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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    casetify custom phone case

    The iPhone XS and XS Max are Apple's best phones ever, but they're also the most expensive ones yet — so you should definitely keep them in a case. In fact, this applies to pretty much any kind of phone. 

    Casetify is a startup making phone cases that run the gamut from simple to stylish, but it's custom case tool is easy to use and lets you turn your photos into a unique collage for as little as $29.

    I'll walk you through how to use the tool below, but it shouldn't take you more than 20 (or so) minutes to create a case that commemorates a fond memory, person, or place. This is also a cheap holiday gift idea for anyone on your list.

    SEE ALSO: The best iPhone cases for every model

    To start, you'll have to pick the phone you'd like to design a case for. In my case, that's an iPhone XS.

    Next you have to select a case style. The impact case has two-layer military grade protection and costs $45; the grip case also has a two-layer design, with a smooth frame that makes it easier to hold your phone and costs $35; the snap case is a thin, clear plastic case that only protects the back of your phone and costs $29.

    Once you've decided on a case style, you can pick a design. You have a lot of options, so you can pick the right one based on how many photos you want to include, and how busy you want your case to look.

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    disney 33

    It's the most wonderful time of the year at the most magical place on Earth.

    Christmas at Disney is just as glittery and gorgeous as you'd think: classic characters glide on floats during the annual parade, choirs in the shape of Christmas trees sing carols — and the famous Cinderella Castle shines in lights of every hue.

    Keep scrolling to see 30 of the most magical photos of Disney parks at Christmas time. 

    There's no such thing as a Disney Christmas without "Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade."

    The famous parade is part of Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party— a night of fireworks and stage shows at Magic Kingdom in Florida. It runs on select nights in November and December. 

    Of course, Mickey and Minnie make an appearance.

    The parade features a series of elaborate, Christmas-themed floats that ride down Main Street, U.S.A. 

    Anna and Elsa from "Frozen" ride along, too — and they love the snow flurries.

    Mickey's parade is complete with (faux) snow flurries to get spectators into the Christmas spirit. 

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    Bill Gates

    • Renewable energy sources aren't enough to eliminate the harmful effects of climate change, Bill Gates wrote in a recent blog post.
    • To prevent climate-related disasters such as floods, drought, and extreme temperatures, the world must focus on five "grand challenges," Gates said. 
    • While electricity is the largest single source of global emissions, sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, and buildings also pose a threat to environmental safety. 

    Bill Gates has a message for those worried about climate-related disasters like hurricanes, droughts, flooding, and extreme temperatures: No solution works on its own.

    In a recent blog post, Gates refuted the idea that renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines hold the key to saving our planet.  

    "To stop the planet from getting substantially warmer," he wrote, "we need breakthroughs in how we make things, grow food, and move people and goods — not just how we power our homes and cars."

    That's a lofty goal — especially in light of a recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which found that the effects of climate change could reach catastrophic levels in just two decades. 

    To get ahead of the problem, Gates said, the world must focus on five "grand challenges" to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which linked to rising global temperatures. These challenges have also been identified by the Environmental Protection Agency as the main sources of global emissions.


    Electricity is the largest single source of the world's greenhouse gas emissions, producing about a quarter of the global total. But 75% of greenhouse gas emissions hail from other sources.

    With global carbon emissions having increased by around 90% since 1970, the world cannot place its confidence in renewable sources alone. 


    Between farming and deforestation, agriculture is responsible for around 24% of greenhouse gas emissions.

    The main offender from this category is cattle, which produce more carbon dioxide emissions than most single countries, save for China and the United States. 

    But other elements of farming that can be dangerous as well. The use of nitrogen fertilizer, for instance, releases nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas that's 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide. In October, Gates and a cohort of billionaires invested millions in a genetically modified bacteria that could mitigate this problem.



    The manufacturing industry is close behind in terms of emissions, producing around 21% of the global total.

    When fossil fuels are burned to create things like steel or cement, they release harmful levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. In recent years, scientists have also discovered that plastics release greenhouse gases as they break down in the ocean.

    "Look at the plastic, steel, and cement around you," Gates wrote. "All of it contributed to climate change."


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    Blue Crush

    Travel is usually one of life's greatest pleasures but sometimes rather unpleasant surprises present themselves.

