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    march for science washington dc

    The faces of Capitol Hill are changing.

    When the 116th Congress heads to Washington in January, there will be a record number of women in the ranks — at least 123, according to the news website Axios, including the first Muslim women, the first Somali-American, and the first Native American women.

    There will be more scientists too.

    On Tuesday, at least eight new science-credentialed candidates were elected: one senator and seven members of the House. Full results are not yet available in Washington state, where a pediatrician is likely to be elected to the House.

    The members of the 115th Congress include one physicist, one microbiologist, and one chemist, as well as eight engineers and one mathematician. The medical professions are slightly better represented, with three nurses and 15 doctors.

    The new winners will bolster those science ranks. The Democratic candidates who won all ran successful campaigns with the support of a nonprofit political-action committee called 314 Action, which started in 2016 and is dedicated to recruiting, training, and funding scientists and healthcare workers who want to run for political office. (One Republican engineer-turned-businessman won a race in Oklahoma, without support from the PAC.)

    "Scientists are essentially problem-solvers," Shaughnessy Naughton, the president of 314 Action, told Business Insider before the election results came in.

    Since Congress often wrestles with complex issues like climate change, cybersecurity, and how to provide fairer, cheaper healthcare, Naughton said she thought the US should put more scientists into the decision-making body.

    "Who better to be tackling these issues than scientists?" she said.

    Here's what to know about the new scientists heading to the Hill.

    SEE ALSO: There are 21 scientists running for Congress — here's what these engineers, physicians, and computer programmers want to do in DC

    Jacky Rosen, a computer programmer who positioned herself as a moderate Democrat, beat her Republican opponent, Dean Heller, in the US Senate race in Nevada.

    Rosen, who two years ago was elected to represent Nevada's 3rd District in the House, touted her role in the construction of a large solar array in a Las Vegas suburb that she said lowered her synagogue's energy bill by 70%.

    During the campaign, she criticized Heller for his deciding vote on a law letting internet service providers sell consumer data without their permission. Despite initially opposing efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, Heller also changed his stance on the healthcare law and supported a Republican replacement plan.

    Nevada's turnout was enormous, with twice as many early voters as there were in the 2014 midterm elections.

    Chrissy Houlahan, an industrial engineer, Democrat, and Air Force veteran, won the House seat in Pennsylvania's 6th District.

    Houlahan, who said she would focus on making healthcare more affordable, defeated her Republican challenger, Greg McCauley, a tax lawyer who has owned 20 Wendy's franchises, after Rep. Ryan Costello decided not to seek reelection.

    Houlahan is one of several women who will represent states that currently have no women in the House. She will be the 6th District's first Democratic representative since 2003.

    In South Carolina's 1st District, which has been red since 1981, Joe Cunningham, an ocean scientist, defeated the Republican hopeful Katie Arrington.

    Cunningham, who is also a lawyer, sparred with Arrington throughout the campaign over the future of offshore drilling. His expertise in this area won over the Republican mayors of the coastal cities of Folly Beach and Isle of Palms.

    Arrington, who has served in South Carolina's House of Representatives, does not oppose offshore drilling. She emphasized national issues such as immigration and President Donald Trump's proposed wall along the US-Mexico border, while Cunningham focused on local issues.

    Cunningham won the race by 4,036 votes, a margin of 1.4 percentage points. An outcome with a margin of 1 percentage point or less would have triggered an automatic recount.

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    Animals have distinct ways of giving birth. Depending on the species, babies can come from the male or female, and the process of laying and hatching eggs varies widely. 

    Here are 10 of the strangest types of animal pregnancies and births. 

    SEE ALSO: Scientists just discovered these 10 bizarre and beautiful animal species that show what it takes to survive on Earth against the odds

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    Giraffes give birth standing up.

    Female giraffes are pregnant for 14 to 15 months. When they go into labor, they stand up to push the calf out. When the baby giraffe emerges, it drops to the ground. This fall can be about 6 feet, and it helps the giraffe's umbilical cord break. At birth, baby giraffes weigh in at about 100 to 150 pounds and are 6 feet tall.

    For giraffes, the process of reproduction starts when a male giraffe drinks a female's urine to determine whether or not she is in heat.

    Surinam toads give birth out of their backs.

    Surinam (or Suriname) toads enter the world out of holes on their mom's back.

    First, the female toad lays her eggs. Then the male toad fertilizes the eggs and places all of the eggs on the female's back. Skin grows over the eggs, protecting them until they hatch. After about seven days, the baby toads squirm out of holes in the protective skin. 

    Spotted hyenas have a painful and risky birthing process.

    Female hyenas have three times more testosterone than males, which results in a peculiar and risky labor process. Femalehyenas give birth through their clitoris, also called a pseudo-penis. The birth canal of a hyena is only about one inch across, and consequently, many hyena babies do not survive. Suffocation is a frequent occurrence for the cubs, as is the death of first-time hyena mothers.  

    Other animals have a pseudo-penises, too, such as squirrel monkeys, lemurs, fossas, a cat-like carnivorous mammal, and binturongs, mammals with a face like a cat's and a body like a bear's.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Princess Charlotte flowers

    • In honor of its 10th anniversary, Nameberry has compiled a list of the most popular baby names from the last decade and the next. 
    • Names like "Charlotte" and " Liam" will be among the most popular baby names in 2028. 
    • Names like "Brantley" and "Everly" saw a big increase in popularity over the past 10 years. 


    Nameberry was born 10 years ago and is now the biggest baby name website in the world, welcoming 235 million visitors from every country and racking up 1.5 billion page views. Based on 10 bestselling books on names coauthored by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz, including the groundbreaking "Beyond Jennifer & Jason," Nameberry is the expert guide to baby names and trends.

