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    jamie dimon

    While companies are defined by the work of their staff, they all need a figurehead and a leader to act as the face of the business, and to shape their corporate strategy. That's where the CEO comes in.

    The Harvard Business Review this week revealed its 2018 list of the best performing CEOs on the planet. For the second consecutive year, Pablo Isla, CEO of Inditex, the fashion giant behind brands like Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Pull and Bear took home the top spot.

    The ranking is created by looking at three key financial variables: The change in market capitalisation a CEO has overseen, the country-adjusted total shareholder return, and the industry-adjusted total shareholder return.

    HBR also measured what it calls ESG, or the environmental, social, and governance score. Some examples factored into ESG include how much hazardous waste a company produces (environmental) and company diversity (social).

    These four variables are then combined to give a score that helps identify how well a company is performing, and as a result how the CEO is doing.

    Men dominate the list, reflecting the pool from which it is taken — the S&P 1200 index of global companies. In 2018, three female CEOs made the top 100, up from two last year. One woman — aerospace giant Lockheed Martin's Marillyn Hewson — fits in the top 34.

    Check out the top third of the Harvard Business Review's list below. The full ranking can be found on HBR's website.

    SEE ALSO: An inside look at Winton, the $27 billion British hedge fund that's decked out with fossils, statues of Paddington Bear, and a chart-filled room that's basically paradise for finance nerds

    34. Laurence Fink, BlackRock

    Sector: Asset management

    CEO since: 1988

    Country of company: USA

    33. Carlos Brito, AB InBev

    Sector: Beverages

    CEO since: 2005

    Country: Belgium

    32. Robert Iger, Disney

    Sector: Entertainment

    CEO since: 2005

    Country: USA


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    woman sleeping

    I'm the farthest thing from a morning person. I become a groggy, discombobulated mess every morning, and I tend to hit the "snooze" button an average of six times before I finally crawl out of bed. Whether I'm too enamored by a good dream, or I feel like there's a physical weight on my body preventing me from getting up, waking up and getting my day started is inarguably one of my hardest struggles that I face on a daily basis.

    As a person who works a 9-5 lifestyle plus an hour-long commute, grogginess definitely cannot be part of my agenda. Waking up just a few minutes late can throw my whole day (sometimes the whole week) off track, which is why it was so important for me to find a routine that allows me to wake up refreshed and energized.

    If this is a struggle you're too familiar with, then some of my lifestyle hacks could help you start your morning on the right side of the bed. Here are some of my go-to routine for a sluggish-free morning, every morning.

    I adjusted my sleep schedule for a full eight hours of rest, every night.

    This may be a no-brainer, but the later you sleep, the harder it's going to be to wake up. The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke notes that our sleep patterns control our internal clocks, also known as circadian rhythm. When the circadian rhythm is thrown off due to lack of sleep or a messy sleep schedule, it can result in morning grogginess, as well as your metabolism, body temperature, and release of hormones.

    Your circadian rhythm should be in sync with the time of day — as in, rest in the evening and awake in the morning — so I always make sure to get a good night's rest by no later than 11 p.m. Always making sure you have a full eight hours of sleep before you need to wake up, and you'll feel refreshed by morning time.

    I don't over-sleep.

    In a world where bigger is better, we all tend to over-indulge. This is very easy to do with sleeping, but I try to make sure that I don't spend hours upon hours in bed.

    WebMD reports that sleeping more than the average of seven to nine hours of sleep can not only lead to a harder time getting up in the morning, but increased risk of a variety of medical issues such as anxiety, obesity, heart disease, and even an increased risk of death. Therefore, it's important not to over-step your sleep schedule.

    Make sure you're getting in your hours, but don't over-do it. 

    I never fall asleep with the TV or my cell phone near my bed.

    It's easy to fall in the habit of scrolling endlessly on Instagram while Netflix plays as background noise on the TV, but that's not doing anyone's sleep schedule any favors.

    I'm adamant in refusing to use any tech devices at least an hour before bed, because the blue light these gadgets radiate are sleep cycle saboteurs, resulting in a groggier morning. Healthline reports that since our internal clocks associate blue light with morning time, and stimulate sensors in the eye to send awakening signals to your brain's internal clock. The result: less sleep, and a grouchier morning.

