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    instagram rich list 4x3

    • Influencer marketing is projected to be worth between $5 billion and $10 billion by 2020.
    • Hopper HQ created an Instagram Rich List of 2018 to highlight the top influencers on the social media app and how much they charge per sponsored post.  
    • Hopper HQ compiled the list using public and private data and contacted every account listed — through a manager, agent, or directly — and requested their fee for sponsored posts.  
    • The Kardashian-Jenner family reigns — four of the sisters made the top 10. Kylie Jenner took the No. 1 spot with a fee of $1 million per post.

    Influencer marketing is projected to be worth between $5 and $10 billion by 2020. To determine how much to charge per-post, you need to take into account followers, engagement, status, and audience. 

    Hopper HQ created an Instagram Rich List of 2018 to highlight the top influencers on the social media app — and how much they charge per sponsored post.  

    Luckily, the world's biggest celebrities don't have to put in much work building an audience — they can charge six-figure sums from the get-go. Still people who built loyal followings from the ground up — social media influencers — have become celebrities in their own right, commanding anywhere from $1,500 to $33,000 per post.

    Hopper HQ categorized influencers in eight core verticals: Celebrity, lifestyle, fitness, sports, beauty, fashion, food, and travel. Hopper HQ compiled the list using public and private data and contacted every account listed — through a manager, agent, or directly — and requested their fee for sponsored posts.  

    The list was sorted by price for the top-ten influencers in each of the core categories. Travel accounts that exchange posts for free travel instead of a financial return did not make the list.

    The 75 influencers below all have one million followers or more and charge $1,300 and up for a sponsored post. Since Hopper HQ released the list, many influencers gained more followers. The follower count on Business Insider's list is as of September 2018. 

    SEE ALSO: A woman who pays Instagrammers and YouTubers for brands like Cosmo and Esquire says influencers can earn anywhere from $500 to $30,000 for a single post

    DON'T MISS: I asked 3 social-media influencers what it takes to make real money on Instagram, and they all pointed to the same trait

    75. David Chang

    Instagram handle: @davidchang

    Niche: Food

    Followers: 1 million

    Cost per-post: $1,300

    74. Kevin Curry

    Instagram handle:  @fitmencook

    Niche: Food

    Followers: 1.2 million

    Cost per-post: $1,500

    73. Ella Mills

    Instagram handle: @deliciouslyella

    Niche: Food

    Followers: 1.4 million 

    Cost per-post: $1,600

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    Starbucks barista

    There's no doubt about it: college is expensive, and it will likely get more expensive in the coming years. Furthermore, student loan debt is higher than ever.

    But the good news is, depending on where you work it could come a lot cheaper — if not almost free.

    Many companies around the country provide their employees with tuition assistance, ranging from a couple thousand dollars of aid to almost entirely covered. 

    From Starbucks to Chipotle to Fidelity Investments, here are 15 companies that help their employees get a degree. 


    UPS has an excellent tuition reimbursement policy for its employees. Through the Learn & Earn program, part-time employees can earn up to $5,250 in assistance per year, and up to $25,000 total.

    And Learn & Earn has a high retention rate — according to their website, over 70% of UPS employees started out as hourly part-time employees. And what's more, UPS claims to have invested over $200 million in tuition assistance for approximately 120,000 college students since the program was launched in 1999.

    Wells Fargo

    Wells Fargo is the third-largest bank in the US, and it strives to treat its "team members" with benefits, a 401(k) plan, and up to $5,000 in annual tuition reimbursement. 

    Wells Fargo reimburses employees up to $5,000 per year for for eligible tuition expenses, and offers scholarships to employee children as well, ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.


    Next time you're enjoying a jar of Smucker's strawberry jelly, consider looking into a job at The J.M. Smucker Company, one of America's most iconic companies.

    According to their website, Smucker's offers reimbursement for continued college courses, as long as they've been approved by the company. They also offer a scholarship program for 10 employee kids a year, for $3,000 each.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Ian Book

    We are now four weeks into the college football season, and the College Football Playoff picture is starting to clear up.

    Five more teams were effectively eliminated from playoff contention, with TCU, Virginia Tech, Texas A&M, Iowa, and Mississippi State all suffering losses that they won't be able to overcome. That leaves us with 20 teams that still have a legit shot to make the playoff.

    We have learned a few things over the years about how the committee picks the final four, and we have some idea of what teams need to do to make the playoff. Below, we ranked the top 20 teams in the country based on their chances to make the playoff.

    20. Texas Tech

    Record (AP Rank): 3-1 (25)

    Last week's result: Beat Oklahoma State, 41-17

    Last week's playoff rank: unranked

    Key games remaining: West Virginia and Oklahoma at home, Texas at AT&T Stadium, and TCU on the road.