    This is especially true when hotels enter the picture. The truth is you never know exactly what you're going to find when you step into a hotel room for the first time and, as the following stories prove, what you do find might be quite gross.

    Here, 17 Reddit users share the grossest thing they've seen in hotel rooms.

    Of course, these anecdotes are just for fun and can't be verified by INSIDER.

    "It looked like the carpet was dancing."

    "Recently I was in a hotel with a few friends. I thought my eyes were going funny as when I looked down it looked like the carpet was dancing. Blaming the heat and dehydration, I sat down to get myself together. The longer I looked, the more it danced.

    "After a short while, I realized the floor was literally covered in the tiniest little bugs. Super, super tiny, but that many of them that the carpet as a whole looked to be moving. Nice."– Reddit user csswizardry

    "The ceiling was infested."

    "Opened the door to a fresh, clean hotel room. I lay back on the bed, with my eyes closed and when I opened them, I noticed the ceiling was infested with spiders."– Reddit user MaximalDOMS

    "It was being lifted up the wall by ants."

    "I've traveled quite a lot over the years, and I've found my fair share of cockroaches in hotel rooms over the years. The most memorable, though, was dead. It was being lifted up the wall by an army of ants. They eventually dropped it and started again. I was aghast. This was somewhere in Java, Indonesia."  – Reddit user Triseult

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    jack whittaker lottery winner

    • Lottery players everywhere dream of striking a multi-million-dollar jackpot with a winning ticket.
    • But there's a dark side to coming into a windfall of sudden wealth if you're not careful.
    • Here's what it's really like to win the lottery.

    Becoming substantially wealthier thanks to a tiny piece of paper would make your life so much better, right?

    In fact, recent research suggests that lottery winners are more satisfied with life than those who lost the lottery and that this happiness is lasting, Business Insider reports.

    But winning a lottery jackpot can also have some unwanted side effects.

    Here's what it's really like to win the lottery.

    SEE ALSO: 20 lottery winners who lost every penny

    Lottery players everywhere dream of hitting the jackpot.

    The idea of striking rich is enticing enough for the average American to spend $207 a year on lottery tickets.

    Source: CBS News

    In reality, though, your chances of actually winning are pretty slim — you have a better chance at getting struck by lightning than you do at winning a Mega Millions or Powerball contest.

    Source: CBS News and National Geographic

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    now house jonathan adler amazon 15

    Amazon leaves no table unturned while convincing you that it's the only place you need to shop for absolutely everything.

    This week, much to the delight of home design enthusiasts, it released its first exclusive designer collaboration for the home with iconic potter and interior designer Jonathan Adler.

    Now House by Jonathan Adler is a full line of furniture, decor, and bedding featuring unique and stylish pieces at Amazon-appropriate prices. In making luxe interior products more accessible and convenient to shop for, the collaboration opens shoppers up to a world they previously dismissed as out of their price range or that which resembled more "aspirational fantasy," less "real-life look-book." 

    On the Now House Amazon page, you can shop by product category, curated looks, and rooms. Looks like WFH: Work From Home embolden you to forget you're even working by advocating pops of color or tables with futuristic grooved legs, while the satisfying geometric precision of All Lined Up reminds you that black and white really won't ever go out of style. Or, create an entryway your guests will remember and a bedroom to gladly retreat to every night, in just a few clicks. 

    Most pieces ship with Prime, but larger items like sofas require scheduled (but free!) delivery and will show up in a week. 

    After checking out the furniture and decor from this diverse collection, we think these are the 14 best pieces to shop from Now House:

    A ceramic vase that's as eye-catching holding flowers as it is empty

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Small Mod Lines Vase, Black and White, $38, available at Amazon

    A multi-colored mirrored accent table that looks different at every angle

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Chroma Cube Accent Table, Multicolor, $188, available at Amazon

    A charming set of pastel nesting tables

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Vally Nesting Side Tables Set of 2, Mint and Blue, $188, available at Amazon

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    iron fist

    Netflix did some major house cleaning in 2017, cutting expensive shows like "Sense8" and "The Get Down."

    It also killed flops like "Girlboss" and "Gypsy" after only one season, and old favorites like "House of Cards," which will end after its sixth season.

    And Netflix isn't holding back in 2018 either.

