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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    benchmark, $35

    • With all of the expectations around it, Valentine's Day gifting can be hard.
    • You don't need a grand romantic gesture to show someone you care about them this February 14th.
    • We rounded up 27 sweet gifts, all on Amazon, that are a great way to show someone you love them this Valentine's Day. 

    Finding the right Valentine's Day gift is hard. Striking the balance between sweet and sentimental, but not too sweet and sentimental, can be difficult. Ultimately, many of us end up in the drugstore aisle, searching for a cute card and box of chocolates at the last minute.

    If you're in a bind, don't worry — you don't need to resort to a Hallmark card or a sweeping romantic gesture. We found some products that make sweet Valentine's Day gifts, whether you're looking for something for your boyfriend, spouse, best friend, sister, or classmate. From nice kitchen gadgets to little gifts that show them you're thinking of them, we covered it all. Plus, everything's on Amazon, so you can get most of these products just in time for the big day.

    Keep reading for 27 sweet Valentine's Day gifts, all from Amazon:

    An Airbnb gift card

    Airbnb Gift Card, E-mail Delivery, from $25

    You know they've been wanting to travel more, so bring them one step closer with an Airbnb gift card that they can put towards accommodations or activities on your next trip together.

    A monthly coffee subscription

    Amazon Bean Box, $26/month

    Coffee connoisseurs will love the chance to try a new bag of fresh beans from Portland and Seattle's top roasters each month. A subscription will get them a 12-ounce bag, along with tasting notes and brewing tips. You can choose from espresso, light, dark, decaf, and medium varieties to ensure they get something they'll love. 

    A classic floral bouquet

    Benchmark Bouquets Dozen Rainbow Roses, $35.62

    Yes, roses may seem overdone on Valentine's day, but it's for good reason. They look beautiful, smell amazing, and add a necessary burst of color to the dark, cold winter months. 

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    San Francisco Rain

    The J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco is a chance for healthcare companies to start the year off right.

    Executives give high-stakes presentations to investors — and then meet with them privately — to try to convince them to invest in their companies. Often, companies will save up news to announce at the event, like clinical trial results that show a new drug is working, or good financial news.

    But sometimes, the news is disappointing. That can send stocks plummeting and turn off investors. Or it can create openings for savvy investors to bet on companies at a cheap price.

    These are the five biotech stocks that had big tumbles during the conference this week.

    Happy hunting.

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    Alder BioPharmaceuticals

    Ticker: ALDR

    Share drop: -8.2% on January 8

    What happened: Alder is working on a type of migraine-prevention drug known as a CGRP inhibitor. The company presented at the JPMorgan conference on January 8. You can see the company's presentation here.

    Dova Pharmaceuticals


    Share drop: -10% on January 8

    What happened: Dova sells a treatment for the blood disease known as thrombocytopenia. The company presented at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on January 8, and discussed additional potential markets for its treament. You can see the presentation here.

    Crinetics Pharmaceuticals


    Share drop: -7.1% on January 10

    What happened: Crinetics is working on treatments for endocrine diseases and tumors. The company presented at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference on January 9, after the close of regular trading. You can see Crinetics's slides from the event here.

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    andy murray 1

    • Andy Murray, one of Great Britain's most successful athletes, has announced he will retire from tennis this year.
    • The former world number one tennis player was at his peak in 2016.
    • It's thought he will retire with a fortune of $165 million, most of which comes from endorsements and sponsorships.
    • Here's how Murray makes and spends his money.

    Sir Andy Murray, one of the most successful British sports stars of all time, just announced he intends to retire from tennis after Wimbledon this year— although he may be forced to do so earlier, after the Australian Open.

    The athlete has been struggling with hip pain for almost two years, which has prevented him from playing at his best.

    However, Murray's impact on the tennis world is far from over.

    He has made a name for himself as a champion of equality in the sport, regularly speaking out aginst sexism in the industry.

    Read more: Touching tributes are pouring in for Andy Murray, who just announced his retirement from tennis in a tearful press conference

    A successful playing career has also afforded the Scotsman the opportunity to work with sponsors, which often brings in more money than winning Grand Slams.

    In fact, Murray, 31, has earned $61 million in prize money and just over $100 million in earnings from endorsements, bonuses, and appearance fees over his career, according to Forbes.

    But unlike other world famous athletes like Usain Bolt, the Scottish tennis champion is frugal with his money, preferring to invest in small businesses and property to develop his multi-million pound fortune.

    From luxury hotels to book deals and salad chains, here is how Murray makes and spends his $165 million fortune.

    Edith Hancock contributed to an earlier version of this article.

    Tennis great Andy Murray has announced he will retire from the sport this year — and he'll be leaving with a net worth of $165 million.

    Source: Forbes.

    While $61 million of this fortune has come from prize money, just over $100 million is from endorsements, bonuses, and appearance fees.

    Source: Forbes.

    2016 was Murray's most fruitful year, winning nine titles. He picked up a cool $2.5 million after winning his second Wimbledon men's singles title alone.

    Source: Telegraph

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    the best OLED tv

    • The LG C8 is the best OLED TV you can buy because it shows off how powerful OLED technology is with excellent black levels, an attractive design, and a slew of features.

    OLED TVs have been very popular among home theater enthusiasts for the past few years, and the continually dropping price point of this premium product means there's never been a better time to invest in one. If you want the best streaming, gaming, and movie watching experience, there's no substitute for an OLED TV.

    OLED stands for "organic light emitting diode," and while that just seems like technical jargon, it has serious implications for your TV watching experience. Instead of using a traditional backlight, OLED screens use a carbon-based film between two conductors that creates light when an electric current passes through. That means when there's black in an image, the TV won't display light at all, making for the highest dynamic range of any TV technology.

    Like any high-end technology, though, there's a lot of confusion surrounding what you should buy. LG, Samsung, and Sony each have their own marketing lingo, which makes it difficult to know if you're even buying an OLED in the first place.

    We've scoured the internet and tested some of the premium options on the market so you can find the best OLED TV in our buying guide

    Here are the best OLED TVs you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best OLED TV overall

    Why you'll love it: With a reasonable price tag and excellent image processing, the LG C8 is the best bang for your buck in the OLED TV market.

    Based on buyer reviews, commentary by experts online, and my own hands-on testing, the LG C8 is where you should look first if you want to invest in an OLED TV. It includes the best features from LG's TV line while maintaining a reasonable price tag. As the mid-tier option in LG's line-up, it's also the centerpiece of most sales.

