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    Cindy Robbins

    • On Tuesday at Business Insider's IGNITION conference, Salesforce Chief People Officer Cindy Robbins shared the story of how her company became committed to equal pay for its employees.
    • Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff was initially surprised by Robbins' request, but ultimately he agreed. 
    • Over the last three years, Salesforce has paid around $8.7 million to close its gender pay gap.
    • "Unless you have flawless systems and flawless processes, you're going to have to run the audit every single year," Robbins explained. "This was not a one-and-done thing."
    • Robbins says Salesforce's effort around equal pay is a call to action for other companies to start doing the same.

    On Tuesday at Business Insider's IGNITION conference, Salesforce President and Chief People Officer Cindy Robbins shared the story of how the cloud software company became committed to equal pay for its employees. It's a story that she first brought to the public's attention on 60 minutes earlier this year

    Robbins said it started around 2014, when CEO Marc Benioff held his quarterly meeting with 60 to 70 top executives at Salesforce — and realized there were hardly any women in the room. Benioff knew there were strong female leaders within the company, and decided that moving forward. at least 30% of attendees to that meeting would be women. 

    "He gave us a seat at the table," Robbins remembers. "Our job was to stay invited to those meetings — which we did." 

    Read more:Match Group's CEO audited the company's payroll to make sure she was paying women equally and was surprised at the results

    Robbins rose the ranks at Salesforce and became the head of human relations — or officially, Chief People Officer. Soon after the promotion she starting thinking: "Why isn't easier for women to elevate at Salesforce?" 

    Here's the story of how Salesforce became a company committed to equal pay, as shared at Business Insider's IGNITION conference:

    Robbins (second from the right) teamed up with Leyla Seka (far right), an executive VP, and formed a list of how to help women grow in their careers at Salesforce. Equal pay was a concept they could not ignore. Robbins and Seka met with Benioff and — without any data — said they wanted to investigate whether Salesforce had a pay gap between men and women.

    Benioff was surprised at the request given the efforts he and his team had made to make Salesforce a place of equal opportunity and benefits. But ultimately he agreed and supported the initiative. 


    Since an audit like this had never been conducted at Salesforce, Robbins and Seka had first to assemble a team of internal and external experts and define their methodology. They then assessed all of Salesforce's some 30,000 employees and made the necessary adjustments to their compensation to close the gap.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    jake paul logan paul

    • Forbes recently released its list of the highest-paid YouTube stars of 2018, based on data and interviews with industry insiders.
    • The list is exclusively male, and half of the top-earning YouTubers share a focus on video games.
    • Collectively, the 10 top-earning YouTubers take home more than $180 million a year.

    YouTube's impact on pop culture can't be ignored — the platform's top stars become the world's premier influencers, coveted by media outlets and advertisers for their ability to reach tens of millions of followers on a daily basis.

    As influencers become more valuable, many popular YouTubers have been able to turn their personal brands into million-dollar businesses. While the formula for YouTube success varies between channels, the most successful YouTubers have been able to find new sources of income beyond the ad revenue on their videos. For some, that means personal clothing lines and TV appearances, while others have capitalized on their success with sold-out live tours and custom toy brands.

    Forbes recently released its list of the highest-paid YouTubers, based on their earnings from June 1, 2017, to June 1, 2018.

    Here's how they rank:

    SEE ALSO: A 7-year-old boy is making $22 million a year on YouTube reviewing toys

    NOW READ: PewDiePie will lose his crown as YouTube's biggest star, thanks to India's obsession with Bollywood

    10. Logan Paul — $14.5 million

    Vlogger Logan Paul was YouTube's fourth-highest earner last year. But his personal brand took a tumble after he uploaded a video of a dead body he found in Japan's Aokigahara forest, a location that is notorious for suicides.

    As a result, YouTube removed Paul from the Google Preferred program, impacting his ad revenue. However, his channel continued to rack up subscribers, and he continues to earn income from his personal merchandise and celebrity appearances. Despite the scandal in Japan, Paul was able to increase his earnings by $2 million in the course of a year.

    One of Paul's most watched stunts this year was a pay-per-view boxing match against British YouTuber KSI held in London. The fight ended in a draw, and the internet stars are planning a rematch for next year.

    9. PewDiePie — $15.5 million

    In past years, Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg was, without question, the world's most successful YouTuber.

    But recent scandals accusing the video-game commenter of racism and anti-Semitism have led to a slight decline in his sponsorships. Still, like Logan Paul, PewDiePie managed to increase his overall earnings by about $3.5 million between June 2017 and June 2018.

