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    There are more television options than ever before, and that means it's tough to watch everything we want to. But that doesn't mean we still can't look forward to what's coming — and think about what to watch ahead of time.

    Every month, Business Insider will provide the most anticipated new shows thanks to data from television-tracking app TV Time based on its 13 million global users.

    In November, the latest iteration of "Narcos" comes to Netflix, and Julia Roberts' new Amazon drama premieres.

    Below are the five most anticipated new shows premiering in November, according to TV Time:

    SEE ALSO: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings reportedly routinely performs a 'keeper test' — and used it to fire his product chief and longtime friend after 18 years

    5. "My Brilliant Friend"— HBO, November 18

    Description: "'My Brilliant Friend' tells the story of Elena Greco, a now-elderly woman who discovers the most important friend in her life, Raffaella “Lila” Cerullo, seems to have disappeared without a trace. A writer, immersed in a house full of books, Greco turns on her computer and starts writing the story of their tempestuous friendship, starting from the point when Elena met Lila their first year of primary school in 1950.

    Set in a dangerous and fascinating Naples, their story goes on to cover more than 60 years of their lives as she tries to describe the mystery of Lila, Elena’s brilliant friend and — in a way — her best friend, and worst enemy."

    4. "Baby"— Netflix, November 30

    Description:"Inspired by a true story, this series follows a group of Roman teenagers as they defy society in their search for identity and independence."

    3. "Origin"— YouTube Premium, November 14

    Description"In 'Origin,' a chilling new original series from the producers of 'The Crown' & 'Lost,' we meet a group of troubled passengers as they wake up on a damaged spaceship abandoned in deep space. Each having left behind a dark past in search of a fresh start on a newly colonized planet, they’re desperate to survive at all costs. But as their terrifying situation spirals into paranoia, they come to realize that the greatest threat to their dream of starting over – and indeed their lives – might actually be within their midst…"

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    DNA microscope genes genome

    It's been a big year for biotech companies.

    A big number of biotech IPOs debuted on the stock market this year. Yet biotech stocks have declined this year as investors soured on the sector and amid concerns about rising interest rates, according to a Goldman Sachs report released Wednesday.

    With so many companies to choose from, here are the ones Goldman recommends owning. 

    SEE ALSO: The market for biotech IPOs is red hot — here are the top 10 of 2018

    Bluebird Bio (BLUE)

    Cambridge-based company Bluebird Bio is a clinical stage company that develops gene therapies for genetic diseases and T cell-based immunotherapies. 

    Goldman is expecting a first look at early-stage data for Bluebird's bb21217 treatment for multiple myeloma, a form of blood cancer, in December. 

    Get the latest BLUE stock quote here

    BioMarin Pharmaceutical (BMRN)

    BioMarin focuses on developing treatments for rare diseases. It's expected to report third quarter results this week. 

    Goldman says that the company has room for growth with its recently launched Palynziq, which treats adult phenylketonuria, a rare inherited disorder in which the body can't process an amino acid called phenylalanine

    Goldman also said treatments with potential include vosoritide (treats achondroplasia, a type of short-limbed dwarfism), val-rox (hemophilia A gene therapy), and BMN250 (treats Sanfilippo Syndrome B). 

    Get the latest BMRN stock here

    CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP)

    CRISPR Therapeutics  is using the CRISPR/Cas9 complex to edit genes and has programs in sickle cell disease, immuno-oncology, and regenerative medicines. 

    Get the latest CRSP stock here

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    Google Search

    Switching your search engine is not something to be taken lightly — it's our internet lifeblood.

    We rely daily on algorithms we don't understand to surface the exact article we're looking for. And if for some reason it's not at the top of our results — even if the search we entered was a half-baked string of words — we get frustrated. 

    Luckily, in 2018, Google has put most of those frustrations to rest. 

    But now that search seems to be in a "steady state," it gives us some time to consider what else is out there. These past two weeks, I did something that 15, maybe even 10 years ago, may have been inconceivable: I gave other search engines a go. 

    First, I tried the privacy-focused, ad-blocking DuckDuckGo. The next week I moved to Microsoft's Bing, something I never thought I'd hear myself say. 

    The move off of Google wasn't as bad as I imagined when first taking on the task. It amazed me that other companies are now competitive with Google when it comes to search. 

    As for the differences and the overall search engine champion, here's what I found: 

    SEE ALSO: Amazon just opened its newest cashier-less store in San Francisco — take a look inside

    HOMEPAGES: The Google Doodle is hard to beat. Most days, Google offers up a new illustration that's often significant to that day.

    On this particular day, I learned about the Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong who worked on Disney's "Bambi" and lived to be 106.

