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    iPhone 8 / iPhone 8 Plus

    Phew! Everyone make it through the annual summer smartphone drought?

    OK, good, because a bunch of new smartphones have recently been announced and released this month, and it's time to rejigger this list. 

    We have a new top phone that replaces the Google Pixel, and we also had to make some tough decisions regarding the Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7.

    Here's our list of the best smartphones you can buy right now.

    Note: Prices may vary depending on the retailer.

    SEE ALSO: 8 reasons Google's Pixel is better than the iPhone

    DON'T MISS: These are the smartphones with the best signal strength

    20. BlackBerry Classic

    If you were a BlackBerry fan in the company's heyday, you're going to love the BlackBerry Classic. It looks similar to older BlackBerry models but features a sharp touchscreen and an excellent physical keyboard.

    Price: $199

    19. Sony XZ Premium

    My colleague Jeff Dunn reviewed this phone, and he summed it up perfectly:

    "This is a good phone. The screen is great, the software is clean, and the whole thing is superfast. But good isn't enough for $800. With its underwhelming battery and slippery, sometimes uncomfortable design, it's not the device that should reverse Sony's fortunes."

    It's actually available now for $605 on Amazon, which is a better price for this phone.

    Price: $605

    Read the Sony XZ Premium review » 


    18. BlackBerry KeyOne

    The BlackBerry KeyOne with Android is the company's successor to the Priv, which also ran Android and had a slide-out physical keyboard. With the KeyOne, BlackBerry returned to basics and kept the keyboard as a permanent exterior feature.

    This could be a great device for those who want a physical keyboard but also access to Google's apps and services, which aren't available on other BlackBerry devices.

    Price: $538

    Read the BlackBerry KeyOne review »

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    The INSIDER Summary: 

    • Ikea has some surprisingly cheap kitchen items that can upgrade your cooking game.
    • It's a great place to stock up on kitchen necessities like dish towels and measuring cups.
    • They also have a good selection of affordable specialty cooking tools.

    Ikea: the greatest place to find all of your home goods. It's basically heaven on earth for HGTV fanatics, and most definitely the go-to place for on-a-budget shopping. Whether you're shopping for a new set of dishes, or cooking tools, look no further. I tend to shop all of the must-have deals, so I have compiled a list of the greatest cheap Ikea kitchen essentials that you absolutely need. 

    GNARP 3-piece kitchen utensil set — $0.69

    This three-piece set includes a spatula, soup spoon, and salad tongs. These utensils are essential for cooking in an apartment and are great to have on hand when you have friends over.

    TEKLA dish towel — $0.79

    This is an obvious one. Who doesn't need dish towels? And why go spend upwards of $5 or $10 when you can go to Ikea and get a towel for a mere $0.79? Seriously, this deal cannot be beat.

    IDEALISK potato press — $6.99

    From homemade fries to hashbrowns, this potato press will satisfy all of your cravings. But maybe it isn't the most pressing item (no pun intended). 

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships so we may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    online learning platform comparison main

    Thanks to online learning platforms, a physical classroom is no longer the only place to gain an education. You can now learn anything, anywhere. The democratization of education has helped break down traditional barriers of access like high costs and location, resulting in a more skilled and informed workplace and citizenry. 

    These days, there are countless types of classes and online learning platforms to choose from. You could spend years absorbing the differences in coding languages, strategizing how to most effectively leverage email marketing tactics for your small business, or in a very meta twist, learning how to learn — and then move on to a different platform and do it all over again.

    To help you make sense of the different models, we compared four popular online learning platforms: Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, and Skillshare.

    We looked at pricing, types of courses offered, what you're getting in each course, and the teachers who will be guiding you through it all. We also found the top courses from each platform so you can get an idea of why specific students flock to each site. 

    Keep scrolling to find a platform that will suit your particular needs, whether you want to gain the skills necessary for that next promotion or you just love learning for the sake of learning.

    SEE ALSO: 17 online classes that teach the skills you need for the modern workforce


    Udemy is the world's largest marketplace for online learning, offering over 55,000 courses across a large range of categories. Its mission is "to improve lives through learning." 

    Course categories:

    • Development, IT & software, business, office productivity
    • Design, marketing, photography, music
    • Lifestyle, personal development, health & fitness 
    • Teacher training, academics, language, test prep


    • Pay-per-course. There is no loyalty or subscription program.
    • $10 (when discounted) to $200 per course

    What you get:

    • Full lifetime access to the course
    • Learning tools: videos, articles, PowerPoint presentations, audio, assessments, and online discussion boards 
    • Certificate of completion depending on the course 


    • Experts in their field who create and manage the course

    Apps available on:

    • iOS, Android, and Apple TV devices 

    Corporate or team programs available for:

    • Business 


    • The website is localized for 13 languages to make it easier for non-English users to browse courses offered in both English and their native language. 

