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    Mark Zuckerberg

    Facebook on Tuesday reported revenue that missed Wall Street estimates and stalling user trends during the third quarter. Shares were up in premarket trading Wednesday, however, as investors had apparently prepared for the worst.

    The social-media giant earned $1.76 a share, beating the $1.47 that was expected by analysts. Its revenue grew 33% year-on-year to $13.73 billion but missed the $13.8 billion that was anticipated.

    Facebook said it had 2.27 billion worldwide monthly active users in the third quarter, including 1.49 billion daily active users, up from 2.23 billion and 1.47 billion in the previous quarter. Its average daily users in the US and Canada, however, have flatlined since the the first quarter at 185 million.

    The company also said it would invest more aggressively and called for operating-expense growth of 40% to 50% in its 2019 guidance.

    Analysts across Wall Street were relieved that users didn't flee the social network in droves after a string of scandals. But they have mixed opinions about Facebook's long-term outlook.

    Here's what Wall Street is saying about the quarter:

    Goldman Sachs — 'Better than feared'

    Price target: $195 (from $205)

    Rating: Buy

    Facebook's results "were better than feared both in terms of 4Q18 guidance commentary as well as their outlook on expense growth in 2019 and beyond," Heather Bellini at Goldman Sachs said.

    "Management guided revenue growth to sequentially decline by mid to high single digit percentages, compared to last quarter when they guided revenue growth to decline by high-single digit percentages in both 3Q and 4Q."

    She continued: "Importantly, the company updated its calculation methodology for MAUs and DAUs in the quarter 'to exclude certain data signals that were previously misclassified as user account activity'. Excluding the impact of this adjustment, DAUs would have been 15 million higher, MAUs would have been 9 million higher." 

    RBC Capital Markets — 'Facebook still has many growth levers left to pull'

    Price target: $190 (from $225) 

    Rating: Outperform

    Facebook is "one of the most 'underlevered' internet companies," the RBC analyst Mark Mahaney said. "Facebook still has many growth levers left to pull, not least of which is video advertising."

    He added: "Facebook has, so far, effectively addressed one of the most significant overhangs from its IPO days, the lack of Mobile monetization. Mobile Ad Revenue is a material part of the overall Ad Revenue mix (92%)."

    "Facebook currently drives EBITDA margins in the mid-40%s. An outlook for increased operating expense investment should drive these down, but we think that increased investment is actually a positive at this point in the company's growth."

    Jefferies — 'Not as spooky as feared, but ghosts remain'

    Price target: $200 

    Rating: Buy

    "Not as spooky as feared, but ghosts remain," the Jefferies analyst Brent Thill said.

    "Growth is decelerating, yet 2019 seems to be a pivot point with investment stabilizing," Thill added. "However, the bulk of the investment and deceleration will be accounted for and we view the investments as prudent for long term sustainability."

    He continued: "Facebook connects more than 2 billion people from around the world to nearly 6 million advertisers with best in class data and targeting capabilities delivering high quality and relevant advertising to its loyal userbase."


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    monica chandler friends wedding dancingThe last few years have been huge for sitcom reboots— and many of them have gone over well with fans, like "Will & Grace"and the"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" Netflix revival.

    A survey from the Morning Consult and The Hollywood Reporter asked viewers which TV sitcoms' reboots they’d be likely to watch, and it seems like viewers would watch quite a few. 

    Based on the results, here are some of the TV shows that fans hope get the reboot treatment soon.

    "Home Improvement" might be the most demanded reboot of all.

    Who can forget Tim the Tool Man Taylor, played by Tim Allen? A reboot of "Home Improvement" was the most popular result in the survey, with 55% of respondents saying they’d watch it. It’d be fun to see what Jill and Tim are up to now — but Allen’s show, "Last Man Standing," could get in the way of potentially filming a reboot.

    Fans are hoping for a "Friends" reboot.

    Earlier this year, Jennifer Aniston told InStyle she "fantasizes" about a "Friends" reboot, and she’s not the only one.

    More than half of the people surveyed said they’d be interested, which makes sense since the show has lived on in streaming and syndication since the last season aired in 2004.

    Read More: 21 surprising facts that you probably didn't know about 'Friends'

    A reboot of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air" could be well-received.

    According to the survey, 49% of voters are ready to return to Bel Air, which would look a lot differently these days now that Will, Carlton, Hilary, Ashley, and Nicky are all grown up.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Usually, when someone or something retires, it's because they've grown a little older — and maybe a little slower — over time. Maybe their skills aren't as useful as they once were, so they opt to spend their sunset years peacefully watching others take over their old duties.

    But not the SR-71 Blackbird. It went out with a sonic boom.

    The SR-71 was in the prime of its amazing life. This was a titanium bird designed to outrun and spy on the Russians, a bird that was fooling Russians even before it was assembled.

    When the Blackbird was retired in 1990, not everyone was thrilled with the idea. Much of the debate around the SR-71's mission and usefulness was because of political infighting, not because of any actual military need the plane couldn't fill. Still, the program was derided by Congressional military and budget hawks as being too costly for its designated mission. Some speculate the old guard of Air Force Cold Warriors had long since retired and newer generals couldn't explain the plane's mission in the post-Soviet order.

    Whatever the reason for its retirement, the Air Force's most glorious bird was headed for the sunset — but not before making history and setting a few more records.