    Netflix's most recent cancellations include "Orange is the New Black," which will end after season seven, and "Marvel's Iron Fist," which is done for good after two seasons. 

    Other shows that Netflix has dropped in 2018 include "Lady Dynamite,""Disjointed,""Seven Seconds," and "Everything Sucks."

    Here are the 23 shows Netflix has killed in total, along with their critic and audience ratings from Metacritic.

    "Orange Is the New Black": Ending after seven seasons

    *Season seven of "Orange Is the New Black will likely air in 2019*

    Netflix description: "A privileged New Yorker ends up in a women's prison when a past crime catches up with her in this Emmy-winning series from the creator of 'Weeds.'"

    Critic rating: 79/100

    Audience rating: 8.5/10

    Date canceled: October 2018

    "Marvel's Iron Fist": Canceled after two seasons

    Netflix description:"Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the 'Iron Fist,' he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny." 

    Critic rating: 37/100

    Audience rating: 6.0/10

    Date canceled: October 2018


    "The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale": Canceled after one season

    Netflix description: "Joel McHale is back with six new binge-worthy episodes full of more outrageous TV clips, original sketches, celebrity guests and comedic mayhem."

    Critic rating: N/A

    Audience rating: 7.2/10

    Date canceled: August 2018

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    Apple Collector 9.JPG

    • An Austrian computer repairman has amassed what he believes could be the world's biggest collection of old Apple computers. 
    • But it might all soon be destroyed unless someone can take it off his hands.
    • Since he began working for a company that repaired Apples in Vienna in the 1980s, Roland Borsky's collection has grown to roughly 1,100 computers.
    • He hopes that a benefactor will put his collection on display and pay off his debt of 20,000-30,000 euros ($23,000-35,000).
    • "I would be pleased if it is simply put on display anywhere ... so people can see it," Borsky, 53, said to Reuters.

    An Austrian computer repairman has amassed what he believes could be the world's biggest collection of old Apple computers, but it might all soon be destroyed unless someone can take it off his hands.

    Over the years since he began working for a company that repaired Apples in Vienna in the 1980s, Roland Borsky's collection has grown to roughly 1,100 computers, he says - far more than the 472 items at Prague's Apple Museum, which says it is the world's biggest private collection of Apple products.

    "Just as others collect cars and live in a little box to afford them, so it is with me," he said in his office, which is so packed with dusty items like a wall of old monitors that he has moved most of them to a warehouse outside the city.

    Ironically, however, Apple's success has made life harder for his business, and he has decided to close it. Apple opened its first store in Vienna in February, taking over much of the repairs previously done by firms like Borsky's. Parts are also often harder to replace on Apple's newer devices, he says.

    Now that his income has dried up, Borsky says he cannot afford the rent on his warehouse. He hopes that a benefactor will put his collection on display and pay off his debt of 20,000-30,000 euros ($23,000-35,000).

    Asked what would happen to his collection if that didn't happen soon, he said: "It'll be shredded. That is what bothers me the most because I can't currently rent a storage space that I can afford."

    He has already put his computers on display as part of temporary exhibitions in Vienna but he hopes the collection will find a permanent home.

    "I would be pleased if it is simply put on display anywhere ... so people can see it," Borsky, 53, said.

    Take a look at his collection below: 

    SEE ALSO: Apple reimagined its iconic logo in dozens of ways for its upcoming iPad event — here are all of the creative and cool designs

    Austrian Apple computer collector Roland Borsky has what he believes is the largest collection of Apple computer products in the world.

    "I would be pleased if it is simply put on display anywhere ... so people can see it," Borsky, 53, told Reuters.

    Here he is with an iCamera.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    In late 2015, Netflix started a phenomenon when its true crime docuseries, “Making a Murderer,” sparked debate all over the country.

    The true-crime series follows the trials of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, a pair of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin residents who were accused of murdering and mutilating the body of 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach in 2005. The series focused on the prosecution's lack of incriminating evidence, a confession that many believe was coerced, and a police department that possibly had something against the accused.

    The series was a huge hit, and people immediately became engrossed in the case which began to make national headlines. 

    Since the release of "Making a Murderer" in 2015, Netflix has released other addictive docuseries including "The Keepers,""The Staircase," and "Wild Wild Country."

    If you don't have time to watch the entire first season of "Making a Murderer" before you dive into part two  or if you need a refresher (it's been a while!) — here's everything you need to know about the first season, and what's happened in between seasons one and two.