    To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we undertook an original analysis of baby name data from the Social Security Administration. Here's what we found:

    10 hottest girls' names of the decade

    The girls' names that increased the most in usage over the past decade include the surnames of a singing duo and a Golden Age screen siren, a sweet vintage name and new-fangled word names with elevated meanings.

    1. Everly
    2. Nova
    3. Adaline
    4. Paislee
    5. Harlow
    6. Royalty
    7. Henley
    8. Coraline
    9. Emberly
    10. Aitana

    10 hottest boys' names of the decade

    The boys' names that have grown the most in usage over the past ten years include the names of a Spanish footballer, a British Pakistani singer, and a mythological strong man.

    1. Brantley
    2. Thiago
    3. Knox
    4. Jayceon
    5. Atlas
    6. Zayn
    7. Raylan
    8. Reyansh
    9. Huxley
    10. Brentley

    Top 10 girls' names of 2028

    Our analysis of the Social Security data also includes exclusive statistical projections of future baby name popularity, with calculations of the Top 1000 Baby Names of 2028. We created an algorithm that analyzes each name’s past popularity trajectory and projects its rank going forward, to help parents gauge the trendiness of the names they’re considering. Here, our predicted Top 10 Names for Girls ten years from now, which include three new names, marked with an asterisk.

    1. Charlotte
    2. Amelia
    3. Harper*
    4. Emma
    5. Olivia
    6. Evelyn
    7. Mia
    8. Aria*
    9. Ava
    10. Sofia*

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sexHaving sex on your period is possible, and it can sometimes be even more pleasurable

    Here are some tips for having sex while on your period while feeling as comfortable as possible. 

    Embrace the potential messiness.

    Letting go of your fear of making a mess can actually improve your sexual experience. And not just during your period.

    "More comfort around messinesscan break down barriers to sexual enjoyment. Studies have shown that people who have higher arousal are less grossed out by bodily fluids and 'messy period sex,'" psychologist and sex therapist Shannon Chavez told Glamour.

    While it's not possible for everyone, by trying to embrace the messiness and just being in the moment, you can set yourself up for a more carefree and enjoyable experience.

    You may want to use extra lubrication.

    While some consider menstrual blood to be a natural lubricant, your menstrual cycle can actually lower your body's natural lubrication levels. 

    Dr. Felice Gersh, M.D., a gynecologist at Integrative Medical Group of Irvine, previously told INSIDER that your body's natural lubrication will be at its lowest while on your period because that's when your body's estrogen levels are at their lowest.

    So, using some form of extra lubrication can make sex on your period a bit more comfortable.

    Read More: 8 things to know about having sex while on your period


    You may feel comfortable having sex in a bath.

    Your body won't actually stop menstruating while you're submerged in water, but physics works in your favor. As Tonic reports, the water pressure can stop blood from flowing out

    While you may still experience some bleeding during sex, having sex in the bath can potentially be more comfortable and make for less of a mess. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    ears on planeMany people have experienced the uncomfortable sensation of having their ears plug up during a flight. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, it has to do with the eustachian tube, a channel in our ear that stabilizes pressure between our two ears.

    As we ascend or descend while flying, the change in altitude affects the eustachian tube's ability to regulate that pressure. Sometimes the change in pressure causes the eustachian tube to collapse, which creates that blocked sensation.

    This means the key to relieving that feeling is to reopen to the eustachian tube so it can equalize the pressure. Thankfully, you don't have to wait until you arrive at your destination to make that happen.

    Here are five ways to pop your ears while you're still in the air.

    Try chewing gum.

    Next time you're waiting at the airport, be sure to pick up some gum. Chewing gum can actually help pop your ears on a plane because it stimulates saliva production.

    As the mouth produces more saliva, we naturally begin to swallow. When you swallow, the muscles on your soft palate (aka the roof of your mouth) pull the eustachian tube open. This typically gets rid of the clogged feeling in your ears. 


    Suck on a hard candy.

    Like chewing gum, the act of sucking a lollipop, cough drop, or any small candy stimulates saliva production that can lead to swallowing. As noted previously, this action causes ears to pop.

    Make yourself yawn.

    It may seem strange to think of forcing a yawn if you're not tired, but it's one of the easiest ways to safely pop your ears.

    According to Mayo Clinic, when we opening our mouths nice and wide stretches muscles in the back of our throat that are connected to the eustachian tube. This can cause the tube to reopen so it can adjust to the outside air pressure.

    Once the pressure stabilizes, the discomfort disappears. You can try to make yourself yawn by inhaling deeply while thinking about yawning.

    Read More: 15 secrets you never knew about flying

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    farrah teen momIt's hard to believe that it's been almost a decade since MTV's "16 & Pregnant" premiered for the first time.

    Although some of the show's most memorable moms ended up starring on "Teen Mom" and its various spinoffs, many of the girls who were featured on "16 & Pregnant" didn't remain on-air.

    Here's what some of the most unforgettable moms from "16 & Pregnant" have been up to.

    Maci Bookout is now married with three children.

    In "16 & Pregnant," we saw Bookout give birth to her first son, Bentley, with her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards.

    Edwards was recently arrested for heroin possession, and he is now married to Mackenzie Standifer. They're due to welcome their first child together later this year.

    Now starring in "Teen Mom OG,"Bookout married husband Taylor McKinney in 2016, and they've teamed up in running their own clothing line together called Things That Matter.

    Together, they have had two more children: 2-year-old Maverick and 3-year-old Jayde.