    PewDiePie still has the most subscribers of any single account on YouTube with more than 73 million, but will likely be overtaken by Bollywood YouTube channel T-Series in early 2019.

    8. Jacksepticeye — $16 million

    Irish video-game streamer Sean "Jacksepticeye" McLoughlin was one of the first YouTubers to be a part of PewDiePie's Disney-sponsored Revelmode network, earning him a giant following.

    While Disney eventually dumped Revelmode, McLoughlin was eventually signed to create original programming for Disney XD, a TV channel marketed toward children and teens. McLoughlin also serves as a host and stage personality for a number of live events and tours in Europe and North America.

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    george hw bush

    Former President George H.W. Bush died last Friday at the age of 94. 

    Bush was widely respected for his lifelong dedication to public service and calm, quiet demeanor. 

    Over the course of his long, distinguished life, Bush served his country in an array of capacities. He was a war hero, US congressman, diplomat, CIA director, and vice president in the years before he ascended to the highest office in the land. 

    Here are some of the more striking images as the nation remembers its 41st president. 


    Former President George H.W. Bush died on November 30 at the age of 94.

    The nation is remembering him as a lifelong public servant and dedicated family man.

    Bush's service dog, Sully, was among the first to mourn her owner's passing in the days leading up to his funeral.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    kohls 3178

    • Kohl's is being hailed as a winner of the retail apocalypse as other department stores like Sears struggle.
    • Comparable sales were up 2.5% at Kohl's in the third quarter.
    • Part of why it's doing so well is thanks to the changes it's making to stores, like adding pickup lockers and selling Amazon devices. 
    • We visited Kohl's and saw why it has been so successful lately.

    Kohl's is thriving as other department stores struggle

    In November, Kohl's reported that comparable sales were up 2.5% in the third quarter of 2018. Meanwhile, other department stores like Sears and JCPenney have been struggling through crippling sales declines.

    One major advantage that Kohl's has over other department stores is that nine out of 10 Kohl's stores are in suburban strip malls rather than enclosed shopping malls, so it isn't as strongly effected by declining foot traffic to malls. Kohl's has about 1,100 stores.

    The low-price department store has also been benefiting from a disappearing middle class and a higher demand for budget options — two factors that have been hurting more high-end department stores.

    Kohl's has been making some major changes to its stores. In March, the company announced a plan to bring the discount grocery chain Aldi to 10 of its stores in a pilot test. 

    "This quarter, we launched two pilot stores where we are testing a new customer service center concept, that includes a centralized checkout, a new impulse merchandising approach, self-checkout, new self-service kiosks and buy online, pick up in-store lockers," CEO Michelle Gass said in the company's third-quarter earnings call.

    The department-store chain has also expanded its partnership with Amazon and is now accepting returns from the e-commerce giant in about 100 stores. Kohl's has tripled the amount of Amazon pop-up shops inside Kohl's from 10 to 30 stores, and it will continue selling Amazon-branded products in all stores to help drive traffic.

    We visited a Kohl's store in Jersey City, New Jersey, and saw for ourselves why the retailer's changes are helping it thrive:

    SEE ALSO: We shopped at Kohl's and Burlington to see which was a better store, and there was a clear winner

    Unlike most Kohl's stores, the location we visited in Jersey City, New Jersey, was in a shopping mall.

    Menswear was at the front of the store. Kohl's carries name brands like Under Armour, Adidas, and Nike in its stores.

    Kohl's prices are generally inexpensive to begin with, and many products in store were on sale.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    2018 NY Motorcycle Show

    • The 2018 Progressive International New York motorcycle show pulled into the Big Apple this past weekend.
    • I dropped by before the show opened to the public and took in the sights.
    • Once again, heritage styling was a big story, but the growth of Royal Enfield, a motorcycle company big in India, was also notable.

    The New York motorcycle show is one of my favorite events of the year.

    The 2018 installment didn't disappoint. The floor at the Javits Center on Manhattan's West Side was crammed with all manner of two-wheeled delights (as well as some three- and four-wheeled attractions).

    All the major players were represented. We had big ole hogs from Harley-Davidson, cool flat-track racers from Indian, style machines from Triumph, Ducati, and Aprilia, and some flash new bikes from Royal Enfield, the freshest brand to hit the US market.

    Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda, and Kawasaki also showcased their wide range of bikes, ATVs, and of course, JetSkis. 

    I also sampled helmets, riding gear, and even tires!

    Let's have a look. 

    FOLLOW US: On Facebook for more car and transportation content!

    Progressive, the big insurer, is the longtime sponsor of the New York motorcycle show, which pulls in to the Javits Center every year.