    OLED TVs also rely on processing power, and the C8 is no slouch in this regard. It uses the a9 processor, which is the same processor used in LG's super expensive W8 series of TVs. The processor provides the C8 TV with the best color accessory and sharpness. LG's C8 even earned an "excellent" rating from Consumer Reports for its picture quality.

    The C8 also supports HDR content which, unlike with many cheaper TVs, isn't just a flat marketing point. The TV supports HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG, and Advanced HDR by Technicolor, meaning you can take advantage of just about any HDR content that's available. It's great future proofing, as HDR content is ever growing.

    When dropping this kind of money on a TV, though, none of that should come as a surprise. The C8 may differentiate itself with excellent image quality, but the ThinQ AI is what sets it apart from the pack. It integrates with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, so you can watch anything just by yelling at your digital assistant from across the room.

    Furthermore, the C8 comes with Gallery Mode, which will cycle paintings and photographs across the screen to avoid the dreaded OLED burn-in. It's also got Dolby Atmos support and access to nearly every streaming platform available — though HBO is oddly omitted.

    Pros: Excellent image quality, ThinQ AI, relatively inexpensive

    Cons: No HBO support

    Buy the LG C8 55-inch OLED TV on Amazon for $1,897 (originally $1,996.99)

    The best OLED TV for less than $1,600

    Why you'll love it: LG cut some corners to bring the B8 to a lower price point, and while it's not as good as our top pick, it gets damn close for about $300 less.

    The LG B8 is mostly the same TV as the C8. Like its more expensive sibling, it uses LG's WebOS, supports a range of HDR content, and comes with the same integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The only thing that's different is the image processor.

    It uses the now dated a7 processor, which LG only uses in this TV. While it would be great to say there isn't a difference between this processor and LG's flagship one, there is. The higher-end a9 processor helps bring colors to life more and bumps up the sharpness, but only by a thin margin.

    In a side-by-side comparison with other LG OLEDs, the a9 processor reigns supreme. However, when put against competitors, the a7 still shines. The difference between the two is really splitting hairs. The a7 processor helps the B8 beat out TVs that are double its price.

    Believe it or not, the largest difference between the B8 and C8 is the stand. LG opted for the narrow, angled stand seen on 2017's C7 instead of the wider, curved version seen on the C8. When put on a wall, though, the B8 and C8 look identical.  

    Pros: Cheapest true OLED TV on the market, Google Assistant integration

    Cons: Older image processor, no HBO support

    Buy the LG B8 OLED TV on Amazon for $1,597 (originally $1,796.99)

    The best high-end OLED TV

    Why you'll love it: Sony may not have the chops to compete with LG's inexpensive OLEDs, but it pulls ahead in a high-end market with the excellent app support and truly impressive audio quality of the A9F Master Series TV.

    Sony TVs have always had one word associated with them: expensive. The A9F Master Series is no exception to that, touting a price tag that's around $1,200 more than LG's competing top-tier OLED TV. Even so, Sony justifies the price with a unique spin on built-in audio and a wide range of applications.

    TV speakers are notoriously bad, but you should listen to the A9F before blowing money on a speaker system. Sony essentially turned the TV into a soundbar, utilizing the surface area of the panel to distribute sound throughout the room. It's called "Acoustic Surface Audio+," and it's impressive.

    There are six actuators behind the panel that pour sound into the room, with two dedicated woofers handling the bass. It sounds so good that I recommend using the A9F as a center speaker while connecting other bookshelf speakers for a surround setup, which Sony, thankfully, supports.

    You're paying for that tech, mostly. The image quality is about on par with LG's mid-tier OLED TVs, despite Sony's new X1 Ultimate image processor. The colors and sharpness are mostly the same, though Sony falls behind LG when fast-paced action is on screen.

    Movie watchers will be fine with either TV, but gamers should seriously look twice at the A9F. It makes a perfect pairing with the PS4 Pro, handling the detailed and chaotic graphics of AAA games with grace. The PS4 Pro supports 4K HDR gaming, too, which the A9F can handle.

    Pros: Excellent audio quality, wide app selection, great gaming experience

    Cons: Expensive, not the best movie watching experience

    Buy the Sony A9F Master Series OLED TV on Amazon for $4,498

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    green cannabis lawyers 2x1

    With the rapid spread of marijuana legalization in the US, lawyers are discovering that the tangled web of regulations guiding the rapidly growing industry is a boon for business.

    After last year's midterm elections, some form of cannabis is now legal in 33 states, and many in the industry say it's only a matter of time before legalization sweeps the nation.

    Big money — and big law — has followed. The opportunity could be huge: some Wall Street analysts say marijuana could become an $80 billion market in the US alone in the next decade, with the global market hitting close to $200 billion. 

    There are several key reasons lawyers are attracted to the marijuana industry. For one, as cannabis companies grow, merge, and start getting the attention of Fortune 500 corporations as acquisition targets, they need more sophisticated advice on financing, tax planning, corporate structure, and M&A.

    Publicly traded cannabis companies were on a dealmaking tear in 2019, scooping up competitors and signing multibillion-dollar tie-ups with pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco corporations. It's a trend heating up in 2019.

    Read more: Big law firms are building out specialized pot practices to chase down a red-hot market for weed deals

    In addition, many marijuana companies still directly flout US federal law, despite being publicly traded and posting multibillion-dollar valuations.

    That's an opportunity to a select group of lawyers who have cut a trailblazing path into the industry. Once reluctant, some of the biggest law firms, like Duane Morris, Baker Botts and Dentons, are building out specialized cannabis practice groups as the industry continues to grow in profitability and complexity.

    And even some of the most world's most prestigious law firms, like Sullivan and Cromwell, have gotten in on the marijuana mergers-and-acquisitions action.

    Business Insider has pulled together a list of the top lawyers who've worked on the largest deals in the past year in the growing marijuana industry.

    Here's the list:

    SEE ALSO: The top 12 venture-capital firms making deals in the booming cannabis industry that's set to skyrocket to $75 billion

    Patricia Olasker, Brian Kujavsky: Davies Ward Phillips and Vineberg

    Firm: Davies Ward Phillips and Vineberg

    Location: Toronto and Montreal

    Davies, one of the largest Canadian law firms, first got involved in the cannabis industry at the request of an important client in October 2017.

    That client was Bank of America, which had provided financing for the beer maker Constellation Brands' initial purchase of a stake in Canopy Growth, a publicly traded marijuana cultivator.