    Mackenzie Douthit is building a fitness empire.

    There have been rumors that Douthit — who is now Mackenzie McKee — would return to the "Teen Mom" series this year, but outside of an MTV special about her life, it seems like she's staying away from reality shows while her mom is battling terminal brain cancer.

    McKee is still married to the father of her children, Josh. They have three children — Jaxie, Gannon, and Broncs. McKee also offers fitness coaching through her company Body By Mac.

    Chelsea Houska is now Chelsea DeBoer.

    On "16 & Pregnant," viewers watched Houska's toxic relationship with her child's father, Adam Lind. Fortunately, her and Adam have split.

    In 2016, she married Cole DeBoer, and they have two children together — 1-year-old Watson and a daughter named Layne, who was born in August. Chelsea and Adam's daughter Aubree is now nine and earlier this year she was able to change her last name to Lind-DeBoer.

    Chelsea still stars on "Teen Mom 2."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX 8 PK LQK

    • The Boeing 737 MAX is the fastest-selling plane in company history.
    • Through September, Boeing has taken orders for 4,783 737 MAX aircraft with 219 delivered to customers.
    • The 737 MAX currently operates with 40 airlines around.

    The Boeing 737 MAX entered service in 2017 to great fanfare. The jet is the latest in Boeing's long line of hot-selling 737 family narrow-body airliner. The 737 MAX has earned praise for its advanced aerodynamics and fuel-efficient engines.

    In fact, the 737 remains the best selling airliner of all time while the new MAX variant quickly became quickest selling plane in Boeing history. Through September, Boeing has sold 14,985 737s since the 1960s with 4,783 of them the MAX variant. In total, 219 737 MAX aircraft have been delivered to airlines and leasing companies. 

    In October, the tragic crash of Lion Air Flight JT610 brought the jet back to the forefront the public consciousness. Flight JT610, which killed all 189 people on board, was the first major accident involving the 737 MAX.

    Read More: The incredible history of the Boeing 737, the best-selling airliner of all time.

    On Tuesday, Boeing issued a safety bulletin for airlines operating its new 737 Max airliner in the wake of the crash.

    The bulletin cautions operators of the 737 Max that erroneous readings from one of the plane's sensors can cause the aircraft to enter into a sudden dive, Bloomberg reported.

    "On November 6, 2018, Boeing issued an Operations Manual Bulletin (OMB) directing operators to existing flight crew procedures to address circumstances where there is erroneous input from an AOA sensor," the company's statement said.

    In spite of the tragedy, industry analysts and Boeing's investors remain confident in the company. 

    "This is a tragedy, but (the safety bulletin) says absolutely nothing about the design of the plane and its major subsystems," TEAL Group aviation analyst Richard Aboulafia told Business Insider.

    Boeing stock closed up 1.51% on Wednesday. 

    Read More: The amazing story of how the Airbus A320 family became the Boeing 737's greatest enemy.

    The 737 MAX's major US customers include Southwest, American, and United. The plane is also in operation around the world from Air Italy to China Southern.

    According to data from, the 737MAX is currently in operation with 40 airlines around the world. 

    Here's a closer look at the 40 airlines that fly the Boeing 737 MAX:

    SEE ALSO: Boeing is warning 737 Max customers about a flaw that could make the jet suddenly dive — but an expert says the potentially deadly issue won't affect the company's business

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    Norwegian Air

    Air China


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Women across the country saw historic wins in Tuesday's Midterm elections.

    The night was poised to be a night of firsts, with a record number of women on the ballot and a number of candidates set to diversify Congress.

    And the night resulted in just that, with victories for Native American, Muslim, black, gay and female candidates.

    An all-time record number of women ran in Congressional races this year and now there are more women in Congress — 113 — than ever before. 

    At a state level, Democrat Janet Mills of Maine and Republican Kristi Noem of South Dakota were elected as their state's first-ever female governors, and another 3,379 women were their parties' nominees for legislative seats.

    This year's election saw a 75% increase in women of color running for Congress since 2012. A record-high 40 women of color were elected to the House, beating the previous record of 38.

    Here, Business Insider takes a look at some of the women who made history.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, 29, shocked many in New York when she defeated ten-term Rep. Joe Crowley in the state's Democratic congressional primary earlier this year.

    The defeat made her the face of young Democrats as her campaign made national headlines.

    She takes the record of youngest woman to be elected into Congress from Rep. Elise Stefanik, who was elected when she was 30, according to The Associated Press.

    Sharice Davids and Debra Haaland became the first Native American women elected to Congress.

    Kansas Democrat Sharice Davids and New Mexico Democrat Debra Haaland are the first Native American women to be elected to Congress.

    Davids also became the first LGBT Native American elected into Congress when she ousted Republican incumbent Kevin Yoder on Tuesday.

    The only previous Native American to serve on Congress is Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who represented Colorado from 1993 until 2005. 

    Haaland, a tribal member of the Laguna Pueblo and former chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, has pushed for renewable energy, immigration reform and a higher minimum wage, according to The Associated Press.

    Janet Mills became Maine’s first female governor.

    Democratic Attorney General Janet Mills was elected to be Maine's first female governor in Tuesday's Midterm.

    Mills defeated Republican businessman Shawn Moody and independent state treasurer Terry Hayes.

    When she takes office, Mills will succeed GOP Gov. Paul Lepage.

    Mills has vowed to fight against the Trump Administration policies on the environment, immigration and welfare, according to The Associated Press.

    "Hope has been severely challenged in the last few years — both here in Maine and across the country," she said. "Challenged by the politics of cynicism, of fear, of distrust, of anger."

