she said.

    Try hard cheeses.

    Although hard cheeses aren't exactly dairy-free, Koskinen said hard cheeses like parmesan are a low-lactose alternative to their higher lactose-containing counterparts, making it a great option for those who are lactose intolerant.

    Add nut milks to your shopping list.

    "If you are trying to move dairy out of your diet altogether, nut milks can be a great option,"Koskinen told INSIDER. And although there are plenty of non-dairy milk alternatives to choose from, she recommended making your own with nuts (or seeds) which can be soaked and blended with water and dates to create a delicious milk substitute.

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    apple ipad tim cook

    Apple is holding its second launch event this fall on Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York.

    In September, Apple debuted new iPhones and Apple Watch models. So most analysts and observers expect this event to focus on high-end iPad Pro models, faster MacBooks and Mac desktops, and potentially even a surprise. 

    Thanks to a seriesofreports, we have a good idea what Apple could launch on Tuesday.

    Here's what we're expecting: 

    SEE ALSO: It's official: Apple sends out invitations for the new iPad event on October 30

    Apple could launch two new iPad Pro models.

    These updated iPads could have Apple's Face ID sensor, a USB-C charging port, and a screen that goes from edge-to-edge. You can also expect the new iPads to have powerful A-series chips with custom graphics processors. Bloomberg reports that its look will include "squared-off sides" like the iPhone 5S.

    The current version of the iPad Pro starts at $649.

    Source: Bloomberg, 9to5MacTF International Securities

    These iPad Pros will also come with an updated version of Apple's stylus, called Pencil. The current Apple Pencil is sold separately and costs $99.

    Apple could finally release an updated version of its fan-favorite MacBook Air, which is currently the most affordable laptop in its lineup, starting at $999.

    Rumors point to a 13-inch screen with a higher pixel density than the current version's 1440 x 900 resolution, which was introduced in 2010.

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    So many TV shows premiere each season that it's hard to determine which ones to watch. Between network TV, premium channels, and streaming services, there are enough options to overwhelm even the most discerning viewer.

    To figure out which series you can skip, INSIDER consulted data from Metacritic. Keep scrolling to learn about 20 new shows that viewers think you can skip. 

    "Rel" (Fox) stars "Get Out" actor "Lil Rel" Howery as a fictionalized version of himself.

    User score: 1.8/10

    "Rel" is a sitcom inspired by the life of "Get Out" actor Milton "Lil Rel" Howery, who also stars in the series. It centers on a self-made Chicago man who has to start over after his divorce.

    In spite of the show's likable lead and cast, some have just not found it funny. 

    Viewers said "Camping" (HBO) falls somewhere between funny and serious.

    User score: 2.3/10

    Adapted by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner from the British series of the same name, "Camping" stars Jennifer Garner and David Tennant as a married couple on a birthday getaway that goes awry.

    Falling somewhere between funny and serious, viewers have called the show "burdensome" and "painful to watch."

    Fans of the original are put off by the 2018 remake of "Charmed" (The CW).

    User score: 2.7/10

    "Charmed," a remake of the cult favorite '90s series about three sisters who learn that they're witches, transplants the action from San Francisco to a fictional college town in Michigan. The new series is also more diverse, centering on a Latinx family and featuring a queer main character. In addition to the demon-fighting action that viewers of the OG "Charmed" will expect, the 2018 show also handles social issues such as consent.

    While these updates make the series feel fresh and relevant, some fans of the original are put off by the remake's feminist slant.

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    freeway highway

    Roads in the US need some serious help. 

    Even though states and the federal government spend over $400 million a year maintaining and building new roads, the American Society of Civil Engineers' 2017 report found that 32% of urban streets and 14% of rural roads were in poor condition. Overall, US roads received a D on the study's report card. 

    If roads were a pass/fail class in college, they would be failing. 

    On Tuesday, lvl5 — a company founded by ex-Tesla engineers that's building HD maps for self-driving cars — dug deeper into the problem and published a list of US states ranked by road quality.

    The company analyzed over 15 million photographs captured by its iPhone dashcam app, Payver, which pays users — typically Uber or Lyft drivers — up to $0.05 per mile to record their driving using their cell phone. To rank the states, lvl5 measured four distinct areas: road paint fading, pavement cracking, potholes, and surface flatness.

    Think your state has the most pothole-stricken pavement in the country? 

    If you live in Florida, have no fear. According to lvl5, your state has the best road quality around. Hawaii had the second best roads, followed by Washington state in third place. Lvl5's full findings can be found here

    Below, we've listed the 10 states that have it the worst: 

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    10. Maine

    9. New York

    8. Wisconsin

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