    Top courses:

    Use Udemy if: 

    • You like choosing from a variety of options for nearly every topic imaginable
    • You don't plan to take a lot of classes in the same time period. The cost of individual classes can add up quickly without promotions.
    • You are an expert who would like to share your skills and make some money. 

    Browse and sign up for courses on Udemy.


    Lynda is a LinkedIn-owned online learning platform that offers almost 6,000 courses, mostly in photography, development, business, web design, and video. Its mission is "to help you learn the skills you need to achieve your full potential." 

    Course categories:

    • Development, IT, business, web
    • 3D & animation, CAD
    • Design, marketing, photography, music, video
    • Education & learning


    • Free 30-day trial 
    • Basic subscription plan, from $19.99 per month
    • Premium subscription plan, from $29.99 per month

    What you get:

    • Unlimited access to Lynda's entire course library
    • Learning tools: videos, playlists, notes, and assessments 
    • Offline viewing for Premium subscribers  


    • Experts in their field who create and manage the course

    Apps available on:

    • iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Apple TV devices 

    Corporate or team programs available for:

    • Academic, business, and government 


    • Courses are offered in French, German, and Spanish through a separate subscription to their video2brain brand. 

    Top courses:

    Use Lynda if: 

    • You would like to supplement your current professional or educational experience.
    • You plan to consistently take courses in order to make the subscription worth it.
    • You are an expert who would like to share your skills and make some money. 

    Start your free trial on Lynda.


    Courserapartners with top universities and organizations to offer more than 2,000 academic courses on its online learning platform. In addition to courses, it offers specializations and online degrees. Its mission is "universal access to the world's best education."

    Course categories:

    • Arts & humanities, social sciences
    • Business, computer science, data science, math & logic
    • Life sciences, physical science & engineering 
    • Language learning


    • Free or pay-per-course for expanded access. Applications for financial aid are available. 
    • $29 to $99 per course
    • $39 to $79 per month for specializations (series of courses culminating in a Capstone Project)
    • $15,000 to $25,000 for an accredited master's degree 

    What you get:

    • Free users get access to course materials like videos.
    • Paid users also get access to assignments, and will receive a final grade.
    • Certificate of completion for courses and specializations, or a degree certification. 


    • Instructors from top universities and other educational institutions around the world

    Apps available on:

    • iOS and Android devices

    Corporate or team programs available for:

    • Business and government 


    • Video subtitles are available in over 30 languages.

    Top courses (in 2016):

    Use Coursera if: 

    • You want access to the minds of the world's top universities without having to pay for the costs of higher education. 
    • You need a scheduled pace to keep you moving and motivated, rather than going at your own pace. 
    • You would like to complete an online master's degree. 

    Browse and sign up for courses on Coursera.

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    Woman Eating Chocolate

    The INSIDER Summary: 

    • Some foods are a bad idea to eat before bed — and not because of the calories.
    • Certain foods can cause sleepless nights and digestive issues.
    • Even healthy foods like tomatoes and watermelons should be avoided before sleeping.

    Tossing, turning, wondering why you can’t seem to drift off to bed… Was it something you ate? Maybe. It’s not as ridiculous a notion as it sounds.

    Some foods are a really bad idea to eat before bed — and not because of the calories. Studies have disproven the idea that eating late at night results in poorer health outcomes than eating earlier in the day. So the dietary concern isn’t the problem; a few of the foods on this list are low-calorie and actually really healthy.

    Worrying about more than just your waistline, we compiled foods that have other qualities that make them set-ups for sleepless nights. A few of them might even cause you to wake up multiple times throughout the night, infuriatingly snapping you back awake. You need your rest, especially because of sleep’s crucial role in maintaining your natural energy cycle, keeping your cravings regular, and jacking up your metabolism. Find out which foods you should avoid if you ever want to fall asleep once your head hits the pillow.


    Attention, everyone: Do not use alcohol as a sleep aid. It doesn’t work! Sure, it might make you feel drowsy and put you to sleep a bit faster. However, the quality of your sleep severely suffers — meaning that you’ll be way more tired in the morning. Your circadian rhythm gets jumbled; you might wake up throughout the night or you might sleep right through, but not as deeply. Either way, the sleep situation is not ideal.


    It’s a fatty meat— that much we know. If you’ve ever eaten a lot of bacon in one sitting, you’re probably aware of the digestive upset it can cause. That, along with the stimulating chemical tyramine hiding in every slice, is enough to stave off sleep until the digestion process has finished.


    Cereal makes for a quick and easy snack and gets some tryptophan-rich milk in your system (unless you’re eating it right out of the box), but store-bought varieties are often coated with sugars and syrups. With your blood glucose running on high, you’ll be down for a dance party — not for bedtime.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Fall marks the start of football season, which means it's time to head to the nearest tailgate, where fans come together to eat, drink, and socialize before the game begins.