    Other landmark female governor races include Lou Leon Guerrero, who became the first female governor of Guam, and Kristi Noem, who was elected as South Dakota’s first female governor.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Fossil sport Candice Huffine

    Fossil just debuted what it's calling its most colorful smartwatch ever — and it might be its most powerful, too. 

    The watchmaker on Thursday unveiled the Fossil Sport, a $255 smartwatch that comes in six colors and has two standout internal features: the new Wear OS, Google's new smartwatch operating system; and the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip, which should give the watch better battery life and new abilities. 

    Fossil says the new watch is aimed at a "design-conscious consumer," which is why the company opted for so many colors. Typically, smartwatches only come in two or three options, but the Fossil sport will come in silver, gold, dark gray, red, blue, and pink.

    More varied color options, and more brightly colored options at that, seems to be a trend this fall: in September, Apple introduced the iPhone XR, which comes in six bright colors. 

    "We know our consumers want versatility both in their activity and their accessories, which is why we wanted to bring a smartwatch to market that is a fit for every style," Steve Evans, executive vice president of Fossil Group, said in a press release about the new watch.

    The Fossil Sport will also come in two case sizes, 41 mm and 43 mm, which are roughly the same sizes as an Apple Watch Series 4 (though, clearly, a different shape). 

    Read more: Google made some subtle changes to its smartwatch operating system, Wear OS — and it proves that a little bit goes a long way

    Fossil smartwatch

    A new and improved chip

    The Fossil Sport is among the first smartwatches to contain the new Snapdragon Wear 3100 chip from Qualcomm.

    The new chip should make a major difference in battery life, which has been one of the main issues holding smartwatches back. For its part, Fossil says the Sport watch should get 24 hours of battery life, plus an additional two days in battery saver mode, which is a feature of the new chip. 

    The new chip should also provide a few other nice features, like an enhanced "ambient mode" and some better watch faces, although Fossil hasn't given much more detail than that. 

    Beyond the new chip, the Fossil Sport will come preloaded with the updated Wear OS, Google's smartwatch operating system. The new OS has a better shortcuts menu, better-looking and easier to read notifications, improved gestures, Google Assistant built in, and a totally redesigned Google Fit app. 

    Here are some additional specs of the Fossil Sport:

    • Wireless charging
    • The ability to pair Bluetooth headphones
    • Built-in sensors including heart rate, NFC, GPS, altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, ambient light, and microphone
    • Touchscreen display
    • Compatible with iOS and Android
    • Interchangeable watch bands

    The Fossil Sport will start at $255 and will be available to order on Thursday, arriving in stores on November 12. Customers in New York City will be able to check it out for themselves at a pop-up store at 138 Wooster Street from November 9-11. 

    But if you want to get a closer look at the watch before then, here are all the colors it comes in, along with a few of the many strap options: 

    SEE ALSO: The iPhone XS has a few new camera tricks hiding under the hood — here's what they do

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • It's been one of the most active years in senior investment banking hires and exits since the financial crisis, according to top Wall Street headhunters.
    • Business Insider reviewed executive search reports detailing nearly 300 investment banking moves at the managing director level or higher this year. 
    • We spoke with top investment banking headhunters to determine the top 40 moves of the year. 

    According to top Wall Street headhunters, 2018 has been the most active year of hires and departures by senior investment bankers in recent memory.

    We reviewed reports and spoke with executives at several premier investment-banking search firms and found nearly 300 moves at the managing director level or higher in the US this year. 

    Julie Choi, CEO of CBK Partners, formerly known as Choi & Burns, said 2018 has been the most robust year of hiring among the senior ranks — both in terms of quality and quantity — she's seen since the meltdown in 2008.

    Albert Laverge, head of the corporate and investment banking practice for Egon Zehnder, told Business Insider the same.

    What's changed in 2018? A few dynamics are at work.

    • An unprecedented amount of shakeups at the highest ranks of bulge-bracket investment banks — Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and UBS have all seen their power structures revamped.
    • It's not just boutiques and independents picking off talent from global investment banks anymore:  “In past years, bulge-bracket firms were filling roles as departures occurred, which created a musical chairs between one firm and another. That doesn’t really reflect growth," Choi said. "What’s really different this year is that every firm is looking to take the hill — both independent and bulge bracket.”
    • The record level of dealmaking we've seen in 2018 is likely spurring moves as well — the hottest sectors for deals mirror the hottest sectors for investment banker moves (TMT and healthcare). Firms may not feel they can wait to hire when the market is as hot as it is. 

    "What I do find notable is how active the landscape is. It's November and announcements are still coming," Laverge said.

    Given the inordinate amount churn this year, Business Insider put together a list of the most notable moves of 2018. We worked with a handful of senior headhunters who live and breath this industry to winnow that list of nearly 300 moves down to the 40 biggest of 2018.

    Some caveats: While seniority and title matter, it's not the only thing that matters. Well respected dealmakers at an MD level may earn a spot ahead of a group head that's past their prime. Also, this is a US focused list, so no European- or Asia-based bankers. Lastly, we only included people who oversee or work directly in investment banking.

    Read on for Business Insider's list of the 40 most significant and noteworthy hires and departures in investment banking in 2018.

    Have thoughts? Think we missed somebody obvious or important? Shoot us a message at We'll revisit our ranking at year's end and expand it if necessary.

    Gregory Berube: Goldman Sachs to Evercore

    Old role: Head of Americas restructuring finance and advisory 

    New role: Senior managing director, restructuring and debt advisory group

    Month: May

    After a 14-year run at Goldman, Berube left to help build out Evercore's restructuring business. Among his notable past mandates: Caesars Entertainment, Chesapeake Energy, GNC, Six Flags, and Toys "R" Us.