    "We were really led by our clients into this space," said Patricia Olasker, a capital-markets partner in Davies' Toronto office. "We had to get smart about the opportunity very quickly."

    Since that first deal, Davies has ramped up its M&A work in the sector, particularly after Canada legalized marijuana federally last year.

    "There were a lot of internal discussions as to how comfortable we were advising companies in the space, and how to get comfortable," said Brian Kujavsky, a partner in Davies' Montreal office.

    The firm then provided regulatory advice to Canopy on Constellation's subsequent $4 billion investment into the marijuana cultivator last summer.

    Davies also represented investment bank Lazard's Canadian arm on the deal that saw Altria, the tobacco maker behind Marlboro, sink $1.8 billion into a 45% stake in marijuana cultivator Cronos Group in December.

    The firm now advises marijuana cultivators, like Canopy and Cronos Group, at the "senior end" of the market, Olasker said.

    "When a major client like Altria wants to enter the space, you're going to say, 'Yes, we're here to help you,'" Olasker said.

    Looking forward, Olasker said consolidation will slow in the cannabis industry, but she expects to see a lot of deals on the radar. Expect to see tie-ups with consumer packaged goods, tobacco, and pharmaceutical companies either through joint ventures or strategic acquisitions, she said.

    And since the passing of the Farm Bill, which legalized hemp in the US in December, Canadian marijuana companies are looking southward.

    "The holy grail for Canadian [marijuana cultivators] is how to get exposure to the US market and not be offside stock-exchange requirements and anti-money-laundering regulations," Olasker said.

    Jonathan S. Robbins: Akerman LLP

    Firm: Akerman LLP

    Location: Fort Lauderdale

    Jonathan Robbins first got exposure to the cannabis industry in 2014 after a real-estate client called him up to ask questions about leasing space to a medical-marijuana company.

    After that call Robbins saw the writing on the wall. "I approached the CEO of the firm the following day and told him we'll be kicking ourselves if we miss this opportunity," he said.

    That was at the outset of Florida's medical-marijuana program, which has now blossomed into a big business, with many US marijuana retailers vying for a piece of the market.

    Robbins is now the chair of Akerman's Cannabis Practice Group, which he says is one of the first cannabis practices at a national US law firm.

    Many of the firm's clients, either private-equity funds, family offices, or high-net-worth individuals, provide a lot of the financing for the cannabis industry as traditional financial institutions like big banks remain wary of working with marijuana businesses, Robbins said.

    In the past year, Robbins has helped Green Growth Brands, an Ohio marijuana retailer, acquire valuable grow facilities in Nevada and helped Surterra Wellness, a marijuana company backed by the Wrigley family, make strategic acquisitions in the Sunshine State.

    "Just as you're starting to see more sophisticated law firms dip their toes in the water, we're seeing the same thing with more established, sophisticated businesspeople," Robbins added.

    He said that the size and complexity of the deals he's worked on have dramatically increased as well.

    "We're routinely working on $100 million deals, $200 million deals, public offerings, and complex cross-border transactions," he said.

    Christopher Barry, Mike Weiner, Kevin Sam: Dorsey and Whitney

    Firm: Dorsey and Whitney

    Location: Seattle, Toronto, and Denver

    Dorsey and Whitney's first involvement in the cannabis industry came through a serendipitous phone call to partner Christopher Barry.

    On the other end of the line was a representative from a multibillion-dollar Asian investment fund looking for advice on investing in marijuana after the fund's regular counsel turned it down.

    Since then Barry has found his expertise in cross-border transactions — he's the head of Dorsey's Canada Practice Group — which has dovetailed perfectly with the cannabis industry.

    Barry has helped US marijuana retailers, like MedMen and Green Thumb Industries, go public in Canada via a reverse merger on the Canadian Securities Index. Barry helped Canopy Growth, a publicly traded marijuana cultivator, cross-list on the NYSE in May.

    For Barry, who was instrumental in building out Dorsey's cannabis practice alongside Mike Weiner and Kevin Sam, being at the forefront of the new industry is what keeps him going.

    "This is more fun than a barrel of monkeys," Barry said. "Look, I'm 71 years old. I've been practicing for over 40 years. If I weren't having so much fun with this I'd be retired."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Harbin Ice Festival China 2019

    China's Heilongjiang Province isn't always a big destination for tourists, but when winter rolls around, the region rolls out the red carpet to millions of visitors from across the globe. The city of Harbin hosts one of the world's largest winter celebrations, called the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, which features painstakingly crafted ice sculptures and gargantuan snow statues.

    The festival, which includes four separate theme parks, kicked off its 35th year on January 5 and runs until the end of February. Last year's attracted more than 18 million visitors, according to NBC News.

    The festival's colored lights make the ice creations look even more striking, and each year weddings also take place there in abundance.

    For those unable to travel to Harbin this winter (presumably that's most of us), take a look at these stunning images from the festival so far.

    SEE ALSO: A fitness guru who goes by 'Iceman' says exposure to extreme temperatures is a lifesaving third pillar of physical health

    The 2019 Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival's opening ceremony kicked off with fireworks on January 5.

    The festival's four theme parks are the Sun Island International Snow Sculpture Art Expo, Harbin Ice and Snow World, Harbin Wanda Ice Lantern World, and Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Fair.

    Lin Renlong, a 22-year-old visiting from Hebei with his girlfriend, told Reuters that it's like “Disneyland in winter.”

    Despite the sub-zero temperatures, tourists like Renlong flock to Harbin from around the world and all over China.

    Harbin Ice and Snow World — one of the four theme parks — grows larger every year; this year's covers more than 750,000 square meters, according to the festival website.

    That's an area larger than California's Disneyland.

    Visitors can enjoy Harbin's Ice and Snow World for about $48.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Money allows you to live the life you want to live, if you spend it appropriately.
    • Certain things are worth splurging on, like products or services that will earn you more money in the future, education, and experiences.
    • Here are six things that are worth buying, according to a financial expert.


    When making a buying decision, do you often go cheap because you're saving money for a rainy day? Or do you splurge because you like the best and no one knows what tomorrow will bring?

    There are certain criteria that people who are good with money consider when deciding whether to splurge on a purchase.  

    Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance expert at Nerdwallet, defined someone who is good with money as "strategic about how they save money and how they spend money."

    "They're not surprised by unexpected expenses, because they have a plan in place for that kind of thing. They also have a plan in place for the good things," Palmer told Business Insider, like vacations or their children's college tuition.