    One thing to know: Other teams that don't have a legit shot at this point, but are still on life-support: Texas A&M, Oregon, Michigan State, Cal, and Oklahoma State.

    19. Duke

    Record (AP Rank): 4-0 (22)

    Last week's result: Beat North Carolina Central, 55-13

    Last week's playoff rank: unranked

    Key games remaining: The Blue Devils have to go on the road against Miami and Clemson.

    One thing to know: This is not a typo. Duke is 4-0 and playing well.

    18. Kentucky

    Record (AP Rank): 4-0 (17)

    Last week's result: Beat Mississippi State, 28-7

    Last week's playoff rank: unranked

    Key games remaining: Road games against Texas A&M and Missouri and a home game against Georgia.

    One thing to know: According to ESPN, this is the first time Kentucky and Duke were in the AP Top 25 in the same week since 1957. It has happened 547 times in men's basketball during that same stretch.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    2018 toyota 4runner

    • September 23 through 29 is National Child Passenger Safety Week.
    • recently released results to a survey which reveals which vehicles earned a perfect score on the website's annual Car Seat Safety Check test.  
    • "Parents often spend a lot of time determining the right car seat for their children but overlook how that seat will actually fit in their car," said Jennifer Newman, Editor-in-Chief and certified child passenger safety technician.
    • Toyota was featured the most, as the company had three cars chosen on the list of eight. recently published results to a survey which reveals which vehicles earned a perfect score on the website's annual Car Seat Safety Checks test.  

    The test involves hands-on testing by experts that evaluates vehicle's latch systems and overall ease of use. Then the testers look at each type of seat and how it fits in with 2018 and 2019 car models. An infant seat, rear-facing convertible seat, forward-facing convertible seat, and booster seats are all installed in the cars and given a grade ranging from A through F. 

    "Parents often spend a lot of time determining the right car seat for their children but overlook how that seat will actually fit in their car," said Jennifer Newman, Editor-in-Chief and certified child passenger safety technician, in a public statement.

    "That's why we test and score car seats in many of the most popular vehicles for sale," Newman said, noting that this year 85 vehicles were tested and only 9% earned perfect scores. "We want to be the go-to resource for families looking to understand which cars fit which types of car seats the best, and our annual Honor Roll highlights the select few that do it the very best."

    This year, the cars that earned perfect scores come from six different brands, with Toyota earning three spots with its Camry, 4Runner, and Lexus ES 350 models. 

    Here are the eight cars that earned perfect scores in the annual Car Seat Safety Check test. 


    SEE ALSO: Here are the 13 best cars of 2018

    FOLLOW US: on Facebook for more car and transportation content!

    2018 Genesis G90: Cavernous backseats accommodate car seats and allow for easy access to Latch anchors.

    2018 Hyundai Sonata: called their backseats "roomy."

    2019 Jeep Cherokee: 40.3 inches of legroom made it easy for rear-facing infant and convertible car seats to fit.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Charity is part of the missions of some of the biggest companies in the US.
    • In 2017, donations to charity reached an all time high in the US, with an estimated $410 billion investments towards philanthropic efforts.
    • Nearly 5% of the total came from large US corporations like Wells Fargo & Company, Goldman Sachs Group, and Google.
    • Here's 10 of the US companies that give the most to charity.


    Here's something to feel good about: Total charitable giving in the United States reached record levels in 2017, with an estimated $410 billion donated to various causes by groups and individuals, according to Charity Navigator.

    Of that total, 5% — or nearly $21 billion — came from corporations, up 8% from the previous year.

    Here's a look at some of the US companies that donate the most to charity.

    SEE ALSO: 17 companies with such good marketing their names have become verbs

    1. Gilead Sciences leads the pack in charitable giving for 2017

    Biotech firm Gilead Sciences donated the most money to charitable causes in 2017 — $388 million — according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy's survey of charitable giving by major US companies in 2017.

    Considering that the company's annual pretax profit is $13.5 billion, its giving takes up 2.9% of said profit, the Chronicle survey states.

    According to a 2016 report by Fortune, the company generally gives cash grants to health-related projects, such as the nonprofit Liver Foundation.

    2. Wells Fargo & Company gives back locally and nationally

    Wells Fargo & Company came in second for 2017 giving, donating $287 million in cash of its $27.4 billion pretax profit, or 1%, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

    According to BusinessWire, in 2017, Wells Fargo donated to more than 14,500 non-profits, and employees volunteered 2 million hours. Highlights of the company's charitable efforts included $28 million donated to veterans and military service members, $45 million in down-payment assistance and other home-buying resource through NeighborWorks, and $10.6 million to the American Red Cross.