    Chris Blake: Citigroup to Perella Weinberg

    Old role: Co-Head of the global automotives

    New role: Partner in industrials, focused on automotive

    Month: July

    Automotive specialist Blake decamps from Citigroup after 19 years, joining fellow top-40 mover Brennan Smith in the firm's burgeoning Chicago bureau, which it opened up earlier this year.  

    Jordan Bliss: Credit Suisse to Guggenheim

    Old role: Head of West Coast life sciences investment banking

    New role: Senior managing director in healthcare investment banking

    Month: July

    A 12-year healthcare investment banking vet, Bliss started his career in M&A at Lehman Brothers and subsequently Barclays before his nearly three-year run at Credit Suisse. He'll continue to focus on life sciences deals — along with fellow Credit Suisse recruit Punit Mehta — in his new post with Guggenheim in San Francisco. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    let it go

    • Breaking up is hard. Breaking up with someone who has abused you is even harder.
    • You will feel confused and traumatised for some time.
    • It's not all terrible though — distance will make you realise you're stronger.
    • Trauma doesn't stay with you forever, and there are actually several positives from what you went through — even if you're still hurting.

    A common misconception about moving on from an abusive relationship is that the trauma stays with you for life. Even if you end up in a great relationship, you may still be lost in your old one, unable to fully let go.

    In reality, this is usually simply a sign you haven't moved on yet. Breaking up with an abusive person is hard, and it can take people months, or even years, to fully recover. But that doesn't mean it's impossible.

    Perpetua Neo, a doctor of psychology and expert who works with women who are healing from damaging, toxic relationships, said if you sort through your pain, work out what demons you have that resulted in you being attracted to a bad person in the first place, then the magic begins.

    "The narcissist didn't want you to gain anything from being with them, but actually you ended up taking everything and becoming stronger," she told Business Insider. "One thing people I've worked with find is that they gain a fuller, more whole version of themselves after leaving the narcissistic ex."

    You will probably be in agony for a while, because your body has essentially been addicted to the intermittent love the abuser gave you. But in time, you will realise that you are so much stronger, resilient, and capable of finding someone who isn't going to discard you for being you.

    Here are seven lessons you can take away from the traumatic experience of loving a toxic person — and the strengths you gain from moving on:

    SEE ALSO: People often stay in abusive relationships because of something called 'trauma bonding' — here are the signs it's happening to you

    1. Using empathy as a superpower

    Empathy can be both a gift and your kryptonite. Neo said if you have too much empathy for others, it can mean you start to honour someone else's story over your own. If you do this all the time, it can lead to an "empathy burnout," meaning you give and give, but begin to lose any care for yourself.

    "We forget that we need to nourish ourselves first and foremost before we can nourish somebody else," Neo said. "So in this sense, after the break-up, people start to use empathy as a superpower, and think of empathy as this burden, like: 'Why do I go for people who tell me their sob stories?' Then after that you realise you don't need to take on everybody else's energy."

    2. Boundaries are healthy

    The more time that passes, the more you will realise how troubling the way you were treated was. Becoming very clear about your boundaries means you have a better idea of the kind of person you really are. You also know what you are willing to tolerate, and you will be better at realising who will and won't respect you.

    "Boundaries are the 'hell nos' in our life, and sometimes we don't feel like we have permission to say 'hell no,'" Neo said. "Once we are really clear about what our boundaries are, and we stop seeing them as bad things, we actually get very clear about what is unacceptable. From then I can trust myself to have as much fun as possible, because I've communicated my line already."

    3. Gain a new perspective

    In life, we are all subjected to ideas of how we are supposed to act. Some people will be more influenced by them than others. For example, films often clearly convey some of the power dynamics we are exposed to.

    In "The Little Mermaid," Ariel falls in love with a prince and, in order to be with him, she grows legs and gives up her voice. In "Star Wars," Han Solo grabs Princess Leia inappropriately. In James Bond films, notorious for their misogyny, Bond forces himself on female characters such as Pussy Galore.

    "What does that say to girls watching films like that?" Neo said. "When we keep watching this stuff about inappropriate behaviour, we stop understanding what acceptable behaviour is."

    Coming out of an abusive relationship can give you a new perspective about what you might have looked over in the past while you thought you'd met the love of your life. If you run into a person in the future who you think might hurt you, or acts in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you'll find you're more able to take a stand, Neo said.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Moschino tv HM_6108_LB_105_300dpi_PR

    • H&M's latest designer collaboration is with luxury Italian fashion house Moschino.
    • The collection features bold prints, dazzling sequins, and Disney characters.
    • Fans are so desperate to get their hands on items from the collection that some lined up outside stores overnight.

    H&M has just dropped its latest desginer collaboration: Moschino x H&M.

    The high street stalwart has teamed up with the Italian luxury fashion house to create a bold and dazzling collection which has sent fans into a frenzy.

    The range went on sale at 9 a.m. in the UK and will launch in the US at 8 a.m. EST today.

    Here are the coolest pieces you can buy from the collection.

    Anticipation for the collection had been building for weeks after the brands teased fans by sharing pictures in October.

    The collection was unveiled on the runway last month, with models such as Bella Hadid showcasing the looks.

    Moschino creative director Jeremy Scott has designed the collection, which is bold, bright, and maximalist.

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    David Solomon

    Goldman Sachs named its new partner class on Wednesday. It's the first partner group under new CEO David Solomon and the class is more selective and diverse than ever. 