    When it was operationally retired in 1990, a Blackbird piloted by Lt. Col. Raymond E. Yeilding and Lt. Col. Joseph T. Vida was tasked to fly one last time from Palmdale, Calif. to its new home at the Smithsonian Institution's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, Virginia. Apparently, they had somewhere to be in the D.C. area that day, too.

    During that Blackbird's final flight on Mar. 7, 1990, the plane and its pilots set four new speed records:

    SEE ALSO: 7 wild photos of the SR-71 Blackbird's afterburners in action

    1. West Coast of the United States to the U.S. East Coast – 2,404 miles in 68:17.

    2. Los Angeles, Calif., to Washington, D.C. – 2,299 miles in 64:20.

    3. Kansas City, Mo., to Washington, D.C. – 942 miles in 25:59.

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    Mieido Shrine, Kyoto, Japan, photographed in April 2016. Japan is the 10th safest country in the world.

    Economics and security are closely connected; a strong economy and safe citizenry each enable the improvement of the other. 

    The World Economic Forum takes a nation's security into account for its annual Global Competitiveness Report, focusing on the threats that organized crime, terrorism, homicide rates, and reliability of its police force can pose to a nation's place in the global economy. 

    The US ranks as the 56th most secure country in the world, falling just short of China at 55. 

    Here are the top 20 safest countries in the world, according to the forum's Oct. 16, 2018  report:

    20. Canada

    19. Bahrain

    18. Spain

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    the haunting of hill house

    Netflix's chilling new thriller "The Haunting of Hill House" may only be one season in, but that hasn't kept it from taking the nation by storm. Filled with supernatural encounters as well as heart-wrenching moments of grief, the show has already been categorized as TV's first great horror show and for good reasoning.

    In addition to the great writing, directing, and producing that Mike Flanagan delivered, each actor in the series found a way to resonate with everyone at least once throughout their appearance. During those times when you were trying to follow the storyline or keep track of all of the hidden ghosts wandering about the mansion, it may have been easy to miss the fact that you've probably seen all of the characters from the show in other roles, too.

    Here's where you might recognize the cast of "Hill House" from.

    Carla Gugino played Olivia Craine.

    Carla Gugino's role as Olivia Crain may have haunted you in your sleep, but that wasn't the first time you'd seen her on your TV screens.

    The actress has been making a name for herself since the late '80s where she made small appearances in shows like "ALF,""Who's the Boss?," and "Good Morning, Miss Bliss"– the show that started "Saved by the Bell."

    Over the years, she's been seen in "The Jimmy Show,""Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams,""Spy Kids 3: Game Over,""Sin City,""Night at the Museum,""American Gangster,""Entourage,""Californication," and "Gerald's Game."

    Timothy Hutton played Hugh Crain.

    Timothy Hutton's role as the father that the children loved to hate was incredible given the surrounding facts, but that should be expected considering his resume.

    The actor, who has been seen in season five of "How to Get Away with Murder," has also appeared in "American Crime,""Leverage,""Kidnapped,""The Good Shepherd,""French Kiss,""The Killing Room,""The Alphabet Killer," and much more.

    Henry Thomas played the young Hugh Crain.

    The younger version of the Crain patriarch – Henry Thomas– did his best to keep the family together, but things got a little weird throughout the 10-episode thriller.

    Though it may not have been easy to notice, Henry Thomas – who played the role – has actually been a star for a very long time.

    Most noticeably, Thomas starred in the hit 1982 sci-fi film "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" as the character Elliott. He also starred in the film "Cloak & Dagger,""Legends of the Fall,""Fever,""Gangs of New York,""Ouija: Origin of Evil," and "Gerald's Game." 

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best shaving mirror

    • There's a wide variety of shaving mirrors available today, but one stands tall above the rest.

    • The ToiletTree shower mirror is our favorite thanks to its rugged tilting design, hot water reservoir that keeps the mirror heated to ward off condensation, and removable squeegee that lets you quickly wipe the surface clean.

    More and more men are discovering the simple joy of the wet shave, but even if you use a cartridge or electric razor, at some point. you've performed your morning shave only to later discover upon closer inspection that some sneaky whiskers escaped your blade. If this has happened to you, then your razor might not be the problem — It could be your mirror.

    It's very easy to miss some whiskers on your neck or elsewhere on your face if the mirror in your bathroom isn't clear, large, or well-lit enough. If this is the case for you, or if you just want a fogless mirror you can use to shave in the shower so you can save a few minutes in the morning, then it may be time to add a dedicated shaving mirror to your kit.

    There are several different types of shaving mirrors, but they all share a few primary qualities. A shaving mirror needs to be large enough to use but not so bulky that it's awkward to mount in the shower or on a bathroom counter, it should be easy to securely install, and — if you're using it in the shower — it must resist fogging up due to steam.

    Additional features that offer some added convenience include lighting, angle adjustments, magnification, or a caddy for hanging things like razors and other accessories. 

    Whether you want a shaving mirror that you can set up on your countertop, mount to your wall, hang in the shower, or take with you on the road, we've got you covered. We've rounded up the best shaving mirrors to suit just about any need, so read on to find the right one for your daily routine.

    Here are the best shaving mirrors you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best shaving mirror overall

    Why you'll love it: Durable, fogless, affordable, and with features not found on other shaving mirrors, the ToiletTree shaving mirror is the best you can buy.

    When shopping for a shaving mirror online, you'll encounter a number of different features designed to prevent the mirror's surface from fogging up in the shower. These typically include some sort of anti-fog coating, while other more minimalist designs require you to heat up the mirror itself to ward off condensation.