    It is a sea of two-wheelers, from all the major manufacturers.

    Let's have a look around!

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Eczema is a skin condition that is a result of a damaged skin barrier — making it much more prone to irritation or infections.
    • There are several ways to treat eczema, but they're all focused on restoring the skin's barrier through proper skin care.
    • If you've tried these treatments and you're still struggling, it may be time to schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist.

    Known as "the itch that rashes," eczema can be a huge pain. Eczema, also referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a skin condition that is most commonly associated with a red, itchy rash. Flares are often caused by several different things, said Ellen Dabela, a dermatologist in New Jersey.

    "Humidity, temperature, exposure to various irritants or allergens, the presence of bacteria or yeast, and even one's own immune system will affect the severity and duration of an eczema flare," she told INSIDER. "There is also a genetic interplay between atopic dermatitis, asthma, and seasonal allergies."

    But what actually causes it? A damaged skin barrier, Carley Fowler, a dermatologist in Tennessee, told INSIDER. "Think about your skin as a brick wall: You have bricks and you have mortar," she said. "The bricks are skin cells, and the mortar is your skin's natural oil. Your skin is a barrier to the outside world, protecting your body. Patients with eczema are missing their mortar, so their barrier is broken down."

    This means that anything can creep through your skin's barrier, including fragrance, smoke, soaps, and other irritants, Fowler said.

    The good news is that there are several different ways to treat eczema. But ultimately, controlling eczema is all about restoring the skin's barrier so that your skin doesn't get so irritated. From at-home remedies to in-office treatments, here are 13 ways to treat eczema.

    Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

    The best thing you can do if you have eczema? Make moisturizing your skin a non-negotiable step in your daily routine.

    "The best way to treat eczema is changing behavioral habits,"Dhaval Bhanusali, a dermatologist in New York, told INSIDER.  "I recommend moisturizing right out of the shower after pat drying yourself down since this is when pores are open the most and absorb the best."

    Reach for heavy-duty moisturizers.

    If you're struggling with eczema, typical lotions won't help you out very much, said Sara Moghaddam, a dermatologist in Maryland. "Do not use lotions, as their alcohol content is higher and they evaporate quicker providing less moisture to the skin," she told INSIDER.

    Instead look for a thick cream or other emollient-based products, like Vaseline, said Monica Valentin, a dermatologist in Virginia.

    "No matter what type of eczema you have, I always recommend Vaseline after baths or showers and a ceramide-containing moisturizer, like CeraVe, all other times of the day," she told INSIDER. "Vaseline works by locking in the water for skin absorbed during the bath. Ceramides, on the other hand, are normal building blocks of the skin, but they are usually low or missing in eczema skin. So using a ceramide containing cream help rebuild the fat layer of the skin that naturally keeps in moisture."

    Avoid irritating products.

    While a product may smell delicious, intense fragrances can end up exacerbating eczema, said Marisa Garshick, a dermatologist in New York. "Typically I recommend avoiding products that contain any fragrance as many people with eczema have sensitive skin," she told INSIDER.

    That goes beyond just creams and body washes, Kelly Conner, a dermatologist in Texas, told INSIDER. She recommended that people with eczema steer clear of scented bubble bath, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, and harsh laundry detergents.

    But there are also a bunch of other potentially irritating ingredients that you should be on the lookout for as well, she added. "Watch out for hidden ingredients like fragrance, parfum, lavender, geraniol, citrus, parabens, formaldehydes, plant/flower/fruit/nut oils, lanolin, cocamidopropyl, and betaine," she added.

    All of these can irritate your skin and cause a reaction.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Urban Meyer

    • Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer will retire at the end of the season.
    • Meyer won three Big Ten titles and the 2014 National Championship in his seven years at Ohio State, but his final season in Columbus was marred by controversy.
    • Many speculated that the domestic violence scandal from the start of the season, combined with his ongoing health problems, could drive Meyer out of the Buckeye State.
    • Meyer has not indicated what he will do next, and his long and tumultuous career may not provide a clear answer.
    • Let's take a look back at Meyer's roller-coaster past and what he may choose to do in the future.

    Urban Meyer will coach his final game for the Ohio State Buckeyes when they take on the Washington Huskies in the Rose Bowl on New Year's Day.

    Meyer won three Big Ten titles and the 2014 National Championship in his seven years at Ohio State, but his final season in Columbus was marred by controversy. He was widely criticized for mishandling domestic violence allegations against former assistant coach Zach Smith and was subsequently suspended for three games to start the 2018 season. 