    Also available to click on (though I haven't in years) is the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. Clicking this button will pull up anything from a list of trending restaurants to a quick game of solitaire — sort of like Google's version of the website Stumble Upon. 

    The homepage for DuckDuckGo is pretty much barren. The only call to action is to click on the text box and start typing.

    DuckDuckGo does make changing themes quite simple if you're looking to mix things up a bit. I chose to go Dark Mode. 

    Instead of illustrations, Bing decided to go with daily photographs around the world, often of beautiful landscapes presumably meant to inspire.

    Bing also provides some thumbnails at the bottom of the page of "trending" news stories. The headlines were typically catchy, and I was often tempted to click. 

    Below the fold, there are lifestyle stories, homepage photos from recent days, and a timeline of notable events that happened on that particular day in history. 

    Bing's homepage is easily customizable, so you can get rid of this news feature and the photography if you want to focus on search. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    iPhone XR

    The iPhone XR has officially arrived in stores, and if you're like me, it may have gotten you thinking: Should I upgrade? 

    There's plenty to like about the iPhone XR as someone who owns an older iPhone. Its price point, while high, isn't scary high — $750 is a lot easier to justify than $999. I use an iPhone 6s, and what's kept me from upgrading the last few years is the absolutely insane expense of purchasing a new iPhone. 

    And for the first time in a long time, an iPhone comes in fun colors. And not just a few colors, but a lot of colors. 

    Plus, and I think this is the biggest perk for me, the camera is expected to be very good — a truly noticeable upgrade from older phones like the iPhone 6. 

    But if you're upgrading from an older phone — an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 6, an iPhone 6S, or even an iPhone 7 — you're going to have to prepare yourself for a lot of changes ahead. The iPhone has evolved a lot in the last five years, and even in the last two years, which means you may have to adjust to a rather foreign-feeling device. 

    Here's everything you should know before upgrading to the iPhone XR from an older iPhone. 

    SEE ALSO: Battle of the big phones: How Google's new Pixel 3 XL compares to the jumbo iPhone XS Max

    1. The iPhone XR is bigger than phones like the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and even the new iPhone XS.

    If you were expecting the iPhone XR to be a reasonable-sized device, you're going to be disappointed. 

    The iPhone XR is bigger than the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, and 8, and even the slightly larger iPhone X and iPhone XS. Its not quite as large as a "Plus" model of the iPhone, but it's certainly on the larger side. 

    If you're someone who prefers smaller phones, you're going to have think carefully about whether you're willing to make the jump. 

    2. The iPhone XR has a bigger display than any standard-sized or plus-sized iPhone that came before it.

    While the iPhone XR may not be as physically large as an iPhone 6, 7, or 8 Plus, its screen is bigger. 

    The iPhone XR has a 6.1-inch LCD display, which is larger than the 5.5-inch LCD screen you'll find on any of the older Plus iPhones. 

    That being said, its display is still smaller than the iPhone XS Max, which has a 6.5-inch OLED display. 

    3. The iPhone XR is heavier than most older iPhones.

    The iPhone XR is significantly heavier than iPhones past — it weighs in at 194 grams. Here's how that compares to past phones:

    iPhone 8 — 148 grams

    iPhone 7 — 138 grams

    iPhone 6S — 143 grams

    iPhone 6 — 129 grams

    For obvious reasons, the Plus models of all those phones are a bit heavier, although only the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone XS Max weigh more than the iPhone XR.

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    godfather horse head scene


    In the classic 1972 film "The Godfather," one unlucky character named Jack Woltz, who lived in a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, made the mistake of crossing the Corleone family. The next morning, he woke up covered in blood with a severed horse head in his bed, now one of the movie's most iconic scenes.

    Fans of "The Godfather" will be happy to know that they can now buy the Los Angeles home where the scene took place — as long as they have $135 million to spare.

    The sprawling 153,692-square-foot Beverly Hills estate, nicknamed "The Beverly House" and once owned by media titan William Randolph Hearst, was previously on the market for $195 million in 2016, according to Forbes, so you could say the new price is an offer you can't refuse.

    The property was previously for rent for $600,000 a month in 2013, The New York Daily News reported.

    If it sells for its current asking price, the Beverly House will be the most expensive home sale in California, beating the record of a $110 million home sold in Malibu in April 2018. Jade Mills of Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills has the listing.

    Here's a look at the estate, which sits on 3.5 acres of prime Los Angeles real estate.

    SEE ALSO: An $82 million penthouse apartment in NYC's tallest residential building offers 360-degree views of Central Park and the city — but nobody wants to buy it

    The Mediterranean-inspired mansion in Los Angeles is asking $135 million.

    Source: Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

    It was used in several scenes from "The Godfather," where it portrayed the home of the character Jack Woltz, a movie producer.