    Goldman selects partners every two years, a throwback to its history as a private partnership and an attempt to preserve a culture that officially ended when the bank went public in 1999. The rank of Goldman partner is still one of the most sought after titles on Wall Street, largely for the wealth it can bring. Those who get called up are given a raise, a sizable chunk of the bonus pool and investment opportunities not available to other employees.

    Of the 69 new partners, we highlighted a few standouts from different areas across the bank. 

    Here they are: 

    Thomas Malafronte, Securities

    Thomas Malafronte, who sits on Goldman's high-yield desk, made headlines in 2016 when he reportedly made $300 million buying up billions of dollars worth of junk bonds issued by energy firms and retailers from clients anxious to sell. Malafronte later sold them for a higher price when the markets recovered. 

    Malafronte's trading prompted a review by the bank to ensure his trades complied with Dodd-Frank, according to Bloomberg News. Before joining Goldman, Malafronte worked on the investment grade trading desk at Credit Suisse, from 2010 to 2013. He got his start at Morgan Stanley, Goldman's archrival, in 2005.

    Boe Hartman, Technology

    Boe Hartman joined Goldman Sachs from Barclays, originally to help Goldman's Marcus lending unit get up and running. Since then, he's been promoted to co-chief information officer for the firm's banking subsidiary. He's also head of consumer-banking technology and digital finance technology.  

    At Barclays, Hartman was chief information officer for Barclay's credit card operation. He spent more than a decade at Capital One prior to that. Hartman attended West Virginia University. 

    Rana Yared, Securities

    Yared is a senior member of an elite unit within Goldman's sales and trading division known as the principal strategic investments group. The employees in PSI make investments in financial technology startups and in some cases even help build businesses within Goldman. 

    Yared has been leading the firm's foray into cryptocurrency trading, and she serves on the board of Goldman portfolio companies, including Kensho, a machine learning and analytics startup. She has degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and the London School of Economics and joined Goldman as an analyst in 2006.

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    wedding cake

    If you've ever ordered a tiered wedding cake, you already know that most will set you back at least a few hundred dollars. The expense is a reflection of the artistry involved in making a dessert that is not only beautiful and delicious but complicated to transport and set up. Unfortunately, there are so many steps between deciding on a budget and taking the first bite of your wedding cake, that any number of things can go wrong.

    Reddit users described some of the worst wedding cake disasters they have witnessed, which may have you double-checking references and seating your 5-year-old cousin away from the cake. As always, these are just for fun as INSIDER can't independently authenticate the stories.

    "The cake landed upside down on the carpet."

    "My friend was having a big elaborate wedding and had a fancy Ace of Cakes type of cake made. The baker was carrying it into the venue and tripped over the corner of a rug. The beautiful, custom designed cake went tumbling and landed upside down on the carpet. They ended up with Costco cakes and cheesecakes from a local bakery." - Redditor canadian_maplesyrup

    "We got this big brown glistening cake covered with CA CA."

    "My mother-in-law ordered a chocolate sheet cake. I was happy with her choice as I was not very bothered with my wedding and delegated as much as possible. She had the idea to have our initials in white icing covering the cake. I am A, he is C. So we got this big brown glistening cake covered with CA CA. I am French and my husband is English. In France, 'caca' is poo (and I believe also understood as such in many languages). She was mortified when people starting to laugh, but I really did find it hilarious and told her not to worry about it." - Redditor MacTaker

    "The 10-tier cake collapsed onto the bride."

    "The wedding had a 10-tier wedding cake. Completely cake. No cardboard, no wood, just cake. As they are cutting it, the cake collapses under its own weight and falls on the bride. We called 9-1-1." - Redditor Craftmasterkeen

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    macbook air 2018 4x3

    • The Apple's new MacBook Air is here with refreshed specs, features, and design — and there's finally a viable option that's not the MacBook Pro.
    • The new MacBook Air offers a lighter weight and a slimmer overall design for a lower price tag than any MacBook Pro.
    • Both laptop displays also have the same sharpness and resolution, but they're not the same quality. The MacBook Air also has better battery life.
    • Read on to learn more about the similarities and differences between the new MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pros.

    Up until Apple unveiled its new MacBook Air last week, the choice of which computer to buy was much easier to make.

    The old MacBook Air wasn't a good option, considering its old specs and relatively high price tag for those specs. The only realistically good Apple laptop option was the MacBook Pro, or maybe the MacBook if you really valued portability.

    But now that the new MacBook Air is here, with refreshed specs, features, and design, there's finally a viable option that's not the MacBook Pro.

    The new MacBook Air offers a lighter weight and a slimmer overall design for a lower price tag than any MacBook Pro.

    Check out the similarities and differences between the new MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pros:

    SEE ALSO: Apple is selling refurbished iPhone 8 smartphones for $500, and it's an amazing deal

    The MacBook Air's design is a mix of the original MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro.

    The overall design of the new MacBook Air is pretty similar to the original's design, except for the display area, which has gotten a MacBook Pro treatment with narrower black bezels. 

    Both the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have the same size 13-inch displays.

    Both laptop displays also have the same sharpness and resolution, but they're not the same quality.

    The new MacBook Air has the same 2560 x 1600 Retina resolution as the MacBook Pro.

    The main area where the two displays differ is in their features. The MacBook Air's Retina display is miles better, with 48% more color than the original MacBook Air's display. But it's not quite as good as the MacBook Pro's, which has Apple's True Tone technology that adapts the display to the type of lighting in a room for a more "accurate and natural" viewing experience. The MacBook Pro's display also comes with better color, according to the specs. 