    So, follow in my lead and tuck away your technological devices if you want a better night's sleep, and a more revitalized morning.

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    man reading headphones

    • Goldman Sachs publishes a reading list every fall. 
    • Leaders from around the global company recommend one or two books to read this season.
    • Recommendations spanned from crime thrillers to motivational must-reads.


    Goldman Sachs just published its fourth-annual fall reading list.

    The recommendations from Goldman Sachs leaders included everything from inquiries on rural America to guides on setting company culture to fiction on a young woman who returns to her native Nigeria.

    Here are 21 of their recommendations: 

    SEE ALSO: 32 books everyone should read in their lifetime

    DON'T MISS: 13 things successful people do in the first 3 months at a new job

    'The Making of Modern Britain,' by Andrew Marr

    Picked by: Katherine Alexakis — Global Investment Research, London

    Alexkais says: "Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain gallops through the social, economic and political history of Britain from 1900 to 1945 in a thought-provoking, often amusing way. The author’s skill lies in his ability to humanize the key figures who shaped the era, as well as drawing out the issues that remain top-of-mind today, ranging from protectionism to populist politics."

    Buy it here »

    'My Brilliant Friend,' by Elena Ferrante

    Picked by: Margaret Anadu, urban investment group in New York 

    Anadu says: "This masterfully written work of fiction tells the story of an increasingly intense and complex friendship between two young girls growing up in a poor but dynamic neighborhood in 1950s Italy as one leaves and the other stays."

    Buy it here »

    'Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China,' by Jung Chang

    Picked by: Rachana Bahadur, operations in Bengaluru

    Bahadur says: "This book details the lives of three generations of extremely powerful women living in a rapidly changing China. The everyday horrors they face are unsettling, but their stories are fascinating, moving, and filled with lessons of resilience and bravery."

    Buy it here »

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    Daredevil season 3

    Netflix made a deal with Marvel Comics back in 2013 to produce four Marvel-universe shows and a mini-series.

    The deal expanded in 2017, when Netflix released its sixth Marvel show, "The Punisher." Its latest is season three of "Daredevil," which dropped October 19.

    Unfortunately, two of the shows have already been canceled: "Iron Fist" and "Luke Cage," which both had two seasons. 

    To find out which of the Marvel Netflix shows have fared the best among critics, we turned to review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes for the composite critical receptions of all seasons for each series. We used audience scores to break any ties. 

    Here are Netflix's six original Marvel shows, ranked from worst to best, according to critics:  

    SEE ALSO: RANKED: Netflix's 25 original comedy shows, from worst to best

    6. "Iron Fist"— 37%

    Critic score: 37%

    Audience score: 74%

    Netflix description: "Danny Rand resurfaces 15 years after being presumed dead. Now, with the power of the Iron Fist, he seeks to reclaim his past and fulfill his destiny."

    "Iron Fist" was canceled by Netflix in October 2018.

    5. "The Punisher"— 66%

    Critic score: 66%

    Audience score: 93%

    Netflix description: "A former Marine out to punish the criminals responsible for his family's murder finds himself ensnared in a military conspiracy."

    4. "The Defenders"— 76%

    Critic score: 76%

    Audience score: 75%

    Netflix description: "Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist join forces to take on common enemies as a sinister conspiracy threatens New York City."

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    Mount Washington Cog Railway

    The clichéd old adage "it's not about the destination, but the journey" rings especially true when it comes to train travel

    Easily the best part of traveling by train is looking out the window and staring at the passing landscapes. Whether you're a tourist exploring a new region or a commuter getting to and from work, you can catch the country's natural beauty aboard one of the many trains crisscrossing the United States.

    From Mount Rushmore to Miami Beach, every state has awe-inspiring landscapes and beautiful landmarks to enjoy by train. 

    Keep scrolling to find the most scenic train ride in your state.

    ALABAMA: Amtrak's Crescent

    Amtrak's Crescent is a 30-hour train ride from New York to New Orleans. During the last leg of the east coast-spanning journey, you're treated to an amazing view of Alabama. While stopping in towns like Anniston, Tuscaloosa, and Birmingham, riders get a full picture of everything the southern state has to offer. But the real beauty comes as the train glides through Cheaha State Park, a public park with rolling greenery. Riders may even catch a glimpse of Mt. Cheaha, which is the highest point in the state.  