    Source: IMDb

    It was the setting for one of the movie's most iconic scenes, in which Woltz wakes up to a bloody, severed horse head in his bed.

    Source: IMDb

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Bonus Iceland

    • Bónus is a chain of discount grocery stores based in Iceland.
    • I took a trip to the land of the ice and snow last month and needed to grab a few incidentals here and there.
    • The Icelanders that I spoke to all recommended shopping at Bónus for its low prices.

    Visiting an Icelandic chain of discount grocery stores wasn't on my vacation itinerary.

    But learning about Bónus ended up being, well, a huge bonus during my visit to Reykjavik last month. My friend and I weren't initially planning on hitting up a grocery store during our Labor Day weekend trip, but we needed to pick up a few items since her bag hadn't made our flight from JFK. That's how we ended up visiting Bónus.

    Founded in 1989, the company now employs 1,000 people, according to the grocery chain's website. There are 20 Bónus stores in Iceland, and 12 in the Faroe Islands.

    The store might not boast an international presence, but it's still managed to attract attention from visitors to Iceland thanks to its thrifty prices and its plump, pink piggy bank logo. 

    Here's a look inside Bónus:

    SEE ALSO: 12 surprising differences between Icelandic and American culture

    DON'T MISS: An airline is going to pay 2 friends $4,000 each per month to move to Iceland and travel the world, accommodation included

    SEE ALSO: Here's how Trader Joe's keeps its groceries so cheap

    My friend and I first heard about Bónus on the taxi ride from the airport to our hotel.

    The cab driver pointed out a store with a jolly piggy bank on its sign as we drove into Reykjavik.

    He told us that Bónus was the least expensive grocery chain in town, and recommended shopping there.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    galaxy s10 concept

    Samsung's next-generation Galaxy S10 could deliver significant updates in design and features to the South Korean smartphone manufacturer's flagship line of premium smartphones.

    At least, that's what the rumors are suggesting. Even Samsung's mobile-business leader, DJ Koh, has chimed in to hype up the next Galaxy S smartphone.

    If the rumors are accurate, we should expect a pretty significant overhaul in the Galaxy S10 lineup that could see the adoption of new technologies, next-gen specs, and a more modern design. The rumors paint a futuristic vision of the Galaxy S10's looks.

    Most recently, Bloomberg has come out with a report that adds credence to some of the rumors below. 

    Check out the leaks and rumors about the Galaxy S10, with a little visual help from a video by the concept artist Concept Creator:

    SEE ALSO: 5 new Google gadgets that leaked ahead of the company's big October event

    There will be three models of the Galaxy S10.

    Samsung is supposedly planning to offer three variants of the Galaxy S10, according to the often reliable technology analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has accurately predicted elements of new Apple iPhones. 

    Kuo believes one model will have a 5.8-inch display, another will have a 6.1-inch display, and the third will have a 6.4-inch display. 

    The latest from Bloomberg suggests that one of the models will be a more budget friendly version of the Galaxy S10 that won't come with the curved edges, but rather a more traditional flat display.


    There could be another variant that supports new ultra-high-speed 5G networks.

    The larger Galaxy S10 Plus model could come in two variations, one of which could have 5G support, XDA Developers reported, citing information it found in the code in an upcoming software update for the Galaxy S9 Plus.

    Bloomberg's report suggests the Galaxy S10 models will be compatible with Verizon's 5G network, but it isn't clear exactly which models it was referring to, whether it's the two higher-end models, or even all three models. 

    5G is a new wireless standard that promises extremely fast data speeds and potentially less congestion than today's 4G LTE standard. That means 5G data speeds could still be fast even during times of peak data traffic.

    So far, however, 5G availability is extremely limited and hasn't been fully deployed by most carriers.

    Rumors are suggesting that the Galaxy S10 will have a front-facing fingerprint scanner underneath the display.

    A front-facing fingerprint scanner embedded underneath the display is perhaps the most hotly anticipated feature that could come to the Galaxy S10 — and the rumor mill says it's well on its way.

    It would certainly add to the futuristic look and feel of the Galaxy S10. So far, some phones from Chinese manufacturers — including Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei — have this kind of hidden fingerprint sensor.

    One of the latest rumors is that embedded fingerprint sensors will come standard on two of the upcoming Galaxy S10 models, according to The Investor, as well as a more recent Bloomberg report.

    Samsung is still deciding whether or not the lower-end Galaxy S10 model with a supposedly flat display will come with an in-display fingerprint sensor, according to Bloomberg. The Investor suggests it could have a regular fingerprint scanner on the side of the phone. The rumor lines up with Kuo's earlier predictions.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    gen z studying

    It might be hard to imagine that people born as late as 2000 — a designation known as Gen Z  — are already entering the professional workforce.