    At the end of the day, it's likely that only professionals would really notice the MacBook Pro's additional color depth and True Tone. The MacBook Air's display will surely be fine for the majority of users. 

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    Amazon Holiday Catalog13

    • Amazon will be mailing out a holiday toy catalog for the first time this year.
    • The catalog, called "A Holiday of Play," has more than 60 pages of toys and games. The catalog is similar to the now online-only Sears Wish Book and defunct Toys R Us catalogs. 
    • Amazon, like Walmart and Target, is fighting to win the billions of dollars in sales Toys R Us did in 2017. 
    • Here's what the catalog is like. 

    Amazon will be mailing out its first-ever holiday toy catalog to millions of shoppers this year. 

    The toy catalog, called "A Holiday of Play," has more than 60 pages of toys and games for shoppers to flip through. There's also a Kindle edition of the toy guide. Prices aren't listed in the catalog, but some of the featured toys also come with a QR code, allowing shoppers to instantly scan and shop for them on Amazon. Shoppers can also scan product images with their phones to find out more information on the Amazon app. 

    Amazon's toy catalog is reminiscent of the iconic holiday guides distributed by Sears and the now-defunct Toys R Us, with a similar retro look and hundreds of toys and games to choose from.

    As the holidays are approaching, Amazon is one of many retailers fighting for a piece of the billions of dollars in sales Toys R Us did in 2017. The catalog is another way for Amazon to reach customers that are missing Toys R Us. 

    Amazon's catalog is part of the e-commerce giant's recent push into physical retail, which has included opening a series of convenience stores, bookstores, and its new 4-star stores. The toy catalog will also be available in Amazon's 4-star stores and bookstores, according to CNBC.  

    Here's what Amazon's toy catalog is like.

    SEE ALSO: Sears will not be printing its iconic holiday Wish Book one year after bringing it back from the dead. Take a look at the catalogs through the years.

    Amazon's toy catalog, called "A Holiday of Play," is reminiscent of toy catalogs once distributed by Sears and Toys R Us.

    The first two pages of the catalog have information about shipping and returns, the Amazon app, Prime, and other features.

    Amazon's top toys, which include Lego sets, toy cars, and action figures, are listed at the front of the catalog.

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    Jack Dorsey CEO Twitter Square

    Square on Wednesday reported better-than-expected third-quarter revenue and profits, but its fourth-quarter profits guidance disappointed.

    The mobile-payment provider posted adjusted earnings of $0.13 a share on adjusted revenue of $431 million, beating the $0.11 and $414 million that Wall Street analysts surveyed by Bloomberg were expecting.

    Looking ahead, Square says it sees fourth-quarter earnings of $0.12 to $0.13 a share. That was a bit shy of the $0.15 that was expected.

    Meanwhile, Square boosted its full-year earnings-per-share guidance to $0.45 to $0.46 a share on $1.57 billion of revenue. Analysts were looking for $0.45 and $1.55 billion respectively.

    While the company's profit guidance disappointed traders, sending shares down 6% early Thursday, Wall Street analysts were impressed by Square's revenue, and are bullish about its long-term growth opportunity.

    Nearly every analyst believes the stock will move higher over the long term. Here's what they are saying:

    Goldman Sachs

    • Price target: $108 
    • Rating: Buy

    "Continued revenue acceleration plus healthy 2019 outlook should move the stock higher," said James Schneider at Goldman Sachs.

    "We believe the ongoing acceleration in revenue growth will continue to dominate the narrative on the stock, especially in light of uneven revenue performance across growth stocks in the broader technology sector. In addition, we believe management’s healthy preliminary outlook for 2019  should bolster investor confidence in the sustainability of Square’s growth story in the medium term." 

    RBC Capital Markets

    • Price target: $95
    • Rating: Outperform

    "Square posted another solid quarter in which adjusted revenue again inflected up, driven by significant growth in subscription & services," RBC analyst Daniel Perlin said.

    But he noted that there are three main uncertainties for Square: macroeconomic concerns, competition, and execution risks.

    "Since Square's business model is intimately tied to micro and small businesses, a slowdown in consumer retail sales could impede the achievement of our price target. Additionally, we note that: (a) payments is a very competitive landscape; (b) payments is also highly regulated; and (c) Square is dependent on services from the networks and merchant acquirers that may become competitors.

    "Finally, we note execution risk associated with: (a) the CEO’s dual leadership roles; (b) history of losses; and (c) the positive effects of software & data products revenue included in our model." 


    • Price target: $88
    • Rating: Hold

    "The guidance, particularly around EBITDA and the associated margins, suggests the company may need to invest faster and deeper to accomplish its goals," Jefferies analyst John Hecht said.

    "3Q18 exhibited upside on revenue while Square continues to invest in the business at a pace which impacts EBITDA and operating margins." 

    He continued: "Top-line trends, specifically strong gross payment volume and an increased contribution from S&S enabled the 2018 revenue guide increase but we note that slightly lower margins versus prior guide may mute the reaction to the quarter."

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    sad break up The OC summer

    Jealousy, otherwise known as that irritating green-eyed monster, is a complex human emotion. Unlike happiness and anger — emotions you can easily attribute to a rhyme or reason — jealousy is a "gut reaction in your emotional/evaluative system" that can fester long before you even realize it's there, according to a 2017 study published in the journal Frontiers In Psychology.

    No one sets out to be envious. It just sort of happens. You might not always know the cause of or be able to rationalize the envy, but one thing's for sure — jealousy is not a positive emotion, and the ways your jealousy can sabotage your own happiness are striking.

    Jealousy can make you feel insecure in your relationship.

    The more you find yourself wanting, the more you subject yourself to the comparison of other people who have whatever it is you covet.

