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    Goodwill store

    • Goodwill has opened a new boutique store on the Upper West Side of New York City.
    • The new location is targeted at millennials, and all the clothing and accessories sold there are hand-picked by stylists from donations made to stores across the metro area.
    • We recently visited the store to see what it's like to shop there. 

    Millennials are more bargain-hungry than ever, and Goodwill stores want to capitalize on it. 

    This week, the thrift-store chain launched a concept store in New York called "Curated by Goodwill NYNJ."

    Located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the new boutique store is designed to appeal to millennials with a curated assortment of fashion-conscious clothing, accessories, and homeware. 

    "We designed Curated as a distinct shopping experience to introduce shoppers concerned with the waste and pollution that fast fashion causes, to a stylish, affordable alternative," Katy Gaul-Stigge, the CEO of Goodwill NYNJ, said in a statement to the press this month.

    Stylists hand-pick the clothing and accessories from donations made to stores around the New York metro area, a spokesperson told Business Insider. 

    The resale and thrift-store market has thrived in recent years. These stores align perfectly with millennials' shopping preferences for bargains and environmentally conscious practices. 

    But millennials aren't only shopping at thrift stores — they're also leading to a boom in donations. 

    "We are definitely getting overrun with furniture and about 20% more donations of everything than in previous years," Michael Frohm, the chief operating officer of a Goodwill thrift store in Greater Washington, told The New York Times in August 2017.

    As many young people are waiting longer to buy their first home, they may not have the space to inherit their parents' furniture. 

    "We value a mobile lifestyle," Erin Hendrickson, a minimalist expert who runs the blog Minimalist RD, told Business Insider in February. "We aren't living in 2,500-square-foot homes, so don't have space."

    We recently paid a visit to Goodwill's new millennial-focused store. Here's what it was like to shop there: 

    SEE ALSO: Goodwill stores are filling up with cheap pieces no one wants — and it reveals a huge problem with the way people shop for clothes

    The new store is located on the Upper West Side. The nearest traditional Goodwill store is a 10-minute walk away.

    It feels significantly smaller than some of the other Goodwill stores in New York, and it's instantly obvious that the assortment here has been curated with a specific shopper in mind: the fashionable millennial.

    Still, there was a variety of customers shopping the store when we visited.

    Womenswear is front and center.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    skincare skin care facial face mask model beauty

    Korean beauty products are taking the skin-care world by storm, and there are so many new serums, essences, and cleansers to try, that choosing where to start can be a bit overwhelming — especially if you’re unfamiliar with the brands and products. But, it’s worth diving in and finding out what you like best because Korean skin care has taken the throne for many when it comes to achieving a flawless, pore-less complexion.

    Here are some of the most renowned K-beauty skincare must-haves, according to real people.

    Acwell Licorice pH Balancing Cleansing Toner will make your skin feel awesome.

    This product is so good it once had a 2,000 person waitlist. Its main ingredient is licorice root, which is used to cleanse, brighten, and tone the skin. That’s why it’s such a cult favorite. Not to mention, it has a pH level of 5.5 which makes it suitable and gentle for all skin types. Not to mention, the product has four and a half stars on Soko Glam’s website.

    You can get it for $18 at Soko Glam

    Banila & Co Clean It Zero Cleanser will cleanse your skin like no other.

    This is a tried and true K-beauty cleanser. It melts makeup away and cleans dirt and oil from deep within the pores. And, it was just recently reformulated and repackaged for improved performance. It’s keeping the same super cleansing qualities, it just has a higher melting point (the balm cleanser melts into an oil when heated up on the skin) so it doesn’t melt in your summer travel bag.

    "I love using the cleansing balm to not only remove my makeup but also to clean out my pores," vlogger Michelle Choi told New York Magazine.

    You can get it for $25 at Soko Glam

    Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling: Wine is perfect for a night-in.

    It’s definitely raved about by beauty bloggers and editors worldwide. And that's not surprising — its single-use product-soaked pads are convenient, and the formula sloughs away dead skin cells like nobody’s business. According to Allure, the resveratrol (AKA the same stuff that's in red wine) within the pads "helps to slough off the dead surface skin, which gives skin that all-too-coveted lit-from-within glow."

    You can get it for $27 at Soko Glam.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Costco memberships offer customers discounts that go beyond savings on bulk food items.
    • Many consumers may not know that Costco gives its members access to some of the best deals on travel, prescription drugs, gift cards, and more.
    • Here are 10 tricks from a consumer-savings expert for getting the most out of your Costco membership.


    Like many consumers, I have something of a love-hate relationship with Costco. I’m still working through a lifetime supply of paper clips, and I rarely escape the warehouse store without at least $100 of items that weren't on my shopping list.

    On the other hand, Costco offers top-quality products at fantastic prices, and some of those unplanned purchases have proved to be great buys. It wasn't on my list, but I am glad I bought a truMedic InstaShiatsu Shoulder and Neck Massager— and Costco offered it at a great price.

    Consumer-savings expert Andrea Woroch said that she thinks a Costco membership can pay off, but it depends on your shopping style.

    If all you want are the bales of toilet paper, you can do better shopping sales and using coupons. But, she said, there's more to Costco than 12-packs of paper towels. Particularly for business owners and people with larger families, Costco can be a great place for bargains.