    She also said that splurging is just not for everyone. You shouldn't splurge if you have credit card debt or are already spending more than you have the budget for, Palmer said. "A good rule of thumb to determine if you are overspending is to apply the 50/30/20 budgeting method, where 50% of your budget goes to needs, 20% to savings and debt repayment, and 30% to wants."

    If you're wondering what items are worth spending a little more on, here are six things that smart people splurge on:

    SEE ALSO: 6 expensive things that are totally worth the money

    1. Products that earn you more money

    Purchases that help you advance in your work are a good investment, according to Palmer. Her list includes a professional outfit for your first day of work, a good laptop, or a reliable car, if that’s important to your livelihood. "All the tools that allow you to do better," she said, are worth a bit of a splurge.

    Palmer added that coaching can be a good career investment for entrepreneurs and employees alike. "Whatever is hard for you and challenging for you, investing in a coach to help you with that," she said, is a worthwhile investment.

    2. Services that save you time

    Get your groceries delivered instead of going to the store. Send your laundry out or hire a house cleaner. If you could theoretically spend that time at work and earn more than you spend on those services, you come out ahead, Palmer said.

    A common theme in Palmer's advice is to splurge on things that give you more time to enjoy your life. "To me, money is all about giving you the life that you want, and that usually means spending time in the ways that make you happy," she said. "The best thing you can do with your money is to use it to free up time."

    3. High-value rewards cards

    Premium travel reward cards can come with hefty fees — the Chase Sapphire Reserve, for example, costs $450 per year. But for some people, the fee can be worth it.

    "If you spend a lot of money on travel and want to redeem a lot of rewards on travel," Palmer said, these cards offer a better value than mileage cards with no annual fees.

    It all depends on how much you travel and how much you charge to the card, but Palmer noted that you could earn thousands of dollars in miles or points with a premium rewards card, which makes the annual fee a smart splurge.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    jazmine barnes rally

    • Authorities in Texas have charged two men for the murder of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes, who was killed in a drive-by shooting on December 30.
    • The shooter was once believed to be a white male in his 30s or 40s, but that description has been discredited since the arrests of Eric Black Jr and 24-year-old Larry D. Woodruffe. 
    • Black's affidavit states that he drove the car, while Woodruffe fired the bullets at Barnes' family.
    • Woodruffe, through his attorney, denied any involvement.
    • In the case, which officials described as one of "mistaken identity," the two men mistook Barnes' for a group they had confronted at a club hours earlier. 

    What began as a harrowing emblem of racially-motivated killings in America has taken a surprising turn. 

    After a weeklong investigation into the murder of seven-year-old Jazmine Barnes, authorities have charged 20-year-old Eric Black Jr and 24-year-old Larry D. Woodruffe with capital murder. 

    Barnes was killed in a drive-by shooting with her mother at the wheel and three sisters in the car.

    Black was the first to be arrested, and admitted his role in the shooting, adding that it was a case of mistaken identity, as he and Woodruffe meant to shoot a group they had confronted at a club hours earlier. Woodruffe, through his attorney, denies any involvement, saying that Black is trying to shift the blame. 

    Read more:FBI report shows 17% spike in hate crimes

    Investigators originally identified the suspect as a white male, leading many — including Barnes' mother — to believe that the killing was racially motivated. Officials have since backed off that description, but it ignited the community in the days following the shooting. 

    Here's everything we know so far.

    Second-grader Jazmine Barnes was killed in a drive-by shooting on the morning of December 30, 2018.

    Barnes was riding in the car with her mother and three sisters. The family was on their way to Joe V's Smart Shop, a grocery store in Texas, to get supplies for breakfast.

    At around 7 a.m., a man opened fire on their vehicle. Two of the sisters remained unharmed, but the third was hit by shattered glass. Barnes' mother, LaPorsha Washington, was shot in the arm. 

    Within minutes, Barnes was pronounced dead.

    Thousands of people pitched in to cover funeral expenses — including Shaquille O'Neal and NFL star DeAndre Hopkins.

    Hopkins, a wide receiver for the Houston Texans, said Barnes reminded him of his own daughter. He pledged to give his $29,000 playoff check to Barnes' family.

    "I will be playing in your honor, Jazmine," he wrote on Twitter.

    On January 3, basketball star Shaquille O'Neal reportedly dropped off a check, along with Houston police officer Kenneth Miles, to help cover the funeral costs.

    Many others have donated to a GoFundMe page started by Barnes' father, Chris Cevilla.

    Law enforcement officials released a sketch of the suspect, which they believed to be a white man in his 30s or 40s.

    An attorney advising the Barnes family told CNN that at least four independent witnesses had identified the suspect as a white male wearing a black hoodie in a red truck.

    At the time, Barnes' mother believed that the shooting could have been racially motivated.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Dak Prescott

    • Elo and Cortana have made their picks for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
    • Cortana correctly picked 65% of the games this season and Elo was not far behind at 62%.
    • Both models struggled in the first round of the playoffs.
    • Elo and Cortana agree that most of the divisional-round games have a clear favorite.

    The second round of the NFL playoffs is here, and Cortana is back to make picks in a head-to-head showdown with Elo.

    We looked at two popular systems used to pick NFL games: Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, and Elo, the modeling system used by Nate Silver's data-journalism site, FiveThirtyEight.

    In both cases, the computers are picking outright winners and not against the spread. Each gives a likelihood that a team will win, which in theory could help measure the strength of certain lines.

    Cortana had another strong season, correctly picking 65% of the games, while Elo nailed 62% overall. However, both struggled in the Wild Card round as Elo went 1-3 and Cortana was 0-4.

    Here are the picks for the divisional playoff games, with each team's percent chance of winning in parentheses. Point spreads are for reference, via Vegas Insider as of Friday morning.

    Saturday early game (4:35 ET on NBC)

    • Indianapolis Colts at Kansas City Chiefs (-5.5) — CHIEFS (Elo 66%, Cortana 61%)

    Saturday late game (8:15 ET on Fox)

    • Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams (-7) — RAMS (Elo 66%, Cortana 70%)

    Sunday early game (1:05 ET on CBS)

    • Los Angeles Chargers at New England Patriots (-4) — PATRIOTS (Elo 58%, Cortana 61%)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Nike yoga

    • Nike officially launched its new yoga collection this week.
    • The collection features both men's and women's wear and includes a mix of workout pants, tops, underwear, and sweatshirts.
    • The apparel has an air of Lululemon, but it is significantly cheaper than its rival.

    Nike officially launched its new yoga collection this week after announcing its arrival during an earnings call in December. 