    But they are, and there's a few jobs in the tech sphere that 18- to 25-year-old workers are particularly excited about. Some of those jobs are even nearing the six-figure salary mark.

    Comparably, a website that monitors the job market for trends, compiled a list of the 15 most popular tech jobs for Gen Z workers, ordered by average salary: 

    15. Customer service rep ($43,924)

    A customer service rep is responsible for addressing any concerns or issues a customer may have, as well as answering inquiries and questions. 

    14. Marketing associate ($50,185)

    A marketing associate is an entry-level worker who will work on the marketing team to advertise and promote the business. 

    13. Technical support manager ($50,306)

    The technical support manager is in charge of the tech support team, which handles any issues with the company's technology or systems. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    2018 MacBook Pro

    There's a store on Apple's website that's hard to find, but it's the best place to find Apple products for a discount.

    I'm talking about Apple's Refurbished Mac store, where you can find a variety of used Apple products that have been refurbished by the company itself. You get a 15% discount, which doesn't sound like a lot, but it's still a few hundred dollars off the price tag of a brand new model — and that's an extra few hundred dollars in your pocket that you wouldn't have if you went with a brand-new unit.

    I'm aware that the word "refurbished" might put some people off, but if my fantastic experience with a refurbished 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro is anything to go by, there's nothing to worry about. 

    Apple's refurbished laptops are especially smart to consider right now. Apple has started selling refurbished units of its 2018 lineup, which come with the most important update for Apple laptops in years: Intel's latest 8th-generation of chips.

    Intel's 8th-generation of chips is meaningful. So meaningful, in fact, that I'd dissuade most people from buying Mac laptops with older generations of Intel chips, especially in the 13-inch models, whether they're brand new or refurbished.  

    That's because Intel's 8th-generation of chips in Mac laptops contain four or more cores. For those who use Macs for regular work with more or less "basic" apps like Microsoft's Office Suite, office messaging apps, and a web browser, it means better longevity for your Mac. It'll potentially give your MacBook longer legs by handling your workload for a longer time period than Mac laptops with older Intel chips that come with two cores. 

    And for those using video and photo editing software, four cores or more mean faster and smoother editing.

    Check out how you can get your hands on a 2018 MacBook Pro that's been refurbished by Apple itself, and what to look out for:

    SEE ALSO: Buying a MacBook Pro from Apple's Refurbished Mac store was the best decision I made when getting a new computer

    First, you need to get there, and the easiest way is to either click the link below or search for "Apple Refurbished Mac Store."

    You'll find Apple's Refurbished Mac Store by clicking here

    Then, click on the MacBook Pro with the screen size you're looking for.

    Apple offers refurbished models for both its 13-inch and 15-inch models. However, at the time of writing this article, only 13-inch 2018 refurbished models are still available.

    You can find the options towards the top left of the site, or click here to go directly to the 13-inch models, and here for the 15-inch models

    Here's what to look for when browsing through the 13-inch models:

    Apple's 13-inch 2018 MacBook Pro uses Intel's 8th-generation "Core i5" chip that comes with four cores. You can easily tell which laptops have that chip by looking for the word "quad-core" in the unit's name. For example, you'll see "Refurbished 13.3-inch MacBook Pro 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 with Retina display - Silver" when browsing through the store.

    Those units that don't come with Intel's 8th-generation of chips will say "dual-core." You'll also see the original release date as "2017." You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find the 2018 quad-core units. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    electrician street light

    • New York City is a popular destination for workers eager to join corporate life, but some of the highest-paid employees in the city have trade jobs. 
    • Merlin, a job-search site for hourly workers, conducted a survey among 8,822 users based in New York to determine the highest-paying hourly jobs.
    • Nurse is the highest-paid hourly job in New York City at $36.87 an hour — nearly three times the city's minimum wage.

    Several workers flock to New York City for high-paying corporate jobs, but some of the highest-paid hourly employees are in the trades, such as electricians or plumbers.

    Merlin, a job-search site for hourly workers, conducted a survey among 8,822 users based in New York to determine the median pay for hourly jobs. For jobs posted on the platform, the lowest salary limit was used to calculate hourly earnings while considering varied pay periods.

    The minimum wage in New York City is $13 an hour, but is set to rise to $15 by the end of 2018 for big companies (those with 11 or more employees).

    Nurse is the highest-paid hourly job in New York City at $36.87 an hour — nearly three times the city's minimum wage. A mechanic, the lowest earning job on the list, earns $4.20 more than the city's current minimum wage. 

    Below, check out the highest-paid hourly jobs in New York City. All figures represent the median for the respective industry based on the survey responses.