    Woroch shared some of her tips for getting the most out of your Costco membership.

    SEE ALSO: We shopped at Costco and BJ's Wholesale to see which store had the better deals, and one had a clear edge over the other

    1. Hone your Costco shopping list and stick to it.

    "Don't become overwhelmed with the deals," Woroch said. "That's actually an easy way to blow your money." She advises coming up with what she calls a "strategic shopping plan." Make a list and focus on the items you want to buy. Limit the amount of time you spend wandering the aisles trying to justify buying a Vitamix or a five-year supply of Scotch tape.

    It might take a few trips to find out which items you like and fine tune your list. My current favorite bargain is Verka organic yogurt. It’s delicious, and the 64-oz tub can cost the same as a 16-oz yogurt at the grocery store.

    2. Check your pantry before you shop.

    Woroch said she advises people to do a pantry inventory as you make your list, so you don’t buy something you already have or forget an item you need. Then stick to that list!

    3. Don't forget Costco deals on large purchases.

    You get more from your Costco membership when you think beyond groceries, according to Woroch. You can find great deals on clothing, patio furniture, even beds. She also said that other discount outlets might have low prices, but they won't match Costco's quality.

    Woroch suggested checking what's available at Costco when you need to make a large purchase. Don't be like me: I recently discovered (too late) that I could have saved $300 on my new iPad had I bought it at Costco.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    katie warren track spending

    If you want to be better with money, the first thing financial planners will tell you to do is start tracking your spending.

    "Without even changing your behavior, if you just start to watch it and pay attention to where your money goes every month, you'd be amazed at how likely you are to pull back on spending," certified financial planner Lauren Lyons Cole told Business Insider.

    In a baby-step effort to be better with money, I decided to challenge myself to keep track of every single cent I spent for a week. As a (thankfully paid) intern living in New York City, I have to be pretty money-conscious, so I figured I was up to the task and wouldn't be too shocked by the results.

    Over the course of seven days, I wrote down each purchase I made in my phone's notepad app, and at the end of the week I checked my transactions online to verify that I hadn't missed anything. I rarely use cash, so it was pretty easy to keep track.

    Here's what happened. 

    I started my experiment on a Friday, and I restrained myself from blowing money on after-work drinks.

    My experiment started on Friday, a day often devoted to drinking away the stress of the week at happy hour. But I actually managed to keep my spending in check. When I got to work, I ate oatmeal with a banana and raisins — all of which are provided at my office. I also brought a lunch from home, saving more money.

    I thought I wouldn't spend any money at all this day, but on the way home, I decided to treat myself to a bottle of red wine. I drank a glass later (OK fine, maybe two glasses) along with some pasta I made. $11.76

    My boyfriend, who I recently moved in with, was out to dinner with a friend and instead of making plans to go out in the rainy weather, I decided to have a chill night at home to read and be alone. My introverted self needed the time to recharge, and as an added bonus, my bank account stayed afloat. 

    Daily total: $11.76

    Saturday was a rainy day and I didn't leave my apartment — but my boyfriend and I ordered sushi.

    It rained all day on Saturday, so my boyfriend and I spent the day lying around and catching up on "Westworld." There was food in the fridge, so we cooked both breakfast and lunch at home.

    We ordered a gigantic, family-sized sushi platter for dinner because, well, I have no excuse. We did not finish it all (although we came disturbingly close), but we did finish off the bottle of red wine I bought the day before.

    My boyfriend paid for the sushi. As I write this, I realize I forgot to Venmo him for my half. I'll ask him how much it was, but he'll probably tell me not to worry about it.

    Daily total: $0

    I spent the most money on Sunday, some of it on groceries but most on afternoon drinks.

    Looking back, this was definitely my splurge day. 

    My boyfriend and I cooked a late breakfast at home and then walked to the supermarket to buy bagels, eggs, avocados, apples, asparagus, bananas, and other groceries for the week. My boyfriend paid with his debit card and I reimbursed him for my half on Venmo. $25

    We didn't need to buy as much food for the week as we usually do, because we had a few different containers of homemade curry in the fridge that my boyfriend's mom sent home with him the last time he visited.

    It was a beautiful, hot day, so later in the afternoon we went to a bar in Bushwick that had a bunch of cocktails on tap. We each got two $6 cocktails (gotta love a good happy hour deal) and my boyfriend paid with his card.

    After that, we went to check out a new cider house in the neighborhood. I got a cider and he got a flight of several options to taste. I paid for this round. $22.01

    We walked down the street to another bar, where we each got a drink and split a burger. It was cash-only, so I pulled $60 out of the ATM — and I had to pay a $1.99 fee to do it. Ugh. 

    I forgot exactly how much the drinks and food cost, which is why I usually avoid paying with cash, but I believe it was about $35 including cash and tip. $36.99

    Daily Total: $84

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    young people women beautiful millennials

    • A list from the American Institute for Economic Research ranked top college towns.
    • It looked to economic, demographic, and quality-of-life factors.
    • Boulder, Colorado was the top-ranked town.

    Boulder, Colorado, is the top-ranked college town in the US, according to a list from the American Institute for Economic Research.