    One design stands head and shoulders above the rest, however, making it our top pick for the best shaving mirror that you can buy. The ToiletTree shower mirror features a unique reservoir made to hold hot water, keeping the mirror at a similar temperature to the steamy air in your shower. Condensation occurs when the hot, steamy air comes in contact with a cooler surface — The mirror on your bathroom wall likely fogs up when you take a hot shower, so you can imagine that a mirror in the shower will do the same.

    The ToiletTree shaving mirror's reservoir takes a few seconds to fill up, but it works brilliantly and is easy to use. Just pop the mirror off of its mounting bracket, fill the reservoir with hot water from the shower head or bath faucet, and snap everything back into place.

    The mirror itself tilts upwards or downwards and features a handy razor caddy. This caddy also holds a removable squeegee that you can use to quickly wipe down the surface of the mirror if you need to.

    Another nice touch with the ToiletTree shaving mirror is its mounting system: The mirror housing adheres to your shower wall with waterproof double-sided tape. We find this to be a superior mounting method than the suction cups you'll see on other shaving mirrors, as there is little to no real risk of the mirror tumbling off the wall.

    There are three variants of the ToiletTree shaving mirror. The standard model for $28, a larger option at $33, and a lighted version that rings in at $40. All have the same solid build quality, tilting design, razor caddy (the large model can actually hold two razors), and hot water reservoir, so which one you pick is up to you and your needs.

    Pros: Hot water reservoir wards off fog and out-performs other designs, secure adhesive mounting system, can be tilted up and down, available in larger and lighted models, and features a handy razor caddy

    Cons: The tilting mechanism can weaken over time if used frequently

    Buy the ToiletTree fogless shaving mirror on Amazon for $28 to $40

    The best lighted and magnified shaving mirror

    Why you'll love it: If your eyes need more help hunting down stray whiskers than a regular mirror can offer, then the Elfina's lighted bezel and 10x magnification can make it easier to achieve a perfect shave every time.

    Many guys buy shaving mirrors for use in the shower in order to shave some time off of their morning grooming routine and to more easily keep the hair and shaving cream mess contained. Others, however, simply need more help with hunting down those tricky stray whiskers than regular mirrors can provide. Enter the magnified mirror.

    Magnified mirrors are popular among women for applying makeup, but men are also discovering their utility for shaving, too, as the growing popularity of magnified shaving mirrors shows. This magnification typically runs from 3x to 8x, but our pick, the Elfina shaving mirror, offers an impressive 10x magnification power.

    The Elfina shaving mirror also boasts an LED-lighted bezel surrounding the entire mirror's surface, which is sufficiently bright without being distracting or headache-inducing. Also unique about the mirror is its mounting system. It features a base with an attached suction cup that lets you mount it right onto your bathroom mirror, and a locking mechanism lets you tighten it down securely to ensure that it won't loosen and fall off over time.

    This mirror is not meant for use in the shower, but the flip-side of this is that the locking suction mount is very secure as it's not getting wet. The mirror itself also rotates 360 degrees on its base thanks to its ball socket connection so you can position and adjust it however you need to. At $26, the lighted and magnified Elfina shaving mirror offers a lot of utility for the money.

    Pros: Securely mounts to glass or tile thanks to its locking suction cup mechanism, 10x magnification shows everything in close detail, rotates 360 degrees on its base, 16 LED lights provide excellent lighting when needed, and it's a great value for its features

    Cons: The suction cup mount only works on smooth surfaces like glass or tile, and it's not made to be used in the shower

    Buy the Elfina lighted and magnified shaving mirror on Amazon for $26

    The best countertop shaving mirror

    Why you'll love it: With a functional no-nonsense design paired with a sleek polished steel aesthetic, the hotel-quality Hamilton Hills countertop shaving mirror offers nice low-powered magnification.

    Shower mirrors are great, but they're not for everybody. If you do a traditional wet shave, for instance, then it may be a hassle to lug your shaving tackle — brush, razor, soap, mug, etc. — into the shower every morning. But if your bathroom's wall mirror isn't doing the trick, then a good countertop mirror with some magnification, like this great-looking example from Hamilton Hills, is a fine solution.

    The Hamilton Hills shaving mirror has a sturdy stainless steel base with a polished chrome-like surface that lends it an elegant and luxurious appearance. In fact, if you frequent hotels, then this aesthetic might look familiar. For decades, Hamilton Hills has supplied mirrors (including this one) to top-rated hotel chains around the world.

    This countertop mirror measures in at 11 inches tall in total, with a 7-inch wide circular reflective surface that rotates 360 degrees on its ball socket base attachment. The stainless steel base itself is five inches wide and features rubber feet on the bottom to keep it securely in place. All in all, the metal construction feels weighty and sturdy for all its sleekness, and doesn't feel like it will easily tip over or get knocked off a bathroom counter.

    Also notable about the Hamilton Hills countertop shaving mirror is that it has a subtle 3x magnification, which is a nice "sweet spot" that shows things in finer detail without blowing up your reflection too much. If the 10x magnification of the Elfina mirror to be overkill for your needs but you still want something magnified, then you'll find this to be a happy medium.

    Although the countertop design is our favorite, the Hamilton Hills shaving mirror comes in another wall-mounted rectangular variant as well. This is also high-quality (and looks just as great), but to see our favorite wall-mounted shaving mirror, read on for our next pick.