    This is Nike's first foray into yoga wear, a market that was formerly dominated by Lululemon but has increasingly been saturated with other options. 

    Nike may have a new edge here, however, as its apparel comes in at a cheaper price than the Lululemon equivalent.

    A similar-looking women's sports bra, for example, costs $35 at Nike but $58 at Lululemon. Women's yoga pants start at $45 at Nike, but at Lululemon, you'll pay north of $88. These price differences are evident in menswear, too — Nike's men's training pants are $65; at Lululemon, they start at $108. 

    As new players have flooded the market, Lululemon has looked to diversify its offering. To do so, it has made a bigger push into menswear. It recently outlined a strategy to grow this area of the business to $1 billion by 2020, and it seems to be resonating. In Lululemon's quarterly earnings call in May, COO Stuart Haselden said that 30% of the new customers added in the first quarter of 2018 were men. 

    Take a look at Nike's new collection below:

    SEE ALSO: More men are shopping at Lululemon, but they're not buying what you'd expect

    This is the first time Nike has launched a collection of apparel specifically for yoga.

    In the past, the brand has been focused on clothing for high-intensity sports.

    In its press release, Nike outlined the benefits of yoga for athletes.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    dc trash shutdown

    • The partial shutdown of the federal government is now in day 21 and has complicated things for several government agencies and services.
    • Though all essential government services remain open, Americans may feel the shutdown's wide-ranging effects.
    • From airport lines and food inspections to paychecks and parks, check out the ways the shutdown is affecting average Americans.

    The government shutdown is dragging into its record-tying 21st day, with both President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders showing no signs of backing down.

    With the two sides unable to reach an agreement on funding for Trump's long-promised wall along the US-Mexico border, the shutdown is now the second-longest of the modern budgeting era, which began in 1974. While shorter funding lapses have typically resulted in minor disruptions, the near-record length of the current shutdown is starting to cause major problems for many Americans.

    Read more:The government shutdown is in its 21st day and the fight between Trump and Democrats is only getting uglier. Here's everything you missed.

    While the shutdown does not close the entire federal government — Congress passed bills to fund some departments like Defense and Helath and Human Services — the closure does still impact a slew of agencies, including the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Justice, Homeland Security, Interior, State, Transportation, and Housing and Urban Development.

    This means that the shutdown directly affects the families of around 800,000 federal employees who are either working without pay or are forced to stay home on furlough. But beyond the struggles that those federal employees are going through, average Americans who do not work for the government are also likely to see some strains.

    Longer lines at airports, fewer food safety inspections, and a build up of trash in national parks are only a few ways that the government shutdown is taking its toll on typical Americans. We've compiled a list of a ways that you may feel the effects of the shutdown.

    Tens of thousands of employees working without pay are in law enforcement departments including the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, and the Secret Service.

    Around 800,000 Americans who are employed by the government are currently furloughed or working without pay until the shutdown ends.

    420,000 of those employees are deemed "essential" and are forced to work during the shutdown, while 380,000 are on furlough — meaning they are forced to stay home.

    The essential workers will automatically be paid back pay when the shutdown ends, but furloughed workers will need Congress to pass a bill to pay them for the lost days.

    Source: Business Insider

    Senior Trump administration officials get raises during government shutdown as hundreds of thousands of federal employees remain without paychecks

    Government agency says letter advising furloughed employees to perform chores for landlords in lieu of paying rent was posted by accident

    Some government contractors could go unpaid even after the shutdown ends

    Employees with the Transportation Security Administration were deemed essential and are currently being forced to work without pay, but the quality of security may be slipping.

    A CNN report said "hundreds" of TSA officers were calling out of the unpaid work, potentially compromising airport security and increasing wait times to get through security at airports.

    Business Insider reporter Benjamin Zhang reported that some TSA agents are even quitting.

    Sources: CNN, Business Insider

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    best cat dewormer

    • The best dewormer for cats will be determined by the type of intestinal parasite your cat has, but it should be made with powerful active ingredients in an easy-to-administer formulation.
    • Recommended by veterinarians for being both safe and reliable, Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer is the best cat dewormer on the market — if you can afford it.

    You may not be able to tell just by looking at your cat whether he has worms, but Cornell University veterinarians claim that as many as 45% of cats have intestinal parasites at any given time.

    In most cases, parasite infestations cause nothing more than mild to moderate digestive symptoms, but a heavy infestation can lead to weight loss, difficulty breathing, and even malnutrition — especially in kittens.

    Fortunately, treating your cat for worms is easy and shouldn’t require much more than an over-the-counter dewormer. Dewormers for cats come in a variety of different formulas for cats of different ages and to treat different types of parasites.

    To determine what kind of product you need, you’ll have to take your cat to the vet for a physical exam and fecal exam. From there, however, you’ll be able to treat your cat quickly and easily at home.

    Lucky for you, we’ve done the research to find the best dewormer for cats. You shouldn’t skip a visit to your veterinarian, but once you’ve determined what kind of worms your cat has, you can use one of the following treatments to get rid of them once and for all. Best of luck!

    Here are the best cat dewormers you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best cat dewormer overall

    Why you'll love it: Bayer's Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer is well worth the cost for its safe and reliable eradication of a wide variety of intestinal parasites.

    If you’re not sure what type of intestinal parasites your cat has, or if you suspect that he has more than one type of worm, a broad spectrum dewormer may be the way to go. These products are made with powerful active ingredients to provide quick and lasting results. Our top pick for the best cat dewormer overall is Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer.

    Bayer's Dewormer is one of the top dewormers recommended by veterinarians, and it features two powerful active ingredients: pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel. This dewormer comes in easy-to-administer tablet form and is safe for kittens and cats ranging from 2 to 16 pounds.

    Though it is expensive to purchase, it may actually save you money if your cat gets frequent intestinal parasite infections or if you find yourself treating multiple cats for worms.

    Kitty Catter likes how safe and reliable it is. As a broad-spectrum treatment often used by veterinarians, this product has a low risk for side effects. The Idle Cat also notes that each bottle comes with 50 pills, which makes it well worth the cost.

    Though this Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer only has a few shopper reviews, it carries a 4.7-star rating as well as an Amazon’s Choice award. Cat owners love how well it works, though there are several comments about the unpleasant taste and the price.