    The city of roughly 200,000 (for its metro area population) earned the top spot thanks to its accessibility — more than 20% of commuters take public transportation or cycle around Boulder Creek Corridor — and diverse and educated population. Boulder also has an active bar-and-restaurant scene, with plenty of coffee shops and microbreweries.

    AIER compiled its list using nine economic, demographic, and quality-of-life factors. It defines college towns as having fewer than 250,000 residents.

    Aside from the overall ranking, we included cities' individual scores for noteworthy metrics including rent, earnings, and bars and restaurants. We chose the one metric where the city scored the highest out of the nine.

    Scroll through to find out the 20 best college towns.

    SEE ALSO: The 11 best colleges for business majors

    20. Bellingham, Washington — home of Western Washington University

    Metro area population: 208,832

    College student population in the metro area: 24,926

    No. 4 in arts and entertainment

    19. La Crosse, Wisconsin — home of the University of Wisconsin at La Crosse

    Metro area population: 136,824

    College student population in the metro area: 16,081

    No. 1 in youth unemployment

    18. Jacksonville, North Carolina — home of the University of Mount Olive

    Metro area population: 186,684

    College student population in the metro area: 15,297

    No. 3 in rent

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Taking vacation time can help keep your productivity levels high and reduce stress from the daily demands of a full-time job.
    • Some countries, like Brazil, are entitled to 30 days a year of paid annual leave, while others like Singapore average seven to 10 annual vacation days.
    • Here's a roundup of how vacation time varies in 15 countries around the world.


    It’s summertime, and the living is easy — depending on where you live and work, that is. Many people (in the northern hemisphere, at least) have vacation on the brain right now, but if you don’t have paid time off to burn, you might be stuck in the deep freeze of your air-conditioned office.

    Countries across the world vary significantly when it comes to the amount of paid vacation days that workers receive according to official labor laws. Read on for how 15 nations vary in their approach to paid annual leave — including the good old USA.

    These numbers apply to full-time workers unless otherwise noted and are minimum amounts as dictated by the government. Employers can increase annual leave amounts at their discretion.

    SEE ALSO: 5 surprising etiquette differences between the US and Japan


    After a year of employment at a job, workers in this South American country are entitled to 30 days of paid annual leave, according to Deloitte. Additionally, employees are granted a vacation bonus equal to a third of their monthly salary.


    In Spain, an employee's holiday schedule is decided in a mutual agreement between the employee and employer and may never be less than 30 calendar days in a 12-month period. Additionally, a paid vacation day cannot be replaced with financial compensation, according to the European Commission.


    Down under, full-time employees get four weeks of paid leave for every year they’re at a given job, according to Fair Work Ombudsman. Employees who work on a shift schedule, such as police officers and nurses, are usually entitled to five weeks of paid annual leave.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Montmartre in Paris, France

    The home of the newly-christened World Cup Champions is one of the most visited nations in Europe — according to The Local, it hosts more than 89 million tourists each year. France is not only the home of champions, but it's also a cultural hub.

    From the wonders of the Louvre to the grand halls of Versailles and the natural beauty of its wine country, France is worthy of a spot on any traveler’s bucket list. Still, traveling there can be tricky if you don't know a lick of the local language.

    Luckily, France is a country of incredible hospitality, flavor, and beauty even if you don’t know the language.  

    Here's how to travel through France without knowing French.

    Don't let your embarrassment ruin your experience.

    You’re in a different country and you don’t know the language. That’s OK. Don’t let fear or embarrassment ruin your experience.

    Some of the country’s best food will be found in its smallest restaurants and some of its best wine in its most rural regions. And some of its best views? They’re far from the picturesque streets of Paris. If you’re out to discover those places on your journey, you will be encountering locals who are not fluent in English — but that doesn’t mean they won’t help you.

    I once sat down at a tiny seaside cafe in rural France only to discover the staff genuinely spoke zero English. The solution? I embraced my ignorance, stuck to the two words I did know, pointed at a menu item and enjoyed the finest seafood crepe I’ve ever tasted in my life.

    Don't be afraid to consult the internet.

    It used to be that traveling to any place with a language barrier meant struggling through piecing together sentences with a pocket dictionary. Now, there are a variety of apps and sites that can help you do everything from navigate roads to translate simple phrases, according to TripSavvy.

    Of course, it's not exactly like being fluent but it can help give you some peace of mind.  

    "Bonjour" goes a long way.

    There's a certain power of saying "bonjour." It’s the first — and often only — French word that English speakers learn, and it will serve you well. A friendly "bonjour" can open doors at street corners, cafes, and museums in France, especially in smaller villages, according to

    If you don’t speak French, showing this simple sign of respect can earn you a bit of gratitude from the locals.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Royal Mansour 6

    Private jet magazine Elite Traveler just released its list of the top 100 hotel suites for 2018.

    The list includes categories such as the largest suites and the most expensive suites around the world.

    Below are the top 10 most expensive suites, which range in price from $36,000 per night to a mind-boggling $80,000 per night.

    Keep scrolling to see some of the most luxurious accommodations across the globe.