    Pros: A sturdy yet sleek countertop base, 3x magnification enhances detail without blowing things up too much, the mirror can rotate and swivel 360 degrees, and it has a great-looking and elegant polished steel design

    Cons: It's not suitable for shower use

    Buy the Hamilton Hills magnified shaving mirror on Amazon for $30 to $50

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    chilling adventures of sabrina

    Warning: Spoilers ahead for the part one of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." 

    "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" finally hit Netflix and it's full of hidden references. 

    Between Archie Comics, who publish "Sabrina" comics, to real goddesses and occultists, the series sneaks in a ton of references for viewers to catch. There are homages to horror films in the set design and costumes. And the "Riverdale" spin-off even cites their neighboring town a few times.

    We worked with Archie Comics to find some of the comic references used on the series. 

    Here are some details you may have missed. 

    Doctor Cerberus' bookstore has a tie to showrunner and creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa.

    Aguirre-Sacasa wrote a play called "Doctor Cerberus" about a teen who is bullied and struggles to fit in. He watches horror movies every Saturday night through a program hosted by a man named Doctor Cerberus. 

    The familiar's names all have special meanings.

    • Zelda's familiar is a dog named Vinegar Tom. That is also the title of a 1976 play set during the witch trials in 17th-century England. In the play, a character has a cat, who serves as a familiar, named Vinegar Tom. 
    • Wardwell has a raven named Stolas. Stolas is one of 72 demons named in the "Ars Goetia," a book in the "Lesser Key of Solomon," a spell book on demonology from the 17th-century. He is known as a Great Prince of Hell and one of his depictions is as a raven. 
    • Sabrina's cat Salem is named for the town in Massachusetts known for its witch trials. 
    • Ambrose's mouse Leviathan has the name of a sea monster found in The Bible.

    Ms. Wardwell is the alias of Madam Satan on the series.

    The name Wardwell can be associated with Samuel Wardwell, one of the few men who were accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials and executed.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    typing laptop

    Someone on Reddit once asked the simple question"What's your Deep Web story?"

    In other words, the Reddit user was asking people to share any weird experiences they had encountered while using anonymous web services to access secret websites.

    Such services, including Tor, have been around for years, letting people obfuscate their IP address to make it harder to be tracked.

    They also provide access to a slew of websites known as the Dark Web (or Deep Web), which can be reached only through services such as Tor. Silk Road is the prototypical example of a Dark Web site. Though it has now closed, with its notorious founder in prison, new online black markets have surfaced to take its place. 

    But here's a look at some of the bizarre and creepy things you can stumble on when accessing the dark underbellies of the web, as told by the people who claim to have experienced them.

    Cale Guthrie Weissman contributed to an earlier version of this post.

    SEE ALSO: How to access the Dark Web, where all sorts of illegal stuff goes down online

    The Dark Web may seem scary, but sometimes it's quite innocuous ...

    Though people tell tales of drugs and other illicit sites, sometimes people use the Dark Web just for silly purposes.

    A scavenger hunt ...

    One user was playing what was called an Alternate Reality Game. This game, "No Love Deep Web," had users accessing Tor to hunt for various things.

    This user got engrossed in the game. It ended with"me driving to New York to answer a pay phone at 3:00AM. That was cool."

    "The next stop is ..."

    Sometimes you find weird forums. Take this user's example:

    I once found a forum dedicated to sharing recordings of the automated messages that tell you the next stop on trains. People would post the recordings that they presumably made themselves and then they would discuss them.

    It haunts me to this day. I have so many questions.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    trump rally illinois

    We do not live in normal times, but rather in an age of morally compromised leadership. The Trump administration is preparing to send 5,000 US military personnel to the United States’ southern border. There is no legitimate military purpose for this operation. Border crossings are near historical lows, and the so-called “caravan” of hungry, frightened migrants poses no risk to US national security.

    Instead, this operation is a political stunt. The administration aims to leverage the military’s credibility in support of its hysterical anti-immigrant propaganda campaign, which is itself a component of a partisan mid-term electoral strategy.

    Junior military leaders thus begin in a morally hazardous position which will only grow worse with time. The purpose of this piece is to outline those hazards and to advise junior military leaders on how best to respond.

    SEE ALSO: Jeff Sessions just named these 5 groups as the top transnational organized-crime threats to the US

    1. You’re on your own…

    Neither the Secretary of Defense nor any other senior military leader will whisper a word of objection to this political stunt.

    Recall that Secretary of Defense James Mattis served as a prop when the president signed his Muslim ban at the Pentagon. Recall also that Mattis helpfully offered DoD facilities to support the president’s policy of separating migrant children from their parents when detained at the border.  

    To be sure, Mattis has a world-class press operation designed to leak selected postures of toughness which alight the internet. However, if you’ve bet your life that Jim Mattis will discover his spine in the face of presidential political exploitation, you’re already dead.

    2. …and that includes the courts

    Court protection for military personnel refusing to follow unlawful orders is more theoretical than practical.

    Absent unambiguously criminal misconduct, the courts will not overrule senior military commanders. In the unlikely event that military dissenters prevail in court, such victories will be Pyrrhic at best. These "triumphs" will occur years after the fact, and dissenters’ careers and reputations will be ruined nonetheless. Protections against adverse administrative action are even scanter.

    Corrupt commanders can punish dissenters via efficiency reports that document “quibbling,” “inefficiency” and other user-defined terms not subject to appeal.

