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    dyed hair

    You treat your skin like royalty with lengthy routines and high-quality products, but what about your hair? It's true that strands are made of dead skin cells, but if you want the same kind of luscious locks models swish around in shampoo commercials, you have to take care of your freshly colored tresses like you would a freshly spa-treated complexion. The only catch is, well, it isn't easy.

    "Environmental stressors like the sun, beach, pools, well water, hair dryers, hot tools, wind, humidity, dry heat, medications, skin products, and more all attack the hair color by making it flat, dull, dirty, and they all help remove color molecules," senior colorist at Oscar Blandi Salon, Miguel Angarita told INSIDER.

    So basically everything you'll ever come in contact with has the potential to damage your new ‘do.

    Going off Angarita's warning alone, it sounds like your dyed hair is basically doomed from the start, right? But don't let this deter you from experimenting with color. Just be aware of the mistakes everyone with dyed hair makes, and correct them. Otherwise, you'll be making an appointment for a touch up much sooner than you expected.

    Tight ponytail elastics are breaking your strands.

    Those black bands around your wrists do more than keep your hair out of your face. They prevent tresses from growing long and strong.

    "Using harsh elastic hair ties," explained Gary Baker, the creative director of UNITE Hair. "breaks the hair cuticle in some degree which leads the colour to fade or distort from the original result."

    Teasing raises volume, but lowers shine.

    Teasing all, or part of, your tresses seems to always be in style, but Baker warns combing in reverse can cause a lot of breakage.

    "When you back-brush, you are creating a different texture to the hair shaft which absorbs light, instead of reflects it, leaving your hair less shiny."

    Overlapping colors is a major offense.

    Dye isn't so great for your hair's health to begin with, but adding highlights on top of artificial hues, or layering on another color too soon can cause some serious damage.

    Baker explained that over-lightening, in general, leads to porous strands that eventually struggle to hold color, but on dark hair especially, light dyes create oxidation which, he said, causes the hair to actually get darker than is required.

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    red dead camera 1

    Rockstar Games' "Red Dead Redemption 2" is a universally-lauded video game that chronicles the end of the era of the gunslinging outlaw — and the bitter ending for those that thrived in that time. The narrative is compelling, the violence is omnipresent, and the game's world of the Wild West is generally cold and unforgiving. 

    But it's also a beautiful game; one of the most beautiful games of 2018, and certainly the best looking game yet from Rockstar. It's one of the only games I've played in a while that rewards you for slowing down. There are moments of incredibly fast-paced violence and bloodshed, which are followed by eerie silence and calmness.

    One portion of "Red Dead 2" that I feel often gets overlooked is the camera. Your character, Arthur, receives a handheld camera after you complete the introductory portion of the game. The camera can be used to take photos of the world around you, or you can place it on a tripod and take late-1800's-style selfies.

    I've found plenty of enjoyment using the camera this game because of how it forces you to slow down and take in the insane amount of detail that Rockstar has packed into the game.

    Here are some of my favorite in-game photos I've taken of the Wild West, edited to be something approaching period-appropriate:


    I ended up developing the habit of taking and old-timey selfie with every cat I came across in the game. It's a bit difficult to get them to stand still long enough for a shot — a realistic detail, I guess.

    Dutch van der Linde, the leader of the notorious Van der Linde Gang, enjoys a moment of solitude.

    The women of the outlaw's camp didn't seem too pleased with my taking their picture.

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    California Zephyr amtrak

    • The vistas outside of train windows are both impressive and desolate, a slice of rural America that you can't see from any other vantage point.
    • The slow pace harkens back to an era when we still had time to enjoy the journey and make new friends along the way.
    • Traveling by train is a delight — here's why I prefer it to flying.


    The train takes longer than flying and, for some trips, it doesn't make sense. But when I have time, the train is the way I definitely want to go.

    I love the rhythm of the train wheels, the sound of the conductor's "All aboard!" and the stunning views out the big windows. I feel truly transported onboard, which is just what I want when I'm on vacation.

    There are a million things that delight me about train travel. Here are just a few.

    SEE ALSO: I asked 21 people for the worst thing about living in the Bay Area — here's what they said

    1. The fun starts the minute you step on board

    A trip from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo on the Coast Starlight opened my eyes to the easy-going charm of the train. The view out the windows was fascinating: broken down backyards, abandoned shacks melting into long-forgotten river banks, an eagle hunting over a glistening lake, pronghorn antelope grazing on a remote hillside — things you would never see from a car or an airplane.

    The inside of the train was full of magic. Someone handed a guitar to the man seated across from us. He started to play, quietly, beautifully. I dozed, lulled by the music.

    After getting off the train, my reflex was to collapse for the night from the fatigue of travel. To my surprise, I wasn't tired. The train ride left me so relaxed that I was ready to bounce out again.