    SEE ALSO: The best place to spend the night in every state

    DON'T MISS: The 31 hotels everyone should stay at in their lifetime, according to the man who tests them out for a living

    10. Suite 5000, Mandarin Oriental New York, New York City, New York — $36,000

    You won't find this 3,300-square-foot suite on the Mandarin Oriental's website— it's something only VIPS know about. Located on the 50th floor, the suite boasts a living room, three bedrooms, a dining area with a Swarovski wall installation, and a library of movies and music curated by Academy Records.

    9. The Princess Grace Suite, Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Monaco — $37,000

    Spread out over two floors and 9,795 square feet, this suite owes its name to Princess Grace of Monaco. There's everything from a private terrace to a sauna and steam room. The two bedrooms — as well as many of the other rooms — offer stunning views of the sea below.

    8. The Royal Suite, The Plaza, New York City, New York — $40,000

    There's a reason this is called the Royal Suite — it draws inspiration from the court of Louis XV. The suite's three bathrooms are covered in mosaic marble tile, and there are 24-karat gold-plated fixtures throughout the other rooms. Guests who stay at this 4,400-square-foot suite have their own private elevator and a magnificent view of Fifth Avenue.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    clueless plaid outfit

    Everyone's favorite '90s flick, "Clueless," was released 23 years ago. The movie starred Alicia Silverstone and put now-famous stars like Paul Rudd and the late Brittany Murphy on the map.

    The story of a beautiful blonde navigating high school as a popular student was a sleeper hit that ended up grossing $56 million in the US alone. "Clueless" was loosely based on Jane Austen's novel, "Emma." The movie's immense popularity led to a TV spin-off series that ran for three seasons. And in 2015, it was the inspiration for Iggy Azalea's music video for her hit song, "Fancy."

    Keep reading to find out what the cast of "Clueless" has been up to 23 years later.

    Alicia Silverstone starred as the film's protagonist, Cher Horowitz.

    She was a ditzy, popular high school girl with a few trademark sayings — like "As if!"

    Silverstone currently stars on Paramount Network's "American Woman."

    Silverstone's film career peaked in the '90s with movies like 1997's "Batman & Robin." Since then, she's become an animal-rights activist. In 2009, she published a book called "The Kind Diet" on veganism.

    In 2014, she wrote another health book called "The Kind Mama" about how her son, Bear, has "never had a drop of medicine."

    Stacey Dash played Dionne, Cher's best friend and fashion sidekick.

    Like Cher, she also had great style. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    wedding dress prank 9

    • A bride from Arizona pranked her husband on their wedding day to make him less nervous about the ceremony.
    • She had her brother put on a friend's wedding dress before the couple's "first look" photo shoot.
    • Photographer Nichole Cline captured the groom's reaction — and the pictures have now gone viral

    On her wedding day, Heidi Zherelyev, a woman from Arizona, noticed that her soon-to-be husband, Val, was nervous — so she hatched an epic plan to lighten the mood.

    Heidi had her brother dress up in a friend's old wedding dress for the "first look" photo shoot before the ceremony.

    Keep reading to see the hilarious and heartwarming pictures of the reveal — captured by photographer Nichole Cline — which have gone viral. 

    Months before the wedding, Heidi and her friend Chelsea talked about pulling a prank on Val on the big day, but nothing came of it then.

    "We threw around the idea of putting somebody in Chelsea’s old wedding dress and then kind of forgot about it and put it on the backburner," Heidi, 25, told INSIDER.



    But when she noticed how stressed and anxious Val was the weekend of the wedding, she and Chelsea decided to put the plan into action, recruiting Eric, one of Heidi's two older brothers, for the task.

    Although he was reluctant at first about stepping into the dress, Heidi persuaded him to wear it by telling him that the prank would make her and Val laugh. 

    He was a good sport and committed to the part by applying Heidi's deodorant and spritzing her perfume. If he smelled like her, he would be more convincing when he walked up to Val. 

    Heidi describes Eric, who is married and works on a farm, as a "typical masculine, macho man." The juxtaposition made his transformation into a bride even more comical.

    "The fact that he was so willing to dress up in a wedding dress for me was super heartwarming," she said. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Architecture is a form of art. When a city constructs a new building, it should add beauty to its streetscape.

    But that doesn't always happen. Every town across the United States likely has a tower, a government complex, or an office building that residents wish never went up.

    Business Insider asked readers to name the one architectural eyesore they loathe in their state. Responses ranged from a building that looks like a giant wooden basket to a hotel painted solid gold.

    The most unpopular buildings — two that were named by nearly a dozen readers — were Boston's City Hall, a concrete structure that one person described as "depressing," and Manhattan's 432 Park Avenue, a skyscraper that another reader said resembles "a very tall trashcan."

    Here are the ugliest buildings in every US state, plus Washington, DC:

    SEE ALSO: Panasonic is building a 'smart city' in Colorado with high-tech highways, autonomous vehicles, and free WiFi

    Alabama — The Government Plaza in Mobile

    Alaska — The Westmark Hotel in Anchorage

    Arizona — The City Hall of Tempe

    Dishonorable mentions: The Century Link Tower and BMO Tower in Phoenix

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    giada de laurentiis chef

    • When it comes to stocking up your kitchen, there is no one better to look to for inspiration than your favorite celebrity chefs. 
    • A large cutting board is a must for Rachael Ray. 
    • From Gordon Ramsay to Bobby Flay, celebrity chefs spill on which kitchen gadget they can't go without. 