    3. Beware the bait and switch

    Mattis and other senior leaders will cover their tracks with an elaborate bait and switch. The deployment orders will conform strictly to the letter of the law. Everything they say and write in public will be squeaky clean.

    As public and media attention fade, flag officers will pressure mid-level commanders to:

    • Use or transfer DoD resources to other agencies for purposes not authorized by US law
    • Conduct and support surveillance of civilians not authorized by US law
    • Detain people and seize property in violation of both US and international law
    • Conceal information for political and public relations purposes unrelated to legitimate security concerns

    Your results may vary, but a valid planning assumption is that most of these mid-level commanders will adopt Mattis’ invertebrate posture.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    woman boss work

    • People develop first impressions of you even before you open your mouth.
    • Research demonstrates that your appearance changes how trustworthy, promiscuous, and powerful people think you are.
    • You can change some people's first impressions of you by changing your behavior and how you present yourself. 

    A lot of first impressions come from things we can't control at all — our natural scent, how "baby-like" our faces are, and whether or not we need to wear glasses or are bald.

    For instance, men who have feminine facial features, like thinner eyebrows and a pointier chin, are more likely to seem trustworthy.

    There's not much folks who want to give off a good first impression can do about their facial structure, but they can change their body language by enacting small changes like smiling more, making more eye contact, and nodding. 

    Keep reading below to find out what other judgements people make about you within seconds of meeting you:

    SEE ALSO: The 23 best icebreakers to use at a party where you don't know anyone

    If you're high-status

    A Dutch study found that people wearing name-brand clothes — Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger, to be precise — were seen as higher status than folks wearing non-designer clothes. 

    "Perceptions did not differ on any of the other dimensions that might affect the outcome of social interactions," the authors wrote. "There were no differences in perceived attractiveness, kindness, and trustworthiness." 

    Just status.

    If you're trustworthy

    People decide on your trustworthiness in a tenth of a second. 

    Princeton researchers found this out by giving one group of university students 100 milliseconds to rate the attractiveness, competence, likeability, aggressiveness, and trustworthiness of actors' faces.

    Members of another group were able to take as long as they wanted. Their judgments were the same for most of the traits as the folks who had only a tenth of a second. 

    Much of that judgement is based on things you can't really change. For instance, research suggests that more feminine, baby-like, and happy faces are perceived to be more trustworthy.

    You can alter your body language to boost others' trust in you. As Business Insider previously reported, try smiling more, leaning forward, looking people in the eye, and mimicking the other person's body language. 

    Your sexual orientation

    People can read a man's sexual orientation in a twentieth of a second — the minimum amount of time it takes to consciously recognize a face. 

    "The rapid and accurate perception of male sexual orientation may be just another symptom of a fast and efficient cognitive mechanism for perceiving the characteristics of others," wrote study authors Nicholas O. Rule and Nalini Ambady.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    fifty shades of grey

    Novels, like any works of art, are prone to negative criticism and, if they push the boundaries enough, can even get censored or banned. As the saying goes, however, any press is good press, and even heavily criticized and banned books have gone on to become some of the most popular works of all time.

    We've rounded up 20 books that were part of some major controversies when they were released, and even continue to be discussed critically today.

    "Manifesto of the Communist Party" by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (1848)

    A work that described the possibilities and benefits of a socialist society, "The Communist Manifesto" (previously "Manifesto of the Communist Party") was banned and censored by capitalist nations for being too radical and critical.

    At its initial release, however, it had little impact. Rather, over the years its ideas became widely accepted and by 1950, nearly half the world’s population lived under Marxist governments, according to

    The book was prohibited by several countries, including Tsarist Russia and Nazi Germany, according to "Banned books: informal notes on some books banned for various reasons at various times and in various places," by Anne Haight.

    "Uncle Tom's Cabin" by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1852)

    An anti-slavery novel published during the time of legalized slavery in the US, the book sparked fierce debate and is often cited as one of the catalysts towards a mindset change in America leading up to the Civil War. 

    "Uncle Tom’s Cabin"sold 300,000 copies in 1852 alone, and eventually sold millions more, in over 40 languages, becoming the most popular book in the world, second to the Bible.

    The reception of the book from African-Americans, however, is somewhat debated.

    Lois Brown from the Department of English at Mount Holyoke college wrote:

    African American responses to Harriet Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin have included deliberate engagement with and spirited rejections of the text, as well as deliberate and nuanced efforts to yoke and unyoke the text from racial matters.

    "On the Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin (1859)

    Including breakthroughs in Darwin's study of biology and evolution, the findings were deemed as ideas against the teachings of the Church.

    According to, the book sold out completely with scientists praising it but orthodox Christians condemning it as heresy.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    November birthdays

    As the Halloween festivities draw to a close, November is fast approaching — and with it, cooler weather and the excuse to spend the foreseeable future burrowed in blankets binge-watching Netflix.

    Still, for those with birthdays in November, there is a reason to celebrate the falling temperatures.

    From Miley Cyrus to Ryan Gosling, we've rounded up all of the celebrities that you didn't realize were November babies.

    Penn Badgley: November 1

    The "Gossip Girl" star will be turning 32 on November 1. 

    David Schwimmer: November 2

    The "Friends" star (who is definitely not an English thief) was born on November 2.