    In 2019, the company plans to use 2% of its after-tax profits for philanthropy, BusinessWire reported.

    3. Goldman Sachs Group has increased its giving since 2007

    In 2017, Goldman Sachs Group gave $280 million in cash to charity. That's 2.5% of its $11.1 billion pretax profit, Chronicle of Philanthropy reported.

    Their charitable missions include 10,000 Women, which provides education, funding, and other resources to women entrepreneurs around the world, and 10,000 Small Businesses, which invests money and resources in people running small businesses.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    brett kavanaugh

    • President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the US Supreme Court.
    • Kavanaugh was born and bred in the Washington, DC area and has a long history in conservative circles.
    • His journey to the US Supreme Court has been so star-studded, one senator once called him the "Forrest Gump" of Republican politics.
    • Kavanaugh's nomination seemed like a sure thing, until three women came forward to publicly accuse him of sexual misconduct in high school and college. He has denied the allegations.
    • He and the first accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, are testifying about her allegations before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

    President Donald Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh, 53, to replace the retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the US Supreme Court.

    "There is no one in America more qualified for this position, and no one more deserving," Trump said at the announcement in July, joining the many Republicans who praised the Ivy League-educated veteran of George W. Bush's administration.

    But Kavanaugh has a tough confirmation process ahead of him. Republicans' 51-49 hold on the Senate puts Kavanaugh in a precarious spot.

    He has so far had to weather stiff resistance from Democratic lawmakers, scores of protesters who disagree with his views on issues including gun and abortion rights, and now multiple sexual misconduct allegations.

    Christine Blasey Ford, 51, accused a teenaged Kavanaugh of forcing himself on her at a high school party in the early 1980s. Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale University classmate of Kavanaugh's, said Kavanaugh exposed himself to her without her consent at a dorm-room party during his freshman 1983-84 school year.

    Kavanaugh categorically denied Ford and Ramirez's accounts in separate statements.

    Top Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin once called Kavanaugh the "Forrest Gump of Republican politics", because he was present for so many key moments in modern political history.

    As Kavanaugh continues his confirmation process, here's a look at how the Washington, DC born-and-bred conservative rose to become the court's most pivotal nomination in decades:

    SEE ALSO: Here are all the sexual misconduct allegations against Brett Kavanaugh

    DON'T MISS: Here's an evolving count of which senators are voting for Trump's Supreme Court pick

    Brett Kavanaugh was born Feb. 12, 1965, in Washington, DC.

    Source: NPR

    He attended Georgetown Preparatory School, an all-boys school in Rockville, Maryland. He was staff for the school newspaper, played on the school's varsity football team, and was captain of the basketball team.

    Source: Washingtonian

    Trump's first Supreme Court nominee, Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch, also attended Georgetown Prep and graduated two years before Kavanaugh.

    Sources: Washingtonian, Business Insider

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Fortnite Season 6

    "Fortnite" Season 6 has arrived, introducing pets and Halloween-themed content, along with some quality of life improvements for the game.

    Titled "Darkness Rises," the season 6 update adds new locations to the map, including a floating island, a haunted castle, corrupted areas, and corn fields.

    Epic has also teased some smaller hidden changes for players to find on their own.

    Here's everything that's new:

    SEE ALSO: Sony is finally allowing 'Fortnite' players on PlayStation 4 to play with people on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

    The Season 6 battle pass is the key to new content

    The new content can be unlocked via the season 6 battle pass, which gives owners access to more than 100 new cosmetic rewards.

    The battle pass is now available for purchase for 950 V-Bucks, the game's currency. Newcomers can purchase 1,000 V-Bucks for $9.99. Players earn rewards by leveling up their battle pass, either through gameplay or by purchasing levels for 150 V-Bucks each. Rewards include costumes, sprays, and special gliders, all of which are purely cosmetic.

    "Fortnite" seasons last approximately two months, and battle pass rewards can only be earned during the season. However, players will retain whatever rewards they earn after the season ends.

    Players can level their battle pass to unlock seven new costumes during season 6.

    Buying the battle pass will give players immediate access to two new outfits: DJ Yonder and Calamity. Five more Halloween-themed costumes can be unlocked by leveling up the battle pass.

    Calamity, the masked cowgirl outfit, is one of two legendary outfits included in the battle pass; the other is a werewolf outfit called Dire. The Dire costume is unlocked by maxing out the battle pass at level 100.

    Legendary outfits gain new effects over time as players use them more often in game.

    "Fortnite" Season 6 introduces pets — meet Scales, Bonesy, and Camo.