    2. Railroad folk

    Amtrak train staff deliver old-fashioned hospitality, and I like it.

     The conductors, attendants, dining car staff, and station workers I've met while traveling by train in the US have been funny, kind, helpful, and generous.

    They are interesting people I want to hang out with, like the sleeping car attendant on my first cross-country train trip, who could have taken retirement but kept working because it let him go from his home in Upstate New York to see shows at Yoshi's jazz club in Oakland.

    3. A view of America's forgotten places

    The world revealed out of train windows is a secret America: broken-down towns that were once thriving hubs when the train stopped there, fishing shacks on the water's edge, eagles soaring over an estuary, piles of railroad ties, charred forests.

    During one flood year, we passed a whole town abandoned underwater. Cars still sat in driveways with only their windows showing above a Mississippi River that had taken up residence and wouldn't leave.

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    fantastic beasts

    Hot off the Hogwarts Express, "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" is hitting theaters across the US on Friday.

    Ahead of the magical sequel, relive the original "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" with 10 fun facts you never knew about the first film. 

    J.K. Rowling created a new word for the film.

    After creating mythical beings that can grow or shrink to fit a certain size area, Rowling created a term for the magical characteristic: Choranaptyxic.She says she was cornered into creating this word after thinking up the magical creatures that could fill any sized space.

    Newt is a Hufflepuff.

    Like any good Hufflepuff, Newt is an exceptionally good finder. Of course, the famed textbook writer pays homage to his Hogwarts house by wearing a gray and yellow scarf in the last scene of the movie and in promotional materials for the film.

    The main actors got "wand elbow."

    According to an interview with the Today show, Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, and Alison Sudo claim to have gotten "wand elbow" while filming the movie. "Wand elbow," for those wondering, if a term the cast has given to having a sore elbow after repeating wand movements all day on set.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Woman boarding plane

    Traveling can be taxing and lead to a stressful start to what's meant to be a relaxing vacation.

    Besides a fully charged phone, there are quite a few things you can have handy during your flight to ensure you are in good spirits, relaxed, and have a wonderful start to your trip.

    Rock out to a playlist that matches your destination.

    Create a playlist to go with your trip to keep you relaxed and entertained on the flight. Traveling somewhere tropical? Throw in some reggae or summer jam songs. Heading the mountains for a camping trip? Set up a country playlist. Visiting New York City for the holidays? Blast that Christmas music.

    Get lost in a good book.

    Whether it's a paper book or an audiobook, buy a new one you've been wanting to read/hear and save it for the plane. Getting lost in a good story is a great way to distract yourself from the stress traveling can cause and they'll generally last much longer than the actual flight.

    Get into a new podcast.

    Download a few episodes of a brand new podcast that inspires you or engages you. You can do a little research and start a new one on the plane that fits your interests.

    It's best to start a series so you'll want to continue listening to the end. 

    Here are 20 podcasts INSIDER recommends. 

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    des moines iowa

    • The median household in America earns $55,000 a year, which can go far depending on where you live.
    • SmartAsset recently released a list of the best places to live on a $55,000 salary.
    • Some of the best places to live on the typical American salary are located in the Midwest or are capital cities.

    How far your paycheck can really go is often dependent on your geography.

    A $55,000 salary — what the median American family earns, according to SmartAsset, citing US Census Bureau data from the 2016 American Community Survey 5-year estimates— may not get you very far in a big city with a high cost of living like New York or San Francisco. But it could stretch for miles elsewhere.

    SmartAsset recently released a list of the best places to live on $55,000 a year. To determine this list, it found the cities with a median household income range of $50,000 to $60,000 — 126 cities, to be exact. It then ranked each city based on nine metrics with equal ranking, which it then averaged. This was the foundation for the final score.

    Turns out, some of the best places to live on the typical American salary are located in the Midwest — four of the top 10 cities are located in this region. Capital cities also take up four of the top 10 spots; they have strong economies thanks to state government employment opportunities, according to SmartAsset.

    Below, see the top 25 places to live in the US on the typical American salary.

    SEE ALSO: 20 of the best places in the US to save up and buy your first home

    DON'T MISS: The 25 best places to live if you want to save a lot of money

    25. Springdale, Arkansas

    Median household income: $51,152

    Percent of income spent on housing: 18.2%

    Average commute time: 20.1 minutes

    24. New Braunfels, Texas

    Median household income: $58,814

    Percent of income spent on housing: 24.4%

    Average commute time: 23.6 minutes

    23. St. George, Utah

    Median household income: $54,210

    Percent of income spent on housing: 21.2%

    Average commute time: 16.8 minutes

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    woman laptop computer work tech

    • Amazon announced it's splitting its second headquarters between Long Island City, a neighborhood of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia. 
    • The megacompany said it will bring more than 25,000 high-paying jobs to each city.
    • Business Insider looked at some of the high-paying roles at Amazon's current Seattle headquarters to get a sense of what jobs could come to its second headquarters.