    Kendall Jenner: November 3

    The famed model turns 23 this November 3.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Ohio State Reformatory — Mansfield, Ohio

    Abandoned buildings are eerie enough on their own. But abandoned prisons where inmates were held in solitary confinement, tortured, and even executed feel particularly chilling.

    For true crime fans or horror junkies, many former jails are open to the public and offer ghost tours. 

    Here are 8 eerie, abandoned prisons around the US and the stories behind them.

    Eastern State Penitentiary — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Built in 1829, Eastern State Penitentiary was one of the most well-known prisons in the world. It housed big-name criminals like Al Capone and bank robber "Slick Willie."

    Prisoners were kept in complete solitude at all times until overcrowding became a problem in 1913. Even when prisoners left their cells, guards would cover their heads so they couldn't see anyone, and no one could see them.

    The prison closed in 1971 and remained abandoned until 1994 when it reopened to the public as a museum. Shadowy figures, laughter, and footsteps have all been reported as paranormal activity within the prison walls.

    Ohio State Reformatory — Mansfield, Ohio

    The Ohio State Reformatory opened in 1896 and operated for 94 years before its closure in 1990 due to a federal court order citing "brutalizing and inhumane conditions."

    One of the most violent incidents that occurred at the prison was the kidnapping and killing of an employee's wife and daughter, which was carried out by two parolees in 1948. Two years later, the warden's wife was shot dead by a gun that fell on the floor as she was picking up a jewelry case. Years later, the warden himself died of a heart attack in his office. One inmate reportedly killed his cellmate and then stuffed his body under a bunk. The prison now offers tours, and tour guides and visitors alike say they can still hear the warden and his wife having conversations.

    Parts of the 1993 movie "The Shawshank Redemption" were filmed on site.

    Fort Delaware — Delaware City, Delaware

    Fort Delaware was built in 1859 as a Union Fortress during the Civil War, but was used as a prison for captured Confederate soldiers. It held as many as 12,595 prisoners at one time.

    The fortress was abandoned in 1944 and became a state park in 1951. Ghost tours are available on the isolated island, which is only accessible by ferry.

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    owen cristina doctors greysSome medical conditions are hereditary or influenced by your genes, so it can be proactive to learn more about your family's medical history. In some cases, it can help you start taking the appropriate steps if certain diseases or conditions do run in your family.

    To spark that conversation, INSIDER spoke with several doctors to find out which questions you should ask your family to better understand your health.

    Do you, or any of our blood relatives, have any chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc.?

    It's important to know the answer to this question because your chances of developing a chronic health condition are much higher if your parents or immediate family members have such a condition, according to Kumar Dharmarajan, MD, MBA, Chief Scientific Officer at Clover Health.

    Genetics play a key role in high blood pressure, heart disease, and other related conditions, meaning some people are more susceptible to developing these conditions than others.

    Dr. Dharmarajan explained that when you know your family's medical history you can work with your doctor to identify potential risk factors and develop a plan to delay or even prevent the onset of some of these conditions.

    Did you or anyone in your family ever have problems with anesthesia?

    There is an extremely rare hereditary genetic mutation that can actually cause a deadly reaction when put under anesthesia, Celine Thum, MD of ParaDocs Worldwide, Inc told INSIDER. The condition is called Malignant Hyperthermia Syndrome (MHS).

    Knowing if your family has a history of MHS can help you plan for the use of different drugs to control pain and sedation during any future surgeries.

    Have you, or any of your blood relatives, had a major medical event such as a heart attack, stroke, or cancer diagnosis?

    In many instances, if your parents or immediate family members have experienced major disease complications or health events, there's a higher risk you may have similar issues, Dr. Dharmarajan told INSIDER.

    The good news is that the risk factors are modifiable and early detection and treatment can potentially prevent serious illness such as stroke and heart attacks, adds Dr. Thum. 

    Plus, depending on your history, your doctor may encourage early screenings for cancers or other diseases that run in the family, depending on the age that your family members were diagnosed.


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    kylie jenner

    Kylie Jenner is 21 years old. She's also worth about $900 million.

    According to Forbes, the young multi-millionaire owes most of her wealth to her makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics, which on its own is worth $800 million.

    But Jenner also knows how to leverage her powerful social media presence. With over 150 million followers across the board (not including the millions she has on Snapchat), People reports that Jenner can earn up to $1 million a post.

    So what does she do with all that wealth? Invest in real estate, of course. The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star has owned five homes in her short lifetime, and she moved into her first when she was just 17.

    After her latest endeavor — a $13.45 million purchase with partner Travis Scott in Beverly Hills — it's clear that Jenner is already building a real estate empire. And if her wealth keeps increasing at the rate it has been, she's on her way toward becoming one of the youngest billionaires ever.

    Here's an inside look at Jenner's real estate ventures so far. 

    2015: "Starter home" in Calabasas, California

    Purchased: $2.6 million
    Sold: $3.15 million

    Kylie Jenner bought her first home — a 4,851-square-foot starter pad in Calabasas — when she was just 17 years old in 2015. Located in the swanky "The Oaks" neighborhood, the mini-mansion cost her a cool $2.6 million and, according to E!, was just blocks away from the homes of Kourtney and Khloé Kardashian.

    Glamour reports that Jenner completely renovated the place, decorating with her signature monochromatic color palette. "Kylie is more edgy," Kris Jenner told E! News. "She likes more blacks and grays, and Kim [Kardashian] likes more cream colors."

    According to Variety, Jenner made over half a million in profit after selling the house to entrepreneur Nikki Eslami in 2017.