    ALASKA: Denali Star Railroad

    Mt. Denali is the tallest mountain in North America. The aptly named Denali Star has breathtaking and unobstructed views of the peak— oftentimes getting within 50 miles of the giant mountain. The ride also glides 296 feet above the Hurricane Gulch, offering views of the creek below. Passengers can also catch glimpses of Broad Pass, the Chugach Mountains, and the Matanuska River. 

    ARIZONA: Verde Canyon Railroad

    The Verde Canyon Railroad — a 20-mile journey from Clarkdale to Perkinsville, Arizona— gives stunning views of Verde Canyon's flora and fauna. The vintage train is luxurious to say the least, and features on-board tour guides and nature experts. The train slides through the Coconino National Forest and the Prescott National Forest, offering any nature enthusiast an up-close look of Arizona's beauty. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    a simple flavor

    Blake Lively got her start in Hollywood on "Gossip Girl," a show that was as memorable for its fashion as its drama. There are hundreds of lists across the internet dedicated to Serena van der Woodsen's best outfits— but what about the rest of her career?

    Lively has found a niche in period pieces and movies where costume design is at the forefront. Because of Lively's personal love of fashion (she's publicly stated that she doesn't use a stylist) she is often an instrumental voice in the wardrobe of her onscreen characters.

    The costume designer on Lively's most recent film, "A Simple Favor," told CR Fashion Book that Lively came to her with a vision for her character's wardrobe— a vision that ended up guiding the character's look and feel throughout the film.

    Without much further ado, here are Blake Lively's most iconic outfits from her illustrious career on screen.

    Blake Lively's "Gossip Girl" tenure was all about outerwear.

    There are hundreds of covetable outfits from "Gossip Girl," but one thing that set her apart was Serena's approach to East Coast weather. She never threw on a hoodie or a sweater, she was always dressed to the nines in a series of colorful and well-tailored trench and wool coats. Cold weather never looked so chic.  

    She even rocked red carpet looks on the "Gossip Girl" set.

    Seen here in 2010 filming an episode of the hit CW show, Lively wore a gorgeous Zuhair Murad gown, fit for an awards show. Zuhair Murad gowns are a red carpet staple, and have been seen on Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen, and Lily Collins. Lively wore the evening gown in a scene filmed outside Lincoln Center.

    Lively's velvet evening gown in "Age of Adaline" is luxurious.

    In "Age of Adaline," Lively plays a woman who is destined to live forever as a 29-year-old. In the film, she wears this luscious burgundy gown for a New Year's Eve party in both 1945 and 2014, proving this perfect velvet gown is timeless.

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    electrician street light

    • New York City is a popular destination for workers eager to join corporate life, but some of the highest-paid employees in the city have trade jobs. 
    • Merlin, a job-search site for hourly workers, conducted a survey among 8,822 users based in New York to determine the highest-paying hourly jobs.
    • Nurse is the highest-paid hourly job in New York City at $36.87 an hour — nearly three times the city's minimum wage.

    Several workers flock to New York City for high-paying corporate jobs, but some of the highest-paid hourly employees are in the trades, such as electricians or plumbers.

    Merlin, a job-search site for hourly workers, conducted a survey among 8,822 users based in New York to determine the median pay for hourly jobs. For jobs posted on the platform, the lowest salary limit was used to calculate hourly earnings while considering varied pay periods.

    The minimum wage in New York City is $13 an hour, but is set to rise to $15 by the end of 2018 for big companies (those with 11 or more employees).

    Nurse is the highest-paid hourly job in New York City at $36.87 an hour — nearly three times the city's minimum wage. A mechanic, the lowest earning job on the list, earns $4.20 more than the city's current minimum wage. 

    Below, check out the highest-paid hourly jobs in New York City. All figures represent the median for the respective industry based on the survey responses.

    SEE ALSO: 20 years of government data says raising the minimum wage could be good for workers, businesses, and the economy

    DON'T MISS: Amazon will raise workers' minimum wage to $15 an hour, more than twice the federal minimum — here's how many people in each state make minimum wage or less

    15. Mechanic

    Median hourly wage: $17.20

    14. Medical biller

    Median hourly wage: $17.49

    13. Bus and shuttle driver

    Median hourly wage: $18.24

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    gen z studying

    It might be hard to imagine that people born as late as 2000 — a designation known as Gen Z  — are already entering the professional workforce.