    SEE ALSO: 20 years of government data says raising the minimum wage could be good for workers, businesses, and the economy

    DON'T MISS: Amazon will raise workers' minimum wage to $15 an hour, more than twice the federal minimum — here's how many people in each state make minimum wage or less

    15. Mechanic

    Median hourly wage: $17.20

    14. Medical biller

    Median hourly wage: $17.49

    13. Bus and shuttle driver

    Median hourly wage: $18.24

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Red Dead Redemption 2

    The biggest game of 2018, "Red Dead Redemption 2," may be the most detailed game I've ever played.

    It's certainly the most detailed game I've played since the last project from Rockstar Games, "Grand Theft Auto 5."

    The simple act of walking through mud in "Red Dead 2" becomes a sight to behold. Fighting in it — during a light rain, no less — can be downright distracting:

    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Each individual footstep shows up in the mud, quickly filled by nearby puddles and topped-up by the rain.

    I spent more time than I'm willing to admit simply staring at the mud. How could it be so detailed? How could there possibly have been this much attention lavished on the ground

    Those stop and gawk moments were frequent while playing through "Red Dead Redemption 2" over the last week. It's a game that, even after dozens of hours, continues to surprise me.

    Here's just some of the craziest, most impressive stuff I've seen:

    SEE ALSO: After 30 hours with 'Red Dead Redemption 2,' I'm convinced it's a game everyone should play

    1. Let's start with the bear head hat.

    There are quite a few hats in "Red Dead Redemption 2," and even more outfit combinations. That's to be expected in any blockbuster, character-driven game in 2018. Who doesn't want to play dress up?

    What's not so expected is this outrageous bear head hat, which is a bear's head— a bear you'll kill in a relatively early mission. This hat is almost certain to become yours.

    After taking the bear skin to a trapper, he'll offer to buy your legendary bear skin. In an instant, he turns that skin into a handful of different clothing items. The one I purchased immediately, of course, was the bear head hat you see above. It looks exactly like the bear I shotgunned in a panic.

    2. Your outfit, including the bear head hat, shows up in every cutscene.

    No matter how serious the moment, whatever silly outfit you're wearing is the outfit your character will wear in cutscenes. This is no small thing — most games don't bother with this level of consistency. 

    And that's just the beginning.

    3. If you're muddy from riding through mud, you'll appear dirty and people will react accordingly.

    The main character, and the one you'll control throughout "Red Dead 2," is Arthur Morgan. If you get into a fight in the mud as Arthur, he'll get extremely muddy. When he walks into a bar, people will comment on his smell and demeanor. When he appears in a cutscene, he'll appear as a mud-covered maniac. 

    There's a level of detail consistency throughout the game that's subtle at first, and becomes almost overwhelming as the game goes on.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Copy of Watch_Woman_RoseGold_300

    • The Lux Watch 4 is made of solid 18k gold and starts at $28,995.
    • It comes from luxury accessories-maker Brikk and is one of seven collections of luxury watches being released starting in November 2018.
    • According to a Brikk concierge, it takes 24 to 80 hours to make one of these watches.

    A new, diamond-encrusted Apple watch is here to make your luxury watch dreams come true — if you can afford it.

    From luxury accessories-maker Brikk comes the Lux Watch 4, with prices for the Lux Watch 4 Classic collection starting at $28,995.

    The watches have the full functionality of the Apple watch and differ only in aesthetic; they are available in yellow, rose, and white gold. They are, according to their website, the product of five years of research and development.

    Alex Bradley, a concierge for Brikk, told Business Insider that the diamonds that go into the watches are selected by company founder Cyrus Blacksmith, who hand-selects "a specific grade of conflict-free laser-cut" diamonds.

    However, prospective clients interested in buying their first Brikk watch will have to wait. According to Bradley, the company has now finished taking pre-orders for the Classic, Deluxe, and Omni collections. All seven collections will be launching on November 2.

    Here's a closer look at the range of luxury watches:

    SEE ALSO: These side-by-side photos show real and fake Rolex watches — here's how to spot the counterfeit

    NOW READ: These are the watches worn by some of the most powerful men in finance

    An Apple Watch Series 4 currently retails for prices starting at $399.


    For comparison, The Luxe Watch 4 Classic starts at a base price of $28,995. At that price point, the watch comes with a leather strap.

    The Lux Watch 4 Deluxe is lined with two rows of diamonds. It'll run you $43,995 for the leather strap version.

    Source: Brikk

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    ar-15 rifle

    Parkland, Florida.

    Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    Sutherland Springs, Texas.

    Now, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    Recent deadly mass shootings in these US cities have at least one thing in common: the AR-15.