    Many speculated that Meyer's ongoing health problems, combined with the scandal, could drive Meyer out of the program.

    According to Pete Thamel of CBS Sports, the decision was driven by "a myriad of factors," but that "foremost among them was his happiness with the state of the Ohio State program."

    Meyer has yet to indicate what he will do next, and his nonlinear path to Ohio State doesn't provide a clear answer. Let's take a look back at his roller-coaster past and what he may choose to do in the next stage of his career.

    Urban Meyer has earned a reputation as a giant of college football, but he hasn't always been a household name.

    Meyer started his head coaching career at Bowling Green in 2001.

    He spent 15 years prior in assistant coaching positions with various programs, including Ohio State, Illinois State, Colorado State, and Notre Dame.


    After coaching the Falcons to 17-6 overall record in his two years at the helm, Meyer left Bowling Green for Utah.

    He coached the Utes to a 10-2 record in his first season at the helm to earn Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year honors.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    single parents

    • INSIDER conducted a survey to find out what new TV shows viewers think will get canceled. 
    • Using the data, we collected a list of 21 shows that people believe will be canceled. 
    • A lot of people agreed that "The Conners,""The Alec Baldwin Show," and "Dancing With the Stars: Juniors" will get the axe.

    We're nearing the end of the fall TV season, and we can’t help but wonder what shows are going to get canceled.

    And while we may not know those will be until 2019, viewers are feeling the tension. INSIDER was interested in the new shows that viewers are worried about, and conducted a survey to find out what new network TV shows people think are in danger of getting the axe.

    We collected a list of the shows people think will get canceled and included the percentage of participants who listed that show, along with the show's IMDB description. 

    Some shows people can agree are at risk of cancellation include "The Alec Baldwin Show,""The Conners," and "Dancing With the Stars: Juniors."

    SurveyMonkey Audience polls from a national sample balanced by census data of age and gender. Respondents are incentivized to complete surveys through charitable contributions. Generally speaking, digital polling tends to skew toward people with access to the internet. SurveyMonkey Audience doesn't try to weight its sample based on race or income. Total 1,217 respondents, margin of error 3% with 95% confidence level, poll ran Nov. 16 to 17.

    Here are the shows that people think are most in danger of being canceled:

    "The Alec Baldwin Show"— ABC

    Of those surveyed, 29.87% believe this talk show will be canceled. In November, ABC moved the show from the Sunday night line-up to Saturdays, which isn't good news for its longevity.  

    IMDB description: Weekly talk show hosted by actor Alec Baldwin.

    "The Conners"— ABC

    Of the people surveyed, 28.1% think that the "Roseanne" spin-off is doomed. While "The Conners" has steady ratings, it's only drawing in half the audience that the revival, which aired earlier this year, did. This could mean that it won't get picked up for another season, but the ratings are steady enough that it could stick around. Our guess? It was always intended as a one-season show, and will end with its first season in 2019. 

    IMDB description: Follow-up to the comedy series Roseanne (1988), centering on the family members of the matriarch after her sudden death.

    "Dancing With the Stars: Juniors"— ABC

    Of those who were surveyed, 25.44% believe this show will get canceled. And that's fair: It doesn't capture the magic of the popular reality competition series. And historically, kid spin-offs of popular reality shows do not perform well. Remember "American Juniors?" You probably don't, because it didn't last long. 

    IMDB description: A spin-off of "Dancing With the Stars" pairing celebrity kids with professional junior ballroom dancers to perform choreographed routines, which are judged by a panel that includes renowned ballroom experts.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • The US Capitol began regularly lighting a Christmas tree in 1964. 
    • Since then, the tree has grown more than 40 feet. 
    • The lights and decorations have changed too.

    The US Capitol Christmas tree lighting has been a thing for more than 50 years. Since then, the tree has been through a lot of changes. We looked back at how this tradition — and the tree — has grown. 

    In 1913, the first Christmas tree was erected on Capitol grounds.

    Though the tradition of a tree lighting ceremony started much later, a Christmas tree was placed on the Capitol lawn before that, a tradition that started in 1913 with a "community Christmas" in Washington. The 40-foot Norway spruce was accompanied by a nativity scene and a choir. 

    It happened again in 1914, but was then suspended for budget cuts. 

    In 1964, the first official Christmas tree was decorated.

    House Speaker John W. McCormack apparently suggested to J. George Stewart, architect of the Capitol, that there should be a Christmas tree on the Capitol lawn. Thus, one was planted and a tradition was started. It began with a relatively modest 24-foot tree.

    The same tree continued to be decorated for a few years.