    Having graduated Wake Forest University in North Carolina last May, I went back to college to tailgate with my friends and cheer on the Demon Deacons. 

    Being a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), consistently one of the best football conferences in the US, we take football and our tailgates very seriously.

    Keep scrolling to see what it's like to tailgate at an ACC school.

    It's three hours before kick-off and getting ready for a tailgate is almost as important as the tailgate itself at WFU. It is more common for girls to wear dresses than jerseys.

    Once ready, a shuttle bus brings students from campus to the stadium, which is located 1.5 miles off campus. The tailgate starts at 1pm.

    The shuttles tend to be super crowded.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    in n out

    Some major American companies are subtly sending religious messages to customers — even if most people don't notice. 

    Brands like Chick-fil-A and Hobby Lobby have alienated some customers as executives' religious views have influenced business decisions at certain points in time. 

    However, other companies' religious beliefs are less obvious — even though they're right under customers' noses. These brands hide Bible verses and other religious content in plain sight. 

    Some religious customers see these hidden messages as a reason to celebrate, and they double down on their support of brands like In-N-Out and Forever 21. However, others feel that using religious language on packaging is offensive evangelizing to customers of different beliefs. 

    Here are five companies that many customers may not realize are using their business to share religious messages. 

    SEE ALSO: We visited the regional chain that Southerners say is better than In-N-Out and Shake Shack — here's the verdict

    Forever 21

    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px

    Every Forever 21 shopping bag has the words "John 3:16" on the bottom. The verse, one of the best-known in the Bible, reads: "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." 

    "It shows us how much God loves us," Forever 21 founder Do Won Chang told CNN in 2012. "The love he gave us, by giving us his only son, Jesus, was so unbelievable to me. I hoped others would learn of God's love. So that's why I put it there."


    Instagram Embed:
    Width: 658px

    The beloved West Coast burger chain stealthily puts Bible verses on much of its packaging. The wrapper on the famous "Double-Double" for example, lists Nahum 1:7 — "The Lord is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him"— according to Snopes.

    Lynsi Snyder — the billionaire president of the California-based burger chain and the granddaughter of its founders — is a Christian who says she found peace through religion.


    Trijicon, which makes optical sighting equipment for firearms, encountered controversy in 2010 when ABC News discovered the company was putting coded references to Bible verses on its products.  

    The Trijicon ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight), for example, has the inscription JN8:12. That refers to John 8:12: "When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, 'I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.'"

    "Trijicon places a small biblical reference on the products we sell," the company's website reads.

    "It is a tradition started by our founder and we continue it as a reflection of our company values," it continues. "Although Trijicon has now offered to remove these references for military issued products, we will continue to inscribe our consumer products with biblical references." 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Sephora Shopper

    Prior to becoming a beauty writer, I used to work at a local Sephora store during college. 

    Not only did I learn a few secrets that most Sephora employees don't share; it was also a fun time that gave me the opportunity to try many of the retailer's 300 brands.

    However, seeing that I was definitely on a student's budget, I soon realized that some products sold at Sephora just aren't worth the extra cash. While some makeup is worth splurging on, a lot of the time you can buy almost the exact same items elsewhere for less.

    From Sephora-brand hair ties to luxury nail polish, here are 10 beauty items you should think twice about before adding to your basket — and what you should buy instead.

    Don't buy the Clinique Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes — use the Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes instead.

    Cost: $4.49 (25 count) — compared to the Clinique Take The Day Off Micellar Cleansing Towelettes, $14 (50 count).

    Simple's wipes are infused with gentle cleansers plus Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E to ensure that your skin doesn't feel dry or sticky.

    Find out more about the Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes here >

    Don't buy the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with Sunscreen SPF 15 — use the Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect with SPF 30 instead.

    Cost: $3.97 — compared to the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment with Sunscreen SPF 15, $24.

    Misplacing your lip balm will be far less painful if you spent $4 on it rather than $24. Aquaphor's Lip Repair is fragrance-free and also includes sunscreen.

    Find out more about the Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect with SPF 30 here >



    Don't buy the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish — use OPI's Nail Lacquer instead.

    Cost: $8.79 — compared to the Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish, $18.

    When buying nail polish at Sephora, keep in mind that you're paying for the brand name. OPI has been a fan-favorite for years, offering several colors without compromising on quality.

    Find out more about OPI Nail Lacquer here >

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    gigi hadid zayn malik

    Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have been a high-profile, highly talked about couple since they began dating in late 2015. You may not be able to remember a time when they weren't together, but believe it or not, this power couple wasn't always about appearing in music video and magazine cover stars. 

    Take a look back at Gigi and Zayn's cutest, dramatic, love-filled moments, and see how they came to be one of the world's most fabulous couples. 

    August 2015: Zayn broke things off with fiancée Perrie Edwards.