    The gunman who stormed The Tree of Life Synagogue and opened fire on Saturday, killing at least eight and wounded eight more in the suspected hate crime, was reportedly armed with the weapon.

    The suspected gunman has been identified as 46-year-old Robert Bowers.

    This weapon has become increasingly popular in the US, especially since the 1994 federal weapons ban expired in 2004, and has been used in many other mass shootings around the country. Not just the three listed above.

    To understand how and why this has happened, we put together a historical overview of the weapon and spoke with David Chipman, a senior policy analyst at Giffords and former special agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives.

    The National Rifle Association did not respond to our request for comment.

    SEE ALSO: A 15-year-old JROTC cadet sacrificed himself to save 'dozens' during the Florida shooting — and thousands of people want him buried with full military honors

    The AR in AR-15 stands for Armalite Rifle — not assault rifle.

    In the mid-1950s, the US Army asked a gun-manufacturing company called Armalite to develop a smaller version of the AR-10 to replace the M-1 Garand, which had been widely used in World War II and the Korean War.

    The result was the AR-15.

    But Armalite then sold the design to Colt, which in turn began selling the weapon to Pentagon. In 1962, the US Department of Defense changed the name of the AR-15 to the M-16.

    In 1963, Colt began marketing the AR-15 to the American public as a "superb hunting partner."

    While it was still legal for gun dealers to sell automatic weapons until the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act, which banned new automatic weapons, these first Colt AR-15s were semi-automatic weapons.

    An automatic continuously fires when the trigger is held down, whereas the operator must continuously pull the trigger to repeatedly fire a semi-automatic weapon.

    However, to this day, civilians can still own automatic weapons that were grandfathered in before 1986.

    And, even then, the AR-15 was incredibly lethal.

    It shoots a .223 Caliber or 5.56 mm round at roughly 3,300 feet per second, which is about three times the muzzle velocity of a typical Glock pistol.

    The AR-15's effective firing range is also more than 1,300 feet at the least, whereas a typical Glock's firing range is just over 160 feet.

    Chipman, the senior policy analyst at Giffords and former ATF special agent, told Business Insider that the AR-15 is so powerful that they weren't allowed to carry it during indoor raids because the rounds travel so fast that they could penetrate a victim, then a wall, then a bystander through that room.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Classic Focals   Black

    • Thalmic Labs has changed its name to North and is launching a pair of smartglasses called Focals.
    • North has raised $130 million to launch its smartglasses, with investors including Amazon, Intel, and top-tier venture capitalists.
    • They cost $1000 and require a custom fitting in Toronto or Brooklyn. 

    There's a vision of the future in Silicon Valley that one day, highly advanced glasses will be able to provide useful information inside their lenses.

    Instead of looking at your phone, these glasses will be able to display useful information like notifications, directions, and reminders as a heads-up display. 

    Google took a stab at these kind of smartglasses back in 2013 with Google Glass but faced a difficult reception among consumers. Now an Amazon-backed startup out of Waterloo, Canada is releasing its version of smart glasses using modern technologies.

    The new glasses are made by North, which used to be known as Thalmic Labs. North has raised $140 million in funding from investors including Amazon Alexa Fund, Fidelity Investments, and First Round Capital, according to the company.

    They've used that money to make a pair of smartglasses, called Focals, that focus more on style and user experience than technology. 

    The company wants to make clear that Focals aren't a full augmented reality headset, like Magic Leap One or Microsoft Hololens. Instead, they like to call them glasses that people can wear every day. 

    "We're not focused on unicorns jumping over rainbows or monsters coming out of the wall," Thalmic Labs CEO Stephen Lake told Business Insider. "It's about having a product that's going to be useful for you throughout the day all day."

    "Throughout the day, it's wearable, it's comfortable, and give valuable bits of information that make sense at the time," he continued. 

    Here's what Focals do: 

    SEE ALSO: Elon Musk is telling customers to use an unusual loophole if they want to take a Tesla car for a three-day 'test drive'

    Focals have a "transparent, holographic" display built into its lenses that only the wearer can see.

    The display can pair with an iPhone or Android phone over Bluetooth and provide alerts for text messages, turn-by-turn directions, weather, and more.

    The glasses also have Alexa, Amazon's voice assistant, built-in.

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    world war ii soldier army d-day

    The US Army made it mandatory for all soldiers to wear the new Army Combat Uniform with an Operational Camouflage Pattern on Oct. 1, 2019, a battle dress uniform designed to better camouflage soldiers in modern combat.

    But it's just one small change. 

    In the 242 years since the US declared independence from the English in 1776, the uniforms of those serving in the US Army have evolved dramatically.