    2016: Hidden Hills mini-mansion

    Purchased: $6.025 million
    Sold: $6.7 million

    While she still owned the Calabasas property, a then-18-year-old Jenner purchased a mini-mansion in Hidden Hills, California for just over $6 million in May 2016. 

    The property was an upgrade, size-wise. Clocking in just over 7,000 square feet, E! reports that the house boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a home theater, and a four-car garage with epoxy floors.

    Jenner sold the lavish property to a "low profile apartment mogul" in 2018, according to Variety. Though the deal was off-market, Jenner made close to a million in profit.

    2016: Hidden Hills — next door

    Purchased: $4.5 million
    Sold: $5.275 million

    Barely three months later, Jenner purchased a second Hidden Hills mansion in August 2016 — right next door to the first. 

    She snagged this smaller property for $4.5 million, planning to use it as a home office while living in the first mansion permanently. The one-story residence was equipped for more than office work, though. It came with many designer perks, including a large walk-in closet/dressing room and an open-air pavilion.

    But Jenner quickly flipped the 5,154-square-foot "office" house, putting it back on the market just five months later. According to Variety, she finally sold in 2017 to hockey player John Schiavo — and pocketed millions in the process.

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    nicole kidman

    Throughout her near-three decades in the spotlight, Australian actress Nicole Kidman has amassed an incredible amount of both box office and television hits as well as a slew of prestigious awards. She's also worn some incredible outfits. 

    Over the years, Kidman has experimented with all sorts of trends, including bold colors, statement jewelry, and everything in between, making herself one of the most iconic celebrities when it comes to her fashion choices.

    Here are some of Nicole Kidman's best looks.

    She stole the show in silver at the "Batman Forever" premiere in 1995.

    The actress brought out all of the stops for the premiere of one of her early high-profile titles, "Batman Forever."

    She literally shined on the red carpet in a silver, bedazzled midi dress that gave off a subtle rainbow reflection as the stones caught the light. Her cherry red lipstick only upped the glamour factor of this look.

    A few years later, she went for an unexpected color at the Oscars.

    Nicole Kidman’s chartreuse Dior dress at the 1997 Academy Awards was one of her earlier experimental fashion choices, and it was a perfect example of her eclectic and ever-changing red carpet taste. The front of the dress was subtly detailed with floral embroidery and she matched her silver shoes with the metallic finish of the dress.

    She sparkled in gold at the 2000 Academy Awards.

    Yet another bold move in her red carpet repertoire, Kidman played off the gold Oscars statue for her appearance at the 2000 Academy Awards with Tom Cruise.

    Her metallic gold dress featured a one-shoulder detail with an asymmetrical hemline and diagonal seams in the bodice to add some texture.

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    ny strip steak

    If your dining preferences run in a carnivorous direction, you're probably a fan of beef, the most popular red meat. But unless you possess some truly impressive culinary skills, it's likely that you've felt a bit intimidated by the array of cut choices available at the supermarket butcher counter.

    What's the difference between skirt steak and flank steak? Is filet mignon really worth the money? And, most importantly: how do I cook this stuff without screwing up royally?

    If the latter question sounds familiar, welcome to the club. We did some hard-hitting beef-related research and discovered the best methods for cooking eight popular cuts. So the next time you're standing slack-jawed at the butcher counter, you'll have a handy arsenal of pointers to guide you in the right direction.

    If you're dealing with a chuck cut, "low and slow" is the way to go.

    Most commonly sold as a "chuck roast," cuts from the chuck region (between the cow's shoulder bones) include a lot of connective tissue, which can lead to toughness if they're not handled correctly.

    To make the meat as tender and toothsome as possible, you want to block off a solid chunk of time and cook your chuck over low heat. This can be done by slow braising on the stovetop, roasting the chuck with your oven set to a low temperature (which is the usual method for the English classic "Sunday roast" and its American equivalent, the pot roast), or even making it in your slow cooker.

    British super-chef Nigella Lawson preps hers in a red-wine braise, and you can find the recipe here.

    In the mood for stir-fry? Pick up a flank steak.

    If you're planning to fire up your wok to make a stir-fry, you'll want a lean, quick-cooking beef cut with enough tenderness to avoid seizing up and getting unpleasantly tough.

    The easy solution? Flank steak, a thin cut from the belly of the cow. Flank steak cooks up in a flash, but if you cut it against the grain, it'll stay moist and juicy.

    For a quick and easy flank steak stir-fry with plenty of spice, try this recipe from the Food Network.

    Most steaks benefit from a sear, which you can accomplish with a cast-iron skillet.

    When you're in the mood for steak, there's no point in settling for a dry, bland slab of beef. Whether you're working with rib-eye or New York strip, you want caramelization on the outside and a tender, blush interior.

    To get the perfect restaurant-quality steak, season with kosher salt and fresh-ground pepper and cook it in a smoking-hot cast-iron skillet with a big pat of butter.

    The Spruce Eats explains exactly how to do it here.

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    The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds conduct a photo mission over Monument Valley National Park while returning from McConnell Air Force Base, September 10, 2018.

    The Frontiers and Flight air show was held at McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas in early September. The crowd was treated to demonstrations of 70 military and civilian aircraft, including B-2 stealth bombers, A-10 Warthogs, KC-135 Stratotankers, and more. 

    The air show also included a demonstration of six F-16 Thunderbirds. 