    Who better to learn from than the pros? From little to big, here are the kitchen gadgets these big-name chefs swear by.

    Cake collars

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px

    Bakers and lovers of all things sweet surely know Christina Tosi. You might know her for her famous Milk Bar brand or for her stint as a judge on "Master Chef." Christina is an absolute expert pastry chef who loves many tools (just check out her Amazon list!), but one item pops up time and time again on her Instagram: cake collars. This roll of acetate helps make decorating cakes and preserving pristine layers easy.

    Shop for this roll of cake collar here. And then experiment with these beautiful layer cakes.

    Non-stick, metal-handle frying pan

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 540px

    Included in Michelin-star Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant empire is a pizza-focused eatery: Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza, in London. So naturally he loves playing around with a pizza oven, as seen in this post on his Instagram page recently. For something a little more, um, on-budget, he suggests a frying pan that is non-stick and features a metal handle. Why do you want these two features? This way you can finish a dish by popping the frying pan into the oven on high heat.

    Find a good, Gordon-approved frying pan set here.

    Large cutting board

    If kitchen space is tight, there’s a temptation to get pint-sized kitchen gadgets to match. Rachael Ray says “Don’t even think about it!” You’ve got to get a large cutting board, not one of those picnic-size ones. This way you aren’t running out of space on your board, and having to dump those pieces somewhere while you finish chopping. She told People that “a giant cutting board is a must. I put it over the sink and work next to the stove so I can chop and drop everything right into the pot.”

    Get a giant cutting board from Amazon.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    drinking tea coffee

    Although sipping on a cup of tea might seem like a dull experience for your taste buds, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to add some exciting flavors and liven up your cup.

    Here are 11 ingredients you probably never considered adding to your tea that are sure to make you go back for a second cup.

    Add ginger for some added benefits.

    If you’re dealing with any stomach-related issues, ginger is the additive your cup of tea needs. Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine to treat stomach problems, according to WebMD.

    The aromatic, spicy rootoffers claims of many health benefits, including alleviating stomach pain, improving circulation, aiding food digestion, according to Women's Health magazine.

    Un-peel a ginger root and grate about a teaspoon worth. Then stir the ginger into the cup and either strain it out after it steeps for a few minutes or just let it settle at the bottom.

    Mint will make it extra lively.

    Adding mint to your tea will not only leave your tea tasting fresh and clean, it will also leave your mouth feeling that way too. And if hiding your bad breath isn’t enough, mint is also proven to help soothe certain types of stomach pain, according to Everyday Health.

    Basil can give you an earthy flavor.

    If you’re looking to give your tea a fresh earthy flavor, this fragrant medicinal plant is the way to go. Basil is said to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, though more research is needed. Most importantly though, it just tastes great.

    If you want the strongest flavor, pick fresh basil from the garden, thinly chop the leaves and either let them settle at the bottom of your cup of tea or steep them in the tea using a small strainer for a few minutes before taking it out.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Travel from continent to continent generally requires more time and money than a domestic vacation.
    • However, if you plan your own layovers, take advantage of the International Date Line, and fly on small local airlines, multi-country trips can be more accessible than you think.
    • Here are eight things you need to know if you're planning a multi-country travel itinerary with limited funds and time off.

    Scrolling through Instagram, I saw my friend post a picture grinning from Morocco. What? I'd seen her post from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland a few days before, and from London before that. At this point, stopovers in Iceland on the way to Europe are pretty common. But to see my friend hop to Africa after Europe? That's another level of itinerary.

    Multi-continent trips are more attainable now that there are travel resources to facilitate hitting several destinations. Airline alliances like OneWorld help you plan multi-continent trips, while the Kayak Explore feature allows you to pinpoint inexpensive flights to exotic destinations.

    And there seems to be a growing interest in visiting more continents — Marriott's 2014 travel attitudes survey found that 37% of millennials surveyed had been to all seven continents, compared to 17% of travelers age 35 and up.

    Solaire Atallah, an office manager based in Atlanta, Georgia, is no stranger to customized, multi-continent travel. She recently orchestrated an itinerary that hit Asia, Australia, and Hawaii, all in a matter of 10 days. Atallah had to be at a conference in Honolulu by Memorial Day weekend, so she set out to plan her itinerary backwards from Hawaii on May 25.

    Atallah left from Atlanta on May 17 and managed to hit three Thailand destinations — Bangkok, Phuket, and Ko Phi Phi — then head to Sydney, Australia, before circling back to Hawaii. She booked each leg separately, and most of the flights were in the $100 and $200 range, with the exception of New York City to Bangkok for $499. To get home, she flew Phuket to Sydney ($164), Sydney to Honolulu ($244), Hawaii to Los Angeles ($250), and then back to Atlanta from Los Angeles ($160).

    All told, Atallah spent about $1,400 on flights, but because she tacked on a work conference, she was reimbursed for $500, bringing her total to less than $1,000.