    Over the years, as the nation grew, uniforms too have evolved to fit the times and conflicts and to take advantage of changes in tactics and technology. In some cases, as this paper from US Army History notes, the changes were minor affairs, while in other cases, the look of the US Army was radically changed.

    So we found a variety of paintings, and old and new photos, including some of war reenacters, to highlight the major advancements in US Army uniforms.

    Check them out below. 

    SEE ALSO: These images show US troops training in spaces so tight they'll make you sweat

    Revolutionary War (1775)

    At first, during and immediately after the Revolutionary War, the US Army uniform was based off of the British military. The Continental Army uniform was distinguishable by its blue coat. Additionally, the unforms were paired with white overalls and waistcoats. 

    War of 1812 (1812)

    Following the War of 1812, the US Army again updated and standardized its uniforms. The new ones were noted for their blue wool coats that featured high-necked collars and front-facing buttons. In some cases, when blue wool could not be found, gray wool was used. These coats were also matched with "tombstone" shako caps. 

    Mexican-American War (1845)

    By the Mexican-American War in 1845, the US Army uniform featured another set of changes. Soldiers began wearing roundabouts, which were primarily made of blue wool. Additionally, the pants would feature vertical stripes and chevrons on their sleeves in yellow that would mark their ranks. The Army also replaced tombstone caps with forage folding caps. 

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    now house jonathan adler amazon 15

    Amazon leaves no table unturned while convincing you that it's the only place you need to shop for absolutely everything.

    This week, much to the delight of home design enthusiasts, it released its first exclusive designer collaboration for the home with iconic potter and interior designer Jonathan Adler.

    Now House by Jonathan Adler is a full line of furniture, decor, and bedding featuring unique and stylish pieces at Amazon-appropriate prices. In making luxe interior products more accessible and convenient to shop for, the collaboration opens shoppers up to a world they previously dismissed as out of their price range or that which resembled more "aspirational fantasy," less "real-life look-book." 

    On the Now House Amazon page, you can shop by product category, curated looks, and rooms. Looks like WFH: Work From Home embolden you to forget you're even working by advocating pops of color or tables with futuristic grooved legs, while the satisfying geometric precision of All Lined Up reminds you that black and white really won't ever go out of style. Or, create an entryway your guests will remember and a bedroom to gladly retreat to every night, in just a few clicks. 

    Most pieces ship with Prime, but larger items like sofas require scheduled (but free!) delivery and will show up in a week. 

    After checking out the furniture and decor from this diverse collection, we think these are the 14 best pieces to shop from Now House:

    A ceramic vase that's as eye-catching holding flowers as it is empty

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Small Mod Lines Vase, Black and White, $38, available at Amazon

    A multi-colored mirrored accent table that looks different at every angle

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Chroma Cube Accent Table, Multicolor, $188, available at Amazon

    A charming set of pastel nesting tables

    Now House by Jonathan Adler Vally Nesting Side Tables Set of 2, Mint and Blue, $188, available at Amazon

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    van living

    Living out of a van can be a lonely, cramped existence — yet some people are choosing it over life in a standard home. As real estate becomes more expensive in cities such as New York and San Francisco, young tech workers, retirees, and even families are turning to converted vans as a way to save on rent.

    The phenomenon has taken off across numerous social channels. It's now easy to find glamorous shots of van living on Instagram or idealistic blog posts touting a mobile lifestyle.

    Though van dwelling may be a viable option for some, the reality is far less seductive than it's made out to be. Many photos of converted vans show little room for anything other than a bed and a few storage bins. Vehicles that have been lived in for a while are often a cluttered mess, packed with stray belongings and portable fans.

    Check out what van living is really like for the urbanites who dare to tackle life on the road — and the many who rely on vans as an affordable housing option.

    SEE ALSO: This couple shunned traditional vacations for traveling the country in a converted van — here's how they made it work on $30 a day

    SEE ALSO: A 23-year-old Google employee lives in a truck in the company's parking lot and saves 90% of his income

    Some people choose to live in a van so they can travel all over the United States. Lyn Sweet, an artist who has lived in a van for the past two years, set out in her first vehicle after saving money for eight months. She worked five different jobs during that time.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px


    Many van dwellers stop by national parks as they make their way across the country.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px


    Some travelers capture beautiful images by state parks along the coast, such as Cape Kiwanda in Oregon.

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px


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    Uber car logo

    Tech companies are continuing to garner major investments from venture capitalists.

    Major tech startups like Uber, Airbnb, and SpaceX are among the most highly valued private companies, PitchBook reports. But recent major investments into burgeoning tech startups — including Slack, Instacart, and Stripe — have brought new players into the spotlight. At this point, there are almost too many billion-dollar startups to count.