    Here's 10 things you need to know about "Making a Murderer": 

    The Avery family wasn't well-regarded in the community, and Steven Avery didn't exactly have a clean history.

    The Avery family didn't mix well with their community in Wisconsin. They kept to themselves and lived close to each other or on their family property, where they ran an auto-salvage yard. 

    Avery's record before the rape arrest wasn't clean. It included a few burglaries and cruelty to an animal — he doused a cat with gasoline and placed it in a fire. On "Making a Murderer," Avery, who's revealed to have an IQ of 70, says that it was all a result of hanging with the wrong people.

    Steven Avery served 18 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit.

    Steven Avery returned to his family in 2003 after being exonerated for the 1985 rape and assault of a woman, Penny Beerntsen, in his home county of Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. New DNA evidence proved that he was innocent. Avery served 18 years in prison for the crime. 

    The series suggests that Avery was framed for the crime, because of the county's hatred toward the Avery family, because he was already a troublemaker, and because the county just wanted to wrap up the case. 

    Avery sued Manitowoc County for wrongful conviction.

    After Avery was freed in 2003, an investigation found no wrongdoing on the part of Manitowoc County's police in his conviction.

    So Avery filed a $36 million lawsuit against the county and officers who took part in his wrongful conviction, and went through a civil case. 

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    big little lies

    The Emmy-winning HBO series "Big Little Lies" is set to premiere its second season in early 2019. The drama stars Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz.

    While you wait for the second season, here are some surprising facts from the set of the electrifying show.

    Warning: spoilers ahead for the first season of "Big Little Lies."

    In the original novel, the story took place in Australia.

    In the novel version of "Big Little Lies," the plot is set in a beach side town on the coast of Australia while the HBO adaptation is set in Monterey Bay, California. In an interview with Elle author Liane Moriarty revealed that she welcomed the change in setting for the show.

    "Over the years, readers have often written to me commenting on how playground politics are the same the world over," Moriarty said. "I thought the Californian setting was beautiful and very similar to the Australian setting I'd imagined. In a way, I think changing the setting helped me 'let go,' which I think every author has to do when their work is adapted. If it had been set in Australia, I might have resisted changes to the book, which I've always known and understood were necessary in an adaptation."

    Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern are best friends in real life.

    Although their respective characters may hate each other on the show, Witherspoon and Dern couldn't be closer in real life. They became best friends after playing mother and daughter in the biopic "Wild."

    Vanity Fair interviewed Dern in 2017 while she was on a joint vacation with Witherspoon's family and the actress elaborated on their powerful connection. "We told the New York Times how our mothers got so mad because we had fallen so in love and had such a beautiful experience making 'Wild,'" joked Dern. "And when they saw 'Big Little Lies', they were so mad at us at first for being so rude to each other."

    Dern also revealed that the entire cast has become fast friends outside of the show. "Yesterday, [Reese and I] were texting with the other girls," said Dern. "We FaceTimed with Shailene yesterday. We all remain close, and I can't believe our very good fortune in finding each other and forming this friendship. Between filming and all of the press afterward, it feels like these actresses and I have spent two and a half years together."

    Some of the show's best lines are taken directly from the book.

    Although much of the material for the television show featured original writing, certain scenes from Moriarty's novel were so powerful and witty that the show adapted them word for word.

    "One [scene] in particular was Celeste's therapy session—even the therapist's office was exactly as I had described it in the book, and there were a number of lines straight from the page,"Moriarty disclosed to Elle. "I also especially enjoyed seeing Reese deliver the line about 'tending to her grudges like little pets.' I keep replaying that over and over. She delivers it with exquisite comic timing, as she does all her lines."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    richard branson

    Several individuals and entities have begun distancing themselves from Saudi Arabia following the disappearance of journalist and prominent Saudi critic Jamal Khashoggi.

    Khashoggi was last seen on October 2, when he entered into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul to secure official documents for his upcoming wedding to his Turkish fiance Hatice Cengiz.

    The 59-year-old, who formerly served as an adviser to senior officials in the Saudi government and who had been living in self-imposed exile in the US, has not been seen since.

    Some have speculated that he could have been kidnapped or killed inside the consulate, reportedly at the order of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman using a team of hit men flown in specially to undertake the task.