    Amazon has at last announced its HQ2 picks: Long Island City, a neighborhood of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia.

    Amazon HQ2 will likely fundamentally change those two cities. Critics have predicted traffic snarls, rising rent prices, and gentrification, while proponents are expecting a surge of jobs and economic opportunities.

    Indeed, Amazon said the HQ2s will bring 25,000 jobs to each city.

    To figure out what those jobs are, we took a closer look at Amazon's first headquarters in Seattle, since it stands to reason that many jobs commonly found at Amazon's current headquarters would be in demand once a second headquarters is established.

    Business Insider sifted through the 16,300 Seattle-based occupations and salaries Amazon employees shared on Glassdoor to find jobs that earn more than $90,000 a year and received the most reviews from Seattle-based Amazon employees. We also included the job descriptions for each role, as described in recent Amazon job postings. 

    Based on that analysis, here's a look at some of the most lucrative jobs Amazon HQ2 might bring to its future home city:

    SEE ALSO: A head recruiter at Amazon says the biggest mistake people make on their résumés comes down to their job title

    DON'T MISS: Amazon is launching a new delivery program and hiring thousands of drivers, with a warning against 'peeing in bottles'

    Data engineer

    Data engineers construct and maintain data pipelines and systems.

    Average annual salary, according to 68 Glassdoor reviews: $101,057

    Operations manager

    Operations managers oversee teams that handle inventory management, purchases, and work flow. 

    Median annual salary, according to 41 Glassdoor reviews: $106,000

    Business intelligence engineer

    Business intelligence engineers work with data to ensure more efficiency and better market understanding.

    Average annual salary, according to 40 Glassdoor reviews: $108,109

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    A general view of the Israeli city of Ashkelon, as an Iron Dome anti-missile fires near the Israeli side of the Israel-Gaza border, November 12, 2018.

    Israel and Hamas have been exchanging rocket fire since Monday after a botched Israeli commando raid on Sunday killed seven Palestinians.

    It's the most serious escalation of hostilities since the 2014 war. 

    Palestinian militant groups in Gaza agreed on Tuesday to halt cross-border attacks immediately if Israel did the same, Palestinian officials said.

    "(Palestinian) factions have agreed to hold fire on condition Israel abides by this," said a Palestinian official familiar with Egyptian truce efforts. Another Palestinian official, asked when a ceasefire might start, said: "Immediately, should Israel reciprocate."

    Israel's security cabinet, after a six-hour meeting on Tuesday, said it ordered the military to continue strikes in Gaza "as required," indicating they would be calibrated in response to Palestinian attacks.

    Israel has not yet officially responded to the ceasefire proposal, but senior Israeli officials indicated after Tuesday's meeting that such an agreement may have been reached, according to the Independent. 

    Here's how the fighting has gone down and what it looks like. 

    SEE ALSO: Israel and Hamas' massive overnight rocket battle threatens to become a major war

    The escalation started on Sunday after a botched Israeli cross-border raid killed an Israeli officer, a Hamas commander and six more Palestinians.

    Israeli media said the raid was to collect intelligence, but Hamas said it was an assassination attempt. 

    Source: Reuters, CNN


    In response, Hamas, which controls Gaza, and other armed factions launched more than 400 rockets and mortars into southern Israel.

    Source: Business Insider

    Israel's Iron-Dome anti-missile system intercepted more than 100 rockets.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    calvin harris rita ora

    Over the last few years, the dating world has essentially moved from the bar scene to the Internet. But online dating isn't just for everyday people — celebrities do it too. Here's a look at a few famous couples who hit it off on the web before getting together IRL.

    Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams started their romance online.

    The "Modern Family" star and former "Bachelorette" contestant often flaunt their love for each other on social media— which only makes sense, given that's where the two first met. Hyland first made her crush on Wells known during his appearance on season 12 of "The Bachelorette" and reiterated her feelings last summer during his stint as a bartender on "Bachelor in Paradise."

    "OH MY GOD @WellsAdams IS THE FRIKKIN BARTENDER?! Best. Season. Ever. ," she wrote. 

    Adams responded by offering a gig as a barback — and the rest is history. The couple continued their flirtation on Twitter and began dating shortly after. They've now been together for over a year.

    "The internet — it's amazing," Adams said of their modern-day love story,according to People.

    The video of Colton Underwood asking Aly Raisman out went viral.