    Uber's $72 billion valuation solidifies the company's spot at the top. However, the rideshare platform plans to go public next year, so the No. 1 spot will soon be up for grabs.

    Here are the 25 most valuable VC-backed startups in the US:

    SEE ALSO: 12 startups that failed this year and took $1.4 billion in VC funding with them

    21. Credit Karma — $4.0 billion

    What they do: Provide a platform for consumer finance and free credit score reports

    Main headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Latest investment amount: $175 million (June 2015)

    Read more about Credit Karma on PitchBook.

    21. Wish — $4.0 billion

    What they do: Run a digital shopping app for items directly from suppliers.

    Main headquarters: San Francisco, California

    Latest investment amount: $500 million (May 2017)

    Read more about Wish on PitchBook.

    21. Houzz — $4.0 billion

    What they do: Provide a platform for home remodeling and design

    Main headquarters: Palo Alto, California

    Latest investment amount: $400 million (June 2017)

    Read more about Houzz on PitchBook.

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    Jeff Bezos Sad

    • Amazon's formerly sterling reputation has taken a hit from all sides recently.
    • That has led some customers to threaten to boycott and cut themselves off from Amazon completely.
    • Amazon relies on the interconnectedness of its services — and Amazon Prime in particular — to keep customers in its ecosystem.
    • But there are plenty of alternatives to nearly all of its offerings, if you're willing to do a little research.

    Amazon is quickly growing to be one of the most powerful companies on earth, spreading into so many categories and offering so many services that it can be difficult to keep track of them. 

    With such rapid growth, it was bound to catch the eye of both scrutinizing politicians and customers who might be inherently distrustful of such a large organization.

    Amazon's repuation has taken a beating over the last year, with high-profile detractors like Sen. Bernie Sanders repeatedly criticizing the company over its workplace practices and pay standards. Amazon is one of Sanders' top examples of a company that has become too powerful, and he frequently makes reference to CEO Jeff Bezos' incredible wealth in his criticisms.

    He recently scored a victory when Amazon raised its starting pay to $15 an hour for all US employees. The company was hailed as forward-thinking, and even Sanders praised the move. 

    But employee pay is far from the only reason customers have criticized the company, as the rise of e-commerce has long been blamed for putting brick-and-mortar — and, especially, locally owned — stores out of business.

    Whatever the reason for wanting to file for divorce from Amazon, the fact remains that it's daunting to find a place to start.

    We've rounded up some of the most commonly used Amazon services and found the closest alternatives to them. Some of them are easy, like shopping. Many other retailers now have perks like free two-day shipping, though they often come with different stipulations. Others, like Amazon's Kindle devices, aren't quite a one-for-one replacement.

    SEE ALSO: There's more evidence that the race for Amazon's HQ2 is still wide open

    Instead of checking first, look at competitors like Walmart and Target. is the first URL many online shoppers type into their browser. 

    But Amazon is not always the cheapest or fastest option, despite its sterling reputation. Other general merchandise sellers like Walmart and Target have caught up after years of online investment, and they both have low prices and a similar two-day shipping promise.

    Instead of Whole Foods, try Sprouts or another natural-foods store.

    Amazon-owned Whole Foods is certainly the largest US grocer focused on organic and locally sourced foods. 

    But there are others. Sprouts Farmers Market is one of the largest chains, with 280 stores across 15 states. Many local players also replicate Whole Foods' model.

    Instead of Twitch, use YouTube Gaming.

    Twitch is Amazon's gaming streaming platform. And while it is still the go-to service for follow-along gaming, it's far from the only one doing it.

    YouTube now has its own similar service with YouTube Gaming

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    macos mojave photoshop fail

    I have an old version of Adobe Photoshop I've kept on my laptop for many years now — it's CS5, for those of you keeping score.

    When I upgraded my MacBook Pro to Mojave last month, I loved all of the changes, particularly the new Stacks feature. But I was bummed out when one of my most-used apps, Photoshop, would no longer open.

    Every single time I clicked on Photoshop, it crashed, and could only produce an error report. There was nothing I could do to fix it — or so I thought.

    After doing some sleuthing online, I learned that the kind folks at MacWorld UK had stumbled upon a trick that makes many seemingly-incompatible apps, like my old version of Adobe Photoshop, suddenly work on MacOS Mojave.

    If you have an old version of Photoshop yourself, or have any other apps that don't seem to work in MacOS Mojave, try this trick first before giving up all hope:

    SEE ALSO: Apple's newest Mac software is now available: Here are the 7 best features in 'Mojave'

    SEE ALSO: Apple's new Mac software cleaned up years of messy files that accumulated on my desktop in less than a second

    First, open System Preferences.

    Click on Security & Privacy.

    Click on the far-right tab called "Privacy."

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