    Pros: Veterinarian recommended, two active ingredients (pyrantel pamoate and praziquantel), broad-spectrum kills several types of worm, safe and reliable, low risk for side effects

    Cons: Very expensive to purchase, not for kittens under 1 month or 1.5 pounds, some cats dislike the taste

    Buy Bayer Drontal Broad Spectrum Dewormer on Amazon for $219.99

    The best dewormer for kittens

    Why you'll love them: HomeoPet Feline Wrm Clear Drops are safe for kittens because of the homeopathic formula that targets many kinds of worms.

    Intestinal parasites in kittens are very common. They can get worms by nursing from an infected mother cat and could even be born with worms. Because kittens are more likely to be sensitive to chemical ingredients, you may want to consider a more natural option. Our top pick for the best dewormer for kittens is HomeoPet Feline Wrm Clear Drops.

    HomeoPet's Drops use a homeopathic liquid formula to treat and prevent infestations of hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, and whipworms. This dewormer works by boosting your kitten’s immune system and digestive system to naturally expel the worms from his body.

    The drops may also help your kitten recover more quickly from the effects of the infestation in a completely natural way.

    Pet Life Today likes the easy-to-administer liquid form that is also non-toxic and virtually free from side effects. The reviewer also notes that it is safe for young kittens and pregnant cats. My Pet Needs That also likes that it is effective against a wide variety of worms.

    With more than 500 reviews on Amazon, HomeoPet Feline Wrm Clear Drops are a popular choice among cat owners. Cat owners love the gentle and natural formula, though there are some negative comments about the long treatment period.

    Pros: Treats and prevents four types of worms, natural homeopathic formulation, easy-to-administer liquid, safe for very young kittens, helps body recover from effects of infestation

    Cons: Doesn’t kill worms but expels them, requires three daily doses for 14 days

    Buy HomeoPet Feline Wrm Clear Drops on Amazon for $5.84

    The best tapeworm dewormer for cats

    Why you'll love them: Bayer's Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Cats are proven to kill tapeworms in a single, easy-to-administer dose.

    If you notice small white pellets in your cat’s feces or you notice him licking or biting the area under his tail, he could have a tapeworm infestation.

    Tapeworms are often passed to cats when they ingest adult fleas that have been infected, though they can also be transmitted through wild animals. As the tapeworm grows, segments break off and pass through the intestines in your cat’s stool. The best treatment available to remove tapeworms is Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Cats.

    Bayer's Tablets are the top choice for both cat owners and veterinarians to tackle tapeworm infestations quickly and safely. These tablets come in a three-pack with each tablet containing 23mg of the powerful active ingredient praziquantel. This ingredient is effective against the most common species of tapeworm, Dipylidium caninum and Taenia pisiformis, eliminating them in a single dose.

    Entirely Pets comments on how well the active ingredient praziquantel works to paralyze and eliminate tapeworms. Kitty Catter also notes that it is a very safe and effective formula that can be fed whole or crushed and mixed with food.

    In addition to having more than 1,200 reviews on Amazon, the Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Cats also carry an Amazon’s Choice award and a 4.5-star rating. Cat owners love how quick and effective this dewormer is, though there are some comments about some cats experiencing diarrhea after taking the product.

    Pros: Kills tapeworms within 24 hours, easy-to-administer tablet, powerful active ingredient, no prescription required, comes with 3 tablets, long-trusted brand name

    Cons: Some cats experienced diarrhea after taking, not for cats under 6 weeks of age

    Buy Bayer Tapeworm Dewormer Tablets for Cats on Amazon for $14.99

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    AvatarMind iPal

    • There are 344 robotics exhibitors at this year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
    • Some robots on display seem tailor-made to wow passerby, but likely wouldn't fit in the home or budget of the average consumer.
    • We saw robot sharks, a robot that plays ping-pong, and a robot that bakes bread.


    LAS VEGAS — Robots are everywhere at this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES), as 344 robotics exhibitors have displays at the event, according to CES' website.

    Some of the robots at this year's CES are modest and wouldn't seem out of place at a Best Buy, others seem tailor-made to wow passerby but likely wouldn't fit in the home or budget of the average consumer. Among them are robot sharks, a robot that plays ping-pong, and a robot that bakes bread.

    These are the weirdest robots we saw at CES.

    SEE ALSO: The best robot we saw at CES 2019

    Robotis OP2

    Who makes it: Robotis

    What it does: Walk, sit, stand, move its arms

    Robotic Hand

    Who makes it: HarmonicDrive

    What it does: Play rock, paper, scissors


    Who makes it: HarmonicDrive

    What it does: Open doors, grab objects

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    steve carell

    • Though Steve Carell may be best known for his role as Michael Scott in "The Office," Carell also has had a successful film career.
    • He has performed in successful comedies including "Anchorman,""The 40-Year-Old Virgin," and "Despicable Me."
    • He has also recently started taking on more serious roles in films like "Beautiful Boy" and "Welcome to Marwen."
    • Using data from Rotten Tomatoes, INSIDER has ranked all of Steve Carell's 38 movies from worst to best, according to critics.

    In the past, Steve Carell might have been best known for his comedic performance as the blundering office manager Michael Scott on NBC's "The Office."

    However, his film career has been just as successful with performances in "Anchorman,""Crazy, Stupid, Love," and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin." And who could forget his distinctive voice as Gru from the "Despicable Me" franchise?

    In recent years, Carell has been acting in more serious films as well, taking on roles in movies like "Beautiful Boy" and "Welcome to Marwen."

    To take a look at Carell's movie repertoire, INSIDER has ranked all of Steve Carell's 38 movies from worst to best, using ratings fromRotten Tomatoes

    "Curly Sue" (1991) scored 13%.

    Carell's first-ever film role was as the waiter Tesio in the 1991 John Hughes film"Curly Sue." He didn't have any lines and wasn't on screen for very long, but he still said he was nervous about the role.

    "I shot for three days and I was incredibly excited and I couldn't have been more nervous," he toldIMDb.

    "Sleepover" (2004) scored 15%.

    Just after filming "Anchorman" in 2004, Carell took a role in "Sleepover," about teenage girls competing in a scavenger hunt. Carell played their nemesis, a security guard named Officer Sherman Shiner, complete with a mustache.

    "Evan Almighty" (2007) scored 23%.

    In the spin-off sequel to "Bruce Almighty," Carell played Congressman Evan Baxter in the 2007 film "Evan Almighty," where God tells Evan Baxter to build an ark to save himself and animals from a flood.

    Though "Bruce Almighty" did alright, "Evan Almighty" only made out with a 23% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes.