    A few months after he split from One Direction, the singer ended things with his fiancée Perrie Edwards of Little Mix. Edwards claimed that Zayn ended things over text, but he later refuted that claim

    Their breakup lead to the revenge anthem "Shout Out To My Ex," which has some pretty obvious digs at Malik.  

    November 2015: Gigi and Joe Jonas broke up.

    Gigi and singer Joe Jonas ended their relationship in November 2015. At the time, they cited scheduling conflicts for their troubles. 


    November 2015: Rumors swirled that Gigi and Zayn were a couple.

    Gigi and Zayn were photographed leavingJustin Bieber’s American Music Awards after-party together and rumors began circulating that they were dating. They insisted they were "friends," but sources told Us Weekly that they were casually dating. 



    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Tbh appMost apps that let you message people anonymously head down a similar path: Users take advantage of the anonymous features to spew racism, threats, and bullying. 

    A new app called TBH is hoping to change that — and it just reached the top of the App Store's free apps chart. 

    TBH, which is an acronym for "To be honest," bills itself as "the only anonymous app with positive vibes."

    The app isn't a standard messaging app like Yik Yak or Sarahah, though: Instead, users are presented with a series of prompts about their friends like, "Should DJ every party" or "Hotter than the sun" and four options for friends that best fit that description. 

    TBH is designed for users 13 and up, and allows those who sign up to select their school and grade level. But you can still use tbh if you're in college or have already graduated. 

    The name of the app follows a similar trend among teens who use the phrase "tbh" on Instagram to say something nice about their friends. A tbh is used almost like a form of Instagram currency, since you can trade a TBH for a like on one of your photos. Whether or not the app's name was inspired by that, TBH bears a lot of similarities to the trend.

    Here's how TBH works:

    SEE ALSO: Here's how to use Marco Polo, the video messaging app that could replace Snapchat one day

    TBH is only for users in grades 9 and up. Once you sign up, the app lets you select your grade level and school. If you've already graduated high school or college, you can still use the app.

    Next, you'll select your gender, which is the only thing about you that's shared with other users. One cool thing about TBH: There's an option for users who don't identify as either male or female.

    TBH sets up the app like a game. You're presented with a series of polls — 12 at a time — then four options of friends to choose from. TBH says your responses are entirely anonymous.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

    PROS: Suave styling; scads of space for people, pets, and stuff; robust drivetrain, fuel economy, sneaky good Uconnect infotainment system.

    CONS: Apart from being a minivan, none really. Lacks an onboard vacuum cleaner in hybrid trim and doesn't have all-wheel-drive.

    In minivan land, the question of which versatile family hauler often distills to a simple choice: Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna?

    Both those minivans are fine and dandy, though different. There is, however, a third choice: go Chrysler.

    When Fiat Chrysler Automobiles was just Chrysler, it created the minivan under its Dodge brand, back in the 1980s. The original minivan was a wild success, and although the segment is frequently stigmatized, and although minivans have given ground to SUVs of late, the Big Three minivans still sell. 

    In fact, Chrysler's new minivan, the Pacifica (replacing the Town & Country), is now outselling both the Odyssey — all-new for 2018 — and the Sienna, which is due for a redesign pretty soon.

    We've checked out the Odyssey and we've sampled the Sienna. To complete our minivan roundup, we tackled the Pacifica last. We can't really make a fair comparison because our tester was a $47,885 Pacifica Hybrid Platinum. Yep, that's right: a plug-in hybrid minivan, the only one currently for sale.

    A bit of an odd wrinkle, by the way. Our Odyssey was built in Alabama, and our Sienna was made in Indiana. The Pacifica hails from Ontario, Canada (but just so you know, the town is Windsor, just across the Detroit River from Motown).

    We put the Pacifica through its paces in suburban New Jersey. Here's how it went.

    SEE ALSO: I put the Toyota Sienna minivan to the test and it did not disappoint

     FOLLOW US on Facebook for more car and transportation content!

    The Pacifica arrived wearing a handsome "Granite Crystal Metallic" paint job. BI's Ben Zhang had briefly driven the gas-powered version and was underwhelmed. Would the hybrid be different?

    The design is actually quite elegant, stately even. Far more eye-catching than the Toyota Sienna and not quite as flashy as the Honda Odyssey. The lines flow into each other nicely, as typified by the the suave proportions of the front end.

    But ... the Pacifica is still a minivan, and there's no hiding that huge rear hatch.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    Screen Shot 2017 09 20 at 4.03.32 PMWhen you're first starting your career, there are 12 essentials to creating a well-rounded professional wardrobe

    While you won't need every single last item on the list for your first day or even your first week on the job, you'll definitely need dress shoes immediately. 

    Sure, you've probably got a pair of shiny black shoes from your high school prom somewhere in your closet, but those will not make the cut.

    You want something that's professional, stylish, and versatile, and the color brown is where you should start.