    Official response to Khashoggi's disappearance have been mixed.

    Saudi officials claim that The Washington Post contributor left the consulate, but haven't provided any definitive proof. Turkish officials previously alleged that Khashoggi was killed and claim there's no evidence he ever left the consulate, while Canada, the UN, and President Trump have expressed "concern" over the journalist's whereabouts.

    In a story published Thursday, The Washington Post said the Turkish government told US officials it has audio and video showing that Khashoggi was killed inside the consulate.

    Global business leaders, policymakers, media moguls and tech executives have also taken notice and are beginning to move away from dealings with Saudi Arabia and its crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman.

    SEE ALSO: A prominent Saudi critic's disappearance sends a stark reminder of the Kingdom’s brutal crackdown on dissent

    Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group

    Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group are severing ties with Saudi Arabia because of the Khashoggi case. 

    In a blog post on Virgin Group’s website, Branson announced that Virgin Galatic and Virgin Orbit will suspend its discussions with the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia.

    “What has reportedly happened in Turkey around the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, if proved true, would clearly change the ability of any of us in the West to do business with the Saudi Government,” Branson wrote. “We have asked for more information from the authorities in Saudi and to clarify their position in relation to Mr. Khashoggi.”

    US lawmakers

    Nearly two dozen senators, led by the Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Corker of Tennessee and the Democratic ranking member Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, have sent a letter to US President Donald Trump, recommending an investigation and possible sanctions against those found to be involved in Khashoggi's disappearance.  

    Republican and Democratic lawmakers are also pushing to block Saudi arms sales.

    Former US secretary of energy Ernest Moniz

    Former US energy secretary Ernest Moniz suspended his membership on an advisory board for a $500 billion Saudi megacity project called Neom.

    "Given current events, I am suspending my participation on the Neom board. Going forward, my engagement with the advisory board will depend on learning all the facts about Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance over the coming days and weeks," Moniz said in a statement provided to Business Insider.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    apartment for rent san francisco

    Renting is getting less expensive for people living in the largest US metropolitan areas.

    In September, rents declined on an annual basis in more than half of the nation's 35 largest markets, the first time in six years, according to data from Zillow. Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington saw the biggest drops at 2.7% and 2.2% respectively. 

    "For renters, slower rent growth is welcome news and will put more spending money in their already stretched pockets," Zillow Senior Economist Aaron Terrazas said.

    He added: "Rents remain high by historic standards, but September's modest annual decline in rents should ease some of the pressure pushing higher-income renters to buy."

    Zillow's conclusion is based on its Zillow Rent Index, which tracks monthly median rent in particular geographical regions based on a consistent stock of inventory.

    The list below, based on the Zillow Rent Index, highlights the 11 cities in America where rents fell the fastest in September, ranking from the least to the most.

    San Antonio, Texas

    September rent change YoY: -1.1%

    September Zillow Rent Index: $1,330

    Source: Zillow

    Indianapolis, Indiana

    September rent change YoY: -1.2%

    September Zillow Rent Index: $1,195

    Source: Zillow

    St. Louis, Missouri

    September rent change YoY: -1.2%

    September Zillow Rent Index: $1,139

    Source: Zillow

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    soyuz ms 10 rocket launch flight photographers expedition 57 crew nasa reuters 2018 10 11T091619Z_1854069770_RC17A46851B0_RTRMADP_3_SPACE STATION LAUNCH.JPG

    • With volatility back in the stock market, investors will be well-served to identify stocks that have the potential to outperform, while hedging their downside risk.
    • Analysts at Goldman Sachs looked into options contracts to glean which stocks traders are making the most bullish bets on.   

    If the past few days have demonstrated anything, it's that volatility is back in the stock market and could remain through the end of 2018.

    This makes it important for investors to gain exposure to stocks that could experience an end-of-year surge, coupled with strong hedges

    The options market is ideal for doing that, and analysts at Goldman Sachs have examined contracts expiring in January 2019 to glean what traders are making big bets on for the rest of this year.

    They compiled a list of stocks that are among the cheapest to hedge on the market, as measured by three-month skew — or the difference between the premium options traders are paying to protect against price declines over the next three months relative to bets on increases.