    That same tree — a 24-foot Douglas Fir from Buddies Nurseries in Pennsylvania — was meant to stay on the lawn and be re-decorated each year. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Tim Cook Jony Ive iPhone XR

    • Apple's new iPhone XR is available in six colors: black, white, blue, yellow, red, and coral.
    • YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. "MKBHD," attended Apple's event in September and took some beautiful footage of the iPhone XR.
    • These photos are the next best thing to visiting an Apple Store in person and seeing these phones for yourself.

    Apple announced three new iPhones in 2018: the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR.

    The iPhone XS and XS Max are only available in three colors — black, gold, and silver — but the iPhone XR is available in six colors.

    If you don't feel like visiting an Apple Store to see the new iPhone XR colors for yourself, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. "MKBHD," spent some time with the colorful phones at Apple's big September launch event and took some beautiful footage with his 8K camera rig.

    Take a look at the red, blue, yellow, white, black, and "coral" versions of the new iPhone XR.

    SEE ALSO: I've used the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR — here's which one I'd recommend buying

    DON'T MISS: 9 reasons you should buy the standard iPhone XS instead of the iPhone XS Max

    Here's the white iPhone XR from the front.

    And here it is from the back.

    Next to the silver iPhone XS, you can see the iPhone XR is much brighter.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Gifts for host

    The holidays are in full swing, which means you probably already have too ugly Christmas sweater parties and family gatherings to think about. While you're busy shopping for holiday gifts, you may want to consider getting something for all the hosts that'll be making you feel welcome in their homes this season. 

    At a bare minimum, a host gift is a small but generous way to say "Thank you for having me." At its full potential, it's a way to make someone feel valued and recognized for all the time and effort they've spent to give you a wonderful and warm place to be. These host gifts are ones they'll remember and enjoy even after the party is over — once they're over the stress of cleanup (for which your voluntary help is probably the best host gift of all).

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    SEE ALSO: All of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides, in one place

    SEE ALSO: 15 thoughtful gifts for book lovers to satisfy the bookworm on your list

    A trio of chai tea that made it onto Oprah's Favorite Things list

    Vahdam Chai Tea Trio, available on Amazon, $29.99

    This tea trio made Oprah's Favorite Things list for 2018, so if it's good enough for her, it's good enough for your host. We've actually tried some of Vahdam's teas and were particularly impressed by its beautiful packaging.

    A wine tote and a nice bottle to go with it

    Draper James X Crate & Barrel Cheers Wine Tote, available at Crate & Barrel or Draper James, $20

    Wine is a classic host gift, but sometimes it doesn't quite feel like enough. But wrap a bottle in this sweet tote from Reese Witherspoon's brand Draper James and Crate & Barrel and you've got a perfectly complete gift for your party host. 

    And if you're looking for an easy way to order wine online for the holidays, we've got you covered with this list.

    A never-fail candle from one of our favorite new startups

    Gilded Holiday Candles, available at Otherland, from $38

    Otherland's candles offer the most beautiful unboxing and gifting experience. They're both a joy to give and a joy to get. You can choose candles from the newest limited-edition collection called Gilded Holiday, or go for the company's five base candles that are carried year-round.

    Read our full review of Otherland candles here.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Desperate Housewives

    • Some TV shows are simultaneously loved by viewers and hated by critics.
    • Here are 50 popular programs that were initially panned; some continued for years, while some didn't even score a second season.
    • The shows include "American Dad!,""Full House," and "One Tree Hill."

    Critics are sometimes criticized as being out of touch or too harsh — especially when it comes to popular shows that get panned.

    To find out which programs audiences have most loved while critics have hated, we turned to the aggregator Metacritic for its ranked list of TV shows. The list ranks show seasons by their composite critical reception and includes composite viewer scores from user reviews.

    Take a look at these 50 popular TV shows that critics object to, in no particular order.

    "Deception" (Season 1, 2018)

    Critic score: 51/100

    User score: 7.6/10

    What critics said: "Never rising above its hokey premise, the procedural is further sunk by transparent mysteries, hollow supporting characters, and a fatal lack of surprises."— Variety

    What fans said: "This show made me smile, made me interested. A little magic in my daily life is only good."

    "October Road" (Season 1, 2007)

    Critic score: 23/100

    User score: 8.6/10

    What critics said: "The series... exists as the kind of bad soap opera that quickly allows you to see what makes a good one."— The New York Times

    What fans said: "This is the most realistic show on television. I can relate to the characters as if they were my friends back home."