    Brown dress shoes pair well with shades of blue, grey, and khaki, so no matter what you're wearing to the office, you won't have to worry about your sense of fashion being off. 

    Whether you're looking to buy your first pair of dress shoes or simple need a new pair of brown shoes for your daily grind, you're in the right place. From oxfords and wingtips to Chelsea boots and chukkas, you can find the perfect pair of brown dress shoes here.

    Check out the best brown dress shoes for men, below: 

    Jack Erwin Abe Penny Loafer

    Loafers are one of the most versatile dress shoe options. You can dress them up with slacks for the office and other formal settings or down with jeans for more casual events. The Jack Erwin Abe Penny Loafer uses a smooth leather and a pointed toe for a very classic look.

    Jack Erwin Abe Penny Loafer, $195

    Paul Evans Cagney Cap Toe

    Paul Evans is known for its astounding quality, and the Cagney Cap Toe is a choice you really can't go wrong with. Its classic style works well for the office or even casual nights out. The shoes feature a full-grain Italian leather upper in Chocolate and a leather lining.

    Paul Evans Cagney Cap Toe, $399

    Wolf & Shepherd Striker Chukka

    The Wolf & Shepherd Striker takes the classic chukka boot style and transforms it into a premium choice that can be worn formally or casually. In line with the brand's other shoes, the Striker features a padded ankle collar, tongue, and memory foam insole. While most other dress shoes are made of leather, the Chocolate pair uses a completely water-resistant suede.

    Wolf & Shepherd Striker Chukka Boot, $335

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The INSIDER Summary:

    • INSIDER has rounded up some of the most pervasive myths and misconceptions about sugar.
    • For example, sugar does not cause cavities; acid does.
    • There's no such thing as a sugar rush — no, extra candy does not make your kid hyper.

    We've seen the alarming documentaries, sat through health class lectures, and watched the obesity numbers steadily grow at an alarming rate. Sugar is the enemy, right?

    While eating too much sugar is directly associated with obesity and a host of heart and liver-related problems, there are plenty of myths out there with a host of misinformation that oftentimes makes eating even moderate amounts of sugar sound worse than it is. After all, we do need sugar to live.

    "We all need sugar — it's the basic building block of what runs our bodies, and, in fact, it's necessary," Dr. Jennifer Haythe, a cardiologist at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York told INSIDER. "But I'd rather my patients have more fruits and vegetables and lean proteins because of all of the overly processed ingredients surrounding sugary foods."

    Keep scrolling to discover the truth behind some of the most common myths about sugar.

    MYTH: Some types of sugar are better for you than others

    FACT: All "types" of sugar have the same effect on your body. 

    "There’s this idea that there are different types of sugar, but that’s a myth," Dr. Haythe said. "Brown sugar, white sugar, honey... they are all ultimately broken down into the same thing: glucose. All forms of sugar are carbohydrates that can be used as glucose."

    MYTH: Sugar makes kids hyperactive

    FACT: There's no such thing as a sugar high.

    "The idea that sugar makes children hyperactive is one of the funniest myths about sugar out there," Dr. Haythe said.

    Various scientific studies over the years have determined that in fact there is zero direct connection between eating sugar and hyperactivity. 

    A definitive research paper published byDr. Mark Wolraich, chief of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center, concluded that "sugar does not appear to affect behavior in children."

    MYTH: Sugar is as addictive as hard drugs

    FACT:  There is no conclusive evidence that sugar is addictive.

    "There's no evidence that sugar can act as a gateway drug," Dr. Haythe said. "You can't get high from sugar, and there's no conclusive evidence that sugar is addictive."

    There are multiple conflicting studies concerning the subject of sugar addiction. One French study published in 2013 links cravings for sweets with the "reward" center of our brains that are induced by addictive drugs. The study concluded that sugar can be even more addictive than cocaine. 

    But other doctors and researchers contest that study's findings, stating that you only see addiction-like behavior in rodents when the animals are restricted to eating sugar for a certain time frame each day. When the test subjects are allowed to eat sugar whenever they want — like humans — the addictive properties vanish. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    chris paul

    The NBA truly has become a 12-month league.

    Following an exciting, but somewhat disappointing NBA Finals rematch, the league did not slow down, as it launched into one of the wildest offseasons in recent memory.

    This offseason saw big names like Paul George, Chris Paul, Kyrie Irving, Jimmy Butler, Gordon Hayward, Isaiah Thomas, and Paul Millsap change teams while other marquee players like Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade are expected to be on the move soon.

    Following such a wild offseason, here's our breakdown of who won and who lost the summer.

    WINNER: Boston Celtics

    Biggest additions: Gordon Hayward, Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum

    Biggest losses: Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, Jae Crowder, 2018 Nets draft pick

    One thing to know: After finishing first in the East and making the Eastern Conference Finals, the Celtics made moves this offseason. That included signing Gordon Hayward, one of the best two-way wings in the NBA, then trading for Kyrie Irving. Losing Bradley and Crowder will hurt the Celtics' defense, but they added star power that should help them truly challenge the Cavaliers for the best team in the East.