    It seems as if Colton Underwood, future Bachelor, was just as taken aback by Aly Raisman's performance in the 2016 Olympics as the rest of the world. The Oakland Raiders player famously asked the professional gymnast out in a widely viewed video, inviting her on a double date with Raisman's fellow Olympian Shawn Johnson and her husband, Andrew East.

    She agreed to the date, and the two began a relationship shortly after. They dated for about six months before splitting in June 2017. "We're taking a break right now,"Underwood told the Peoria Journal Star at the time. "We're still good friends and talk, but all that travel had been a nightmare."

    Mandy Moore's Instagram post led her to fiancé Taylor Goldsmith.

    Mandy Moore and Dawes frontman, Taylor Goldsmith, got engaged to in September 2017 after dating for more than two years. The two began their relationship after the"This is Us star" posted a photo of Dawes' music on Instagram.

    She still credits the social media app for bringing them together.As she told People, "I took a picture of their album and posted it on Instagram. Somehow, Taylor saw it and sent a note to me. We started emailing back and forth, then we went on a date and the rest is history. Thanks, Instagram, for helping me meet my fiancé."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    woman with suitcaseEach year, thousands of suitcases end up separated from their owners due to airline baggage mishandlings. Although many of these missing suitcases eventually get to the right place, some never do.

    Just last month, theUS Department of Transportation (DOT) issued their latest airline travel report that lists the mishandled baggage stats for August 2018.

    The data is based on passenger reports concerning lost, damaged, delayed, or pilfered baggage. The numbers could be higher or lower depending on any reports that were false or any missing luggage incidents that went unreported. This data is also limited to US airlines.

    Here's how 12 major US airlines compare, according to the DOT report's August 2018 data. 

    Envoy Air had 6.21 bags mishandled per 1,000 passengers in August 2018.

    The airline on this list with the highest rate of mishandled luggage in August 2018 is the Texas-based airline  Envoy Air, according to the latest DOT consumer report.

    The report states there were about six mishandled pieces of luggage for every 1,000 passengers, which is consistent with the statistics of years past. Since 2012, Envoy Air has logged more than twice as many mishandled luggage complaints as their top competitors.

    This is slightly lower than the eight mishandled pieces of luggage per 1,000 passengers reported earlier this year in January.

    ExpressJet Airlines had 5.87 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers in August 2018.

    ExpressJet Airlines is one of the largest regional airlines. This carrier operates regional flights across the United States that are branded as flights for American Eagle and United Express.

    Because of the many flights ExpressJet operates, it could help explain why this airline has some of the most reports of mishandled baggage on the DOT list.

    SkyWest Airlines had 4.69 mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers in August 2018.

    SkyWest operates thousands of flights for Alaska Airlines, American, Delta, and United Airlines, and is owned by ExpressJet. 

    In August of 2018, the airline was reported as having over four mishandled bags per 1,000 passengers, according to the DOT report.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Pokemon Lets Go PikaBoo

    Since the release of "Pokémon: Red and Blue" on the Game Boy in 1996, the Pokémon franchise has become iconic around the world, spawning countless spin-off games, an animated series and movies, a trading card craze, an on-stage musical, and most recently, a live action film.

    And as Pokémon has gradually secured its place in our cultural memory, the video games have continued to add new layers to the franchise's rich world with generation after generation of new Pokémon. In the 22 years since the series began, the original 151 monsters in "Pokémon: Red, Blue and Yellow" have ballooned into a roster of more than 800 different species, with even more variations.

    It's a lot to keep track of, even for those who have been fans of the series for years. The days of casually naming every Pokémon are long gone.

    On Friday, November 16th, Nintendo will take a step back to the basics with the release of "Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!" and "Pokémon: Let's Go Eevee!"  The two games, which cost $60 (or $100 with a special controller), are the first games in the main Pokémon series to be released for the Nintendo Switch console, and they represent an effort to recapture the magic that enraptured the franchise's first generation of fans.

    Here's what it's like to play the latest Pokémon games:

    SEE ALSO: A 70-year-old Taiwanese man known as 'Uncle Pokémon' uses an outrageous setup to play 'Pokémon Go' on 11 different phones at once

    Developed by the studio Game Freak, the new Pokémon titles come in two flavors: Pikachu and Evee.

    The games are basically the same — the only difference is which Pokémon you customize to be your "partner" (each version also has about 10 to 15 exclusive Pokémon for you to catch).

    The games return to the Kanto region of the first Pokémon games and retell the familiar story of "Pokémon: Red, Blue, and Yellow." The games can't be considered true remakes, but they bring a bevy of new features while retaining the simplicity of the original game.

    "Pokémon Let's Go" is also designed as a starting point for a new generation of players introduced to the franchise by the "Pokémon Go" mobile game.