    The battle pass also allows players to unlock new pets to carry with them into the Battle Royale. Players can choose between three pets: Bonesy, Scales, and Camo.

    Each animal will react to the action during the game, but like other rewards, they won't have any impact on gameplay.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    halloween vintage magician

    If you went to a Halloween party in the 1940s, chances are you'd be bobbing for apples. In the 1970s, you'd probably be covered in glitter paint. 

    Some Halloween traditions come and go, but others, like Jack o'lanterns and trick-or-treating, remain.

    Here are 20 vintage photos of people picking pumpkins, marching in costume parades, and enjoying other Halloween traditions.

    Bobbing for apples on a string was a popular Halloween party game in the 1930s.

    Children play at the Annual Halloween Party sponsored by the Children's Aid Society in Little Italy, New York, in 1939. 

    Adults enjoyed it, too.

    US servicemen bob for apples with their USO hostess companions during a Halloween party hosted by the tenants of a 14-story cooperative apartment building in Beekman Place in New York City, 1943.

    Costume parades gave kids the opportunity to show off their creativity.

    Elementary school children participate in the Halloween festival in Anaheim, California, in 1962. Some 7,000 or more school children take part in a youngsters' parade and there is breakfast for 2,000 costumed citizens.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Happy office workers

    Job-hunting site Comparably, which allows employees to anonymously review and rate their employers, has sifted through its 5 million+ employee reviews to come up with its annual list of the best paying large companies.

    Comparably currently tracks about 10,000 companies, it says.

    In order to qualify for this list, Comparably limited the list to companies  which had more than 500 employees and had at least 50 ratings from employees between September 12, 2017 and September 12, 2018.

    In order to rank these companies, Comparably considered both pay and how satisfied employees said they were with their pay.

    The result is this list of the 50 best paying big companies, according to employees:

    SEE ALSO: 70-hour weeks and 'WTF' emails: 42 employees reveal the frenzy of working at Tesla under the 'cult' of Elon Musk

    No. 50: Kaiser Permanente, $119,529

    Headquarters: Oakland, California

    Median salary: $119,529

    Highest paid department median salary: IT, $152,951

    Kaiser Permanente is the national health care provider that pioneered the HMO. 

    A Kaiser Permanente employee says, “I have no complaints here, it’s one of the best reasons to work for this company. Salary is above average for the work, regular annual raises and bonus, and the pension.”


    No 49: Procter & Gamble, $121,845

    Headquarters: Cincinnati

    Median salary: $121,845

    Highest paid department median salary: Marketing, $148,938

    Procter & Gamble manufacturers consumer goods.

    A Procter & Gamble employee says, “P&G is a great company to work for, provides very generous benefits and compensation. The ability to buy additional vacation hours up to the six-week mark is hands down the coolest part.”

    No. 48: Verizon, $122,603

    Headquarters: Basking Ridge, New Jersey 

    Median salary: $122,603

    Highest paid department median salary: Sales, $160,771

    Verizon Wireless is a telecommunications company.

    A Verizon employee says, “We get paid well for what we do. We have a high base pay, profit sharing, and potential for short term incentives and monetary bonuses. The annual bonus is the best part. In my 17 years here, the company has never reneged on it.”

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    colleagues coworkers

    Job-hunting site Comparably, which allows employees to anonymously review and rate their employers, has sifted through its 5 million+ employee reviews to create its annual list of the best paying small companies.

    Comparably currently tracks about 10,000 companies, it says.

    In order to qualify for this list, Comparably limited the list to companies that had fewer than 500 employees and had at least 15 ratings from employees between September 12, 2017 and September 12, 2018.

    In order to rank these companies, Comparably considered both pay and at how satisfied employees said they were with their pay.

    The result is this list of the best paying small companies, according to employees.

    SEE ALSO: The CEO of $4 billion McAfee explains how to know when to cut your losses on a project and change course

    No 25: AgileCraft, $105,884

    Headquarters: Austin, TX

    Median salary: $105,884

    AgileCraft offers project management software.

    An AgileCraft employee says, “The best part of our compensation is the total package of salary, bonus, stock and benefits.”

    No 24: Wibbitz, $105,755

    Headquarters: New York, New York

    Median salary: $105,755

    Wibbitz is a video creation and editing platform.

    A Wibbitz employee says, “Besides my above market salary, Wibbitz provides great benefits including healthcare, commuter, 401K and stock options.”

    No 23: Billtrust, $108,706

    Headquarters: Fountain Valley, California 

    Median salary: $108,706

    Billtrust offers cloud-based accounting and financial services software.

    A Billtrust employee says, “I think it's really the total package. Stock options, great healthcare, a quality 401K match, and good pay. There isn't one thing that makes me say, ‘Yea, it is a good compensation package, buuuttttt....' Billtrust takes care of its employees.”