    "Stalker" (Season 1, 2014)

    Critic score: 17/100

    User score: 7.4/10

    What critics said: "Stalker won't get the kind of respect 'Dexter' did, in part because it is more overtly cheesy in the generic showbiz way."— The Wall Street Journal

    What fans said: "I absolutely love this show. Every episode keeps me hooked the entire time."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    thinkgeek gifts 4

    Many of us grew up on and continue to be enraptured by fantasy worlds. Inhabited by memorable characters and rife with action around every corner, they may have been born on the screen, but they certainly haven't stayed there — just look at all the apparel, games, and even full-fledged conventions and theme parks that they've inspired. 

    ThinkGeek believes there's no shame in embracing your chosen geekdom, whether you prefer to escape to faraway galaxies or imagine the unexplored possibilities of Earth.

    It's the perfect place to find a gift for anyone who appreciates cult favorites across TV, movies, books, video games, and other geeky interests. The cool and unique gifts from ThinkGeek are inspired by popular franchises like "Game of Thrones,""Harry Potter,""Star Wars,""Star Trek,", Marvel, Pokemon, Super Mario, and many, many more. 

    If you know your recipient loves a specific series or world, you can shop the category directly. The following are our favorite gift picks across a variety of our favorite shows, films, and video games, from ThinkGeek. 

    Shop all gifts from ThinkGeek here

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    A cute BB-8 car charger that also moves and makes sounds

    Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger, $29.99, available at ThinkGeek

    A "Twin Peaks"-inspired pie plate that you should fill with a handmade cherry pie

    Twin Peaks Ceramic Pie Plate, $24.99, available at ThinkGeek

    Embroidered patches to remind them of their inner kid

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    thanos infinity war avengers

    • A lot of Marvel movies made the most profits in 2018. 
    • In terms of movies, "Avengers: Infinity War" made the most money in 2018.
    • "Black Panther" and "Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom" also made over a billion dollars. 

    We often hear people bemoaning the death of cinema, that the only movies being made lately are sequels, reboots, and superhero movies. Well, if the 2018 worldwide box office is any indication,  these are some of the most profitable movies that people keep on watching. 

    The following 21 films made the most money this year. Some of the titles on this list might surprise you and that's because this isn't a list of the highest grossing films of the year, it's the most profitable list.

    The numbers listed below are worldwide box office stats minus the production budget. Meaning, a movie could dominate the box office, but not actually turn out to be that profitable because of how much it cost to make (i.e. "Solo: A Star Wars Story"). This adjustment for production costs explains how a movie like "Bohemian Rhapsody" could land higher on this list than "Ready Player One," even though the musical biopic made just $487 million at the global box office and the Steven Spielberg juggernaut made $582 million.

    Here are the movies that made the most money this year, based on their total profits as of December 3.

    "Peter Rabbit": $301,266,433

    Source: Box Office Mojo

    "Rampage": $306,345,950

    Source: Box Office Mojo

    "Fifty Shades Freed": $316,382,353

    Source: Box Office Mojo

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    scale weight loss losing weight

    • Watching what you eat is important, but you may still be not losing weight.
    • There are some other health reasons that could be preventing you from losing weight.
    • It is important to consult with your doctor.

    There are a number of reasons you could be struggling to lose weight or are gaining weight, even if you're eating right.

    Holly Lofton, MD, director of the Weight Management Program at NYU Langone Health told INSIDER this is a common problem for her patients, but there are solutions.

    "I see this very commonly," Dr. Lofton said. "The average person comes in, they know how to lose weight ... They're doing what they expect they should, they're tracking their calories, they're doing 10,000 steps and they're not getting weight loss, or, god forbid, [they are gaining weight]."

    Here are some reasons why you may be gaining weight even if you have a healthy diet. Dr. Lofton advises talking to your doctor in order to identify why if you have specific issues with any of them.

    Side effects of your medications could be causing you to gain weight.

    Certain medications, particularly antidepressants, cancause you to gain weight as a side effect of the drug.

    "[SSRI antidepressants] have weight-gain potential when taken for more than a couple of months," Dr. Lofton said. "That's a really common [reason for weight gain]."

    "You could just do an online search and see if weight gain is one of the side effects of your medication. That's readily available information online," she added. "Also, talk to your doctor. If the medication you are on does have weight-gain potential, there are likely some alternatives in similar classes that might be better for you."

    Contraception can also make you gain a few extra pounds.

    Some forms of contraception can also have weight gain as a common side-effect. According toWebMD, birth control pills have lower amounts of hormones, making it less likely for oral contraception to cause weight gain. However, Dr. Lofton said other kinds of contraception can cause weight gain.