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    Detroit Auto Show 2019

    • The 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit officially opens to the public next week and runs through January 27.
    • This will be the final time the Detroit auto show takes place in January. In 2020, it will move to June.
    • Lots of new SUVs and sports cars will make their North American debuts next week during two media days before the 2019 Detroit auto show open to the public.
    • Ford, Cadillac, RAM, Infiniti, VW, and Subaru will all be showing new vehicles.

    Soon enough, no more frozen journeys to downtown Detroit's Cobo Hall to see the newest automobiles in chilly, upper Midwestern January. The North American International Auto Show will move to June in 2020.

    But for 2019, automakers, journalists, and Detroiters will brave the cold one last time to check out a show floor that will be jammed with SUVs, crossovers, and pickup trucks — as well as some snazzy new sports cars. 

    What will be absent are old-school sedans. They've fallen out of favor with consumers, so Detroit is shedding them left and right.

    I'm headed up to Motown for all the fun and to report on the 2019 show, but until them, here's a preview of everything we're looking forward to:

    SEE ALSO: GM is defying naysayers with a bullish 2019 outlook, and plans to take on Tesla with Cadillac

    Ford is expected to showcase the Shelby GT500 Mustang.

    Ford also pulled the cover off its all-important 2020 Explorer SUV a few days before the show's start. It's the first new Explorer in nine years.

    Read more: Ford just revealed its all-new Explorer SUV, and it's the automaker's most important new vehicle since the redesigned F-150 pickup truck

    Lincoln will show off the "suicide doors" Continental that it unveiled recently as a special order to celebrate the revived brand's heritage and its 80th anniversary.

    Read more: Lincoln is bringing back its most famous feature to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand

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    Anthem (game)

    • The first big new game of 2019 is coming on February 22: "Anthem" is a massive blockbuster title for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.
    • The game is being made by EA's BioWare studio, which is most well-known for its hugely popular "Mass Effect" series.
    • But "Anthem" is a major new franchise for the studio, and it's far more focused on gameplay than narrative development — it's more similar to Activision's "Destiny" than previous BioWare games.

    The first huge game of 2019 is nearly here: "Anthem" is scheduled to arrive on February 22 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.

    So, uh, what is it?

    Well, it's the first major new franchise from EA's storied BioWare studio — a crew that's most well-known for having created the beloved "Mass Effect" series — in years. And that means it's got some absurdly high expectations to meet. 

    With "Anthem" just a few weeks away from launch, we're diving in to what we know about the first huge game of 2019:

    SEE ALSO: The 29 hottest video games you shouldn't miss in 2019

    First and foremost: What is "Anthem"? It's a lot like "Destiny."

    If you've never played "Destiny," the premise is simple: It's an online-only first-person shooter that puts players into a shared online world.

    Sometimes there are public events in that world — a monster that needs to be taken down with combined firepower, for instance. And sometimes you choose to go on private events with friends or strangers — dedicated missions with specific goals. 

    It's not an MMO-style game, along the lines of "World of Warcraft," but it's not entirely different either. Players see each other and can interact in a shared online space, just like they did in "WoW." 

    The difference with games like "Destiny" and the upcoming "Anthem" is that the shared online space is only shared by a limited number of players. In games like "WoW," servers could hold hundreds of players who all existed in the same virtual world. In games like "Destiny" and "Anthem," the world houses far fewer human players.

    Unlike "Destiny,""Anthem" is a third-person shooter. Also unlike "Destiny,""Anthem" has a major focus on mobility — your character has a jet pack!

    Whereas "Destiny" is laser-focused on being a great first-person shooter, "Anthem" is seemingly focused on mobility. To that end, each of the game's suits has its own type of jet pack — the primary form of travel in "Anthem."

    Those jet packs enable players to fly through the air, and also to fly through underwater sections of the world. If we're being honest, it looks delightful — there are even little flourishes to embellish your flying. And who doesn't want to embellish their flying?

    So, what do you do in "Anthem"? You take out monsters!

    The planet that "Anthem" is set on is a bizarre world of monsters, ancient gods, and a tiny contingent of humanity that's barely hanging on.

    As a "Freelancer"— a human who wears a sweet, Iron Man-esque robot suit — you're in charge of keeping your fellow humans safe. And that means going out into the wild, taking on crazy monsters, and defeating them.

    The overarching threat to the world is the monsters, but more specifically, that the monsters will get control of various "tools of the Gods" that were left behind. So the story of "Anthem" goes: The Gods set out to create the world in nine days, but stopped after three and disappeared. What they left behind is their tools — powerful artifacts that you, as a Freelancer, must keep from falling into the wrong hands.

    What this means in practice, most likely, is you'll find lots of sweet stuff to power up your character with out in the wilderness.

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    engagement gifts under $50 12

    • Weddings aren't only expensive for the couple: usually, their friends and family also end up spending a surprising amount of money on the event, from engagement, shower, and wedding gifts to clothing and transportation. 
    • With these thoughtful engagement gifts under $50, you can express your excitement for the couple and stay within your budget. 

    A 2018 survey from Bankrate revealed that wedding guests spend an average of $628 on wedding-related expenses, including gifts, attire, and travel. If you're a friend of someone who got engaged recently, this number probably isn't something you want to be reminded of.

    However, accompanying this expensive revelation is our own reminder that the utility and thoughtfulness of your wedding-related gifts matter more than how much you spend on them. The engagement gift in particular doesn't have to be splashy (save your money for the big wedding gift) and is more of a way to extend your initial congratulations. 

    For a memorable engagement gift, consider something that will help them prepare for the wedding, an accessory to match the larger wedding gift they'll probably receive later, and treats or relaxation tools to calm them down before the big day. 

    You won't need to spend more than $50 on these 32 engagement gifts:

    A competitive card game designed for couples

    Marital Bliss Game, $14.95, available at UncommonGoods

    Perfect for competitive couples, this fun card game helps them get used to married life and encourages each partner to perform thoughtful tasks for the other in order to earn rewards.

    Champagne-infused sweets

    Sugarfina Cheers 3-Piece Candy Bento Box, $28, available at Nordstrom and Sugarfina

    Pop the champagne...bears! They're probably going to be drinking a lot of champagne in the upcoming months as they celebrate their engagement, so gift them these gummies for a sweet, edible change. 

    An assortment of low-maintenance plants

    Succulent Assortment, $30, available at The Sill

    Succulents last a lot longer than flowers, and are easier to take care of, too. The Sill offers these small plants as well as a variety of other indoor house plants to fill their home with greenery. 