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Nordstrom Rack

    • Nordstrom is increasingly leaning on its off-price concept, Nordstrom Rack, for growth.
    • These discount stores now outnumber its full-price locations. Nordstrom operates 239 Rack stores and 122 full-line stores in the US and Canada.
    • TJ Maxx, meanwhile, has reported strong same-store sales numbers for several years using a similar discount model.
    • We compared the shopping experience at a Nordstrom Rack and a TJ Maxx to find out which off-price store is better. 

    Off-price shopping is on-trend.

    TJ Maxx is a shining example of what is working in today's brick-and-mortar shopping environment. The US's largest off-price chain has reported strong same-store sales numbers for several years while department stores look on enviously, reporting weaker sales and being forced to close locations.

    Rather than lose out to the off-price channel, some department stores are working on creating their own versions — for example, Macy's is doubling down on its Backstage concept.

    But Nordstrom's off-price offshoot, Nordstrom Rack, predates TJ Maxx by three years. It was launched in 1973 in the basement of one of its full-price stores in Seattle, selling its clearance clothing. In recent years, Rack has become one of the biggest areas of growth for the company, and these stores now outnumber Nordstrom's full-price locations.

    After putting Macy's off-price concept to the test in June, we decided to see how Nordstrom Rack fared in comparison to TJ Maxx. Here's what we found:

    SEE ALSO: We compared shopping at TJ Maxx and the new kind of store Macy's launched to compete, and the winner was clear

    We headed to a Nordstrom Rack in Manhattan's Union Square on a sunny afternoon in July.

    Much like TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack sells designer brands at a 30-70% discount.

    The layout of the store felt a lot like a TJ Maxx ...

    ... as did the accessories section. Cheaper jewelry hung from racks, and more-expensive pieces were locked in a cabinet.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    junk food snacks chips processed

    It’s hard to deny that Americans love their deep fried food, large portion sizes, and fast-food chains. But what’s normal to those in the US, might be strange to other people around the world. Because of this, we’re diving deeper to find out what foods Americans eat that Australians don’t.

    I'm an American who lived in Australia for several months, so to learn more, I asked my Australian friends and dug through some Quora threads to find out what foods Americans eat that Australians would never touch.

    It's worth noting that every person has their personal food preferences, but these are just some of the most popular opinions I came across. 

    Spray can cheese is not a common thing in Australia.

    Spray can cheese, where you press a nozzle and squirt out an orange substance, is not common in Australia. In fact, Australians INSIDER spoke to seemed repulsed by it.

    "It has an unnatural consistency. Also, why is it orange?" Jack from Queensland told INSIDER.

    Well, that would be the canola oil that keeps cheese in a can from solidifying and the apocarotenal that gives it a yellow-orange pigment.

    Cheese slices look fake to many Australians.

    While we’re on the topic of cheese — Australians (along with some Americans) refer to pre-packaged cheese slices as "plastic cheese." But in the US, it's a staple for sandwiches and burgers.

    "When I watch food shows that take place in America all I can think about is, why does your cheese look fake?" Jacquie from Queensland told INSIDER.

    "Our signature yellow and orange cheese really freaks Australians out," said Quora user Brian Collins in this thread.  

    Twinkies are a strange concept to some Australians.

    "I hear that Twinkies can survive a nuclear war. That’s alarming," replied Jack when we asked his thoughts on Twinkies.

    But this cream-filled sponge cake with a "never-ending expiration date" is a beloved food item since 1930 in America. Oh, and they do actually expire, for what it's worth. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Derek Carr and Jon Gruden

    Week 4 of the NFL season is here, and Microsoft's Cortana is back to make picks in a head-to-head showdown with Elo.

    We took a look at two popular systems used to pick NFL games: Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant, and Elo, the modeling system used by Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight. In both cases, the computers are picking outright winners and not against the spread. However, each gives a likelihood of a team's winning, which, in theory, could help measure the strength of certain lines.

    Cortana won the regular season matchup last season, going 162-78 (68%) overall, and 111-38 (75%) over the last ten weeks (we did not track Week 17 because of the wonky nature of the final week). Elo was not far behind, going 154-86 (64%) overall.

    Cortana is off to a strong start in 2018, going 19-12-1 the last two weeks. Elo has struggled, going 15-16-1.

    Here are the picks for Week 4, with each model's percent chance of winning in parentheses. Point spreads are just for reference, via Vegas Insider as of Thursday morning.