    WINNER: Oklahoma City Thunder

    Biggest additions: Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Raymond Felton

    Biggest losses: Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis

    One thing to know: The Thunder robbed the Pacers for Paul George to give Russell Westbrook a co-star just one year after losing Kevin Durant to the Warriors. There's risk, of course, that George leaves next summer and that Westbrook doesn't sign a long-term extension, but in the meantime, the Thunder should challenge for a top seed in the West once again.

    LOSER: Indiana Pacers

    Biggest additions: Victor Oladipo, Domantas Sabonis

    Biggest losses: Paul George

    One thing to know: The exact offers the Pacers turned down for Paul George are unknown, but many suspect they could have gotten a better deal for the All-Star forward. Oladipo is a 25-year-old combo guard on a bloated deal, Sabonis has potential as a future stretch four, but shot just 32% from three last year, and they didn't get a draft pick back. The return for George ranks low among what other teams have received for star players.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    iMessage iOS 11

    When you downloaded iOS 11, you may have noticed something new inside iMessage: a strip of app icons at the bottom of the screen. 

    The icons, called an app drawer, include a brand-new GIFs button, quick access to the App Store, the ability to send songs via Apple Music, and more.

    The new app drawer is Apple's way of building off the changes it made to iMessage in iOS 10. Back then, Apple introduced a special iMessage App Store and added drawing features. But iOS 11 takes things one step further — and it's going to make your life a lot easier. 

    Here's how to use the new iMessage:

    SEE ALSO: Your iPhone's camera just got an upgrade thanks to iOS 11 — here are all the ways it changed

    The app drawer will either pop up automatically when you open up a conversation, or it can be accessed by clicking the App Store icon next to the camera icon on the bottom. Once it appears, you can swipe left or right to check out all the apps.

    The app drawer is where the drawing feature lives now. This feature was introduced last year with iOS 10 and it lets you send animated drawings through iMessage.

    There's also a GIFs button that lives in the app drawer. The best part is that it's searchable, so you can quickly find the reaction you're looking for. Click on the GIF you want and it'll automatically pop into the text field.

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    kaley cuoco

    Kaley Cuoco landed her breakout role on the sitcom "8 Simple Rules." Two years later, she snagged a lead role on "The Big Bang Theory" and has had parts in several movies since.

    The actress has since become familiar with red carpets and high fashion, but that doesn't mean she hasn't had hiccups along the way. 

    These days, she has been consistently well-dressed for award shows, movie premieres, and various events, but no one — including Cuoco — was safe from early 2000s style. See how far she's come since then.

    Amy Daire contributed to an earlier version of this post. 

    Kaley Cuoco wore a scrunched midriff shirt, wide black pants, and this black coat with obnoxiously long sleeves to a 2002 holiday party.

    In 2003, Cuoco arrived at the Solstice Fashion Party in an interesting up-do and an even more interesting ensemble.

    She rounded out the year at the film premiere of "Jeepers Creepers 2" where she wore ripped flare jeans and a Von Dutch trucker hat.

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    Former FBI Director Robert Mueller

    As the investigation into ties between President Donald Trump's campaign and Russian officials reportedly plows ahead at a breakneck pace, special counsel Robert Mueller has quietly assembled a formidable team of investigators whose resumés offer a glimpse into potential leads the probe is chasing.

    Mueller's team boasts a storied amount of experience both prosecution and criminal defense, hailing from prestigious law firms like WilmerHale to top spots within various divisions of the Justice Department.

    The lawyers, combined, possess a vast array of experience investigating financial fraud, corruption, money laundering, foreign bribery, and organized crime.

    And Mueller's team has been on the offensive from the get-go — they have reportedly requested documents regarding some of Trump's most controversial decisions in the White House, and they have doggedly gone after Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, executing a no-knock search warrant in July and even warning that they planned to indict him, according to The New York Times.

    "They are setting a tone. It's important early on to strike terror in the hearts of people in Washington, or else you will be rolled, Solomon Wisenberg, who served as deputy independent counsel in the Whitewater investigation in the 1990s, told the Times. "You want people saying to themselves, 'Man, I had better tell these guys the truth.'"

    Mueller's roster of lawyers has earned bipartisan acclaim for their wealth of experience, yet some members have come under fire from conservatives over their previous donations to Democrats. Some critics have even urged Trump to fire Mueller over the hires.

    Trump himself has even weighed in:

    "You are witnessing the single greatest WITCH HUNT in American political history — led by some very bad and conflicted people!" Trump wrote on Twitter in June.