    Let's Go" brings the gameplay back to the basics of "Red, Blue & Yellow," forsaking the increasingly layered role-playing elements of the newer "Pokémon" games. The result is a much simpler game, which may disappoint longtime fans, but it will make "Let's Go" much less intimidating for new players coming from the mobile game or kids who might be playing "Pokémon" for the first time.

    "Let's Go" returns to the original Pokédex with 151 Pokémon, with a few surprises.

    "Let's Go" chooses to stick with the original 151 Pokémon, which includes skipping popular evolutions that were introduced in later games, like Pichu. You'll start with either Pikachu or Eevee depending on which version of the game you buy, and several wild Pokémon are exclusive to each version, as has been the case in past Pokémon games.

    The decision to include only the first generation of Pokémon is clearly weighted by nostalgia, but it also helps keep individual Pokémon from getting lost in the crowd of hundreds. "Let's Go" refreshes the old Pokémon by giving them access to a larger library of moves than they had in "Red, Blue and Yellow," making things less predictable and helping each Pokémon feel more unique.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    train travel

    Flying home for the holidays? Maybe you're looking forward to jet-setting to a warm destination to escape the impending cold come the end of the year. In any instance, air travel during the holiday season can be a stressful — and expensive — experience.

    But opting for a train can be a huge time saver.

    According to data from Rail Europe, a high speed train from Paris to London in France will take two hours and 45 minutes, as compared to 5 hours of flying and transfer time. A train trip from Florence to Rome in Italy only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes by train, while a flight will mean about four hours and 30 minutes of travel and transfer time.

    The Points Guy compiled similar stats to show that taking the train is the most efficient way to travel a handful of standard routes in the United States.

    We rounded up a few more reasons why taking the train may just be a better option. 

    You'll have more booking flexibility.

    Changing or canceling a plane ticket can be a huge headache and an expensive experience. Train tickets are often more flexible and though making changes can result in fees, they're much less severe than those imposed by airlines.

    "With train tickets, there is generally no fee for changing your reservation. However, refund fees may apply for certain train tickets," Alex Matjanec, CEO of explained. “For example, if you purchase a coach or business-class ticket on Acela Express, you may receive a refund 24 hours ahead of your departure time or pay a 10% fee for refunding your ticket fewer than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled departure time. Meanwhile, if you book an Acela Express first-class seat or a non-Acela business-class seat, you'll incur no refund fee for canceling your ticket before the scheduled departure date.”

    Brush up on the policies before you book your tickets so you understand how much flexibility you have and what any potential penalty may be.

    You can travel more comfortably.

    Flying can be a cramped experience, especially if you're unfortunate enough to get stuck between people with an excessive amount of stuff or behind a person who fully reclines for the entire duration of a long flight. Trains, on the other hand, offer spacious carriages with much more room to read, relax, and move around. 

    Train seats recline and come with electrical outlets and decent-sized fold-down trays. In Amtrak coach, for example, seats have more width and legroom than economy airfare seats do.

    Note that there are no middle seats on trains, either — and there's nothing to block you from getting up for a trip to the restroom.

    You're likely to save money.

    Holiday flights will cost you, even if you've done solid work to book them well in advance of your departure. Though train fares see an uptick in price around busy periods, they often cost less than airfare does. Even more, trains still offer free checked bags and carry-ons, which means you can tote all the wrapped gifts you need to without being whacked with extra baggage fees.

    USA Today reports a difference in what you can bring on board in your luggage as well. "In addition to differences in baggage fees, there also are differences in what you can pack in those bags if you travel by train. There are still prohibited items on Amtrak, but many of the TSA's passenger screening policies and restrictions don't apply."

    Presents that are in perfect shape to gift are a good example of an item that isn't allowed on a plane but completely acceptable on a train. "TSA says you shouldn't bring wrapped gifts just in case they need to further inspect — but you can bring wrapped gifts on a train,"Samantha Brown, Travel Channel TV host affirmed to INSIDER. "You won't have to bother your host for wrapping paper, scissors, and tape!"

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Nutella cafe interior

    On November 14, Ferrero will open its second Nutella Cafe in New York City.

    After the successful launch of its first Nutella cafe in Chicago, Ferrero hopes to impress New York's Nutella lovers with a menu of new dishes and drinks made with the chocolate and hazelnut spread, along with a smartly designed red and white space that pays homage to the treat.

    Usually, I'm skeptical of Instagram-friendly restaurants, much like Nutella's Chicago location, but I was curious to try it nonetheless.

    INSIDER got a sneak peak of the cafe ahead of its grand opening, and tried some of its menu, including a few dishes that are exclusive to its New York City outpost. Scroll on to see what the cafe is like.

    When you walk in, the cafe makes no mistake in telling you what it’s about.

    Inside, the cafe has a red and white decor, like the label of the spread, with Instagram-friendly displays of Nutella lining the walls. All drinks and dishes at the cafe are made with Nutella, and the cafe even has its own dedicated crepe-making station.