    Thursday Night Football

    • Minnesota at Los Angeles Rams (-7) — RAMS (Elo 65%; Cortana 73%)

    Sunday afternoon games — early window

    • Cincinnati at Atlanta (-5) — FALCONS (Elo 68%; Cortana 60%)
    • Tampa Bay at Chicago (-3) — BEARS (Elo 53%; Cortana 55%)
    • Detroit at Dallas (-3) — COWBOYS (Elo 62%; Cortana 64%)
    • Buffalo at Green Bay (-10) — PACKERS (Elo 53%; Cortana 67%)
    • Philadelphia (-3) at Tennessee — EAGLES (Elo 60%; Cortana 58%)
    • Houston at Indianapolis (-1.5) — COLTS (Elo 67%; Cortana 53%)
    • Miami at New England (-6.5) — PATRIOTS (Elo 70%; Cortana 67%)
    • New York Jets at Jacksonville (-7.5) — JAGUARS (Elo 74%; Cortana 70%)

    Sunday afternoon games — late window

    • Cleveland at Oakland (-3) — RAIDERS (Elo 71%; Cortana 57%)
    • Seattle (-3) at Arizona — SEAHAWKS (Elo 57%; Cortana 67%)
    • New Orleans (-3.5) at New York Giants — SAINTS (Elo 65%; Cortana 57%)
    • San Francisco at Los Angeles Chargers (-10.5) — CHARGERS (Elo 68%; Cortana 67%)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    You have the costumes and bags upon bags of candy, now all that’s left is getting your home into the Halloween spirit. If you love Halloween, you're probably no stranger to getting your home in shape for the holiday. While it's over a month away, it's not too early to start adding some festive pieces to your home. You don’t need to spend a fortune, though, to make your space Halloween party-worthy. So, whether you want to have the most haunted house on the block or want to take a more festive, fall approach, we scoured the internet to find some decor you'll love.

    From skulls to ghosts and gore galore, check out our list below of 30 great Halloween decorations under $25:

    1. An apothecary jug to hold your potions, poisons, and other concoctions

    Halloween Apothecary Small Jar, $5, available at Target

    2. A cute sign in festive Halloween colors

    Amscan Boo Specialty Halloween Sign, $8.99, available at Amazon

    3. A simple, but ominous tabletop sign

    Halloween Beware Tabletop Sign, $10, available at Target

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Food and football are a match made in heaven. But if you’ve ever been to any one of the NFL stadiums around the league, the abundance of options can be overwhelming.

    Luckily for you, INSIDER narrowed down the must-try dish from every single stadium. 

    Arizona Cardinals (University of Phoenix Stadium) — Pizza box nachos

    Nachos are ratcheted up several notches in this stadium staple. The chicken and steak toppings are slow roasted overnight in a local chile blend and added to the usual fixings of guacamole, olives, jalapeños, sour cream, and pico de gallo. And yes, it is served in a pizza box.

    Atlanta Falcons (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) — Selections from the "Fan First" menu

    Sports fans everywhere were green with envy when the Falcons announced their fan first initiative which offers concessions at reasonable prices. How reasonable? We’re talking $2 hot dogs, $5 draft beers, $3 pizza slices, $5 cheeseburgers, and $2 pretzels.


    Baltimore Ravens (M&T Bank Stadium) — The trio of Chesapeake tacos

    M&T Bank Stadium offers a $12 Chesapeake trio of tacos featuring an Old Bay pulled chicken taco, a Maryland crab dip taco, and a corn salsa and cheddar jack cheese one. The impressive dish gives fans a little bit of everything. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best hair volumizing products

    • If you have flat, fine hair with little volume, more often than not, adding hair products to your routine just makes matters worse, that is, unless you're using volumizing products.

    • We've done the research to find the best volumizing shampoo, conditioner, spray, powder, gel, mousse, and in-shower treatments that actually work.

    Whether you’ve always had locks that tend towards flat and thin, or you once had thick hair but Mother Nature and the passage of time have drastically tamed your mane (raising my hand here), it’s a fact that while perfectly straight, flat hair can be gorgeous, most people would like a little more oomph in their style.

    While the right haircut is critical for achieving volume — as a general rule, shorter cuts are best, along with plenty of layers if your hair is wavy or curly — there is also an astoundingly large array of hair care products promising to boost volume on the shelves of any beauty department.

    Shampoos, conditioners, sprays, gels … trying to make your way through the marketing hype is enough to stand your hair on end. That’s why we decided to do the hard work for you. We used our own experience, info from top beauty websites, and buyer feedback to whittle the near-endless choices down to the top seven hair volumizing products available. 

    Here are the best hair volumizing products you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best volumizing shampoo and conditioner

    Why you'll love them: Nexxus Diametress Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner coax lots of lift into even the finest hair, and give your locks a bouncy, healthy shine to boot.