    "I see it commonly with thesedepo shots ... the three-month depo injections [can add] about 13 pounds a year," Dr. Lofton said.

    You might have a hormone imbalance that makes you gain weight.

    Yourhormones are chemicals that control most of your bodily functions. So, if you're gaining weight without any obvious explanation, it could be a sign you have a hormone imbalance.

    According toStyleCraze, the hormones that are most likely to cause weight gain include: thyroid, insulin, leptin, ghrelin, estrogen, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, melatonin, and glucocorticoids.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


    A great pair of boots is an absolute must for the fall and winter, and Nordstrom has a wonderful selection for men and women.

    While you could shop their new arrivals, Nordstrom's sale section is full of hidden gems. There, you can find deeply discounted styles, ranging from classic Chelsea boots to chukkas to snow boots, from top brands like UGG, Timberland, Hunter, Cole Haan, FRYE, and more.

    To help you sort through all the options, we rounded up 30 boots for men and women that you can buy on sale right now at Nordstrom. If you're also looking for great deals on clothes, accessories, and even home goods, check out the rest of Nordstrom's sale section.

    Shop men's boots at Nordstrom here >>

    Shop women's boots at Nordstrom here >>

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    Men's J&M 1850 Karnes Brogue Cap Toe Boot

    J&M 1850 Karnes Brogue Cap Toe Boot, $136.90 (Originally $229) [You save $92.10]

    Men's UGG Dalvin Zip Boot with Genuine Shearling

    UGG Dalvin Zip Boot with Genuine Shearling, $129.90 (Originally $260) [You save $130.10]

    Men's Cole Haan Tyler Chukka Boot

    Cole Haan Tyler Chukka Boot, available in two colors, $149.90 (Originally $250) [You save $100.10]

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    IP gift guide banner

    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Etsy pillows

    When picking out a gift for someone you care about, there are plenty of things to consider, but one of the most important is that it's unique. There's nothing worse than spending time thoughtfully picking out a gift just to find out that your recipient has already received it — or already owns it. If you find it hard to avoid generic gifts, you might just be looking in the wrong places. 

    Etsy is an online marketplace where all types of vendors from all over the world can set up online shops to sell their handmade and vintage goods. You can find literally any item imaginable on the site, from beautiful handmade jewelry, to artisanal chocolates and even hand-knit dog sweaters.

    Given the breadth of items, you can be sure you'll find a gift on Etsy that is one-of-a-kind. We checked out the site and found some pretty unique gifts that cater to all different tastes, hobbies, budgets, and personalities. Keep reading for 50 unique gifts you can find on Etsy.

    A caddy that brings their favorite activities to bath time

    TimberGroveStudios Bathtub Caddy, from $34.95

    A customized map of their favorite place

    Mapologist Personalized Map Print, from $27

    A revitalizing body polish

    Birchrose and Co Ginger +Citrus Lavender Body Polish, $22

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    kirkland light beer

    • Costco and its house brand, Kirkland, are known for their high-quality, low-cost products.
    • But there are certain Kirkland Signature items that you might want to avoid throwing in your Costco shopping cart.
    • Here are five Kirkland brand items you should steer clear of on your next trip to Costco.


    If you have a Costco membership or know someone who does, then you're familiar with the high-quality and value of many of Costco's products.

    At Costco, you can generally find great prices on large quantities of name-brand merchandise, like Tide, Kellogg's, or Kraft products.

    But if you're looking for even better deals on food and household items, you can choose from the variety of products offered by Costco's in-store brand, Kirkland Signature. Consumers often give Kirkland Signature products, from soup to bacon to nuts, high ratings for living up to Costco's mission for great quality at a lower cost than name brands.  

    After examining new customer satisfaction for top retailers in the US, a 2017 retail report by ACSI placed Costco on top with a score of 83, leading all department and discount stores.

    But no one is perfect, and even Costco has had a few stumbles with its signature brand.  

    Here are five Kirkland brand products you may want to skip:

    SEE ALSO: 10 of the best keto meal options at popular chain restaurants

    1. Kirkland Signature Solid White Albacore Tuna

    If your concern for animals extends to the ocean, you may want to skip Costco's inhouse Solid White Albacore canned tuna.

    In 2017, the environmental organization Greenpeace ranked the product as one of the nine worst cans of tuna on a "shopping guide" for "sustainable, ethical, and fair" tuna brands. In its ranking, Greenpeace criticized Costco's tuna sourcing in part for failing to "address destructive fishing practices."

    Alternatively, you can buy Wild Planet tuna at Costco, which Greenpeace found to be the most sustainably-sourced brand.