    Jars of Nutella and themed accessories are everywhere.

    Forget your average grocery store jar of Nutella. At the cafe, I found the spread available in all shapes and sizes, along with Nutella-themed mugs, tumblers, and even dedicated metal Nutella spreaders.

    The first dish I tried on the menu was one I made myself.

    As expected, everything on the cafe's menu is sweet. 

    One section on the menu, called "Spread The Happy," lets customers create their own Nutella-based concoctions. You can choose from a Nutella-filled crepe, Liège waffle, French toast, or more, before adding a variety of toppings and fillings.

    I had a Nutella-filled crepe filled with bananas, and topped with chopped hazelnuts — a simple but classic dish. It was, unsurprisingly, delightful. There's a reason crepes and Nutella are a popular combination, and the banana and chopped nuts added flavor and texture.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    As we head into the back half of the NFL season, the top of our power rankings remains crowded.

    The Saints are running away with the NFL season, having beaten the undefeated Rams and then laying 51 points on the Bengals while going into cruise control in the fourth quarter.

    But plenty of other contenders remain. The Rams lost Cooper Kupp for the season, and the Patriots lost an ugly game to the Titans, but nobody is discounting them yet. In the meantime, teams like the Chiefs, Steelers, Chargers, Texans, and Bears keep winning. And as we head into the stretch run, the Packers and Vikings are scrambling to remain in the picture.

    Going into a big Week 11, here's where all 32 teams stand.

    32. Oakland Raiders

    Record: 1-8

    Last week: 32nd

    Week 10 result: Lost to the Chargers, 20-6

    Week 11 opponent: at Arizona Cardinals

    One thing to know:Derek Carr hasn't thrown a touchdown in the last two games, as the team has put up just 9 total points.

    31. New York Jets

    Record: 3-7

    Last week: 28th

    Week 10 result: Lost to the Bills, 41-10

    Week 11 opponent: Bye

    One thing to know: After giving up 41 points to the Bills despite Buffalo starting a quarterback who had joined the team literally days ago, it feels like head coach Todd Bowles must be on the hot seat.

    30. San Francisco 49ers

    Record: 2-8

    Last week: 26th

    Week 10 result: Lost to the Giants, 27-23

    Week 11 opponent: Bye

    One thing to know: Nick Mullens' magic ran out in Week 11, as the rookie quarterback threw two interceptions, and then couldn't complete a game-winning drive against the Giants.

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    shark tank tipsy elves gift

    One of our favorite shows to spot new products and enjoy some entertaining celebrity judge banter is "Shark Tank," which is soon returning for its tenth season.

    As we've seen over the years, some pitches do extremely well, while others aren't so lucky — but the fact remains that the show brings forward new and innovative ideas most of us have never considered.

    That's why the products from the show tend to make especially good gifts. They're far from generic and they usually solve a common problem or annoyance. Conveniently, most are also available on Amazon.

    If your recipient loves watching "Shark Tank," they'll recognize these 20 awesome gift options.  

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    A fun outdoor game

    Spikeball 3 Ball Kit, $59.99, available at Amazon

    On a beautiful sunny day at any park in the city, you'll probably see at least one group playing this fun and active game. With rules similar to volleyball, it's easy to learn — so the whole family can get involved. The company even holds nationwide tournaments if your recipient gets really good at the game. 

    A balance bike

    KaZAM No Pedal Balance Bike, $64.95, available at Amazon

    Featuring a patented footrest design that helps young kids find their center of gravity, this bike builds the confidence needed to transition to riding a proper bike. The ergonomic, adjustable handles and seat will get kids comfortable and ready to ride right away. The bike weighs only eight pounds and the puncture-free tires never need air. 

    A Wi-Fi-compatible sous vide

    Nomiku Wi-Fi 1100 Watt Sous Vide, $179, available at Amazon

    Pair the sous vide immersion circulator with a quality piece of steak and your home cook is equipped to make a delicious dinner to remember. The sous vide can be controlled from their phone and produces precise results without fail. 

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    black friday

    If you want to score the best deals and not get taken for a ride this Black Friday, who better to turn to for advice than the people with extensive knowledge on the matter?

    So Business Insider asked more than 40 Black Friday workers to share their best advice for shoppers and what mistakes they should avoid.

    Here are 12 tips that could help you get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience.

    SEE ALSO: 14 things Black Friday workers wish shoppers would stop doing

    DON'T MISS: Black Friday workers confess 9 things they'd love to tell shoppers but can't

    Unless you plan to be one of the first people in line, don't bother camping out or lining up

    "The big-deal items are very limited, so unless you're one of the first 10 in line, you're probably not going to get it. The rest of the products are still there a few hours later. And if you don't like crowds or waiting, stay home and order online or wait until Friday afternoon when it's slower in the stores."