    Here are eight things you need to know if you're planning a multi-continent trip with limited funds and days off:

    SEE ALSO: I bought a one-way ticket to Switzerland to take care of goats, and it was the best decision of my life

    1. Make your layovers work for you

    If there's a lesson to be learned from Atallah's Thailand-Australia-Hawaii trip, it's that sometimes you have to make your own itinerary, instead of letting an airline or booking site do it for you.

    If you plug your eight desired destinations into Expedia, you might end up with a bargain, or you could wind up with an expensive flight with three stopovers. Instead, make the stopovers work for you by planning them yourself — that’s how Atallah was able to fit Australia into her itinerary.

    “Most flights from Phuket to Honolulu had long layovers in other countries. So I decided to make my own layover,” Atallah said. That’s when she decided to add Sydney to the itinerary—between Phuket and Honolulu.

    2. Use local travel services while abroad

    You should also consider capitalizing on local transport deals when traveling outside the US. Atallah’s flight from Bangkok to Phuket was $46 on Thai Smile Airline. (If you’re not sure where to find good flights while abroad, Atallah used Vayama. I’ve also had good luck finding local flights through Kayak.)

    And these deals aren’t just for flights; Atallah booked a two-hour ferry ride from Phuket to Ko Phi Phi for $9.

    3. Travel with someone on a similar budget to cut down lodging costs

    Atallah was traveling with a close friend, who had similar travel goals and also needed to stick to a budget. Splitting their lodging equally helped lower costs and allowed them to splurge within their budget.

    In Phuket, they stayed at the Wyndham Grand Kalim Bay for two nights in a suite, which came with a private infinity pool on the balcony. The total for two nights was $221, which they split.

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    couple kissing sex

    Sexual chemistry is pure, unscientific fun — kind of like astrology. You can't pick who you're attracted to, just like you can't really explain why you keep reading your horoscope even when it consistently has nothing to do with your life.

    These two metaphysical phenomena — sexual chemistry and astrology — go together like Leos and the spotlight. 

    Just keep in mind that even astrologically speaking, a lot more goes into sexual chemistry than your sun signs.

    Mars is said to be the planet whose placement at your birth most affects your sexuality and physical energy, while Venus governs love and intimacy, according to Sexual Astrology. You can figure out someone's moon, Mars, and Venus signs by entering their birth date, place, and time into any free calculator found online.

    But back to good, old-fashioned sun sign compatibility — a few pairings are pretty much guaranteed to hit it out of the park sexually. Using guidance from our own intuition, online astrology expertSusan Miller, and, here are the zodiac signs who are likely to have amazing sex together. 

    Leo and Sagittarius will convince themselves they’re having mind-blowing sex.

    It’s no secret that Leos can be selfish. And while ignoring the needs of their partner, they’ll also pat themselves on the back for being sex gods — and we all know that anyone who proclaims they’re good in bed is rarely that.

    Lucky for Leo, though, adventurous Sagittarians love to collect new and exciting notches on their bedposts. Therefore, they’re supremely turned on by anyone who fancies themselves king of the jungle. Sagittarians love a big, shiny target, and Leos are certainly that.

    A Sagittarius will be so into their Leo’s charisma and presence, they won’t even notice any sexual shortcomings. Meanwhile, Leos, who are rock stars in their minds, will get off on the feeling that they’re deigning to hook up with a fan. These two are the type to sext exclusively in compliments and butt-naked mirror selfies.

    This is one pairing that’s guaranteed to stay neatly in the friends-with-benefits zone. Neither sign excels at monogamy.

    Taurus and Pisces will push each other toward freaky new territory.

    A Taurus bull can be stuck in their ways, which makes them seem like a nightmare match for the signs that are into bedroom experimentation — well, all except for Pisces.

    Pisces are symbolized by a fish that swims in two directions. They’re easygoing and adaptable, the perfect partners for anyone who knows exactly what they want and refuses to budge. When a Taurus and a Pisces first hook up, the Pisces will cater to their bull’s requests. But after the Taurus sees how willing the Pisces is to submit, they’ll become the most experimental and giving partner around.

    Basically, this is a total "50 Shades" situation, with Christian as the Taurus and Anastasia as the Pisces. Another sign partnered with someone as set in their ways as him or as wishy-washy as her would get bored pretty quickly. But when you put them together, it works.

    Gemini and Aquarius will sext like there’s no tomorrow.

    Gemini and Aquarius are both intrepid, outside-of-the-box thinkers who will try pretty much anything once. So in the bedroom, they’ll suit each other perfectly, although they might not get much sleep.

    These two signs are also the zodiac’s most notorious chatterboxes. This means a Gemini and Aquarius pairing can expect dirty talk, workday sexting that would land them in the hall of fame, and plenty of deep post-coital conversations.

    But be forewarned: If you’re a Gemini with an Aquarius hookup buddy or vice versa, you might catch feelings. These two signs are pretty compatible in every way.

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    Russian Sarmat

    The Russian Ministry of Defense released on Thursday videos of five new weapon systems, which Russian President Vladimir Putin bragged would render make US missile defenses "ineffective" in a March address. 

    The new weapons included a new intercontinental ballistic missile, a global cruise missile, a nuclear torpedo, a hypersonic plane-launched and nuclear-capable missile, and a laser. 

    "They kept ignoring us," Putin said about the West in his state of the union address after describing the weapons. "Nobody wanted to listen to us, so listen to us now."