    "Very low levels of skew in options suggest investors are buying upside calls [options contracts betting on rallies] into year-end, or are less worried about downside risks," a team of analysts led by Katherine Fogertey said in a recent note to clients. 

    "As an example, options for Humana (Buy-rated) now reflect 3m normalized (put-call) skew is at its lowest level in a year. While shares are up 36% year to date, option investors appear to be positioning for the potential that recent outperformance can continue."

    The list below shows stocks that options investors are betting will see huge gains by the end of the year. It's ranked in descending order of their three-month-skew percentile. As Fogertey noted, low skew means traders are less worried about risks, which implies greater upside.

    SEE ALSO: Global investors haven't been this bearish on the economy since the financial crisis — and Bank of America says there's only one way to play it

    Navistar International


    Year-to-date total return: -13%

    3-month skew: 0.07

    Percentile: 6

    Source: Goldman Sachs

    14. Ford


    Year-to-date total return: -24%

    3-month skew: 0.06

    Percentile: 6

    Source: Goldman Sachs

    13. Ralph Lauren


    Year-to-date total return: 25%

    3-month skew: 0.09

    Percentile: 6

    Source: Goldman Sachs

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    (L-R) Kaitlyn Stewart, WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year 2017 and Orlando Marzo, WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year 2018 are seen on stage during the WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year global finals at ewerk on October 8, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year competition brings together the best bartending talent from around to globe to decide who will be crowned the world's best bartender.

    If you're having friends over to your house for a gathering, the question turns to what to serve them for drinks.

    Wine is always a good choice, but why not go above and beyond to kick things off, and make them cocktails?

    Bartenders make mixing look like a fine art that requires hours of practice, but in reality there are some simple and easy cocktails you can make yourself at home.

    We asked the 2018 World Class Global Bartender of the Year, Australia's Orlando Marzo, from Melbourne's acclaimed Lûmé restaurant, for five simple cocktails you can make that will really knock the socks off your friends.

    They include a range of different ingredients, including the spirit Marzo says will be the most popular during summer: gin.

    Here they are.

    SEE ALSO: The cofounder of Grey Goose vodka has revealed whether the perfect martini should be shaken or stirred

    A spritz

    "Spritzes are super versatile and great to serve as an aperitif," Marzo says.

    "Pour 30ml of your favourite spirit, add 60ml of sparkling wine, 30ml of soda and then dress it with fruit, a citrus wedge or olives for a savoury twist.

    "I recommend Tanqueray London Dry Gin or Ketel One Vodka," he says.

    A negroni

    "These have grown incredibly popular in the last decade and can be made using the classic recipe of equal parts (30ml) Tanqueray No.10 gin, sweet vermouth and bitters," Marzo says.

    "They're not only one of the greatest classics but a very solid formula to make drinks.

    "Choose from your archive your base spirit, your fortified wine and your bitter," he suggests.

    A margarita

    "They are arguably the benchmark of cocktails for home parties, and will add a zesty and uplifting note to any drinks list," Marzo says.

    "My recipe — 50ml of Don Julio Tequila, 15ml of Orange Curacao, 5ml of sugar syrup, and 20ml of fresh lime juice.

    "Combine in a shaker with 2 strawberries or raspberries or anything fresh to give it a twist," he says.

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    rory gilmoreFashion might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Rory Gilmore from "Gilmore Girls." Instead, you probably think about school, books, and, of course, coffee.

    While Rory never focused much on fashion, she did wear some incredibly trendy signature outfits. She stuck to the basics and kept things simple, but as she grew up, her wardrobe grew with her. 

    Here are some of Rory Gilmore's most iconic looks. 

    When she wore this gorgeous blue gown that totally captured Logan's heart.

    This powder blue gown that Logan purchased for Rory is breath-taking. While the outfit isn't something Rory Gilmore typically wore, it's still one of her best looks of the series.

    When she spread major fall vibes with her giant cozy sweater.

    Rory was the epitome of fall before it even became a thing. This gigantic cable knit sweater looks ridiculously comfortable and cozy. 

    When she went to the school dance in this gorgeous dress that Lorelai made.

    This handmade gown fit the mood for prom. 

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    big bang theory science"The Big Bang Theory" is the longest-running multi-cam sitcom of all time. With 11 seasons under its belt, the beloved CBS sitcom will take its final bow at the end of season 12, sometime in 2019.