    The same goes for whether you want the doorbuster

    "Unless there's a doorbuster you need, don't waste your time. Cyber Monday has some good deals, too, and you can camp out for those deals in your pajamas in bed."

    Plan ahead

    "On Black Friday so many people underestimate the time and energy it takes to do marathon shopping. If you are going with someone else, be sure they are as committed or as not committed to the experience as you are.

    "Taking two cars is probably a good idea.

    "Plan out your day: Where to go first, when to take a break, how long you want to be out. Give yourself extra time, too. Everything will take twice as long as you think. Be patient and be forgiving. Wear comfy shoes, and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!"

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.


    Whether you’re planning to host a cruise-liner amount of relatives this holiday season or just a few guests, it’s a lot merrier to have wine and alcohol on deck — and even better if you don’t have to leave the house to get it. Online options require minimal energy but delivers on all the perks — just remember to read the fine print and plan on having someone 21 or older to sign for the package.

    If you’re looking for an ongoing delivery, check out the Insider Picks ranking of the best wine subscriptions on the internet here. Otherwise, you'll find a list below of the places you can order alcohol from for the holidays.

    Below are six solid options for delivering wine or alcohol to your door during the holidays:

    Wine Insiders

    Shop Wine Insiders

    Wine Insiders is essentially an online wine store with both individual bottles and a lot of pack options, including six-bottle cases based on themes like Thanksgiving, Halloween, judge favorites, and staff picks ($67 - $81). There's also a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

    Shipping: $10 shipping on one - five bottles and free shipping on orders of six bottles or more. They'll generally arrive two - three business days after your order is placed. Currently, Wine Insiders ship to all states except Alaska, Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, and Utah.

    All shipments must be signed for by an adult over 21 years old, and packages can't be left on your doorstep or delivered to a PO box. Fees may apply if your wine returns to the company as undeliverable. If you work during the day, it's smart to send your box to either a convenient local pick-up location or your business address to ensure delivery. 


    • Mixed Wines: six bottles and deluxe corkscrew, $30 for new customers
    • Red Wines: six bottles and deluxe corkscrew, $30 for new customers
    • White Wines: six bottles adn deluxe corkscrew, $30 for new customers

    Shop boasts the world's largest online wine selection, plus the convenience of home delivery or pick-up from convenient local stores (like Walgreens) that may be open late or on weekends. It's a good place to find your old favorites as well as discover new wines. New customers can use the code "NOVNEW" to get $30 off any orders $100 or more. 

    Shipping: Shipping depends on the shipping state but can reach $30 per order. If you want to pick it up yourself, there are more than 10,000 participating locations that include Walgreens, Duane Reade, and Safeway. If you choose this option at checkout, you'll get an email when your order is ready for pick-up, and you'll have five days to grab it. also has an annual $49 membership called the StewardShip program that gets you free shipping on every order for a full year with no purchase minimum. Either way you order, an adult signature is needed to get your package.


    New customers can use the code "NOVNEW20" to get $20 off any orders of $50 or more


    Shop ReserveBar wines and spirits

    ReserveBar is an online premium wine and spirits store. They carry everything from scotch, gin, and wine to moonshine, cocktail mixers, and chardonnay that arrives with Waterford wine glasses. The company has a luxury collection, limited edition bottles, and top trending gifts to skim through. They also offer high-end gift packaging and do custom engraving, perfect for those looking to gift a really good bottle of liquor with a personalized message. ReserveBar does high-brow, but they also have plenty of casual spirits for less than $40

    Shipping: Free shipping on orders of $150 or more. Shipping fees for orders less than $150 depend upon the shipping state, but can reach $15 per shipment.

    All shipments must be signed for by a 21-year-old adult. Products have a "ship to" section that shows which states allow delivery of that particular liquor or wine. Select cities can use ReserveBar Express and get fine spirits and champagne delivered to their door the same day. 


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    Warner Bros. Pictures recently released the first trailer for the upcoming "Detective Pikachu" movie — starring no less than "Deadpool's" Ryan Reynolds —  giving us our first look at how the creatures will be brought to life alongside live actors.

    The two minute trailer is chock full of hidden Pokémon and fun nods to the games that inspired the film.

    In "Detective Pikachu" and the Pokémon games, Pokémon live alongside humans in place of animals, making them a common sight on city streets and in nature.

    But with more than 800 Pokémon to keep track of, recognizing all of them can be a chore. Luckily we've done the extra work to slow the trailer down and see just how many were brought to life in the trailer. I counted no less than 20 live Pokémon, and even more can be seen on ads and billboards in the background. Here they are, in the order they appear.