    Although Putin boasted about the weapons during his speech, many have been skeptical about some of the new systems. 

    Here are the newly published Russian MoD videos, and what we know about the weapons:

    SEE ALSO: Step aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov, Russia's aircraft carrier that's considered one of the worst in the world

    SEE ALSO: 8 photos of the Tu-160M2, the new long-range super bomber that Russia's answer to the B-1B Lancer

    1. RS-28 Sarmat ICBM

    The Sarmat is a liquid-fueled intercontinental ballistic missile that Putin claimed had an unlimited range and could beat any air defenses. 

    Meant to replace the SS-18 Satan, the Sarmat is silo-based and has several payload options, including 10 large warheads or 16 small warheads or a combination of warheads and countermeasures. 

    It appears to have been successfully tested in late March, and is expected to be fielded by 2020-2021. 

    Read more about the Sarmat here.

    Watch the Russian MoD video of the Sarmat below:

    Youtube Embed:
    Width: 850px
    Height: 400px


    2. Poseidon nuclear torpedo

    The Poseidon is an underwater, high-speed nuclear-capable torpedo unlike any other nuclear weapon.

    As opposed to other nuclear weapons in which lingering radioactivity is only a dangerous side effect, the Poseidon uses radioactive waste to deter, scare, and potentially punish enemies for decades to come.

    It's supposedly surrounded by cobalt, which, when detonated, would spread a shroud of radioactive cobalt indiscriminately across the planet. One US analyst estimated that the cobalt would take 53 years to return to non-dangerous levels. 

    RIA Novosti reported on Thursday that tests of the Poseidon were "being completed."

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    avengers infinity war

    Disney's Hollywood dominance will soon expand, and with it, Marvel's reign over the superhero genre.

    Comcast announced that it was backing out of its bid for Fox assets on Thursday, leaving the door wide open for Disney to finally acquire the Fox film studio and other assets for $71.3 billion.

    There are a lot of questions that arise from this merger, notably how it will affect the Hollywood and box-office landscapes. But it also means big things for the Disney-owned Marvel Cinematic Universe, which now has a chance to incorporate Fox-owned properties into the franchise.

    Characters like the X-Men, Wolverine, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four will be at Marvel's disposal once the deal is finalized. Disney CEO Bob Iger has said that the MCU may try a "new franchise beyond 'Avengers'" in the future, and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige called next year's "Avengers 4" a "conclusion."

    On top of that, veteran actors of the franchise like Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, have teased that they are ready to retire after "Avengers 4.""Avengers: Infinity War" set up a reunion between the original Avengers in the sequel, and I've written about why that could mean some of those characters' last hurrah. 

    With all of that in mind, Disney's merger comes at a perfect time if the MCU is planning to head in a new direction after "Avengers 4," but it could also have huge ramifications for all of the characters involved.

    Below are 11 heroes, villains, and events that could be introduced to the MCU after the Disney/Fox merger, and what it could mean for the franchise:

    SEE ALSO: 14 superhero movies whose successes and failures have shaped the genre since 2008, from the grit of 'The Dark Knight' to the dominance of the MCU


    The "X-Men" franchise is nearly two decades old, and has more films scheduled for release next year. But both "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" and "The New Mutants" were pushed back, which might signal trouble. The timeline of the franchise has also become a convoluted mess, so it might be the perfect time for Disney to swoop in.

    While the franchise has generated successful entries recently, such as "Deadpool" and "Logan," those movies were loosely connected to the larger universe, either mocking it or ignoring it.

    It's impressive that the X-Men movies have been able to succeed, for the most part, the last 18 years and counting. But the Disney/Fox merger would mean the characters could be introduced into the MCU and given new life. If Disney wants to focus on another franchise beyond Avengers, then the X-Men is the logical next step. 

    The MCU has already introduced characters tied to both the X-Men and Avengers' history in the comic books with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver — it just couldn't refer to them as mutants. Now the franchise might be able to use that word, which would open up many story options, particularly with Scarlet Witch.


    The most popular X-Man, Wolverine was played for 17 years by Hugh Jackman. It might be hard for audiences to get used to another actor in the role if Marvel were to re-introduce the character. 

    In fact, it might be wise to not introduce him at all. Wolverine was always the backbone of the "X-Men" movies, but with the support of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men may not necessarily need its star player. The MCU has managed to make lesser-known characters like the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange popular among general audiences, and with the added benefit of already being a popular franchise, the rest of the X-Men could have their chance to shine.

    If the MCU were to introduce Wolverine, though, perhaps the character could be more involved with the Avengers than the X-Men. Even though the MCU may focus on another franchise in the future, Iger also said that that wouldn't mean the end of "Avengers" movies. In the comics, Wolverine is a member of the New Avengers, a team that forms after the original Avengers disband. If the MCU is going to focus on its newer characters after "Avengers 4"— like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Captain Marvel — then this wouldn't be too far out.


    In the comics, Scarlet Witch is the daughter of Magneto. Since Magneto was owned by Fox, Marvel hasn't included this storyline in the MCU, and we know little about Scarlet Witch's past other than she was experimented on by Nazi scientists and given her powers through an Infinity Stone. 