    After the show, the Thunderbirds flew back home to Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, soaring over Lake Powell reservoir near the Grand Canyon in Arizona along the way. 

    And the pictures are stunning. 

    Check them out below. 

    SEE ALSO: 9 photos of the J-31, China's copycat version of the F-35 stealth fighter — here's how it stacks up

    Activated in 1953, Thunderbirds are the US Air Force's Air Demonstration Squadron that performs precision aerial maneuvers for audiences all over the world.

    The Thunderbirds squadron consists of eight pilots (six of whom are demonstration pilots), four support officers, three civilians and more than 130 enlisted personnel.

    The squadron flies F-16Cs and F-16Ds with unique red, white and blue paint jobs.

    Read more about the specifications of F-16Cs and F-16Ds here

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    This Is UsRandall and BethWhen watching your favorite shows, there are few things more satisfying than seeing a couple you’ve been rooting for finally get together. Especially when their chemistry is just as strong as you'd hoped. 

    Many couples have made TV history with their love stories — here are some of the couples that have had the most onscreen chemistry. 

    Ross and Rachel are the epitome of a '90s couple.

    The quintessential '90s sitcom couple, no list would be complete without Ross and Rachel from "Friends."

    After Ross pined for her since his high school days, it was so gratifying to finally see them together ... only for them to be ripped apart during the "we were on a break" debacle. Were they on a break or not?

    But ultimately, they just couldn’t stay apart forever, and the iconic series finale drew them right back to each other when Rachel got off the plane.

    Derek and Meredith will always share an epic love for each other.

    Sure, they got off to a rocky start in the first season of "Grey’s Anatomy"— after all, Derek was still technically married to Addison when they first got together.

    But their chemistry was undeniable, and fans got to see them fall in love, get married, and have children, even when Meredith was told that would be impossible. Through several near-death experiences, their love never died.

    Their chemistry was also what made it so absolutely devastating when Derek died at the hand of incompetent surgeons. If anyone deserved a happy ending, it would have been these two.

    Jess was the best of Rory’s boyfriends on "Gilmore Girls."

    There will be an eternal debate between "Gilmore Girls" fans: Jess, Logan, or Dean? But when you’re talking about chemistry, the only answer to that question is Jess.

    They had a passion that Rory didn’t have with any of her other boyfriends.

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    how i met your mother

    Television requires a lengthy time investment from its audience. As narratives unfold each week, fans tend to grow attached to characters and they can start to take things personally when they feel their favorite has been wronged.

    Though it's usually a character's death that sends TV fans into a frenzy, viewers have been known to lose it when long-running mysteries don't live up to expectations or when audiences feel their time has been wasted. 

    Keep reading to see 15 TV moments that upset fans.

    Will Gardner’s death took "The Good Wife" fans by complete surprise.

    Fans can usually anticipate the death or sudden exit of a beloved character when an actor's contract hasn't been renewed and reports they won't be returning next season start to leak out. But the season five death of Will Gardner (Josh Charles), who was shot in the courtroom by his own client, was truly unexpected and fans of "The Good Wife" were not happy.

    Producers worked tirelessly to ensure that the death came as a total shock to viewers, and they were able to anticipate the backlash from fans. After the episode aired, series co-creators Michelle and Robert King posted an open letter explaining their decision to kill off the character.

    "We could 'send him off to Seattle,' he could be disbarred, or get married, or go off to Borneo to do good works. But there was something in the passion that Will and Alicia shared that made distance a meager hurdle," they wrote. "The brutal honesty and reality of death speaks to the truth and tragedy of bad timing for these two characters. Will's death propels Alicia into her newest incarnation."

    Some fans were heartbroken when producers killed Marissa Cooper in a fiery car crash during the season three finale of "The O.C."

    After torturing the character with family problems and substance abuse issues — not to mention having her shoot her boyfriend's brother— producers finally put Marissa (played by Mischa Barton) out of her misery on "The O.C."

    Series co-creator Josh Schwartz told The Hollywood Reporter that he was surprised by the mixed reaction to Marissa's death.

    "There were some people who celebrated and at the time, those were the most vocal people," Schwartz said, adding that he later heard from a lot of angry fans as well.

    "There was a lot of anger and fan art that came our way," he said.

    "The Walking Dead" fans couldn’t stomach Glenn's violent and sadistic death.

    Fans of "The Walking Dead" were already used to being outraged by the time producers killed off Glenn (Steven Yeun), one of the show's most-beloved characters, in the season seven premiere.

    After ending the previous season on a cliffhanger, producers intended to shock audiences by revealing which characters finally met their untimely death at the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his baseball bat.

    Despite filming multiple death scenes to avoid leaks and spoilers, fans knew Glenn's death was coming, they just didn't anticipate how violent, gory, and sadistic the scene would be. The moment prompted some fans to declare they were done with the show, and producers responded by publicly quibbling over whether or not they toned down the show's violence as a result of the backlash.

    Executive producer and director Greg Nicoterorefuted the claims of executive producer Gale Anne Hurd that the series toned down the violence in later episodes of season 7.

    "As brutal as that episode 1 was, it's still part of our storytelling bible, which is what the world is about," Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly. "I don't think we would ever edit ourselves, and I think — even after looking at that episode 1 again — as tough as it was for people to watch, I don't think we would have done it any differently. I don't think we'll ever pull ourselves back. There is definitely a difference between violence against walkers and human on human violence, but truthfully, we're serving our story."

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