    But they are, and there's a few jobs in the tech sphere that 18- to 25-year-old workers are particularly excited about. Some of those jobs are even nearing the six-figure salary mark.

    Comparably, a website that monitors the job market for trends, compiled a list of the 15 most popular tech jobs for Gen Z workers, ordered by average salary: 

    15. Customer service rep ($43,924)

    A customer service rep is responsible for addressing any concerns or issues a customer may have, as well as answering inquiries and questions. 

    14. Marketing associate ($50,185)

    A marketing associate is an entry-level worker who will work on the marketing team to advertise and promote the business. 

    13. Technical support manager ($50,306)

    The technical support manager is in charge of the tech support team, which handles any issues with the company's technology or systems. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    When it comes to skin care, there is always a new trend to try, which usually comes from magazines, beauty vloggers, or professionals like estheticians. If you really want to stay ahead of the curve, though, you should pay attention to skin-care tips from other countries. Each place has its own popular beauty routine, and people everywhere could fare well from learning from them. 

    Take a look at some of the best skin-care secrets from around the world, and consider adopting some of them for yourself.

    In Japan, many people are dedicated to preventing any sun damage at all.

    In Japan, many people are extremely dedicated to preventing aging before it happens, and so they put a big emphasis on protecting their skin from the sun.

    Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Rhonda Q. Klein told Zwivel that "the basic tenant of Japanese skin care emphasizes sun protection and strict avoidance, gentle cleansing with multiple layers of hydrating and moisturizing products, serums, more moisturizers, and masks."

    In Thailand, many people use lemongrass as a popular DIY skin-care option.

    You might think of lemongrass as a popular flavor in Thai cuisine, but many people in Thailand also use it to benefit their skin.

    Makeup artist and natural beauty expert Lina Hanson told Travel + Leisure that women in Thailand use it by "adding the stalks to hot, boiling water and steaming the face." This is because lemongrass is antibacterial, and steaming with it cleanses the skin while opening the pores.

    Many French people are usually consistent with their skin-care routines.

    When it comes to taking care of their skin, the French tend to be all about a consistent and trustworthy routine. 

    "Consistency is key when it comes to taking care of the largest organ on your body, and the French don't play around. Self-care is the best care (so long as it is doesn't take too much effort)," Zee Gustafson, Celebrity Makeup & Hair Artist and Owner of Zee Artistry, previously told INSIDER.

    Further, in France, people tend to not buy into the latest fad but rather focus on tried-and-true staple products. 

    They believe that the more consistent you are with a regimen, the more likely you are to see results, rather than going out to buy the latest makeup trend of the week, Gustafson explained.

    Read more: 17 cult-favorite French pharmacy skin care products you can buy online


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    thaad missile lockheed

    The 2018 midterm election will be held on Nov. 6.

    And thus far, through at least Oct. 16, defense contractors have donated $24,844,775 to federal politicians and political parties, according to an analysis from the Center for Responsible Politics, which draws on the Federal Election Commission's latest political-candidate-contribution report.

    While these defense industry contributions are substantial, they are many times smaller than the financial sector, which leads all federal contributions with nearly $554 million in contributions.

    The Center for Responsive Politics' numbers include all donor contributions to outside groups and political action committees, as well as individuals giving over $200.

    Open Secrets also notes that donations don't come from the firms themselves but rather from their PACs, employees or owners, or those individuals' immediate families.

    Here's what they found.

    SEE ALSO: 3 US carriers are now in the Pacific amid tensions with North Korea — here's what they bring with them

    20. DynCorp International

    Contributions: $150,045. 

    DynCorp International is a Virginia-based company that provides all kinds of training, intelligence, and aviation services for the military, including maintenance for the AH-64 Apache program.

    Thus far in 2018, its employees and PAC have given 51.2% of its contributions to Democrats.

    Dyncorp has also been accused of bilking the federal government out of millions of dollars between 2004 and 2008 for their work in the Iraq War.

    Dyncorp didn't donate any money to candidates in the election cycles immediately before and after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. The first contributions by employees came in the 2006 election cycle and increased in 2008.

    19. General Atomics

    Contributions: $152,900. 