    Scene 1 - Ryme City

    The trailer's opening seconds feature more Pokémon than any other scene as we're introduced to Ryme City, a location lifted straight from the "Detective Pikachu" game. While several of the flying Pokémon can't be clearly identified, I counted at least 8 monsters in this scene alone.

    Flabébé is the floating flower Pokémon in the upper right hand corner of that shot.

    Comfey spins through the sky as well.

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    camp fire firefighters hosing down

    California is in flames to the north and south as the deadly Camp and Woolsey fires rage on.

    Both wildfires lit up on Thursday, and have been stoked by dry, windy conditions. The Woolsey Fire has destroyed parts of Malibu and other areas on the outskirts of Los Angeles, while the Camp Fire ravaged the town of Paradise, which is north of Sacramento. That fire has killed at least 42 people — more people than any fire in state history.

    Investigators think some sparking power lines could have been the cause of the blaze. Stocks of California's two largest energy companies fell sharply on Monday, the Los Angeles Times reported, as investors worried about where blame for the deadly fire will fall.

    As of Tuesday afternoon, the Camp Fire had burned 125,000 acres and was just 30% contained. Hundreds of people are still missing, and fire officials expect it will take weeks to finish dousing the flames. In less than one week, the Camp Fire has already destroyed more structures than any fire California had before it.

    Here's what the affected area of northern California looks like.

    SEE ALSO: California wildfires just demolished an entire town and forced the Kardashians to evacuate. Here’s why fire season is getting longer and stronger.

    The Camp Fire lit up just after 6:30 a.m. Thursday morning. In less than 24 hours, it devoured nearly the entire town of Paradise, growing at a rate of 80 football fields per minute.

    Source: Insider

    At 9:23 a.m. Thursday, the Butte County Sheriff's office sent out frantic tweets warning then ordering residents to get out of the way of the flames. "What pisses me off is I don’t think they told everybody soon enough,” resident Kim Benn said.

    Source: TwitterLA Times

    At least six people died in their cars as they tried to escape.

    Source: Business Insider 

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    love actually

    In a perfect world, we would all be Peter McCallister from “Home Alone.” We would all have grand, picturesque homes where we could celebrate the holidays with family members across the tree. Everyone, well, most everyone, would commune in perfect harmony, no one would berate each other with their politics, and the turkey would be — without a single dry sliver — decadently moist every time.

    But in our version, of course, no one would leave Kevin home alone.

    Unfortunately, we’re not all Kevin’s dad. Not only can most of us not afford to take our entire families to Paris, not all of us have the privilege of sharing one single holiday celebration with everyone we love, together. In fact, most of us don’t.

    Regardless of your situation, whether it’s the result of divorce or marriage or something in between, racing from place to place during the holidays isn’t easy, and it’s not always fun. Take it from someone who falls on both ends of the spectrum — my parents have been divorced most of my life and, you guessed it, I’m engaged.

    I thought about asking him if we could take a surprise vacation to escape the imminent ring gapes by presumptuous distant relatives, but then I remembered traveling this time of year is just as treacherous, which means both of our families will all be expecting us. Thankfully, this isn’t my first rodeo, and until human cloning is safely secured, I’ve accumulated some pretty solid best practices for holiday house hopping.

    First of all, realize that you can’t — and you won’t — please everyone.

    Had I realized this sooner, I may have added a few years to my life. I’ve always spent entirely too much time worrying about pleasing or disappointing others. If you go into this month of chaos knowing you can do your best, and only that, you’ll save yourself some stress, guaranteed.

    It might mean that Aunt Jane doesn’t get a Facebook selfie with you this year, but you have to constantly remind yourself that you can’t be in two or more places at once. It’s not possible. I promise.

    Do your best to plan ahead.

    Although you shouldn’t try to please everyone, you have to be prepared for this time of year. If you all live within driving distance, try asking your respective parties to announce a meeting time as far in advance as possible, so if necessary, you can negotiate without disrupting the event. I’ve found that it works for me to align gatherings with mealtimes, rotating groups at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    There are only three meals in a day, though, so don’t get too attached to a certain date. The calendar doesn’t have to read a certain number for you to be permitted to celebrate with loved ones. Get the most out of the holiday season and spread out your time with others among a week or a few days if you can.

    If your folks are more scattered geographically, that’s where you have to get creative. When in doubt, don’t be afraid to establish alternating years for visiting different places. It feels calculated, but in the end, it’s fair. The same can go for significant others and their families if you end up double booked.

    But also, remain flexible.

    As precise and punctual as your plan may be, pies will be burnt, GPS navigation will fail, and someone will inevitably forget something.

    Remember to breathe, and to be as flexible as your parameters will allow. Sometimes, your flexibility may have to extend beyond them, because life happens. In the end, it’s just a holiday dinner, not a royal coronation.

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