    Here are some of Mueller's hires:

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    Michael Dreeben

    Dreeben, the deputy solicitor general overseeing the Department of Justice's criminal docket, is widely regarded as one of the top criminal law experts in the federal government. He is working for Mueller on the investigation part-time as he juggles the DOJ's criminal appellate cases.

    Dreeben is best known for having argued more than 100 cases before the Supreme Court — a feat that fewer than 10 other attorneys have accomplished in the court's history. Peers say his hiring reveals how seriously Mueller is taking the investigation, and how wide-ranging it ultimately could be.

    "That Mueller has sought his assistance attests both to the seriousness of his effort and the depth of the intellectual bench he is building," Paul Rosenzweig, a former Homeland Security official and Whitewater investigator, wrote on the Lawfare blog.

    Preet Bharara, the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York who was recently fired by Trump, called Dreeben one of the DOJ's top legal and appellate minds in modern times:

    Beyond possessing an "encyclopedic" knowledge of criminal law, lawyers who have worked with Dreeben say he also has a gift for anticipating questions his arguments will likely prompt, allowing him to prepare answers accordingly.

    "He answers [questions] directly. He answers them completely. And he answers them exquisitely attuned to the concerns that motivated them," Kannon Shanmugam, a partner at the law firm Williams & Connolly who worked with Dreeben at the solicitor general's office, told the Law360 last year.

    Andrew Weissmann

    Weissmann joined Mueller's team after taking a leave of absence from his current job leading the DOJ's criminal fraud unit. He formerly served as general counsel to the FBI under Mueller's leadership.

    Weissman also headed up the Enron Task Force between 2002 and 2005, for which he oversaw the prosecutions of 34 people connected to the collapsed energy company, including chairman Kenneth Lay and CEO Jeffrey Skilling.

    He spent 15 years as a federal prosecutor in the eastern district of New York, where he specialized in prosecuting mafia members and bosses from the Colombo, Gambino, and Genovese families.

    "As a fraud and foreign bribery expert, he knows how to follow the money. Who knows what they will find, but if there is something to be found, he will find it," Emily Pierce, a former DOJ spokeswoman under the Obama administration, told Politico.

    Weissman is one of several attorneys in Mueller's team that has donated to Democrats, although he does not appear to have donated in the 2016 election. He gave $2,300 to President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign, and $2,000 to the Democratic National Committee in 2006, according to CNN's review of FEC records.

    Jeannie Rhee

    Rhee is one of several attorneys to resign from the WilmerHale law firm to join Mueller's investigation.

    She also has two years of DOJ experience, serving as deputy assistant attorney general under former Attorney General Eric Holder. She advised Holder and Obama administration officials on criminal law issues, as well as criminal procedure and executive issues, according to her biography on WilmerHale's website.

    As many critics of Mueller's investigation have pointed out, Rhee represented Hillary Clinton in a 2015 lawsuit that sought access to her private emails. She also represented the Clinton Foundation in a 2015 racketeering lawsuit.

    Rhee is also one of the members of Mueller's team under scrutiny for her political donations, and has doled out more than $16,000 to Democrats since 2008, CNN reported. She maxed out her donations both in 2015 and 2016 to Clinton's presidential campaign, giving a total of $5,400.

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    disney princess wedding dresses

    Who says a wedding gown needs to be white?

    Japan-based wedding company Kuraudia Co. recently partnered with Walt Disney Japan Co., Ltd. for a collection of colorful princess-inspired wedding gowns – and they're absolutely gorgeous.

    Disney shared high-resolution photos of some of the dresses with INSIDER. From Cinderella's ball gown to Belle's iconic yellow ballroom look from "Beauty and the Beast," the dresses channel six of Disney's most popular princesses.

    If you already have your heart set on a Disney fairytale wedding, the dresses will be available for rent starting November 1. You'll have to be overseas if you want to get your hands on one, though. INSIDER confirmed with a Disney representative the collection will only be available in Japan.

    Keep reading to see the these beautiful fairytale wedding gowns. 

    Disney Japan Co., Ltd. partnered with Japan-based wedding company Kuraudia Co. for a collection of Disney-inspired princess wedding gowns.

    The gowns are inspired by six different Disney princesses: Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"), Cinderella, Ariel ("The Little Mermaid"), Rapunzel ("Tangled"), Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty"), and Snow ("Snow White").

    Some dresses look like they popped right out of the movie, such as this interpretation of Belle's ballgown from "Beauty and the Beast."

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    Clean energy on wheels

    In the past couple of years, the clean energy revolution has steadily been gaining ground. Aside from transitioning to cleaner, renewable energy sources, a number of countries are also bent on keeping their roads clean by banning combustion engine vehicles.

    With the transportation sector contributing roughly 15 percent of man-made carbon emissions worldwide, this is a noteworthy step.

    Listed according to when they made their decisions, here are five nations leading this clean energy revolution on wheels.