    General Atomics is a San Diego-based company that makes missile defense systems, aircraft launch and recovery systems and more. 

    Thus far in 2018, its employees and PAC have given 76.5% of its contributions to Republicans. 

    18. Cobham Management Services

    Contributions: $161,000.

    Cobham Management Services is a British company that manufactures a variety of technology for the military and even the refueling system for the KC-46.

    Thus far in 2018, its employees and PAC have given 67.4% of its contributions to Republicans. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Olivia pope scandalSometimes popular TV dramas and comedies draw from reality, even when it comes to politics. 

    Here are some popular TV characters who were supposedly inspired by real-life politicians. 

    Judy Smith inspired Olivia Pope on "Scandal."

    The well-known "fixer" Judy Smith is the real-life inspiration for Kerry Washington’s fierce portrayal of Olivia Pope.

    Though she herself isn't a politician, Smith is the crisis manager for many high-profile politicians and celebrities, names like Clarence Thomas and Monica Lewinsky.

    Smith has been open about her role in inspiring Shonda Rhimes, the creator of "Scandal." 

    "I feel very grateful," she told The Washington Post. "If I can, for whatever reason, inspire and motivate people, that’s a good thing."

    Matthew Santos in "The West Wing" was partially modeled after then-Senator Barack Obama.

    Matthew Santos from Aaron Sorkin’s beloved political drama holds a bit of a resemblance to another young senator.

    "The West Wing" character, played by Jimmy Smits, was the youthful, minority-race candidate who based his campaign on bridging the divide across races and between the political parties.

    "I drew inspiration from him in drawing this character," West Wing writer and producer Eli Attie told the Guardian. "When I had to write, Obama was just appearing on the national scene. He had done a great speech at the convention [which nominated John Kerry] and people were beginning to talk about him."

    Santos memorably faced up against a conservative senator with a Maverick personality in the seventh season — which rang familiar bells for fans who saw a likeness to the 2008 presidential debates between Obama and the late John McCain.

    Josh Lyman in "The West Wing" takes some inspiration from Rahm Emanuel.

    The Sorkin drama’s chief of staff is known to be directly inspired by the then-special advisor to Bill Clinton during his time.

    Bradley Whitford, the actor who played Lyman, says he chose to model his character after Emmanuel because he believed viewers would think, "Wow, I can’t believe somebody is actually like that."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Multiple explosive devices were sent to prominent Democratic figures, law-enforcement officials said Wednesday, including former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. 

    CNN's offices in New York City also received a package with an explosive device. 

    The explosives were reportedly similar to a bomb found in the mailbox of billionaire George Soros, founder of Opening Society Foundations, on Monday. 

    The White House strongly condemned the attempted acts of violence, and pledged to bring "those responsible for these despicable acts to justice."

    Those targeted with the explosive devices have all been vocal critics of President Donald Trump. 

    Here's what we know about the multiple bomb threats:

    The multiple bomb scares occurred from Florida to New York.

    The Secret Service intercepted a suspicious package addressed to Clinton's residence in Chappaqua, New York.

    The Secret Service also intercepted a suspicious package addressed to Obama's residence in Washington, DC.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    China's aircraft carrier Liaoning takes part in a military drill of Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy in the western Pacific Ocean

    The Chinese People's Liberation Army is pushing ahead with its ambitious plan to build a modern, capable "blue-water navy" that will dominate China's neighbors, showcase Beijing's rising power and one day even threaten the US Navy. 

    China has one aircraft carrier in operation, another undergoing sea trials, and a third one in development, putting the Chinese navy on track to begin fielding carrier task forces as it gains experience with carrier operations.

    Type 001 Liaoning

    China's Type 001 Liaoning, a refitted Soviet "heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser," is the sister ship of Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. This vessel was officially commissioned into the PLAN in 2012, and it was declared combat ready in 2016, even though its primary purpose is to serve as a training platform.

    "For what the Liaoning is, I think it's pretty good at its job," Matthew Funaiole, a fellow with the China Power Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, previously explained to Business Insider.

    The Chinese "purchased it, they reverse engineered it, they used it to design their second aircraft carrier, and now they are using it as a training vessel to sort out carrier operations, figure out how to integrate it into the fleet, and determine what kind of supporting vessels they need to put with the carrier for their mission," he added, suggesting that training with the Liaoning could potentially inform future carrier task force decisions, among other important choices.