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    how to tell someone is lying lead

    Just about everyone you know tells low-stakes lies, but some people even go so far as to lie about important matters that could forever change their relationships, end their employment, or even send them to jail.

    Detecting high-stakes liars is often the work of the FBI, and they frequently look to facial expressions, body language, and verbal indicators as signals, or "tells," that someone is lying.

    Mark Bouton, an FBI agent for 30 years and author of "How to Spot Lies Like the FBI," tells Business Insider that he used certain tells to help identify Timothy McVeigh as a suspect in the Oklahoma City bombing. But being able to read facial expressions to detect lies can be beneficial even if you're not conducting criminal investigations, he says.

    "There are a number of facial expressions and associated reactions that could indicate someone is lying to you," he says. "Some are caused by nervousness, some by chemical reactions, and others by physical reactions."

    To start, he says it's important to understand how the person in question normally acts.

    "It's best to observe someone for a while as you make small talk or ask innocuous questions, in order to see what his usual reactions are, including tics he may have," he says. "Then if he exhibits several lying indicators when you ask more pointed or suggestive questions, and these are not ones he previously performed, you can be confident that he's likely lying."

    Here are some things you can do to tell if someone's lying:

    SEE ALSO: A Harvard psychologist says these simple body-language tweaks can instantly boost your confidence

    Watch their eyes

    BI Graphics_How to tell someone is lying_Eyes darting back and forth

    "This is a physiological reaction to him feeling uncomfortable or trapped by your questions that he doesn't want to answer," Bouton says. "It's a throwback to when people had to seek an escape route when they feared they were in a dangerous situation, such as facing a human or animal adversary."

    Keep an eye out for rapid blinking

    BI Graphics_How to tell someone is lying_Rapid blinking

    "A person will ordinarily blink about five or six times a minute, or once every 10 or 12 seconds," Bouton says. "When stressed — for instance, when someone knows he's lying — he may blink five or six times in rapid succession."

    Bouton says exceptions to the usual blink rate mostly have to do with production of dopamine in the body. For example, a person with Parkinson's disease will have a noticeably slower blink rate than what is usual, while a person with schizophrenia will blink more rapidly than normal.

    Count how long someone closes their eyes

    BI Graphics_How to tell someone is lying_Closing eyes more than one second

    Bouton says that when a person closes his eyes for a second or two, this may indicate he's lied to you, since this is a type of defense mechanism. Normally, he explains, a person will blink at a speed of 100 to 400 milliseconds, or 0.10 to 0.40 of a second.

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    james baldwin

    First we scoured coast to coast to find the most famous book set in every state. Now we're hitting the books to discover the most famous author from every state.

    Not all the choices were cut and dry. To qualify for this list, the esteemed wordsmiths had to be born in their respective states, but not necessarily live out their years there.

    We considered the authors' fame in terms of ubiquity, literal acclaim, and financial success — and awarded bonus points if the author showed state pride by setting their works there.

    most famous author every state map

    Keep scrolling to read more about the most famous author from your state.

    ALABAMA: Harper Lee

    Known for: "To Kill a Mockingbird"

    Harper Lee was born and raised in Monroeville, the inspiration for her classic novel's fictional town of Maycomb. The Monroe County Courthouse, where Lee watched her father practice law as a child, currently operates as a museum.

    The University of Alabama alumna continues to live there, just a short drive from the Mockingbird Grill and Radley's Fountain Grille.

    Click to buy her book »

    ALASKA: Velma Wallis

    Known for: "Two Old Women

    Velma Wallis is a native Alaskan. Born in a remote village near Fort Yukon, she dropped out of school at age 13 to help raise her siblings after the death of their father. Wallis later earned her GED, and moved to a cabin where she practiced her hunting and trapping skills for over a decade.

    She wrote and published her first book, "Two Old Women," in 1993, and it became a word-of-mouth bestseller. Based on an Athabaskan legend passed down from Wallis' mother, the book sold over 1.5 million copies.

    Since then, Wallis has written other books, like "Bird Girl and the Man Who Followed the Sun" and "Raising Ourselves," for which she won an American Book Award in 2003. 

    Click to buy her book »


    ARIZONA: Jeannette Walls

    Known for: "The Glass Castle"

    Jeannette Walls' memoir examines her struggle as a child and young adult to overcome poverty and become self-sufficient. Her dysfunctional family were nomads of the Southwest, but the first place she remembers living is a small trailer park in Arizona.

    A veteran of "writing what she knows," Walls more recently published a biography of her grandmother, an iron-willed Arizona cattle rancher, titled "Half Broke Horses."

    Click to buy her book »

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    Jim Pattinson

    • Jim Pattison, who has a reported net worth of $5.9 billion, has been called "Canada's Warren Buffett."
    • Like Buffett, Pattison is the third-richest person in his country, is relatively frugal, and donates heavily to philanthropy.
    • But Pattison can also be a little lavish — he owns a $25 million yacht and a fleet of jets.

    Warren Buffett has plenty of billionaire peers, but it's easy to see why Jim Pattison has been dubbed this Canadian counterpart.

    Known as "Canada's Warren Buffett," Pattison, 90, has a net worth of $5.9 billion, according to Forbes. It may not even graze Buffett's $8o billion net worth, but it ranks him as the third-richest man in Canada — equivalent to Buffett's seat as the third-richest man in America.

    Also like Buffett, Pattinson is relatively frugal. Born during the Great Depression, he had humble beginnings that stuck with him even as he created and developed a giant conglomerate, The Jim Pattison Group, of 200-plus companies worth more than $7 billion today. He also donates heavily to philanthropy.

    But that doesn't mean he doesn't indulge in a few lavish purchases. While he might have a Toyota truck parked in his garage, he also has a $25 million yacht docked not far away.

    Here, see how Pattison earns and spends his billions.

    SEE ALSO: Warren Buffett is the world's third-richest man — see how the notoriously frugal billionaire spends his fortune

    DON'T MISS: Bill Gates is worth $95 billion and he plans to give most of it away — here's how he spends his money now, from a luxury car collection to incredible real estate

    Jim Pattison, Canada's third-richest man, has a reported net worth of $5.9 billion.

    Source:Forbes, Bloomberg

    But Pattison wasn't always worth billions — his net worth is even more impressive considering his beginnings. He was born during the Great Depression and grew up poor, wearing hand-me-downs and living in "Vancouver's gritty east side."


    Pattison began practicing the art of business at age 7, selling seeds door-to-door. He eventually progressed to selling newspapers and playing trumpet at church picnics.

    Source:Bloomberg, Vancouver Sun

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