    When you aren't satisfied with what you already own, when you aren't appreciative of the people in your life, or are constantly searching for the latest and greatest, these fantastical images of a life someone else is living can result in comparison, which will eventually translate into self-criticism, self-doubt, and insecurity. This can especially become volatile when these emotions come through in romantic relationships.

    "Jealousy is an indication of an insecurity in a relationship — sometimes we don't feel 'good enough,'" therapist and co-creator of Viva Wellness, Jor-El Caraballo told INSIDER. "If you continue to let jealousy run your relationship it's likely it will only exacerbate those feelings of insecurity, chipping away at your self-esteem even more over time. This can make the jealousy worsen over time and deteriorate your own confidence in your ability to be a balanced partner."

    You're never satisfied with who you are, or what you have.

    At the heart of it, jealousy sparks from desire, a deep-rooted yearning to be more, or have more. But if you're constantly fixated on the upgrade, on the promotion, on the weight loss, and lose sight of the here and now, it becomes almost impossible to feel 100% satisfied with who you are, and what you already have.

    "If not properly worked through, [jealousy] becomes a recipe for self-criticism, disapproval, and negation," said Michael Alcee, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist based in Tarrytown, New York. "It becomes a back-door way of saying that you aren't worthy as you are, and if only, you had or did or were this other thing would you be complete."

    Jealousy can spiral into perfectionism, which can be equally as unhealthy.

    "Jealousy can spur the natural human desire for perfection and omnipotence, wanting to be and have it all," Alcee added.  "Lovely in theory, in practice, this becomes nearly impossible to navigate without distortions."

    It can be a difficult concept for some to grasp, but Alcee explained that human beings do have limitations and constraints, and there is no one-size-fits-all definition of what it is to be perfect. 

    "It is the story of the Garden again, where we all become jealous of that which isn't meant for us and want to know more about why."

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    Nevada Desert

    A cryptocurrency millionaire has revealed his designs for an utopian community in the Nevada desert run completely on blockchain.

    The New York Times reports that the man behind the project, Jeffrey Berns, is planning a city that would run entirely on blockchain, a decentralized infrastructure which could theoretically provide the foundation for a community that's independent from the capitalistic world we live in. Instead of government and big corporations in control, the blockchain-based city would put power in the hands of the people and use cryptocurrency as the coin of the realm.

    "The city aims to showcase how business development, residential living and commerce can flourish alongside world changing technologies," reads a description on the website of Tom Wiscombe Architecture, one of the designers of the community. "Multiple innovative technologies will change the way its residents interact on a daily basis and blockchain technology will be at the center of it all – keeping systems honest, fair and democratic. "

    The area Berns has planned for his city comprises 67,000 acres of land in the Nevada desert that Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval has dubbed "Innovation Park." It surrounds an industrial park where Tesla's Gigafactory is located, as well as buildings that major tech giants like Google and Apple own. 

    The company that Berns founded, Blockchains LLC, bought the property earlier this year for a reported $170 million, according to the NYT. Berns is able to fund the entire project — including the additional $300 million he's already put into the land — with money he acquired from an investment in the cryptocurrency Ethereum back in 2015.

    "Something inside me tells me this is the answer," Berns told the NYT. "That if we can get enough people to trust the blockchain, we can begin to change all the systems we operate by.”

    Berns says Blockchains plans to begin construction of the city in late 2019 at the earliest, but the company still needs to develop a master plan and get county approval.

    Check out some of the designs for this blockchain-based utopia in the Nevada desert:

    SEE ALSO: A 70-year-old Taiwanese man known as 'Uncle Pokémon' uses an outrageous setup to play 'Pokémon Go' on 11 different phones at once

    Renderings of the city show a city split in two parts: a residential area and campus for researching emerging technologies, shown here.

    The business side of the city will feature "a highly secured, high-tech Blockchains Campus that joins blockchain technology with artificial intelligence (AI), 3D printing and nanotechnology,"according to the website for the city's architects.

    Berns told the NYT he also plans to build a university here.

    The research campus will include "workplace/manufacturing hybrids" to encourage innovation and collaboration.

    The commercial side of the city is focused on encouraging technologically forward ideas and development. One of the design firms, Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects, says on its website that these research building would serve as places "where inventions are prototyped and where they are conceived."

    The architecture is designed to encourage collaboration and creativity, with communal civic areas and large courtyards.

    The tech campus will also feature an esports arena.

    There's not many details available about the esports tournament arena. But the rise of competitive video gaming and its growing market indicates that esports is the future, which is right in line with Innovation Park's vision of a tech-forward community.

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    reese witherspoon outfits

    It's hard to believe, but Reese Witherspoon has been acting professionally since 1991. She's played everything from a troubled teen, to a perky law student, to an other-worldly being, and while her red carpet style has certainly evolved over the years, the costumes she's worn on-screen have been consistently fabulous from the start.

    Sometimes, Reese dresses for another decade, while other times, she's right on trend. We've rounded up 23 of her most iconic film and TV looks, thus proving there's no dress, pantsuit, or ball gown this actress can't pull off.

    Her sweet and simple picnic attire from "Cruel Intentions" sets the scene for the movie.

    We love a good monochrome look, and, as if we needed more proof that the ‘90s have returned, this purple skirt and sweater pairing would still be trendy today.

    Her elaborate, multicolored gown from "A Wrinkle in Time" is perfectly whimsical.

    That embellished, ruffled, poofy design was literally out of this world.

    Her vest and collared shirt combo from "Election" shows she means business.

    It was all very preppy chic, and the plaid skirt really pulled it all together.

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