    2. Kirkland Signature Laundry Detergents

    Kirkland Signature offers several varieties of environmentally-conscious laundry detergents, like the Kirkland Signature Environmentally Responsible Liquid Laundry Detergent, and the allergy-free Kirkland Signature Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent.

    Despite the detergent’s name, The Environmental Working Group has given Kirkland's "Environmentally Responsible" liquid laundry detergent an F-grade for environmental friendliness, citing risks of asthma, skin irritation, cancer, and harm to the environment.

    Some customers on Consumer Reports also reported getting rashes after using Kirkland’s Free & Clear Liquid Laundry Detergent.

    3. Kirkland Signature Supreme Diapers

    If you're a new parent, buying diapers in bulk might sound like the way to go. But Kirkland's Signature Supreme Diapers may not be your most efficient option.

    The smallest quantity of diapers that the Kirkland brand sells in size 1 for infants is 192 diapers. As the deals site Cheapism notes, your baby could outgrow these 192 diapers before you can use them up. 

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    tube station underground

    • People all over the globe take the subway every day
    • INSIDER found out what 16 of the world's subway systems are like
    • The Moscow Metro has chandeliers and marble walls

    Whether they're commuting to work or exploring a new city, many people around the world travel via subway. From Paris, France, to Delhi, India, here's what subway systems are like in 16 places across the globe.

    The Métro in Paris, France, is Europe’s second-busiest subway system.

    The Paris Métro is one of the world's most iconic rapid-transit systems, appearing in films such as "Paris, je t'aime" and "Amélie." Boasting 300 stations and 16 lines, it opened in 1900 in coordination with the Exposition Universelle, or world's fair. After Moscow, it's the second-busiest subway system in Europe.

    In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, subway cars are driverless.

    Currently featuring two operational lines, Red and Green, the Dubai Metro opened in 2009. The driverless subway cars are divided into several classes including Gold (aka first class), Women and Children, and Standard.

    The world's oldest subway system is located in London, United Kingdom.

    London's Underground (or Tube, as it's commonly known) is the world's oldest subway system. In 1863, Underground trains began running on the Metropolitan Railway, a freight and passenger railway. The first electric Tube line was operational by 1890.

    Today, 1.35 billion passengers ride the Underground each year, embarking from one of 270 stations.

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    Fast Food Signature Burgers 5

    Burger King has a new, bizarre deal. But, it is just the latest in the fast-food industry's long history of strange promotions. 

    On Tuesday, Burger King announced that if customers go within 600 feet of a McDonald's location, they can order a Whopper for one cent via the revamped Burger King app. The counterintuitive deal is intended to promote Burger King's recently relaunched app. 

    Burger King has a history of bizarre ads and deals. And, it isn't alone — the fast-food industry has perhaps some of the strangest promotions in the world. 

    Here are some of the weirdest deals, advertisements, and promotions that fast-food chains have used to win over customers:

    SEE ALSO: 'We were sober': Burger King finally explains why it tweeted gibberish for hours

    Burger King's Whopper deal

    "If a guest is inside one of these geofenced areas and has the new BK App on their device, the app will unlock the Whopper sandwich for a penny promotion," Burger King said in a press release on Tuesday. "Once the 1¢ Whopper sandwich order is placed, the user will be 'detoured' away from McDonald's, as the app navigates them to the nearest Burger King restaurant for pick up."

    The Whopper deal started Tuesday and runs through December 12.

    Read more:Burger King is giving away Whoppers for 1 cent — but you have to go to McDonald's to get them


    Burger King's obsession with foods that turn your poop green

    In 2015, Burger King launched a Halloween burger made with a black bun that turned people's feces a greenish color.

    Despite people's bathroom-related freak-outs, the chain has doubled down on scatological deals, launching the Scary Black Cherry slushie this year. And, many customers reacted with eager anticipation around what color their poop would be after drinking. 

    Read more: Burger King has a new spooky black slushie, but all people can talk about is how it's turning their poop weird colors

    Burger King's Google Home ad that was hacked to say the Whopper is made of a 'medium-sized child'

    In 2017, Burger King launched a TV ad that triggers people's Google Homes with the command, "Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?"

    When Business Insider tested the ad, Google Home recited the definition of a Whopper burger from its Wikipedia page. However, someone had edited the Whopper's Wikipedia page to say that the burger is made of a "medium-sized child," instead of a beef patty, and that it contains the toxic chemical cyanide.

    Burger King edited the Wikipedia entry and won an award at Cannes Lions for the ad. 

    Read more:Burger King's newest TV ad has a disastrous flaw

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