    Type 001A and Type 002

    The Type 001A, a domestically-produced version of the Liaoning undergoing sea trials, features some improvements over its predecessor, but it is the Type 002, the third carrier in development, that could be a "huge step forward" for the Chinese PLAN, according to Funaiole.

    It is with these next two carriers that the world may start to see China push ahead with the next stage of carrier operations, specifically task force creation for joint operations.

    Imagining future Chinese carrier battle groups

    The Liaoning has set sail with a number of different escorts over the years, but the deployment of effective task forces will require a bit more time, experts argue.

    "To create really meaningful carrier task groups is probably five years out, and a lot of it depends on their actual experience with combat aircraft," Tony Cordesman, the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at CSIS, told BI.

    Chinese carriers lack the ability to go toe-to-toe with the US Navy, although they have an advantage in waters near China because Chinese ballistic missiles "can reach out almost to the limits of its claims and actually potentially hit a carrier-sized object with a conventional warhead," he explained, adding that observers should not "make the assumption that to make the carriers useful, they have to reach a level of competition that could deal with a really sophisticated US threat."

    The primary task for Chinese carriers is the prestige mission, experts note, suggesting that the Chinese aim to send a message to their neighbors.

    "The prestige mission is probably the most important one. They are going to be going out to show the flag," Bryan Clark, a naval expert and senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, told Business Insider.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    doctor strange benedict cumberbatch

    Netflix has released the list of all the titles that will be arriving and leaving the streaming platform in November.  

    The upcoming schedule is full of shows to binge and movies to watch. 

    From originals like the final season of "House of Cards" and a sequel to "A Christmas Prince" to movies like "Doctor Strange" and "Good Will Hunting." 

    But getting the axe are movies including "Paddington" and "Jurassic Park."

    Here's a list of everything coming and going on Netflix in November.

    Arriving in November:

    Available 11/1/18

    "Angela's Christmas"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Bram Stoker's Dracula"

    "Bring It On: In It to Win It"

    "Cape Fear"

    "Children of Men"

    "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"


    "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo"

    "Doctor Strange"

    "Fair Game — Director's Cut"

    "Follow This: Part 3"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "From Dusk Till Dawn"

    "Good Will Hunting"

    "Jet Li's Fearless"

    "Julie & Julia"

    "Katt Williams: The Pimp Chronicles: Pt. 1"

    "National Lampoon's Animal House"

    "Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow"

    "Planet Hulk"

    "Scary Movie 2"

    "Scary Movie 3"

    "Sex and the City: The Movie"

    "Sixteen Candles"


    "The English Patient"

    "The Judgement"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin"

    "The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep"



    Available 11/2/18

    "Brainchild"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "House of Cards" Season 6 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "ReMastered: Tricky Dick & The Man in Black"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "The Holiday Calendar"— NETFLIX FILM

    "The Other Side of the Wind"— NETFLIX FILM

    "They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Trolls: The Beat Goes On!" Season 4 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/3/18

    "Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil"

    Available 11/4/18

    "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"

    "Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj" (Streaming Every Sunday, begins October 28) —NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/5/18

    "Homecoming" Season 1

    "John Leguizamo's Latin History for Morons"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/7/18

    "Into the Forest"

    Available 11/8/18

    "The Sea of Trees"

    Available 11/9/18

    "Beat Bugs" Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "La Reina del Flow"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Medal of Honor"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Outlaw King"— NETFLIX FILM

    "Spirit Riding Free" Season 7 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Super Drags"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "The Great British Baking Show" Collection 6 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Treehouse Detectives" Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Westside"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/12/18

    "Green Room"

    Available 11/13/18

    "Loudon Wainwright III: Surviving Twin"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL



    Available 11/15/18

    "May The Devil Take You"— NETFLIX FILM

    "The Crew"— NETFLIX FILM

    Available 11/16/18


    "Narcos: Mexico"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Ponysitters Club" Season 2 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Prince of Peoria"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "She-Ra and the Princesses of Power"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"— NETFLIX FILM

    "The Break-Up"

    "The Kominsky Method"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "The Princess Switch"— NETFLIX FILM

    Available 11/18/18

    "The Pixar Story"

    Available 11/19/18

    "The Last Kingdom" Season 3 — NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/20/18

    "Kulipari: Dream Walker"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Motown Magic"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Sabrina"— NETFLIX FILM

    "The Final Table"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    "Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

    Available 11/21/18

    "The Tribe"— NETFLIX FILM

    Available 11/22/18

    "Jiro Dreams of Sushi"

    "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Gauntlet"— NETFLIX ORIGINAL

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    It may seem like many celebrities have it made, but even they can enjoy pretending to be other people — especially on Halloween, when the whole point is to embrace surrealism and fiction.