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    Though not the first to have considered banning petrol and diesel cars, Germany was the first to implement a ban. Back in October 2016, the country’s federal council (the Bundesrat) proposed and passed a resolution that calls for a total ban on internal combustion engines by 2030.

    The decision is a significant one, not just because it’s the first, but also because Germany has the fourth largest car manufacturing industry in the world.

    Germany’s also home to some of the biggest car makers out there. As a result, veteran automobile manufacturers Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen have since firmed up on their hydrogen and electric car efforts.



    In February 2017, Norway decided to follow and outdo the German example. Not only is this Scandinavian country banning fossil fuel-based cars, they’ve set a target that’s five years earlier than Germany’s. By 2025, Norway will only sell cars that are 100 percent electric, doing away with petrol-based vehicles.

    Their targets for implementing such an ambitious but not impossible plan, strengthened by a green tax system, is clear. “By 2030, heavy-duty vans, 75% of new long-distance buses, and 50% of new trucks must be zero emission vehicles,”  according to the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.



    From European nations, we move to Asia, with India. The country has instituted a policy, similar to Norway’s, to allow only the sale of fully-electric cars by 2030.

    The effort is financed by the government. “We are going to introduce electric vehicles in a very big way. We are going to make electric vehicles self- sufficient like UJALA,” said Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Railways and Coal. “The idea is that by 2030, not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in the country.”

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    Travis Kalanick Anthony Levandowski

    It's been a year of turmoil for Uber, as the company has careened from one crises to another. 

    Since February, when Susan Fowler released her now infamous blog post, the ride-hailing company has lost a deep bench of its top executives — each leaving the company for different reasons.

    Uber now has a new CEO in former Expedia CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, who started on the job two weeks ago.

    Given the number of vacancies at the top of his org, he may not have to ask for the resignations of a large number of people in order to bring in his own hand-picked team.

    Yet it's also clear that the exodus isn't entirely over yet, as just this month Uber's compliance officer, top lawyer and others have said that they, too, are leaving.

    Here's an updated tally of who has left the company and why since February.

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    Travis Kalanick, former CEO

    Departure: June 20

    Replacement: Dara Khosrowshahi

    After a months of scandals, an internal investigation that led the company to fire 20 people, and a slew of lawsuits, Uber co-founder Kalanick was forced to resign as CEO. Adding to the pressure on Kalanick was an insurrection among a number of major investors that was led by Benchmark, which holds a board seat.

    Kalanick remains on Uber's board of directors.

    Salle Yoo, former top lawyer

    Departure: Soon

    Replacement: none, yet 

    Uber's top legal officer Salle Yoo has resigned from the company effective after she helps Khosrowshahi find her successor. She announced her departure in an email to the troops, published by the WSJ on September 12.

    She leaves as Uber faces numerous lawsuits including one by Waymo alleging Uber stole its self-driving car trade secrets; one involving allegations that executives looked at medical records of a rape victim in India; and three federal probes into its operations.

    Michael Brown, head of operations in Asia

    Departure: Sept. 19

    Replacement: none, yet

    Michael Brown had been with Uber ramping up its Asia operations for four years. Although he was not involved in Uber's China or India business, and its struggles there, his name was involved in several of other scandals.

    For instance, in August, Uber was accused of knowingly leasing 1,000 recalled vehicles to drivers in Singapore and Brown advocated pulling all the vehicles off the road after one of them caught fire. 

    The DOJ is also currently investigating whether Uber violated bribery laws in several Asian countries in Brown's territory.

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    Wendy's Power Mediterranean Chicken Salad

    The INSIDER Summary:

    • Some fast food salads are as caloric as burgers, or even more so.
    • We chose 20 salads from seven popular fast food chains and ranked them based on calories.
    • Arby's roast turkey farmhouse salad had 230 calories, the fewest of all the salads.
    • Wendy's spicy Caesar chicken salad had 720 calories, the most of all the salads.

    Fast food isn't always what it seems to be.

    Promotional photos often look way more enticing than the actual food, and the salads served at chains are often way more caloric than you think (sometimes even worse than a burger, at McDonald's at least).

    We rounded up 20 salads from seven popular fast food chains and ranked them by number of calories, according to information we found on the chains' websites. It's important to note that the calories from salad dressing are not included in any of these nutrition facts.

    Also, keep in mind that whether or not a food is healthy is based on much more than just calorie count. This ranking does not take factors such as sodium or fat content into account.

    DON'T MISS: 15 of the healthiest fast-food menu items

    SEE ALSO: Obesity rates are the highest ever, and dietitians say a key factor may be to blame

    Arby's roast turkey farmhouse salad: 230 calories

    Click here to see the full nutrition information >

    Subway Italian BMT salad: 230 calories

    Click here to see the full nutrition information >

    Carl's Jr. charbroiled chicken salad: 280 calories

    Click here to see the full nutrition information >

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