    The key to a volumizing shampoo or conditioner is not having heavy ingredients like silicone that tend to weigh hair down. Nexxus Diametress Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner plump up your hair without silicones or other volume-busting ingredients.

    Instead, your locks will be treated to rich protein and conditioning polymers that increase not just volume, but also shine, softness, and manageability.

    Good Housekeeping chose this duo as one of its favorite volume-boosting products, writing, “This Nexxus shampoo increased the diameter of hair more than any other brand our Beauty Lab tested. Several testers said they liked the volume and body of their hair after using this product, which also made tresses softer, thicker, and more manageable.”

    Pros: Gently removes styling product residue from your scalp, pleasant fragrance, adds lots of shine and volume

    Cons: A bit expensive

    Buy Nexxus Diametress Volumizing Shampoo at Target for $11.99

    Buy Nexxus Diametress Volumizing Conditioner at Target for $11.99

    The best volumizing in-shower treatment

    Why you'll love it: John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Volume In-Shower Treatment keeps your hair bouncy and full for an entire week.

    Simply run a dollop of John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Volume In-Shower Treatment through your hair once a week after shampooing and conditioning, let it sit a couple of minutes, rinse it out, and then dry and style your hair as usual. The results? Noticeably thicker hair for the rest of the week.

    Allure chose this as a top volumizing product under $20, writing, “This in-shower treatment coats hair with polymers that, when hit with the heat of a blow dryer, create a flexible, water-resistant layer around each strand (one that can conveniently withstand three to five shampoos).”

    Pros: Lots of volume without dullness, dryness, stickiness, or stiffness; once-per-week application

    Cons: A few buyers complained the product made their hair feel stiff or frizzy, some did not like the fragrance

    Buy John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7-Day Volume In-Shower Treatment at Ulta for $11.99

    The best volumizing mousse

    Why you'll love it: Create lift and movement while providing control with Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam

    This isn’t your mom’s mouse, with a sticky finish and crispy feel. Instead, Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam sprays right where you want it, and dries without white powder or residue.

    You’ll get lift at your roots, thickness through your entire mane, control without stiffness, and frizz control, as well.

    TotalBeauty chose this as one of the best volumizers for sexy hair, calling it a “must-have secret weapon against flat hair,” and praising the product for its ability to promote natural curl, reduce frizz, add lift, and leave locks shining.

    Pros: Easy application, adds a lot of body without making hair crunchy, leaves hair soft

    Cons: You’ll need to blow dry your hair after applying the mousse for the best results

    Buy  Redken Guts 10 Volume Spray Foam at Ulta for $19.50

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    • Keurig Dr Pepper is acquiring bottled-water company Core. 
    • Keurig was acquired by JAB Holding in 2016 and merged with Dr Pepper earlier this year. 
    • JAB already owns Krispy Kreme, Au Bon Pain, Caribou Coffee, and Keurig.

    The company that owns Krispy Kreme, Caribou Coffee, and Panera Bread just took control of a new beverage company. 

    On Thursday, Keurig Dr Pepper announced it had agreed to acquire Core Nutrition LLC in a deal that values the beverage company at $525 million. 

    The addition means yet another beverage brand is joining JAB Holding's already extensive portfolio. 

    JAB, the investment arm of the secretive Reimann family, acquired Krispy Kreme for roughly $1.35 billion in 2016. Since then, JAB has acquired brands including Panera, Au Bon Pain, and Pret A Manger.

    Here's the story of the firm.

    SEE ALSO: Walmart filed a patent application for a shopping cart that would track your stress levels as you're shopping and alert employees if you're internally freaking out

    JAB acquired Peet's Coffee and Tea in 2012.

    JAB Holding acquired Peet's back in 2012 for about $1 billion.

    It then did a deal for Caribou Coffee.

    JAB also runs Caribou Coffee Co., which it acquired in 2013 for $340 million. Caribou Coffee is based in Minnesota.

    Next up was D.E Master Blenders 1753.

    JAB struck a deal in 2013 to buy D.E. Master Blenders 1753, which had been spun out of Sara Lee Corp. a year earlier, for $9.8 billion.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    minimalist desk

    • Your desk should be organized in a way that maximizes productivity and your ability to perform tasks efficiently at work.
    • A cluttered, messy desk can negatively impact your ability to perform your job.
    • Here are nine things you should never keep at your desk.


    Organization comes naturally to some, but for others, it's just not in their nature. Maybe you're too busy to clean up, or perhaps organized chaos works well for you.

    Regardless, a messy desk can negatively impact productivity and your ability to perform tasks efficiently at work, according to a study published in The Harvard Business Review.