    Here are 15 celebrities who pulled out all the stops to transform into fan-favorite TV and film characters.

    Halsey was a dead-ringer for Eleven from "Stranger Things."

    In 2016, Halsey also dressed up as the DC Comics villain Harley Quinn and Uma Thurman's character in "Kill Bill" — but thanks to her shaved head and mean stare, the Eleven costume was her tour de force.

    Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson personified a fan-favorite couple from "Game of Thrones."

    Khloe Kardashian dressed up as Daenerys Targaryen while her boyfriend went as Khal Drogo, a short-lived yet beloved couple from "Game of Thrones."

    Read more: 16 of the Kardashian-Jenners' best Halloween costumes

    Allison Williams made the perfect Belle from "Beauty and the Beast."

    "Ugh Belle I've been telling you to get a damn Kindle,"Allison Williams captioned this shot from 2015.

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    the walking dead

    Forbes' annual list of the highest-paid television actors in the world is here, and it includes actors from just four shows: "The Big Bang Theory" as it enters its 12th and final season, "Modern Family,""NCIS," and "The Walking Dead," as lead actor Andrew Lincoln prepares to leave the series in its current ninth season.

    Forbes says that the list is based on figures from IMDb, Box Office Mojo, Nielsen, and interviews with industry insiders from June 2017 to June 2018.

    Lincoln, who came in tenth, earned an estimated $11 million for AMC's "The Walking Dead," which he is set to depart this year. Ty Burrell ($12 million), Jesse Tyler Ferguson ($13 million), Eric Stonestreet ($13.5 million), and Ed O'Neill ($14 million) — all from ABC's "Modern Family"— rounded out the bottom of the top 10.

    The top five includes four actors from CBS' "The Big Bang Theory." According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is ending after Jim Parsons turned down $50 million over another two years because he wanted to depart the show.

    The top five highest-paid TV actors in the world, according to Forbes, are below:

    5. Mark Harmon

    Show: "NCIS" (CBS)

    Earnings: $19 million

    3. (tie) Kunal Nayyar

    Show:"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS)

    Earnings: $23.5 million

    3. (tie) Simon Helberg

    Show:"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS)

    Earnings: $23.5 million

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    • San Francisco has a new contender for the city's most expensive home: 950 Lombard was recently listed at $45 million.
    • If it sells at asking price, it'll shatter the city's current real-estate record of $38 million.
    • The compound features an infinity pool, six bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a four-car garage.

    San Francisco is notorious for its overpriced housing market— 60% of tech workers now say they can't afford homes— and nowhere is that more evident than in a new $45 million listing in Russian Hill.

    The home straddles two hillside lots and has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms, in addition to an array of terraces and wellness features, including an infinity pool, a wellness center, and a Japanese water-filtration system.

    If it sells for its asking price, it will shatter the current real-estate record. According to Terri Tiffany, PR counsel to Pacific Union International, that record is held by 2712 Broadway on San Francisco's Gold Coast, which was listed at $42 million and sold for $38 million.

    Here's a look inside the 950 Lombard compound:

    SEE ALSO: A $20 million penthouse may be about to shatter the record for the most expensive home sold in Brooklyn

    READ MORE: Inside the multimillion-dollar condos of San Francisco's newly opened $850 million residential tower

    The house is located at 950 Lombard St. in San Francisco's Russian Hill.

    Source: Pacific Union International, San Francisco Business Times

    The compound sits on 9,500 square feet of property, which includes 100-year-old olive trees and an outdoor kitchen.

    SourceSan Francisco Business Times, The Wall Street Journal

    And includes a four-car garage, which is entered through a tunnel on the side of the hill.

    Source: Pacific Union International

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    pitchbook startup graveyard

    Just because everyone from Ashton Kutcher to Kevin Durant are getting into startups doesn't mean they're all success stories.