    But what if that's not the whole story? Introducing Magneto in the MCU would open up possibilities for Scarlet Witch beyond her minimal role thus far.

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    logger cutting tree

    • Some of the most dangerous jobs have a much higher risk of fatal or non-fatal injuries than others.
    • Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we found the 34 jobs that had the highest rates of fatal injuries in 2016.

    Some jobs have a much higher risk of fatal or non-fatal injuries than others.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics documented how many people died on the job in 2016 for the equivalent of every 100,000 people who held that job.

    To find the most dangerous jobs in America, we identified the jobs from the Bureau's list with the highest fatal injury rate. Each of these jobs has a fatal injury rate above the national average for all workers of 3.6 per 100,000 full-time workers.

    Overall, the greatest number of fatal work injuries resulted from transportation incidents, followed by violence or other injuries by persons or animals; falls, slips, and trips; and contact with objects and equipment.

    Here are the 34 most dangerous jobs in America, along with their 2016 fatal and non-fatal injury rates per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers, and a description of what workers in these jobs do from the Department of Labor's O*NET careers database.

    SEE ALSO: The 47 jobs that are most damaging to your health

    DON'T MISS: Here's how much the typical millennial, Gen X, and baby-boomer worker earns in every US state

    34. Pipelayers, plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters

    What they do: Lay out, install, or maintain pipes, plumbing, and sewer systems.

    Fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers):  4.1

    Non-fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers):  1,629

    33. Hand laborers and freight, stock, and material movers

    What they do: Manually move freight, stock, or other materials or perform other general labor.

    Fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers): 5.2

    Non-fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers): 3,068

    31 (tie). Firefighters

    What they do: Control and extinguish fires or respond to emergency situations where life, property, or the environment is at risk.

    Fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers): 6.1

    Non-fatal injury rate (per 100,000 workers): 927

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    kawhi leonard

    The 2011 NBA Draft has proven to be one of the deepest classes in recent memory.

    The class was highlighted by No. 1 pick Kyrie Irving, but perhaps most interesting is how many stars have developed from picks all over the class.

    Klay Thompson was picked 11th, Kawhi Leonard was picked 15th, Jimmy Butler was picked 30th. Even Isaiah Thomas was picked 60th, the last pick of the draft!

    Over time, the class has evolved into one of the deepest and most star-studded in NBA history. Here's where the picks are today.

    The Cavaliers took Kyrie Irving with the No. 1 pick.

    Irving spent six years with the Cavs, helping them win the 2016 championship with an epic step-back three-pointer. In 2017, he requested a trade and landed with the Boston Celtics, where he can be the No. 1 option.

    The Minnesota Timberwolves took Derrick Williams with the second pick.

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    intercontinental toronto 4009117121 2x1

    • If you have the IHG Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, you can earn a free night certificate each year on your cardholder anniversary.
    • The certificate is good for any Category 1-7 hotel within IHG's portfolio. While this excludes a few top properties, there is still a massive range of great options, from basic to luxury.
    • Take a look at a few of the best hotels you can stay at using the free night certificate.

    Earlier this year, hotel mega-chain IHG — the brand encompassing Holiday Inn, the InterContinental, Kimpton, Hotel Indigo, and others — revamped its credit card offerings, eliminating its old card and introducing two new products instead. 

    The first, the IHG Rewards Traveler, is a more "basic" card. It earns IHG rewards points on all purchases, and includes a few perks, like a free fourth night on stays booked with points, and Gold elite status if you spend $10,000 on the card in a calendar year. It's useful, but relatively low-frills — exactly what you'd expect for a card with a $29 annual fee.

    The better option is the IHG Rewards Premier credit card. While it has a higher $89 annual fee, it offers much more value than that. In addition to the 80,000-point sign-up bonus, the card offers an annual anniversary free night certificate that can be used at any category 1-7 hotel (hotels that cost 40,000 points per night or less). While that means that some of IHG's most premium locations are excluded, the certificate is still valid at a ton of locations all around the world — I had no trouble finding properties in major cities like New York and Chicago during peak travel season, all charging well upward of $200, which accept the free night certificate.

    In effect, the value of the free night certificate can be way more than the card's $89 annual fee — that ultimately makes it a great way to save a ton on a hotel stay.

    Take a look below at some of the best places you can stay using the free night certificate. And, if you save the points from your sign-up bonus until you have the free night certificate, you'll be able to stay for at least a total of three nights.

    Click here to learn more about the IHG Rewards Premier card from Insider Picks' partner: The Points Guy.

    SEE ALSO: A popular hotel chain revamped its 2 rewards credit cards with new sign-up bonuses and travel benefits — but one is clearly a better value

    InterContinental Bali

    This beautiful tropical resort starts at $229.50, making it an excellent use of your free night.

    Click here to learn more about the InterContinental Bali.

    Holiday Inn Bangkok

    Located downtown and convenient to public transit, it's easy to see the sights around Bangkok when you stay here.

    Click here to learn more about the Holiday Inn Bangkok.

    InterContinental Budapest

    Located in the heart of the city, the InterContinental Budapest is steps from the historic Castle District and features a restaurant and bar right on the river.

    Click here to learn more about the InterContinental Budapest.

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