    Additionally, some of the items you keep on your desk may not be appropriate for the workplace, such as political items or documents with sensitive information.

    Whether your place of work is cubicle, corner office, or open layout, here are nine things you should never keep at your desk:

    SEE ALSO: 6 things you should always keep at your desk

    1. Lunch

    You may think it's wise  to eat lunch at your desk, when in fact, it could actually hurt your productivity.

    In a 2015 NPR article, Professor Kimberly Elsbach of the University of California, Davis Graduate School of Management noted, "We know that creativity and innovation happen when people change their environment, and especially when they expose themselves to a nature-like environment, to a natural environment."

    "So staying inside, in the same location, is really detrimental to creative thinking. It's also detrimental to doing that rumination that's needed for ideas to percolate and gestate and allow a person to arrive at an 'aha' moment," Elsbach said.

    2. Dirty coffee mugs

    Unwashed coffee mugs lying around can add clutter your workspace.

    "It's best to take a minute and leave your coffee mug in the kitchen immediately after usage," Valli Vishnubhotla, digital PR manager at AW Media, told Business Insider.

    3. Political items

    "Although everyone is entitled to their beliefs and opinions, your work colleagues may take umbrage to your political viewpoint," business coach and entrepreneur Eugene Gamble told Business Insider.

    This can lead to unnecessary work tension and conflict. Gamble suggested keeping your political views separate from the workplace.

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    kavanaugh ford hearing 2x1

    • Professor Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill on Thursday beginning at 10 a.m. ET.
    • Ford, a research psychologist at Palo Alto University, has accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when the two were in high school.
    • Both Kavanaugh and Ford are expected to be questioned by senators on the committee and a career prosecutor enlisted by the Republican majority.

    Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and professor Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused the judge of sexual assault, are testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday beginning at 10 a.m. ET.

    After committee chairman Chuck Grassley and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the committee, delivered their opening statements, Ford gave her opening statement before being questioned. Kavanaugh was set to testify after Ford, in the afternoon. (Ford and Kavanaugh will not be in the same room together.)

    Rather than questioning the two witnesses themselves, senators can yield the five minutes they're each allotted to an independent counsel, Rachel Mitchell, a career prosecutor experienced in handling sex crimes who was enlisted by the committee's Republicans.

    The Senate is narrowly divided, and Kavanaugh will need to convince a handful of Republican lawmakers, including Sens. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Jeff Flake — all of whom appear undecided — that he is innocent and fit to be confirmed.

    A committee vote to confirm Kavanaugh is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

    Watch the hearing here, and scroll down for updates on our live blog:

    SEE ALSO: How to watch the Christine Blasey Ford and Kavanaugh hearings live — and what to expect

    SEE ALSO: GOP support for Kavanaugh and Trump is plummeting

    4:00 p.m. ET: Kavanaugh says he would have agreed to an FBI investigation: 'I'm all in, immediately'

    Responding to questions from Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Kavanaugh said that he would have welcomed an FBI investigation, but that it wasn't his place to ask for one. 

    "I'm all in, immediately," he said. 

    3:55 p.m. ET: Rachel Mitchell begins her questioning of Kavanaugh

    Mitchell gave Kavanaugh a document stating the definition of sexual behavior to review. 

    3:50 p.m. ET: Kavanaugh: 'I may never teach again ... I may never coach again'

    Kavanuagh said that the allegations made against him could "destroy" his future — not just his prospect of becoming a Supreme Court justice. 

    "I love teaching law, but thnaks to what some of you on this side of the committee have unleashed, I may never teach again," Kavanaugh said.

    "I have a long record of service to America and to the Constitution," he said. "I ask you to judge me by the standard that you would want applied to your father, your husband, your brother, or your son."

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    pelvic pain

    From 2001 to 2010, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention tracked causes of death in every US state.

    But instead of simply presenting us with the main cause of death by state (generally heart disease or cancer), the CDC made a list of the most "distinctive" cause of death in each state, relative to its national average. In a statement about the results, the CDC said it was "to present a more nuanced view of mortality variation within the United States than what can be seen by using only the 10 most common causes of death."

    The results, published in 2015 (their most recent study), detail the causes of death in each state that are more frequent than the national average. 

    Keep scrolling to see your state.

    ALABAMA: Accidental discharge of firearms

    Number of deaths: 348*
    *These numbers reflect deaths that occurred during the duration of the study, between 2001 and 2010.

    ALASKA: Water, air, and space, and other unspecified transport accidents and their (a consequence of a previous disease or injury)

    Number of deaths: 270

    ARIZONA: Discharge of firearms, undetermined intent

    Number of deaths: 147

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