    After all, nine out of 10 startups will end up failing, and that means the money that venture capitalists put into funding these ideas can disappear too. From analyzing just 12 startups that failed this year, PitchBook found that around $1.4 billion in VC funding wasn't enough to save these businesses.

    Theranos, a blood-testing startup, is one of 2018's most notable failures. The company racked up close to $1 billion in funding before questions about the technology and fraud charges against the CEO caused the Theranos to dissolve.

    Here are 12 startups that failed in 2018:

    Theranos — blood-testing technology

    Year founded: 2003

    Valuation: $9 billion

    Amount raised: $910 million

    Read more about Theranos on PitchBook.


    Rethink Robotics — robots for manufacturing industry

    Year founded: 2008

    Valuation: $291 million

    Amount VC raised: $150 million

    Read more about Rethink Robotics on PitchBook.

    Shyp — on-demand delivery platform

    Year founded: 2013

    Valuation: $275 million

    Amount raised: $62 million

    Read more about Shyp on PitchBook.

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    men talking couple steps discussion conversation serious

    When someone you love is working on their sobriety, it can be difficult to figure out the best way to support your partner while still maintaining a healthy relationship with them in a way that helps them on their journey. 

    Here are some ways you can help to support your partner as they work on their sobriety — even if you're not sober yourself.

    Create an open line of communication.

    "Although specific topics related to your partner's recovery may not always be easy to discuss, with patience and consistency, you will settle into a rhythm that feels natural for you both," Rebecca Capp, licensed marriage and family therapist, wellness coach, and addictive behaviors treatment specialist, told INSIDER. 

    She adds that it's important to establish open lines of communication because it reflects that you genuinely care about your partner and want to understand them to the best of your ability. 



    Pay attention to what triggers your partner.

    Dr. Kevin Gilliland, clinical psychologist and executive director of Innovation360,  told INSIDER that a great way to help your partner work on their sobriety is by helping them to avoid their drinking triggers.  

    Some might be more vulnerable to relapse during good times or bad times. Others may struggle with evenings or during special occasions. 

    "When you know those answers, you should occasionally check with them and see how they are doing," said Dr. Gilliland. 


    Don't let their recovery be the sole focus of your relationship.

    When someone is living a sober life, every day can be a challenge. Because of that, it can be easy to make sobriety the focus of your relationship.

    However, that is not a healthy way to live, Dr. Gilliland told INSIDER. Sobriety shouldn't be your partner or your relationship's sole identity. 

    "You are in relationships for a lot of reasons," he added. "Enjoy those, grow in those, and talk about those."

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    pancakes maple syrupNo one likes to throw out food that's gone bad before its time. If your groceries aren't lasting as long as you'd like, it might be worth checking if they should actually be refrigerated.

    Here are a few surprising foods that can stay fresher for longer when you store them in the fridge. 

    Keep your natural nut butter in the fridge to prevent spoilage.

    Organic, natural nut butters are typically filled with healthy unsaturated oils. Sadly, those oilsoxidize quickly at room temperature and make nut butters prone to going rancid.

    Once nut butter has become rancid, it will smell and taste decidedly unpalatable. Keep your nut butter in the refrigerator to prevent it from quickly spoiling.

    Cured meat doesn't actually have an unlimited shelf life.

    The whole point of smoking or curing meat is to preserve it without refrigeration, so why should you stick your bag of jerky in the fridge?

    As it turns out, modern smoked meatsaren't actually made to last for that long outside the fridge. Commercially cured meat you might pick up at the grocery store is actually only meant to be kept at room temperature until its package is opened.

    After that, it can spoil just like any other meat. Dried smoked meat will generally last longer than wet-cured meat like sausage or fish.

    Don't let your whole-grain flours go bad in the pantry.

    Due to the way that whole-grain flour is processed, it is high in natural oils and nutrients. These oils can attract insects and also cause the flour to go rancid relatively quickly. Although all-purpose flour will keep for about two years, whole grain flour stays fresh for just a few months.

    According to Kitchn, keeping your whole-grain flours in the fridge or freezer, preferably in an airtight container like a mason jar or plastic bag, will greatly extend the flour's shelf-life and preserve the flavor of your flours.

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