    Here's where "The Big Bang Theory" cast was at the beginning of the series and where they are now. 

    Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny, came to "TBBT" with sitcom experience.

    When Kaley Cuoco first joined "The Big Bang Theory" as Penny, she was most notable for her role as Bridget Hennessy on the short-lived ABC sitcom "8 Simple Rules."

    After the series ends, Cuoco has other plans.

    Since appearing on "TBBT," Cuoco has made frequent appearances in the Priceline commercials and has done voice-over work ("Hop" and "Alvin and the Chipmunks").

    She married equestrian Karl Cook in June 2018 and her new animated series "Harley Quinn," which she voices, is set to debut in 2019 on DC's new streaming service.

    After the show ends, Cuoco said she plans on producing, traveling with her husband, and doing lots of horseback riding.

    Johnny Galecki, who plays Leonard Hofstadter, was on "Roseanne" first.

    Johnny Galecki solidified his place in TV history in the role of experimental physicist Leonard Hofstadter. Galecki was already a TV star before he joined "TBBT" thanks to his role as Roseanne's son-in-law David Healy on "Roseanne."

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    BaconBacon as we know it dates back to around 1500 B.C., making it one of the oldest cuts of meat. So it's no surprise that many places around the world have their own versions of bacon. The way this age-old cut of pig is cooked and seasoned differs from place to place.

    Here's what bacon looks like in 10 different places around the world. 

    In the US, bacon is a popular breakfast choice.

    In the US, bacon is thinly sliced strips of pork belly that are typically smoked over a hardwood, like hickory or Applewood. Usually the meat and fat run in parallel streaks, leading to a fairly equal distribution between the two.


    Canadian Bacon is also called "back bacon."

    It may be called "Canadian bacon" in many places, but in Canada it's simply referred to as "back bacon."

    Canadian bacon isn't cut from the pork belly, instead it comes from the loin. Because of this, it's pretty similar to ham. It's typically cured and smoked before serving. 

    English Rasher is quite flavorful.

    Splitting the difference between US-style bacon and Canadian bacon is the English rasher.

    While Canadian bacon is cut from the loin on the back of the pig and American-style comes from the pork belly/side of the pig, English bacon is a combination of the two.

    English rashers are cut from the loin of the pig but retain a lot of that luscious fat from the pork belly and fat cap. The result is a flavorful cut that's somewhat leaner than US-style bacon.


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    costco auto program

    • The Costco Auto Program allows Costco members to buy discounted cars from participating dealerships.
    • A wide variety of vehicle types and models are available to buy or lease.
    • The average discount is over $1,000.


    Costco sells just about everything, so it's no surprise that the retailer can also help customers buy discounted cars.

    Through the Costco Auto Program, Costco members can search for a variety of vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, jet skis, and RVs.

    Once you've chosen a vehicle and your preferred trim, features, and exterior color, Costco sends you the contact information for a participating dealership and salesperson, at which point you can visit the dealership to find out the vehicle's discounted price and decide if you'd like to buy or lease it.

    The range of available vehicles extends from budget options that start under $20,000 to luxury vehicles that top $100,000.

    A Costco representative told Business Insider in March that Costco members save over $1,000 off the average price of a vehicle when using the program, on average, and members can also get a 15% discount on parts, service, and accessories at participating service centers.

    Here's how you can use your Costco membership to get a discount on your next car.

    SEE ALSO: The 10 best used cars to buy to get the most for your money

    1. Go to the Costco Auto Program's webpage or call its customer-service line.

    From the Costco Auto Program webpage, you can browse and compare available vehicles, calculate monthly payments, and read reviews.

    You can also call the company's customer-service line to have an employee walk you through the process over the phone.

    2. Choose the vehicle you'd like.

    You can choose from a variety of classes, including sedans, sports cars, SUVs, trucks, and crossovers.

    While you don't learn the discounted price until you visit the dealer (this is an old sales trick — prospective customers are less likely to walk away from a potential purchase if a salesperson is able to talk face-to-face with them about their hesitations), the manufacturer's suggested retail price ranges from under $20,000 to over $150,000 for vehicles available through the program.

    You can also buy or lease a motorcycle, RV, ATV, jet ski, snowmobile, or UTV.

    If you don't want to buy outright, you can also lease or select a pre-owned vehicle, which the dealer inspects for any broken or worn-down parts and fixes before selling it again.

    3. Customize the trim, features package, and exterior color.

    For many vehicles, you can select the trim, features, and color you'd like. For others, you can choose only the model.

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    iphone xr colors

    The new iPhone XS and XS Max went on sale, but Apple has one more new iPhone waiting in the wings: The iPhone XR is coming on October 26 — next week — and you can pre-order it right now in six available colors.

    In many ways, the iPhone XR is superior to the new iPhone XS. But which color is best, and how are you supposed to decide before you see the new iPhones in person?

    Thankfully, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, a.k.a. "MKBHD," spent some time with the new iPhone XR at Apple's big September event and took some beautiful footage of the colorful new phones using his incredible 8K camera rig. His photos are the next-best thing to seeing these phones in person.

    Here's a high-definition look at the red, blue, yellow, white, black, and "coral" versions of the new iPhone XR:

    SEE ALSO: The new iPhone XR's six available colors, ranked

    First, let's look at the white iPhone XR. Here it is from the front.

    And here it is from the back.

    Here it is next to the silver iPhone XS. As you can see, the iPhone XR has a much brighter white color.

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    iPhone XR colors

    Up until this fall, I had a plan: I would use my iPhone 6S until it died. 

    That phone and I have been through a lot together. I cracked the screen on it while falling up a set of stairs, I got it repaired by Apple — an effort that ultimately broke it more  and in the end, I was given a refurbished version with a screen that wasn't quite attached properly. Most days I have to wipe away a bit of black adhesive that leaks around the edges. 

    All of this is to say, it's not a great phone, but it's my phone — and it has a headphone jack, something you can't say for the current batch of iPhone models

    I value a headphone jack more than most features that have come to smartphones in the last few years, like wireless charging or an OLED display. Plus, Apple's new phones over the last two years haven't really thrilled me. Sure, they've been gorgeous, but they haven't been that big of an upgrade over previous versions. Even the camera hasn't been enticing enough to spend the money on a new phone.

    But when Apple unveiled the iPhone XR at its annual hardware event last month, everything changed — all of a sudden, I couldn't wait to own one. It starts at $750; lower than the $999 price of the higher-end iPhone XS. 

    Now that the iPhone XR is officially available to preorder, here are 4 reasons why I'm ready to give up my trusty iPhone 6S for the iPhone XR.

    SEE ALSO: Here's how the new $400 Apple Watch Series 4 compares to last year's model, the Apple Watch Series 3

    1. The new colors are finally fun — and way different from anything else you can buy.

    One of the main reasons I wasn't able to get excited about the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone X was the design. 

    They were beautiful, premium-looking phones, but they just didn't thrill me. I've never needed my phone to be luxurious; I've just needed it to be functional. 

    But the iPhone XR recaptures some of the sense of fun Apple hasn't exhibited since the iPhone 5C. It comes in six new colors — black, white, red, yellow, blue, and coral — but it still looks high-end, thanks to its glass back and metallic aluminum edges. 

    No one else order the coral one, though — I've got my eye on it. 

    2. Apple gave the iPhone XR an incredible camera.

    With the iPhone XR, Apple copied one of the best features of the Google Pixel: building an incredible rear camera that only requires one lens. 

    Google's smartphone camera is one of the best in the business, yet it doesn't rely on two lenses, which I've never thought looked very good. Instead, Pixel phones use software to take beautiful photos, and even give it a portrait mode.

    Apple did the same thing with the iPhone XR. It only has one lens, but it's just as capable — and maybe even more so — as the higher-end, $999 iPhone XS. I won't know for sure until I get a chance to test it, but at least on paper, the iPhone XR camera will be a major upgrade from my iPhone 6S.

    3. The iPhone XR has many of the same features as a higher-end smartphone.

    The iPhone XR isn't Apple's top-tier iPhone, but it still has a lot of the most-wanted features most people are looking for these days, including:

    • Wireless charging
    • A large, beautiful display (although it's not OLED like the iPhone XS)
    • Water resistance
    • Face ID (for unlocking the phone with your face) and Animoji
    • The same A12 chip as Apple's more expensive phones
    • Better battery life than the iPhone 8 Plus
    • Dual SIM
    • The latest version of Apple's smartphone operating system, iOS 12

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